Friday, September 19, 2008

The Jakarta Post's leader on "Cracking Malaysia"

updates, 10 pm: I think the friggin Indons should take care of their own backyard by Seventh Rangers

Original posting:
"Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi is no Mahathir Mohamad ... Even promising to step down in 2010 has not quelled discontent within the BN rank.

While we welcome the ushering in of democratic change within our neighboring state, we lack full confidence that the practical alternatives will suffice for Malaysia's needs.

Let us remind our Malaysian cousins that based on Indonesia's own painful experience, a change of allegiance at the elite level is not equivalent to a change in fundamental beliefs toward the primacy of civil society.

Defecting lawmakers from the ruling coalition to the opposition does not make them democracy's soldiers, only political opportunists.

We fear that what we are seeing in Malaysia is neither revolution nor evolution, but is instead a potential transition from one power to another."

Why is Jakarta Post saying these things? You'd expect such an editorial to have been published in the NST or the Sun. Not in an English-language daily of a friendly neighbour. A lot of Malaysians are not going to like reading what the leader has to say, especially about DSAI and his defectors. Many Abdullah Badawi die-hards are going to protest, too, for the leader's depiction of the Prime Minister.

Read the full editorial here.

Indonesian journalists claim that their Press are freer than what it used to be and certainly more so than the Malaysian Press. But considering how touchy we are about them and they about us, I expect some people to view this editorial as more than just about the freedom of expression and more about minding other people's business.

The Bernama's take:-

General September 19, 2008 17:16 PM
Defecting Lawmakers Only Opportunists, Says Jakarta Post

By Mohd Nasir Yusoff

JAKARTA, Sept 19 (Bernama) -- Indonesia's The Jakarta Post English daily, commenting today on the political development in Malaysia, said the (possible) act of lawmakers defecting from the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition to the opposition does not make them democracy's soldiers but political opportunists.

Based on Indonesia's own painful experience, it said, a change of allegiance at the elite level was not equivalent to a change in fundamental beliefs toward the primacy of civil society.

Malaysian Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, advisor of Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), has been claiming that he has the backing of a sufficient number of BN defectors to give his Pakatan Rakyat (PR) coalition a simple majority in parliament.

"We fear that what we are seeing in Malaysia is neither revolution nor evolution, but is instead a potential transition from one power to another.

"But Pakatan Rakyat too must show it is more than just a vehicle for Anwar," it said.

The paper said the performance of Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak as minister of finance, a portfolio he assumed on Wednesday, would gauge his acceptability as Malaysia's next leader.

Najib and Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi exchanged Cabinet portfolios -- finance and defence -- on Wednesday as part of the plan for transition of power from Abdullah to Najib in June 2010.

The paper noted that "on the other end of the spectrum, the opposition coalition of Pakatan Rakyat under Anwar has been big on headlines but lacking in actual policy proposals".



  1. Rocky's Bru, bolehlah kita 'berpuasa' di blog ini untuk melupakan sekejap perkembangan dan ulasan mengenai DSAI dalam tempoh waktu tertentu, seminggu, dua minggu atau sehingga dia benar benar berada di Putrajaya.

    Di Ramadhan, mendengar zikir dan lagu politik yang terlalu retorik bisa meloyakan.

  2. Anonymous6:59 pm

    the truth hurts bro..

  3. Anonymous7:12 pm

    Biaq Pi lah dia,,nak cakap dia suka,,freedom of the Press mah,!!

    Indonesia nak amek Malaysia,, lagi bagui,,!!!! What so bad of Indonesia,,,,Lots of billionaire and thousand of millionaire over there,,!!!

    In Malaysia,,,apa bole buat,,,NO $$$$$$$,,,lets not talk cock.

    Satu Dunia tau Stupidity of Bodowi & Geng,,,!!!!

    Fuck the bastard,,,!!!

    Lagi 10days to Hari Raya,,$$$ xada,,Nak harapkan BANTUAN DBKL untuk MISKIN HINA,di agihkan to Parlimen Setiawangsa aja,,KITA kawasan lain DIANAKTIRIKAN,,,,arahan ZUL NANN,,Tax payers semua orang KL,,???,



  4. Fair Comment ! And that's how our neighbours view us. They have the right to comment as such; just as we comment on their affairs. After all as they say we are cousins ! so what's between members of family?

  5. I think that's probably the most profound description of Malaysian politics.

    It's derogatory, but than most of our politicians have no sense of shame.

  6. Anonymous8:43 pm

    I expect some people to view this editorial as more than just about the freedom of expression and more about minding other people's business.
    My guess is you n your Heeeerroo are two of the lots who view this as minding other people's business. tsktsktsk...i can even smell your intention from through the hardwire.

  7. Bro,

    Waaah! These Indon journos poking their nose in ah?

    But then again, reformasi ala Malaysia must be done OUR way, and not via their template.

    Plus we have the Third Front. They don't.

    So what's the Third Front? Search the blogs, folks.

  8. Anonymous9:16 pm

    Time for Pak Lah is up. he will step down now or pushed by other either from within UMNO or PR

  9. Anonymous9:18 pm

    Anwar Throws The Dice In High Stakes Gamble

    By Baradan Kuppusamy

    Malaysian politics is heading for a showdown with opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim demanding that the government of Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi subject itself to a confidence vote in parliament by September 23.

    Anwar's demand comes as a shock to the ruling Barisan Nasional or National Front (NF) coalition which has ruled without interruption for five decades, growing complacent until the March 8 general election in which voters gave the Anwar-led opposition 82 seats in parliament, just 30 seats short of the simple majority needed to form the government.

    The NF coalition also lost five states to the opposition sending shock-waves through the political establishment.

    Since then, Anwar has been persuading NF members to defect with a view to forming a simple-majority government, despite worries that such tactics were "unethical" and "immoral" and the fear that once down that road there is no turning back.

    On April 1, Anwar had solemnly vowed to achieve defections and topple the government by September 16. But parliament is in Ramadan recess until October 13 and the government appears to be taking refuge in this fact.

    Anwar, who faces a sodomy trial starting on September 22, said on Thursday that he now has the numbers gathered from among reformist lawmakers who are secretly committed to toppling the government.

    "Abdullah's days are numbered, the people truly want a change," Anwar told Inter Press Service. "They want equality, justice and a democracy accountable to the people."

    However, an upset and angry Abdullah has dismissed Anwar as a liar and impostor; and has alleged that he does not have the numbers he claims. Abdullah has dismissed Anwar's constant refrain of toppling the government as the act of a desperate individual making empty promises.

    Reacting within hours of Anwar's ultimatum, Abdullah said he would not order parliament to convene because it has just gone into recess. "Whatever no-confidence resolutions - they can to it after parliament opens," he said.

    Political insiders say the outright rejection is a signal that a major crackdown is about to be ordered.

    Most alarming to civil society leaders is the warning Abdullah issued on September 17 that Anwar's grab for power is a threat to national security and would endanger the economy by affecting the flow of foreign investment.

    "I will do what I have to do to protect and economy and save the country," Abdullah said, sparking immediate fears that a major crackdown against opposition lawmakers and human-rights advocates would soon be unleashed invoking the tough Internal Security Act (ISA).

    Already the government has detained a prominent lawmaker and a blogger, both allied with Anwar, under the ISA that allows for indefinite detention without trial.

    "He [Abdullah] is mixing up what are essentially issues of democracy, freedom and the rule of law with national security. The use of the ISA to harass and detain duly elected political opponents is a grave transgression of the law and its continued use would further erode confidence in the current government and exacerbate political instability," Anwar said.

    Anwar said Malaysians and investors were supportive of comprehensive reforms, including judicial independence, a free media, a professional police force and investor-friendly laws.

    Anwar has been detained under ISA laws twice, once as a radical student leader in the 1970s and again in 1988 after he crossed swords with then-prime minister Mahathir Mohamad, who had him charged with sodomy. He spent six years in jail and was acquitted of the charge in 2004 by the country's highest court.

    "It appears everything is heading for a climax and a major security crackdown is possible," a prominent lawyer who did not want to be identified said. "I myself am a target," he explained.

    Investors have been pulling money out of Malaysian stocks since the March election results, fearing political uncertainties would be prolonged. The Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange has dropped below the 1,000-point resistance level, largely because of political fears within the country but also because of the global financial crisis.

    "The recent developments coming together add a new and dangerous dimension to the country's troubled politics. It gives a clear impression that a climax is rushing up," the lawyer said.

    Anwar is not rebuffed by Abdullah's rejection of his demand to convene a special session of parliament.

    "The opposition Pakatan Rakyat coalition will convene an emergency meeting to discuss our next course," Anwar said in a statement on Thursday. He also said he may seek an audience with King Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin who, although a constitutional monarch, has powers to convene parliament, dismiss a prime minister and invite a person enjoying the confidence of a majority in parliament to form a new government.

    However, the king has yet to be convinced that Anwar has a majority of lawmakers behind him.

    According to constitutional expert Shad Faruqi, the issue can only be settled on the parliament floor through a confidence vote. "Otherwise, he can go to the palace to seek an audience with the King and have tea," Faruqi said.

    (Inter Press Service)
    courtesy of the Asia Times Online

  10. Anonymous9:25 pm

    Jakarta Post is missing one fundamental point that is Malaysia is not Indonesia. Our people do not take to the streets with violence in their minds when we reject the goverment of the day.We will do it our way.

  11. Anonymous9:59 pm

    That is a pretty good observation of the political situation in Malaysia. No one should take any offence since it a frank opinion of a close neighbour.
    We have to admit that a change in the government of Malaysia will be good as UMNO/BN is no longer a fair government for the people. I truly appreciate the comment that PR must be a government for all and not just for Malays or Muslims, otherwise we will be back to the same old medicine. UMNO is not only a bad government, they are corrupt to the core, lets hope PR will not go the same way. Anwar is from the same stock but the saving grace could be DAP and PAS in the fold, hopefully a counter-balance so PKR will not be as corrupt as UMNO. UMNO has had it their way for 50 years, as mentioned by our good neighbour it is time for a change. Thanks for the honest and frank writeup.

  12. Anonymous10:17 pm

    I do agree with the Jakarta Post (i'm M'sian b the way). Reading it from the perspective of a newspaper from a neighbouring country, it's like 'outside looking in'.

    It's true,...the opposition do know that they have to strike while the iron is hot, hence being opportunistic. Back home here, the intricacies and fragility of the Pakatan Rakyat coalition is made known even through opposition mouthpiece like harakah. And of course, there's the ubiquitous race and religion factor thrown in, all serving to put us all at loggerheads. I wonder when will we ever get along?

    And when are we going to stop this thinking that other countries' comment about us is tantamount to 'meddling into our affairs'? Let's take each criticism objectively.


  13. Anonymous10:36 pm

    It's the truth. Plain truth. Honest observation that bloggers like you can't seem to give anymore due to payback to your paymasters. Bloggers like yourself have become prostitutes just like the Jalan Riongites.

    The Jakarta Post in on the money.

    zul indon

  14. Anonymous11:36 pm

    I am a true heart malaysian but I am sorry to say that in Indonesia, they trully have better press freedom, better religious freedom (yes, that is true) and greater social civility despite their poor economic management ability & rampant corruption.

    How I know this, I am married to an Indonesian and have been in/out that country for almost 7 years.

    Despite what you guys read about Indonesia in the papers, I truly suggest you guys make an effort to really see it as what it really is.

    Yes, Indonesia has greater press and religious freedom and religious association. In fact it pronounce itself as a liberal rather than an Islamic nation.

  15. Anonymous11:37 pm

    every dog has his day..pls don't pick up crap writtn by this Kupu-Kupu fellow...don't waste space la bro.

  16. Dear Rocky
    Please remember that sometimes the truth hurts. And we will have to admit Malaysia is cracking up -- beginning with Pak Lah's head which does not seem to be screwed on right.
    He should just go while the going's good.
    If we wait until Oct 9, the KLCI may be down to 850. Now that will really be "cracking" up the stock market.
    Peace to all!

  17. Anonymous11:39 pm

    Mr. Richard,

    I am a Malaysian in Jakarta, sorry to say that what you see about demonstration in Indonesia is all misguided and blown out of proportion.

    What you see on TV, in reality is just confined to one small little corner in Jakarta while the rest of the city and country goes on with their daily life.

    Demonstration is a form of free speech mind you. In Ina, they don't get arrested for it nor need to apply for a police license.

    So which country is more free?

  18. I would say 'fair comment' and the usual hogwash from our sycophant restless natives in KG Bahru and the 'heartland' whereever that may be, the Minister for Disinformation & Govt that it 'is inteference in our internal politics' won't wash!

    After all, when Suharto & Indonesia were crumbling earlier, the NST & MSM here were not exactly writing complimentary things aout our neighbour. Similarly, our MSM write what they will about Burma & Thailand and they don't regard it as intefering in the internal affairs of those countries.

    What's sauce for the goose, is certainly sauce for the gander!!
    refer my blog 'Excerpts from Military Intelligence Reports'

  19. What did you expect?

    When Indonesia themselves were undergoing massive changes and upheavals, we were commenting on them.

  20. Anonymous12:25 am

    Dear Sdr Rocky Bru,

    I fully agreed with your view that Jakarta officials and their press gurus, should examine their massive media backyard before unlashing their deplorable remarks on our recent Malaysian affair.

    It does not matter if they want to interfere and support Anwar's political antics,for which they have secretly endorsed PKR's move to overthrow our democratically elected BN government. Why are they so nosy as to our leadership transition plan from Pak Lah to Najib?

    Having served in the Indonesian capital before in the early and mid eighties, my impression of most of the Indonesian officials, civilian and uniformed personnels have great respect and admiration for Malaysia's political leadership and governance for more than 40 decades.Perhaps,some of the media prefers to instil negative aspects of our governance, especially with Anwar's undemocratic approach to topple the BN government under Pak Lah's leadership.

    We just have to wait for Najib to take over the leadership in UMNO/BN and the federal government.Najib,being a Bugis decendant will know how to deal with the Indons with the Javanese "make over"and the well known "bugis spices".

    It is saddens me to state that ASEAN today is not like ASEAN UNITY AND SOLIDARITY AS IN THE EIGHTIES.I am ashamed that fellow Malaysians like Anwar and the likes, are placing the nation in political, economic and social seige without recourse, care and love for this country.

    If Anwar is so obsessed to be our prime minister, he should wait for the next 13th general election. It's never too late and being a muslim, (Anwar can plan for whatever he inspires in this life, but Allah stands to dispose at his pleasure)he should not bluff his ways in order to forcefully meet his ridiculous demands to unseat Pak Lah,not even 7 months after the 12th GE.

    Even if the government finds Anwar guilty, it's not that easy for the police to arrest him for his treason acts against the democratically elected BN federal government.Anwar should remember and cherished for he and his family opportunistic life style, provided by the BN government for more than 51 years. How on earth Pakatan Rakyat under his untested lunatic leadership of a few months, can be trusted to lead Malaysia, without hindrance from the newly born BN opposition? Anwar's political approach is an illusion with his own eccentric imagination.


  21. Anonymous12:34 am

    mahathir is the best prime minister the malaysian ever had.

  22. what a good piece!

    Ya, this is the truth and I believe Zaid Ibrahim has spoken out the facts very well.

  23. Anonymous1:15 am

    Nothing wrong with the article. Just observation and analysis of how things are from a distance. Why the concern? We too high and mighty that no one else can write about us unless its the BBC or AWSJ?

    Come on, we can take it - whatever it is and whomever it is from.

    It is just an opinion. But a darn good one.


  24. The Indon journo concluded that BN and Parti Perikatan before them have been in power too long. It is now time for change.

    So now we take instructions from Indon ?

  25. Anonymous1:53 am

    I don feel safe at all now after the EYE-S-A issue on Teresa Kok. Don know how you all feel, for me I don think I have any freedom now. Bravo BE-END, you just help me and my friends decide who to vote for in the next coming election.

    angry democracy

  26. Anonymous2:01 am

    To be frank, Jarkarta Post hit the nail on the head regarding the Malaysian political scenario. The truth hurts but it's fair comment and right on! There are opportunists on both sides but it will be good to see change for this country. If change should come about,let the new govt show its worthiness. If not, the struggle continues.

  27. Looking at the article subject, it seems that the Indons Daily simply need attention to boost their newsprint sales. Nothing much interesting to publish, more so the last big hit had long past - Aceh Tsunami and Bali Bombing.

    I guess Malaysian just simply ignore their comment and write and treat it just another fart in the air.

    Or to make it simply, another Pak Lah in Indon Newsprint!

  28. Anonymous3:07 am

    a good editorial and an accurate and fair observation.

    unless we are stuck in the usual one-upmanship mode when it comes to our neighbours, there is no reason to get all defensive over these home truths.

  29. I was talking to my Chinese friend the other day who disclosed to me certain recent articles very pro-DSAI in the Jakarta Post. He was as perplexed as I as to the stance of this newspaper. We concluded that most likely the puppet master behind the Jakarta Post are western backed democracies including the Jewish/ US administration moguls that control the world media who have vested interest in seeing Malaysia in chaos under DSAI and his pakatan. Not wanting to show their ugly faces openly, these media moguls hide behind this English medium newspaper in utter disrespect of the harmonious relationship between Malaysia and Indonesia. As such, the Jakarta Post does not reflect the thoughts of the Indonesian people on the politics of its friendly neighbour; very un-ASEAN like.

  30. Some shameless promotion here, if you don't mind helping a small fry get a bit of a start:-)

    Cendana Blues: Addicted to Politics presents the latest post: EXPOSED: Abdullah Badawi is a drug addict!

    That is so untrue!... My journalistic ethics are just as grasping as those of Riong K (former journalist, editor and current `lidah ular' of Badawi's Silent Cabal, who forces *companies* to file lawsuits to harass others instead of doing it himself, that shifty coward); and Beruk Rembau (former newspaper intern in Oxford shoes who sold a part of Malaysia to Singapore, single-handedly won 5 states for Pakatan Rakyat, and would have no qualms about selling his grandmother if the price is right).

    Read the whole crap here

  31. Anonymous5:23 am

    As such,.. As such... Please stop using this phrase it's irritating, almost every long piece has 'as bloody such' .. It's like ' basically..' , stop it and try using something else!!!!!

    As Such

  32. I think the friggin Indons should take care of their own backyard ( by Seventh Rangers)

    You mean like, "To each, his own tempurung?... and never Thou thee venture beyond it."

    Yes, maybe they should. And let us also just keep quiet about all foreign matters. Tell our newspapers to stop the "Foreign" section, and use the newsprint and space for more "longkang tersumbat" stories.

    Let's just take care of our own backyard with sports too - tell NST and Star to stop their Friday and Saturday soccer pullouts that comment on ... ENGLISH football. These friggin Malaysians like Sebegeth Singh, Nantha Kumar, Zack etc should cease writing about how and why Chelsea are better than Manchester United; or why STOKE CITY (YAAY!!) will NOT be relegated at the end of this season.

    Let's just take care of our own football backyard and use the space to write about; say... erm, oh, "Why Kuala Muda are better than Shahzan Muda". Things like that.

    To those who get angered when "outsiders" write/talk about us, ask yourself whether you do the same with THEM? No? Never cared about Obama? Liverpool? Palestine-Israel?

    It's a two-way street here, and there is just no tempurung anymore. We'll just have to live with it without melatah each time someone writes unflattering things about us.

  33. @kluangman 6:53 PM
    Eh, ni "Kluangman" yang pernah nulis kat SCuM dulu ya?

    Di Ramadhan, mendengar zikir dan lagu politik yang terlalu retorik bisa meloyakan.

    Sebenarnya, benda ni bukan meloyakan time Ramadhan saja - dari Muharram sampai Zulhijjah pun tetap sama jugak, gang.

  34. 6:53 PM

    @whackthembugger 3:57 AM
    We concluded that most likely the puppet master behind the Jakarta Post are western backed democracies including the Jewish/ US administration moguls that control the world media who have vested interest in seeing Malaysia in chaos under DSAI and his pakatan.

    Hold on for a minute, Whacky...

    You and this anonymous Chinese friend of yours ... it's yet another work of that Silent and Invisible Zionist Cabal that controls the world, isn't it?... the same Jewish Cabal that's responsible for the fall of Lehmann Brothers (Jewish-controlled, but they might have dared to go against the Cabal; so they were terminated)

    Would LOVE to reply to these as a new Post at my site and rip this apart. But I have a bigger fish - a MUCH BIGGER FISH - to fry right now. So, another time, Whacky.

    P/S To mekyam: This is the "SCuM Mat Cendana" taking over here; NOT the "new, much-improved cendana 287" ;-)

  35. I agree totally with hantu laut!

    It's hard to swallow what our neighbours say of us, especially when we think their backyards need cleaning up BUT if we value a good argument and credible discourse, the Jakarta Post is offering us one!

    It's definitely more objective and better articulated than the staccato rhetoric spewed by our BN leaders or the bombastic promises of the PR ones.

    Some of the analyses done by our own MSM writers have not been so hot either!

    We should not dismiss other view points especially they smack of the "truth", albeit perceived from across the seas!

    After all we were once one great NUSANTARA, and our forefathers came and went in several waves of migration!


  36. Anonymous6:10 am

    whackthembugger, please open your mind before you make any comments .. You think and act like UMNOputras who still can't accept any critics..

    Please don't blame others for our incompetence..

    Don't be surprised that many Indonesians see us as a "laughing stocks" ... while we still think that we are more advanced and civilised than them ...

    Now you can understand why they called us Malingsia ..


  37. aku rasa Jakarta Post ni tak pandai diplomasi dan telah dibayar. Reporter dia tak tau tulis dalam bahasa inggeris.. dia hire mamat ozzie jadi translator semua berita berita yang ditulis oleh pemberita tempatan ....

    aku tak yakin sangat dengan dutsksbsr jakarta pos ni... Media Indonesia dengan Republika lagi hebat..

    Mana Zul Bakaq ni, sure dia hangat hati baca ni...

  38. Anonymous9:00 am

    I totally agree with the article. It's facts, not fiction. It precisely describes the state of our politics and where we are heading should those two people continue to create chaos in our country: one for being incapable and the other one, should I say, delusion of grandiosity, paranoid personality, the obsession to become the PM and lack of morality (referring to his inability to grasp the difference between democratically elected and gaining power by deceit).

  39. Anonymous10:04 am

    check it out:


    Apakata orang Brunei pulak tentang politikus kita

  40. I think we are taking this ASEAN way - not to intervene with each politics - a little bit too far. There must be instances when there must be intervention.

    If your neighbour is abusing his children, would it not be your moral duty to try and stop it?


  41. Mahathir has been minding Singapore's business for decades. Even as you speak, in his Che Det blog, he's still taking potshots at Singapore for the way Singapore treats its Malays. Wow, Mahathir really thinks Malays in Singapore are pitiful, conveniently forgetting that the average Singaporean Malay is much better off than the average Malaysian Malay.

  42. Anonymous10:35 am

    Criticism is always hard to be digested, I have no memories of our gov ever accept any criticism gracefully, but is Malaysian too proud to be criticised? The article may not be representing the truth but it is something to meditate on.


  43. Anonymous10:42 am

    This Jakarta Post leader is a very perceptive comment, and a legitimate one.


  44. Anonymous10:57 am



    My honest view, the Jakarta Editorial is on the dot. They are perceptive.

    Bro, I also want to point out why the NST's 'real' circulation is now around 60,000 copies a day whereas The Star has hit 300k or so.

    There was a massive storm at the MT UMNO meeting on Thursday, 18th Sept. It could go down in history as the MT meeting that saved UMNO. Rafidah and a few others basically told the PM to go jump in the well.

    While the Blogs were full of reporting and analysis about this most significant news event on Thursday night itself, NONE of the mainstream media papers (including The Star) carried the real story about what happened at the MT meeting in yesterday's news, Friday 19th Sept.

    But possibly after seeing the amount of Blog volume over what really transpired at the MT meeting, The Star's headline today (Sat. 20th Sept) says 'Under Pressure'.

    Finally The Star reported about what transpired at the MT Meeting on Thursday and the pressure on Badawi to resign by 9th October 08.

    Well better late than never, even though The Star is 48 hours late.

    On the other hand The NST is still trying its best to prop up Badawi's increasingly nonsensical existence as party president andd PM. They are not covering the details of what transpired at the MT Meeting.

    Instead the NST's frontpage today says "Revealed: Secret Offers To Woo MPs"

    I say friends, this is a dead subject lah! Who cares anymore about Anwar's Bollywood theatrics?

    But it goes to show why The NST's circulation is going south.

    Well now Abdullah Badawi has a new date to contend with : 9th October. Even this date is too long. If he does not want to suffer serious psychological trauma (the type where he may need to use a baby pacifier to help him sleep at night).

  45. Anonymous11:07 am

    I UNDERSTAND the feelings of our neighbours indonesia. a lot of them that i met during conferences expressed their concern about malaysian domestic political turmoil. it had nuthin to do about jelousy but:-

    1) they see malaysia as a check for singapore;

    2) if malaysia triumph in economic, they too can feel the effect of the malaysian prosperity through investment and trade;

    3) malaysian good and mature politics act as a mirror to their military government and they want indonesian politics to mature as malaysian politics had evolved.

    these are the views of the indonesian concerns when i met them during trade conferences. and they see abdullah as a nuicense to the southeast asian region development..

  46. Anonymous11:21 am

    Good comments. However, i don't like Indo crtics us like they were better than us

  47. Anonymous11:29 am

    There are many Malaysians are more broad minded today. After all, we also comment a lot on others.
    Whats the big deal for an honest international opinion or criticism.
    We can learn from others and it can be from someone from another nation or someone of another race or culture who sincerely tells us what should be or can be. By this way we ALL grow as HUMANS and go forward GLOBALLY.


  48. Anonymous12:34 pm

    as expected, the call to free all ISA detainees fizzes out as Theresa was freed. Begs me to wonder how "un-racist" Malaysian Chinese are.


  49. Anonymous1:37 pm

    Good observation of the political situation in Malaysia BUT i don't like INDOGSIAL...ahaks...ha ha!

    (Zul Kelantan whatever)

  50. Anonymous2:01 pm


  51. @Dalbinder Singh Gill 2:01 PM

    [Is this guy for real? Or is he just trolling here, typing in CAPS and all, and close to tears professing his love and faith in Badawi...? But I think I'll just play the fool and bite since I have a bit of time to spare. And do a bit of "guerilla marketing" at this high-traffic blog> Maybe I can get a few clicks...]

    Yo, Mr Dalbinder Singh Gill (Hope it's your real name ... It might actually be "Mat Seman Bin Malaun" of Kodiang, Kedah; or "Elizabeth Lim" of Kepong; who really knows?)

    Get a grip of yourself... so unbecoming for a guy to be this sentimental and emotional. Sheesh!

    NO, PAK LAH MUST DIE!... err, sorry; it's PAK LAH MUST RESIGN! OR BOOTED OUT! Either this, or we all will let him drag Malaysia into the abyss. Two more years is TWO YEARS TOO LONG!

    "But WHY, Mat Cendana??," Dalbinder cried. "Why and how could he drag Malaysia into this abyss that you mentioned, O Mat Cendana, the highly-acclaimed Pulitzer Prize winner?"

    He's why, Mr Dalbinder. And I have the evidence to show:
    Saturday, 20 September 2008
    EXPOSED: Abdullah Badawi is a drug addict!

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  52. Anonymous5:35 pm

    Dalbinder Singh

    Are you drunk?


  53. Anonymous1:03 am

    I mostly agree with that article in that Jakarta paper. The question we need to face is, if Pakatan Rakyat can have some "jumper" from BN, they are BN people anyway, with "BN" mindset, "BN" approach, "BN" politics, "BN", etc, etc. In short, just change of people and but not ideology.

    - The MU

  54. @Abdul 5:35 PM
    What a classic retort, Abdul! This is the best laugh I've had for a few days!

    And so apt too! It's a shame that my wits weren't as sharp as yours at that time:-)

  55. one thing for sure the night life in Jakarta is much better than KL. Jakarta even better than Bangkok you can find anything as long as you have the RM . in that sense their freedom is much better than us but then again 90 % of their peoples still poor .

  56. Anonymous4:26 pm


    Saya masih ingat. Bila saya tanya 3 org kawan saya yg berasal dari Indon datang ke Malaysia utk belajar disini. Masa itu tengah kemuncak reformasi gi Malaysia.

    Kesemua kawan saya kata... Org yg reformasi di Malaysia ini Bodoh. Bangang. Tolol.

    Mereka nampak yg reformasi di negara mereka tidak mendatangkan apa faedah. Yg baik 1, tapi yg buruk makin banyak. Kata mereka, kalau kita boleh dapat cara baik, kenapa perlu cara tak baik?

    Perkara ini diakui oleh ramai pekerja indon yg datang disini. Kalau tak percaya tanyalah pendatang. Jangan tanya kawan Bro, wartawan dari Indon. Mereka tak tahu sangat. Tanya mereka yg telah hidup dizaman reformasi indon.

    Salah seorang dari mereka yg saya jumpa kata... "Susah pak di Indon. Zaman Pak Harto. Pak Harto makan harta rakyat. Tapi kami masih lagi hidup senang. Tapi bila dia tak ada. Rasuah masih ada, tapi hidup makin susah."


  57. Anonymous11:44 am

    I somehow agree with a part of the article. Rampant undemocratic & forceful changes would not guarantee a better future for Malaysia...Indonesia only benefited from liberalisation of media, politics - but their economy moves slowly and cannot keep up with the pace of increase cost of living. In the end, the low income group suffers.

    Im an PR follower too, but I believe if the changes were done any period outside the election, it is not democratic. It is not the same with the spirit of 'reformation'

    Whats guarantee the next leader to uphold all the reformations that we all wanted soo much. That is the question.

    Just remember how French Revolution takes more than 6 years,40000 life & a few series of coup d'etat in order to be successful. We just hope that our revolution is based on sensibility and rationality/ not by hatred.

  58. Anonymous1:47 pm

    pity the the Indo.
    bodowi and the gang could not help them in either way thats why they eyeing on Malaysia.


  59. Anonymous1:27 am

    A free press means freedom to print the views of ALL parties. Our neighbours are certainly entitled to comment on our current affairs and vice versa. I do not see this as an issue.

    On the flip side, perhaps we are the ones who, for decades have been protected/sheltered from open debate and exchange of differing opinions on so many issues, are somehow less open or prepared to hear opposing views in the printed press.


  60. nice posting....the truth hurts


  61. nice posting....I think that's probably the most profound description of Malaysian politics.