Wednesday, June 04, 2008

RM2.70 per litre from tomorrow

Real fuel-lamak!!
Effective midnight tonight, petrol will be 78 sen higher for every litre.
Diesel RM1 more for each litre.

When Abdullah became PM, a litre of diesel was 78 sen, or thereabout. Now its 4 times higher.


  1. Anonymous6:58 pm

    poor me...macam mana nak basmi kemiskinan kalau orang kaya pun boleh jatuh miskin sebab minyak ni..?

  2. Anonymous6:58 pm

    samurai jepun

  3. Anonymous6:59 pm

    Real-fuelamak.. how la like this.. it is unfair to hike up that high when evrything is not stable. this is what i call blood suckers - areen

  4. Anonymous7:02 pm

    DSAI help us !!!!


  5. Anonymous7:03 pm

    superb. superb. superb.

  6. Anonymous7:04 pm

    Even with some sort of petrol price increase, the amount shouldn't have been this steep in just a day. Call it mismanagement by the central government? More like political suicide.

    I shall lol to thee, BN.

  7. Anonymous7:05 pm

    aduih. nak naik basikal, sure lung cancer, the asap from the cars will kill us. lrt is great but not accessible to all areas. this country is slaughtering me financially.

  8. While this is anticipated, I hope this is not an attempt by the present government to swallow poison pills due to last PRU results.

    Will be more critical on government's spending after this!

  9. Anonymous7:12 pm

    This further proves how much we need to get Pak Lah out of the office. This is just too much!

  10. Anonymous7:12 pm

    Matilah orang orang kecil like us, Rocky.

    I already wear jeans and slippers to go to work. My car tyres are due for a change. No bus coming from my house to my workplace so I don't have a choice but to drive.

    Transport as a whole just sucks in Klang valley.

    I eat at a mamak. He too will increase price very soon.

    I don't party, so I don't spend on booze. I haven't been on a holiday for as long as I remember, so can't cut that out.

    There are no luxuries in my life.

    How do I change my lifestyle ah?

    I think we should change this government.

  11. Anonymous7:14 pm

    I dont blame Pak Lah. I dont blame anyone. I blame bastard American speculators who have done the world in, including their fellow-Americans. These American hedge fund barons play the oil game within the confines of their board rooms and earn billions, with the blessings of the heavy artillery of capitalism. Of course one of the biggest beneficiaries are the dictatorial Arab regimes and Hugo Chavez. The popular wisdom is to go for Pak Lah's jugular but be fair to the man. It's a world problem, not ours alone. All said and done, all good things must come to an end.Malaysians must realise the world has changed. Capitalism, greed, terrorism, the voracious appetite for oil have caged and turned us into heartless zombies. Let us stop living in denial. I urge the people to use less fuel. Profligacy will only hasten the rot.

  12. Anonymous7:15 pm

    satu hadiah yang amat besar. terima kasih.

    [yang akan bankrup]

  13. Anonymous7:17 pm

    Heal Pak Lah.......hidup Pak Lah!!!!

    inilah kerajaan,yang adil,telus dan beramanah!!!

  14. Anonymous7:17 pm

    kita perlu terima kenaikan ini, sebagai yang dikatakan iainya adalah satu langkah yang penting untuk mengurangkan inflasion.


  15. Anonymous7:19 pm

    Electric to go up 18-26% wef 01 July 2008

    Petrol to cost RM2.70 from midnight (updated)

    KUALA LUMPUR: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi on Wednesday announced price hikes for petrol, diesel and electricity.

    He said the new price for petrol is RM2.70 a litre, effective midnight tonight. The price goes up by 78sen from the current RM1.92, a hike of 40%.

    Abdullah also announced that the price of diesel would be increased by RM1 from RM1.58 to RM2.58.

    He also said that Tenaga Nasional Bhd would be raising electricity rates by 18% for homes and 26% for business users.

    The announcements are part of the new fuel subsidy plan.

  16. Anonymous7:19 pm

    I support the raise and elimination of subsidies. About time.

  17. I don't understand, Rocky, the fuel price increase is to save the govt some RM4bn a year. How much was the PKFZ scandal ? RM4.6bn. Something's not right there...

  18. Anonymous7:26 pm

    kawan-kawan perlu besar hati terima lah hakikat, kalu tidak nanti naik lagi mesti sakit jantung.


  19. Anonymous7:30 pm

    Rocky, could you please help me understand this. Why can't our government offer us subsidies when they earn royalty from the O&G production? Royalty, which is growing with higher fuel prices i must add. And furthermore, Petronas, a company built with the people's money, will definitely report higher revenues this year.


  20. "A cash rebate of RM625 per year will be given to owners of private cars of engine capacity of up to 2,000 cc and pick-up trucks and jeeps of up to 2,500 cc." - BERNAMA

    bro, ur car brapa cc? lol!

  21. Anonymous7:40 pm

    i think the price is ok.even if Tun Mahathir,DSAI or KuLi is a PM, there will b the same.Like it or not we have to face it.DSAI may reduce the price but there will be another part which he may b lacked of.No one is perfect.Always pro n con for every PM.Whoever likes Pak Lah,will support him and will curse DSAI.Whoever likes DSAI may curse Pak Lah.I hope the price will be at the actual level of RM4 per litre and everybody will get a first class medical treatment.

  22. minyak naik = gaji mesti naik

    ni asyik2 sektor awam yg naik gaji, dah la pemalas!

  23. dear rocky,

    pity poor people like me.

    it so happens the K-car I am driving is paid for by me but it is under my sister's name.

    My sister has a new car.

    So the so-called *cash rebate* won't benefit people like me as I am sure the government will give rebate based on per pax policy and not on per car policy :-(

  24. Anonymous7:51 pm

    Bought a diesel powered people-mover in 2004. Shafted a few times already, though I'd be hard pressed to blame Pak Lah (would love to, though). Paid so much road tax, then 3 months later diesel went up from 75 sen to RM1.20 then to current price than this hike. No news about bringing road tax to par with petrol cars.Sigh.

    If only public transport is great, i'd definitely opt for it!

  25. Anonymous7:54 pm

    Simple logic: As an exporter of fuel, how can fuel price increase hurts us? WHY? WHY? WHY?

  26. Anonymous7:56 pm


    Bila kerajaan baru hendak ditubuhkan? Nampaknya Kerajaan BN ini tidak ada hati perut, tidak pandai tadbir ekonomi negara. Malaysia negara pengeluar minyak bila harga minyak naik pasti negara mendapat keuntungan daripada keuntungan itu berilah balik kepada rakyat melaysia melalui sistem subsidi.GKC mestilah mempunyai obligasi sosial bantu pelanggan bukan semata-mata fikir nak untung besar saja. siakap029

  27. This is inevitable. We are so used to paying something below its real cost so much so we have become complacent.

    Having said that, we must now demand that the government tell us how it intend to spend the "savings" it got from the reduced subsidy. It must not be used to fatten their cronies.
    The savings must be used for the benefit of the low income rakyats. To me this better than to subsidize people who consume cheap petrol without thinking and also those who smuggle subsidized petrol out of the country.

  28. Anonymous8:04 pm

    Dear Bru,
    We need alternative LPG. NGV or Water.
    Do you know anyone in KL installing this water based system?

    Shiok Guy

  29. The loophole is the RIMV database. The data can be changed between now and the next road tax renewal. There seems to be no control system in place, looking at the number of cases of outright fraud with the documentation and electronic records. They haven't taken this into account.

    The second matter is the rise of electricity rates and diesel prices. These will have a hefty knockout effect on both manufacturing and services; goods will be more expensive and inflation will rise while take-home pay will stagnate if not decrease. The increased cost of living (even public transportation in addition to food will be costlier) will marginalize more households and reduce retail business which will then affect the building industry which will affect another 130 sub-sectors.

    The political fallout on Umno will be very big. In addition, there will be strong calls made for Petronas to show its full set of accounts. For instance, what was the 10 billion for that was spent in Egypt, etc?

    In cities, crime will rise and the public transport system will be overloaded. Meanwhile the small and used cars sectors and motorcycle market may see a small spike but even so the increase in petrol price is too big and sudden for the pockets of the majority of the rakyat who may also be affected by increased bills for urban services.

    The situation is going to be very painful for most of the rakyat. Instead of spending two days in a hotel in Shah Alam to debate what subcommittees to form to study how to reform Umno, its supreme council members should immediately sit up and realize the grave danger this spike will cause to the welfare of the rakyat.

    And what they should be doing quickly on this sorry state of the nation.

  30. This is nothing...wait for August, then the riots start... when fuel price goes up to 4 ringgit and some (as usual) half-baked, sure fire failure, poorly thought out subsidy system is in place...(IF oil prices do not soar further due to the artificial rise created by speculation by the US Big Four Sharks)...

    At 4 ringgit...transport costs will rise, resulting in dramatic increases in essential oil, flour, sugar, veggies etc etc... and rice in itself is another goldmine for the speculators.

    When food prices rise, at the current income levels, we will see Cuepacs coming out, more people protesting, going hungry, social problems and mental problems (due to depression/financial problems/worry abt starving families) will increase and for sure the crime rates will hit the then Malaysians will have their first dose of ugly reality after years of apathy...if it hasn't sunk in yet.

    Public transport is still pathetic, has no respect for people's time, are never on time, dirty, unsafe buses, drugged up drivers, name it...and Najib-Boom wants to review the subsidies on that too because some operators cannot make money...after all these years and all the study trips overseas, we still cannot come up with a decent, efficient, clean, punctual system, serving all routes and our bus drivers even stray from fixed routes depending on their mood and if they suddenly have cirit-birit and need to make an emergency shit stop)...pathetic failures our leaders...

    Of course the bloody UMNO,BN corrupt politicians and leaders will not face hardship, because they have already looted and plundered billions, all safely in banks and can still afford to eat the best foods, buy the best whores, sleep in the biggest mansions, on softest pillows, send their kids to British schools and race the latest sports cars at Sepang on weekends...and sit back in their plush offices and and look on with feigned interest at us regular people.

    On the food production side,
    there seems to be no real concerted action by Mardi, Agriculture Dept, the DID , Bernas etc to come together to revitalise the old fields, open up new areas, acquire land, engage necessary labor, and create a viable chain from cultivation up to distribution and into the stores.

    We prefer to wait until we reach a level where we have to lacurkan Malaysia to beli beras from other nations.

    We are a fertile nation, and yet our land is just consistently raped and pillaged by the few, for the few and not for the good of the nation as a whole.

    We talk about Islam hadhari but we fail to apply the true principles of Islam and the wealth of knowledge available in the Quran and our history.

    The following is an excerpt from a paper on the "Scientific Principles of the Seven Year Cultivation Rule of Thumb" derived form prophet Yusuf's rule and how he faced famine and hard times and maintained food security with early preparation (all of which we failed to do over DECADES)


    Food production has the fundamental function of providing necessary nutrition to the society permanently. In order to achieve this goal, agricultural sustainability is a must. This needs a well-managed farming system. Among other things, the key food sustainability strategy is well-managed food production, consumption, and stock systems. This, in turn, requires a thorough understanding of life cycle stages of the food system. Life cycle assessment (LCA) is an analytical method used to evaluate the resource consumption and environmental burdens associated with a product, process, or activity. In agriculture, food LCA uses indicators that address economic, social, and environmental aspects of each life cycle stage: origin of (genetic) resource, agricultural growing and production, food processing, packaging and distribution, preparation and consumption, and end of life (Heller and Keoleian, 2000).

    The basic principle of this has been laid down by Prophet Yusof himself. Firstly, he recommended continuous food production through seven good years or cultivation. Secondly, he recommended grain storage for seeds propagation. Thirdly, he allocated the budget for agricultural production and building storage and processing facilities. Fourthly, during the following seven famine years, he allocated the amount of stored grains to the Egyptian people according to per capita minimum requirement. This way, he managed to avoid starvation and control the prices of grains. Prophet Yusof’s approach to providing grain storage has set the principle in the use of buffer stock for many commodities in the modern world’s economies as a strategy of facing production and economic cycles.""

    read the full study here:

    SEVEN YEARS is the rule of thumb, but here in Malaysia, our leaders are still sleeping/plundering/groping/whoring/fighting for position.

  31. Anonymous8:10 pm

    mati la macam ni...... macam mana nak beli susu anak lepas ni.... nak jual kereta pun tak boleh, used car company suruh top-up $$....

  32. Anonymous8:10 pm

    The increment is ridiculous. The less fortunate like me and most of Malaysians will suffer like hell. Electric tariff will also increase.

    Government should 'think a lot' first before spending our money! Their bad decisions make us suffer the worse.

  33. I was thinking 50 cens will be the max in my heart ..... but 78 cens increased ... way way beyond my expectation. Thanks for making rakyat lifes miserable !!

    4 Billions saved after increased. I wonder how would the gov to use the 4 billions for the good of public.

    Gov will continue to made this country miserable ...... 500 bilions Petronas earned ... where the hell the money gone ? 500 billions is big money if managed well sure we won't be where we are now ? Looks at Singapore, when they left what did they have ?

  34. Anonymous8:14 pm

    When rice prices increased, they asked us to eat tapioca, now fuel increase, they may ask us to ride bicycles.

    Eat tapioca, ride bicycles.. macam zaman penjajahan jepun lah! 50 plus years after merdeka, have we really moved forward??

  35. Anonymous8:16 pm

    Excuse me for my ignorance (and I may sound silly), how much actually does a litre of petrol cost in the open market? We've been hearing about this fuel subsidy thingy and is there a price mechanism and who detemine the price of fuel.
    With this so called subsidy reduce, how is the government going to use the extra savings? Hope it does not goes into the UMNOputera's pocket.

  36. Anonymous8:18 pm

    I think that an increase in petrol prices is justified, given the sky-rocketing crude oil prices.
    For the pump prices to remain the same, the subsidies borne by the govt will also go up and there will be less money for things like healthcare and education.

    But with stories of billions of ringgit missing from the T'ganu oil royalties, inflated non-tendered govt projects, and ministries buying screwdrivers at thousands of ringgit ... we can't blame the common folks for not trusting the fcukers who run the BN govt.

    I imagine that the sky-rocketing oil prices has presented the BN fcukers with another cash-cow to milk.

    Malaysians are not unreasonable. It all comes down to the trust they have for the govt. I am really quite pissed to pay another 78sen for a litre of fuel when that late Klang fcuker and his ilk live in a monster palace sitting on land bought cheap due to his political connections and when the PM goes globe-trotting in a private jet. Or when the national oil company allegedly pays a few million ringgit a month to maintain an over-rated orchestra.

    The worst is yet to come. With petrol prices going up, the retail prices of goods being transported to your local hypermart, like flour and tea, will be next. And then, we will all have to fork out more for roti canai and teh tarik at the neighbourhood mamak corner.

    How is the single working mother or the sole breadwinner father of four going to feed their brood? Praytell, Mr PM.


  37. so are we malaysians going to take it to the streets like indonesions?

  38. Anonymous8:25 pm

    dulu kata potong subsidi nk baiki sistem pengangkutan tp tak improve pun..

    pastu buat koridor sana koridor pun ntah ke mana..

    lani dok kerah rakyat gak yg bantu..depa tukang perabih duit saja...bukannya nak keja rajin sket tarik pelaburan...pelaburan makin lari ada la...projek mega pun smua lingkup membaziaq pulak

    mampuih aku dpt PM mcm pak lah

  39. Anonymous8:25 pm

    HIDUP Pak Lah! Hidup BN! Hidup Shahrir Samad! Mati aku! Mati kita! Gerak! Gerak! Mana Ezam? Ezam dengan Paklah! Hidup ak Lah!


  40. Anonymous8:36 pm

    Memang cekik darah...yang kaya bertambah kaya..,menteri2 tak payah bayar minyak..semua free...kenderaan kerajaan...semua boleh claim..minyak pun tak pernah isi...anak2 semua tak payah kerja pun dapat duit allowance...lebih baik jadi negara komunis....lebih kejam dari nazi...


  41. when i arrived in the UK in yr2005 a liter of petrol was 0.85 (average), and today .. it is about £1.14 a liter.

    With the increment of 0.29p over 3 years and the ppl here are crying, complaining, protest by blocking the motorway, letters,
    they are campaigning for the government to reduce the fuel tax...

    if the government has promised to use the fuel subsidy for the good of rakyat in the last fuel price hike, maybe it's for rakyat to assess if the government has kept to it's promises. If not how can we sure that they will this time with the leftover $$ for not subsidizing the fuel

  42. Anonymous8:36 pm

    I don't understand how the new subsidy would helps the poor ppl like me.

    There are a lot of ppl who owns 2 cars but only using one car to work. If cash compensation were given to these ppl, that's means they get more money back.

    I also know there is far more ppl who own a car for emergency purposes, which means they are hardly using it (petrol consumption also low) and they ride motorcycles to work or take public transport. According to the new subsidy structure, these ppl might even earn when they renew roadtax.

    Isn't it that's makes the rich gets richer?

    I wonder who's stupid idea is this?

    Crude oil increase, yes. But Petronas is also reaping... DSAI said in his manifesto that he can help us. Now where is the superman? Still drying his underwear?

  43. Brader Rocky ..

    Harga petrol naik 41%.

    Dulu tahun 1995 , pelaburan banyak masuk ke Malaysia, harga exchange rate RM/USD 2.50.

    Kalau kerajaan turunkan exchange rate dari RM 3.2 kepada RM 2.50, maksudnya ada penurunan sebanyak
    RM0.70. , atau penurunan kenaikan sebanyak RM 0.70 / RM 2.50 = 28 %.

    I think lah kalau I jadi Finance Minister 2, harga minyak paling tinggi pun naik 41% - 28% = 13% sahaja.

    Atau RM 1.92 x 1.13 = RM 2.17 per liter.

    Kalau naikkan income tax pada mereka yang kaya . Sebagai contoh owner genting incomenya RM 500,000 sebulan dan Tan Sri kata lebih 38,000 rakyat Malaysia income melebihi RM 20,000.00. Actually ramai juga dalam kategori melebihi RM 50,000.00.... , Jadinya , boleh tambah semula subsidy.

    Akhirnya Harga minyak balik kepada RM 2.10 satu liter.

    Finally restructuring subsidy pun buat juga... mungkin turun lagi 5%, so at last boleh dapat RM 2.00 satu liter...

    If I am your Finance Minister 2, you will get not more than RM 2.00 per liter ! hehe.. or maybe less than RM 1.92 per liter...

    Will go into politic if there is a support, but now too busy doing my PhD and to prepare myself as an invited delegate to a CIGRE conference coming August.

  44. We sure can follow Najib's call to change out lifestyle. By booting out BN duh.

  45. Anonymous8:45 pm

    dear rocky n all.... this is what the slogan of BN during the general election said...SELAMAT AMAM MAKMUR...congratulations to BN for helping the rakyat encountering all the difficulties and hard times... BRAVO PAK LAH...a leader by example


  46. At least ah in KL go LRT.

    You know,
    there are no LRT in Penang, JB, KK or Kuching.

    70 cents in just one night?

  47. Anonymous8:47 pm

    Patrol nail tinggalkan kereta pakai public transport-lah.
    Tapi kita punya public transport cukup canggih sebab "it is invisible not invincible" di banyak tempat.
    Bangun lah. Kayuh basikal option paling menasabah sekarang.

  48. Anonymous8:50 pm

    Tomorrow RM2.70 and August RM4.00 per ltr? Great job BN! Barang Naik!

    Concerned motorist.

  49. Anonymous8:50 pm

    Last year in July, government gave civil servants 7.5% to 35% pay increase which cost RM7 billion.

    Now, with the fuel increase, you can bet inflation will really rear its ugly head.

    So what next? Much as the civil servants will want it, the kitty's empty, and so, no pay increase.

    Maybe its timely for Bank Negara to hike up interest rates?

  50. Anonymous8:51 pm

    Petronas’ RM600 billion profit: Where has it all gone?
    So the figure has been revealed. Petronas’ group profit before taxes, royalties, dividends and export duties amounted to RM570 billion for the period from its establishment in 1974 to 31 March 2007.

    If you include the figure for the period until 31 March 2008, then you are probably looking at a figure closer to RM700 billion, with the higher oil prices.

    Let’s see the breakdown of that RM570 billion:

    Payments to the government (royalties, export duties, taxes and dividends) - RM359 billion

    Allocations for shareholders, royalties and taxes abroad - RM41 billion

    Profits re-invested in Petronas operations - RM170 billion

  51. Anonymous8:52 pm

    In one bold, irresponsible, undemocratic, anti Islam-Hadhari stroke, Abdullah Badawi became the first Malaysian PM to wulfully improverish the people because of his inferior intellect and laziness and laissez faire pro-capitalist policies. This is the reward for voting the BN in the last general elections. The poor will get poorer and the rich will pull their roots and leave. Damn all of us who have nowhere to go.

    Luckless Voter

  52. Anonymous8:52 pm

    Dear frenz...I just booked a new car and now tinking twice over the matter...
    Looks like I gotta opt for a bicycle and eat bread plus maggi if this goes on...
    First they said August nak naik oil price and now implemented it in less than 48-hours...
    Mr PM u like suprises uh...b4 election when everyone was wondering if u would dissolve parliament on ur favourite num..U SAID NO, but did so the very next day....
    Now..guess this was another suprise move by u...u love suprises I bet Mr PM....
    One wonders wat else u have stored for us, Malaysians..
    After tiz...the cost of living is gonna shoot up....things going be expensive...
    The rich ones will keep enjoying a good life while the poor ones will have to be kedekut...
    Just hope Malaysia does not become like India...
    Sad proper planning at all, gov simply doing things....
    Sum1 please come to our rescue...

    The Notorious Allegation

  53. Anonymous8:53 pm

    Good news. Mamak Kalimullah is a Tan Sri.

    Mamak Tongkang

  54. Alamak!How to survive with the increase of fuel of more than 40%.The Government should increase it by more than 10% first and then gradually by another 10% and so forth. This would not burden the rakyat and with this onslaught of killer tsunami price,i bet the rakyat would be crying out in the street soon.

  55. Anonymous8:56 pm

    Undilah barisan nasional ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  56. Anonymous8:57 pm

    fuiyo! no subsidy! more money to masuk poket sendiri!


  57. Anonymous8:58 pm

    Menurut Berita RTM, rakyat akur dengan kenaikan dan sedia ubah cara hidup. Interview dengan Johari baharum, mat taib dan beberapa lagi menteri depa kata bahawa kerajaan ada bagi subsidi untuk ringankan beban. Kerajaan bertanggungjawab terhadap rakyat. Paling bagus, depa kata harga minyak di Malaysia paling rendah di rantau ini. Gua kata...Ha Ha ha ha.


  58. Motorists rushing to fill petrol
    Causing traffic jams in petrol stations
    Finally it is confirmed the hike
    From $1.92 to $2.70 a 40.6% jump
    And people are feeling edgy with it

    The global effects have made its way
    The country has to follow suit
    It can’t subsidize it any more
    The motorists have to pay
    There is no choice
    When other countries are feeling the heat

    We will criticize
    We will cry in our minds
    Telling the sleeping beauty
    He better sleeps out from his Dark Hill

    It is better to understand
    The economics of the managing wealth
    We can’t be living on subsidies forever
    It has to end; it is better now than later
    Bite the damn bullet feel the pain
    In a week one can think rationally

    Now the BN government has extra funding
    The sleeping beauty better know what to do
    Don’t sleep on the job and let C4 boys run
    Cause he is on borrowed time for now

    The costs of many things will fly
    It is the norm on the escalating cost
    The BN government should think seriously
    On the minimum wage to whet the workers appetite

    It will not be the same any more
    The BN government knows its term is slowly over
    Increase the cost of petrol let the forces decide
    At least now there is something to play about
    About economics and the cronies…………

  59. Effects:-

    1. Transport cost goes up -- buses, taxis, trains, school buses, planes, motorboats .. you name it;

    2. Production cost goes up..prices of goods and services go up;

    3. Sales of cars will fall;

    4. Prices of secondhand cars and secondhand car trade will collapse;

    5. Oil companies will make more money?

    Thank you.

  60. Anonymous9:02 pm

    No point lining up after 6PM... queues are too long. You'll only save as much as you burnt up being stuck in the jam.

  61. Anonymous9:02 pm

    So, some have been saying "Thank you for voting Pakatan Rakyat, here is Your Hadiah"

    Others said "Vote BN? They are raising the price of petrol after the GE. Vote us & we will do something"

    The rest of us, can only wait & suffer!

    The system has clearly failed & capitalism has surely failed. When or when will the tipping point come... yawn

  62. Anonymous9:03 pm

    Guys, I'm in the FMCG business ! With this fuel price increase drastically like that. The sector will have no choice but to withdraw back all discounts to the clients. Guess, who will have to bare the cost?? of course, it's back to the consumers ! ! I'm already feeling the pinch now as tomorrow, I have to fuel my 5 trucks which will cost me RM80 more per truck to fully fueled it up ! ! 1 month should easily cost another me RM3200 to fueled all my trucks.....Gosh... I had an headache now just thinking about it...
    So, to all the Brotherhood Consumers out there.... Good Luck and God Bless us all !


  63. emm what can we do with RM625 p.a?? just lekat celah gigi je..
    Car have to drive every day.. but the price increase like boom..

    emmm we just hidup kaya dalam kemiskinan in our own country... kerja kuat manapun cam ni jugalaa hidup kita...hopeless

  64. Anonymous9:07 pm

    It's payback time! It's PUNISHMENT for voting BN out in many areas. It's the govt TSUNAMI against the rakyat.

    Let's THROW THIS GOVT OUT once and for all! DSAI please hasten your takeover of govt

    AAB looked fresh in making the announcement - must have had enough sleep. At least he doesn't lose any sleep over it. But could see he was struggling to pronounce and explain a lot of stuff - perhaps doesn't understand any of it!

  65. Anonymous9:10 pm

    I am surprised that the PM didn't go for the "big bang" a la Margaret Thatcher and remove the entire fuel subsidy in one shot, instead of on a piecemeal basis.

    This start-stop mentality will adversely affect the country's reputation in the eyes of foreign investors. Already the Msian govt, from the days of TDM, has been painted as vacillating and flip-flopping on issues of national importance.

    The fact of the matter is that the country cannot afford to pay out RM50 billion+ a year in fuel subsidies. That's approximately US$17 billion a year, when the country's foreign reserves are around US120 billion.

    Malaysians have been insulated against the rigours of the free market from Merdeka.

    And there's no such thing as a free lunch.

  66. I went to Jusco a little while ago this evening and I don't understand why a middle class area like wangsa maju/setiawangsa is queuing up to 1 bloody km and honking like mad just to get one last full tank! Nak tunggu sampai petrol station pun dah bakar berapa litre. Real clever!

    Wait when it hits RM4, then we see real rioting at queues.

    BTW what's the real deal on Petronas' earnings at the current prices? Where is all the money going? Why as an oil producing nation, we have to buy back oil at high prices...stupid questions to some but for a regular rakyat like me, I am wondering where is the common sense??

    Will the govt use savings in subsidies for the people to enjoy good public transport since they wont be able to afford to gas their cars?

    Or do we wait to GAS our leaders in an Auschwitz-style chamber when the rice runs out and my kids go hungry????

    And don't blame just Badawi...we neglected our agri sector for decades already...everyone was lost in the la-la land of Malaysia INC and megalomania and el-stupido and el-evil prince just made it worse with their ineptness, greed and bad luck that oil prices are skyrocketing now.

  67. Anonymous9:10 pm

    Jawatankuasa mengawal inflasi, yang bermesyuarat semalam, telah mengemukakan sejumlah cadangan kepada jemaah menteri pagi ini bagi mengawal kesan kenaikan harga bahan api dunia.

    Cadangan-cadangan tersebut:

    1. Bayaran tunai secara langsung kepada pengguna motosikal dan kereta kecil apabila harga minyak meningkat. Wang itu akan dibayar melalui wang pos.

    -Boleh la, dapat duit setahun sekali, tu pn kena bayar insurans cover yang akan naik. Kalo la motosikal yang aku beli 10 tahu lalu dah tukar nama. Isy3....

    2. Tiada peningkatan harga gas memasak dan gas untuk kegunaan teksi.

    -Aku jarang memasak,dan naik teksi. Jadi tak dapat rasa la. Tempat aku mana ada teksi..

    3. Subsidi gas untuk sektor industri penjanaan tenaga akan dikurangkan perlahan-lahan.

    -Yang ni pun kurang juga terima kasih, tapi TNB dibenarkan menaikkan tariff elektrik. Ape citer beb. Kalo barang dah naik, mana ada nak turun. Stay macam tu je. Yang guna bahan baker untuk jana kuasa pn bepe biji je kat Malaysia. Yang transfer pawer kat Thailand pn kena naikkan juge ke???

    4. Tenaga Nasional Bhd dibenarkan menaikkan tarif elektrik, kecuali di Sabah dan Sarawak.

    -Ye la kan. Nak jaga hati hati pengundi, takkan nak rosakkan Sabah dan Sarawak kot, banyak alasan plak.

    5. Cukai tambahan ke atas pengeluar tenaga independen dan pengilang minyak sawit.

    -Yang ni mesti minyak masak akan naik lagi. Kos pengeluaran la katakan…..

    Kabinet dijangka mengumumkan saranan tersebut 5 petang ini.

    -Kenapa perlu luluskan

    Langkah-langkah yang diperkenalkan ini dijangka meningkatkan inflasi dan mengurangkan pendapatan negara kasar.

    -Kalo dah jangka nape perlua buat juge.

  68. Anonymous9:15 pm

    Aku ada komen skit nak kongsi.. in comment pn Xpe la...

    Jawatankuasa mengawal inflasi, yang bermesyuarat semalam, telah mengemukakan sejumlah cadangan kepada jemaah menteri pagi ini bagi mengawal kesan kenaikan harga bahan api dunia.

    Cadangan-cadangan tersebut:

    1. Bayaran tunai secara langsung kepada pengguna motosikal dan kereta kecil apabila harga minyak meningkat. Wang itu akan dibayar melalui wang pos.

    -Boleh la, dapat duit setahun sekali, tu pn kena bayar insurans cover yang akan naik. Kalo la motosikal yang aku beli 10 tahu lalu dah tukar nama. Isy3....

    2. Tiada peningkatan harga gas memasak dan gas untuk kegunaan teksi.

    -Aku jarang memasak,dan naik teksi. Jadi tak dapat rasa la. Tempat aku mana ada teksi..

    3. Subsidi gas untuk sektor industri penjanaan tenaga akan dikurangkan perlahan-lahan.

    -Yang ni pun kurang juga terima kasih, tapi TNB dibenarkan menaikkan tariff elektrik. Ape citer beb. Kalo barang dah naik, mana ada nak turun. Stay macam tu je. Yang guna bahan baker untuk jana kuasa pn bepe biji je kat Malaysia. Yang transfer pawer kat Thailand pn kena naikkan juge ke???

    4. Tenaga Nasional Bhd dibenarkan menaikkan tarif elektrik, kecuali di Sabah dan Sarawak.

    -Ye la kan. Nak jaga hati hati pengundi, takkan nak rosakkan Sabah dan Sarawak kot, banyak alasan plak.

    5. Cukai tambahan ke atas pengeluar tenaga independen dan pengilang minyak sawit.

    -Yang ni mesti minyak masak akan naik lagi. Kos pengeluaran la katakan…..

    Kabinet dijangka mengumumkan saranan tersebut 5 petang ini.

    -Kenapa perlu luluskan

    Langkah-langkah yang diperkenalkan ini dijangka meningkatkan inflasi dan mengurangkan pendapatan negara kasar.

    -Kalo dah jangka nape perlu buat juge.

  69. As I said in the other thread, they should increase it to market rate at one go. Make it RM4.50 or RM5 per litre. This way, there is no need to worry about Singapore cars coming over to enjoy the petrol subsidies. Hey, why not raise it to RM6 or RM7 per litre. Then Malaysians and go down to Singapore for cheaper petrol. Neat, huh?


  70. Anonymous9:18 pm

    siapa yang kaya dengan projek kerajaan akan terus kaya. yang sengsara, rakyat berpendapatan rendah dan sederhana.

    apa yang pak lah fikirkan, hantar angkasawan, menaikan nama negara???? kos siapa tanggung.

    Projek yang diumumkan untuk siapa??? ahli perniagaan atau ....

    nasib, umno tak releven. Mukhris lagi teruk lagi dijadi PM!! lagi kaya ....

  71. This gomen is more than willing and goes out of the way to subsidies rich cronies and UMNOPutras by handing out one sided contracts and APs but wants rakyat to reduce wastage and learn to live without subsidies.Think LDP, think CYC football tournament, think MRR2 and lets not forget the toll fees we have to pay.Why can't they do open tenders? why can't they get rid of AP as it is we are paying RM20-30k for our cars compared to Thailand which means we are paying for the subsidy upfront thus no subsidy!!

    Yeah have a snap election, love to see what happens to UMNO...we have almost buried MCA and MIC. Gerakan is gone.UMNO is next!!!!

    so this gomen has got it all wrong. They need another lesson at polling booth.Pak Lah saya cabar kamu...Pak Lah kan pantang dicabar.

  72. Anonymous9:25 pm

    Cadangkan kerajaan memperbanyakkan stesen NGV di malaysia..

  73. Anonymous9:25 pm

    Sdra Rocky,

    I hope the government will allow motorised bicycles on the road so that I can ride it to the office.
    FYI, I can't ride a motorcycle because of a fobia.

    The Anon.

  74. And AAB hasthe guts to tell the people not to resort to street demos...

    What is RM 625 rebate when my trip back to hometown during raya itself will cost me that much...

    And will AAB listen to our proposal for him (and his cabinets) to cut down on their travelling, reduce their police escorts, the government cars are only for official duties i.e. not for political functions etc etc ?

    And where are those PKR guys who hooted that they can immediately reduce the petrol price, if given the mandate ?

    Till then...G'nite M'sia...if u can sleep tonite...

  75. Anonymous9:28 pm

    Production, Imports and Exports of Crude Petroleum and Production of Natural Gas, 1963 - 2007, Malaysia

    See page 12..

  76. Anonymous9:31 pm

    Well done Pak Lah! This is good news to UMNO member like me. Because at the end of the day the government got more money to give up project and I am running an Ali Baba business. Great!

  77. Anonymous9:36 pm

    can anybody enighten me?

    fuel price goes up > petronas earn more > and u removing subsidies?


    Where the hell the 40 Billion we saved on last price hike went? public transport upgrade? anyone notice anything?

  78. I don't think it is fair to accuse government on the price increase. This is global market.

    Believe even TDM & DSAI also cannot help it, unless we sacrifice other spending, like - stop sending students to overseas (aren't we suppose to promote & improve our own tertiary education?), trim down the numbers of civil servants (remember the joke on number of people needed to change a light bulb?), buy screw drivers from Two Ringgit shop, MPs are not allowed to carry suitcase to go overseas, etc.

  79. i was covering the announcement. startle bila the man umumkan the price hike even tho awal2 lg dh predict.

    shit lah. how am i going to survive like this? dh la gaji kecik. shit lah.

  80. Anonymous9:44 pm

    it's just crazy out there. took me 1.5hours to get to a petrol station and back, total of 8kms. massive queues getting into and in the petrol stations. my sis couldn't get a cab either from KLIA or KL sentral coz cabbies were filling up their tanks.

    fuel hike. electricity hike. no pay hike. is there light at the end of the tunnel for us ordinary malaysians trying to make a decent living?

  81. Anonymous9:45 pm

    Anything will go up soon ...

    mamak ... consumer products ... any other form of expenses ...

    House price will increase due to buildings materials increase ...

    now mid income be low medium income ... low income become super low income ...

    this will leave us no choice to look for alternative job oversea to survive ...

    then who will work in malaysia ... all professional has left malaysia to oversea to have a better pay ...

    who left in malaysia to develop a better country ... when the government do such thing to the Malaysian ...

    I think i better look for job oversea too ... such as developing Australia ... although the people there a bit rasist but we still can have great benefit there than here ...

    at least can have a bit life then work till death for nothing here ...

  82. Anonymous9:47 pm

    naik kuda as a transportation?.. Rapid KL should offer this

  83. Anonymous9:47 pm

    I will find myself doing calculations in my sleep tonight. Still after taking into account the rebate given, monthly expenses will have to be compensated by increase in ... of course earnings.

    I hardly read the papers but I was so sure that something was going to be changed/increased in August and not this soon. Nonetheless, THEY have spoken and the petrol stations are jammed packed with people filling up their tanks to the brim, people whom will also be doing calculations while they are sleeping.

    Sudah jatuh di timpa tangga, waiting for the blessing in disguise and where the hell is the silver lining? It's a rainy day after all and it is pouring like mad.

  84. Anonymous9:49 pm

    Aaaaah. I remember the days not so long ago and which many students, trainees, civil servants etc will know very well, when there was a saying "They give us RM 10 and take back RM15".

    Yes. Thats about what it is.

  85. This statement was from OPEC in 2004:

    ""Besides this latest development, international oil prices have been on the rise, due to a number of factors, including the hurricanes in the Americas, the legal and supply woes of Russia’s Yukos, and the continuing violence in Iraq, which has undermined attempts to return the country’s oil production to pre-war levels, leading to security of supply fears, even though Iraq has been able to increase its exports to 2.5 mb/d.

    In addition, concerns about potential supply disruptions in other major oil-producing countries have also contributed to the spiralling prices.

    These tensions have understandably caused considerable speculation in oil futures trading, with the high level of uncertainty instilling what has been referred to as a 'fear factor' into the marketplace, with prices affected by a considerable premium, over and above that which is justified by supply and demand fundamentals.

    OPEC has been addressing problems associated with supply and demand, and will continue to do so. At the same time, we recognise that the current situation is not caused by market fundamentals. That notwithstanding, OPEC Ministers will keep in close consultation with the aim of bringing calm to the market.

    OPEC is capable of bringing a further 1.5–2.0 mb/d of production to the market, if required, and in fact, some of our Members have already taken steps to ensure that the market remains well supplied.

    We will continue to carefully monitor the market situation and take whatever action is deemed necessary, in the interests of the world economy.""

    Once upon a time, OPEC had the worlds and the US by the balls, but today, the speculators in the form of Goldman, JP Morgan, CITIGROUP, and Morgan Stanley have the world by its balls...and OPEC stands by, relishing the profits as speculation pushes up spot prices.

    read this:

    "The finding of US Senate Committee in 2006

    In June 2006, when the oil price in the futures markets was about $60 a barrel, a Senate Committee in the US probed the role of market speculation in oil and gas prices. The report points out that large purchase of crude oil futures contracts by speculators has, in effect, created additional demand for oil and in the process driven up the future prices of oil.The report further stated that it was 'difficult to quantify the effect of speculation on prices,' but concluded that 'there is substantial evidence that the large amount of speculation in the current market has significantly increased prices."

    And this:

    "The link to the spot markets

    Now to answer the second leg of the question: how speculators are able to translate the future prices into spot prices.The answer to this question is fairly simple. After all, oil price is highly inelastic -- i.e. even a substantial increase in price does not alter the consumption pattern. No wonder, a mere 3-4 per cent annual global growth has translated into more than a 40 per cent annual increase in prices for the past three or four years.But there is more to it. One may note that the world supply and demand is evenly matched at about 85 million barrels every day. Only if supplies exceed demand by a substantial margin can any downward pressure on oil prices be created. In contrast, if someone with deep pockets picks up even a small quantity of oil, it dramatically alters the delicate global demand-supply gap, creating enormous upward pressure on prices.What is interesting to note is that the US strategic oil reserves were at approximately 350 million barrels for a decade till 2006. However, for the past year and a half these reserves have doubled to more than 700 million barrels. Naturally, this build-up of strategic oil reserves by the US (of 350 million barrels) is adding enormous pressure on the oil demand and consequently its prices.Do the oil speculators know of this reserves build-up by the US and are indulging in rampant speculation? Are they acting in tandem with the US government?"

    The world is just standing by and letting these speculators starve nations.

    I agree with Pak Lah..speculative activity on a necessity such as oil should be put to a stop.

    Japan, at least is playing its part by releasing its rice stockpile (forced to buy by other countries in the name of so-called free trade over the years) and its action will ease speculative activity and hoarding. Rice production is sufficient, unlike corn and wheat, which face biofuel and poor harvest pressures.

    Oil too is facing an artificially created rise in prices, not reflecting the true fundamentals.

    The world must act to stop this man made (esp US) humanitarian disasters in the poor and developing nations.

  86. Why?
    Why increase 41% so much?
    as a net crude oil exporter,
    I think that is nonsense;
    he is greedy blood sucker !!!!!
    Why remove the subsides that does not exist (that's our own oil)?
    our government is going to squeeze even more profits from the rakyat.

  87. Anonymous10:02 pm

    cars have been lining up at the petrol station outside my house since 4pm today. is this what some may call 'politik dendam' by BN on the voters i ask. yes, perhaps subsidies should be abolished but it should be done gradually and the increase of petrol prices should not be so steep when there are no concrete effort by the BN govt to assist in increasing the wages of private citizens both working in the private and public sector. instead what we hear is the BN govt asking the rakyat to change their life-styles but i ask the govt how to change when there have been so many changes which i hv done on my part to assist my own life- cost cutting/savings efforts yet i hv been blamed by the govt for what is happening to the country's economic woes. i think it is time we should change govt instead of the rakyat seemingly being blamed for the economic woes of the country by not being prudent and not cost cutting. added to that currently i am unemployed and dependend on what is left of my savings- is this far Mr. PM what you are doing to us - if you cant perform as PM just resign and dont let us suffer !! enough lar Lah enough i'm sure Endon if she were alive wont want you to do what you're doing instead will ask you to find ways to alleviate our present predicament instead of adding it. please i ask - we hv to do something.

  88. Yes, this sudden increase of 78 cents is quite shocking. The govt should have staggered the increase over a few months. Now I think I will have to take up cycling again just like when I was in school.

  89. Anonymous10:05 pm

    Even DSAI can't help us la brother !!! Do your political studies. To the Sabahan and Sarawakian, congrats !!! That was the very-very nice gift from the ruling BN company. You give them to head, they give what you need.

    -Adsome, poor Sabahan.

  90. Anonymous10:07 pm

    I just got the sms news at 6.30pm, by that time when I drove out of Ikano the Petronas station was already clogged up from all available entrance. Mayhem!

    Raja Hanim

  91. Anonymous10:16 pm

    I am afraid it is a worldwide phenomenom. Pak Lah cannot be blamed for everything under the Sun. It is beyond everybody's control. Food in the world is rising in prices, so is petrol.

  92. Anonymous10:17 pm

    All I want from the government is to have a MINIMUM WAGE in order.

    RM 2.70, it's time to quit smoking, boozes, no holiday, take LRT, and most importantly, dont give birth.

    Haiyaaah.. I'm thinking like migrating only.

  93. Anonymous10:20 pm

    what is the reason behind this 40% increase?

    I hope BN will give the central government to PKR if they cannot manage the economy. But please no mukris, then everyone who disagree with him consider gone with the wind - zamri mohd nor

  94. Anonymous10:23 pm

    This UMNO-led government must go at petrol costs or at any costs through the ballot box. Next round.


  95. pak lah : dulu diberi gelaran bapa mertuaku

    sekarang d gelar pula : BAPA NAIK MINYAK...


  96. Looks like less partying for most of us and also be on the alert of the crime rate. It will surely point up.

    Now I'd like to think that our savior is out there..somewhere. Come out come out wherever you are!!!

  97. Anonymous10:27 pm

    Niama-fuel-lat! Screaming for DSAI wont help. Can it be helped? This is world oil crisis - the farking OPEC is trying to nail the US and in so doing causing misery around the world. Shit, will someone invent an alternative to fuel so that the farking Opec farkers will be left with enough oil to drown themselves in and no one wants to buy from?


  98. Pakatan Rakyat !!!Pakatan Rakyat !!!Pakatan Rakyat !!!Pakatan Rakyat !!!Pakatan Rakyat !!!

    Anwar!! Anwar!!Anwar!!Anwar!!Anwar!!

    Lets pressure BN government for a snap election... we don't need those Sabah/Sarawak/UMNO frogies!!! PR will winn 2/3 this time!!!

  99. Anonymous10:36 pm

    This is how it goes:

    Fuel increase, and fyi, fuel surchages have been increasing for the past few months, thus affecting international logistics, which affected many importers and exporters. First sign of economy is down. For those in the private sector already know it has been down since last year, despite whatever rubbish that was published in the media.

    Now petrol and diesel hike, and some said will go up to RM4 p/litre. This causes increase in the entire food chain and everyone will jump into the bandwagon and increase prices for everything.

    Once we've covered these 2, everyone will feel the pinch and pain tomorow, and voila..stop spending or cut down on everything.

    When cycle no. 3 (cutting down etc) is done, this will push the entire economy downwards, escalating the already present mini-recession.

    There is a RM5billion savings by the Gomen.

    Where does this $$$ goes?

    We all agreed that public transportation will NEVER improve. There's no new universities or hospitals built. If there are mega projects, whom are they awarded to? It benefits no one really except cronies.

    Since the price of fuel has gone up and this is one of the country's bloodline as we are exporting fuel, which means Petronas will make more $$$$ and contribute more $$$$ to Gomen. Where does this $$$$ go?

    Are we supposed to be jumping for joy on the subsidized hospitalization? Shouldn't it be our right in the first place. We pay taxes too, it;s our MONEY.

    It's downright raping of the Malaysians.

    This hike will hit everyone, except the rich because a couple of hundreds or thousands more will not hurt their millions. But for the poor middle and lower income whom fork out petrol money from their own pocket, this means cutting corners in everything else. You can't ask people to give up their only means of proper and reliable transportation, where are those damn unreliable busses? Shamefully, our public transportation DOES NOT run as efficiently as others and that's a fact.

    Fuel-lamak! What a brilliant idea. I wonder if KJ will change to a Kancil to save petrol. For someone who doesn't officially work, he seems to be awfully rich. Meanwhile, my lower income friends and colleague will probably wean their children earlier as milk, diapers and everything else will increase. They will eat less meat and more vege (which are expensive because transporting cost from Cameron will increase). Everything is transported one way or another, so how can anything ever go down.`While PM jetabout in his luxury plane and go sailing on his private boat, I now know of friends whom salary are on hold because business is just bad.

    I just want to know where the billions go and how it will benefit all of us.

    And I want to know what's being done to improve the poor economy.

    Finally, if the Gomen knows they're going to be kicked out soon, don't do this so you can squander the billions before you scoot off.


  100. He was a sleeping walking PM, now a Zombie PM

    The last time he was the sleep walking PM after winning a landslide election.

    Now it seems he has become a Zombie PM after losing the 2/3 majority.

    Why a Zambie PM?

    Sample these:

    While he is fully awake, he listens to Zaid Ibrahim.


    The Government decided to pay "compensations" to the judges sacked by Dr Mahathir.


    The judges were sacked after two tribunal hearings which also involved Commonwealth judges including one from Singapore. Since this is a rule and order society, if there is right to be rectify, get a tribunal to do it and not arbitrarily doing it just because Zaid Ibrahim, a lawyer says to.

    While he is fully awake he listens to Shahrir.


    Just because Shahrir said so, the petrol subsidies were almost totally removed today (Wednesday).


    The whole country was jammed up Wednesday by vehicles queuing to buy petrol just to save money. But what about the oil wasted waiting for their turns at the pumps, all because of policy stupidity.

    Since oil subsidies have been going on for years, why can't the government staggered the increase.

    Maybe the Zombie listens but don't think.

  101. Anonymous10:38 pm

    Do the math....Sabah got what they wanted from government....sure they have to folk out the money somewhere...from where??? from this petrol lo...

  102. Anonymous10:39 pm

    Ala, org Mesia, mase ade subsidi pi jual la kat org luar, tatau nak hargai langsung, skarang padan muka hangpa dgn aku sekali..kehkeh..

  103. Anonymous10:40 pm

    Do the math....Sabah got what they wanted from government....sure they have to folk out the money somewhere...from where??? from this petrol lo...

    From walao

  104. Anonymous10:49 pm

    The government today caused major panic to the rakyat, causing major traffic jam surrounding the nation's petrol station with thousands of motorist queing up to fill up their vehicles.

    The government is pretty happy with the hardship and panic caused to the rakyat.

    Fuck you Abdullah, can't you plan it better instead of causing such a jam in the country?

  105. Anonymous10:51 pm

    pak lah should have asked the opinions of dr mahathir on how to tackle this issue. cut the ego and seek the old man's advise. For all his worth, he did save malaysia from a couple of economic crises (1985 and 1997).

    Only TDM can have enough clout to give advise and find solution to this predicament. but what did Pak lah do? rile up and humiliate the statesman further... what an asshole.

    the supporters of zero subsidies in pakatan rakyat must be cheering big time now.

    -the lone ranger-

  106. Anonymous10:51 pm

    hentam saja lah labu..jangan pulak RAKYAT YANG NAIK MINYAK lak..

  107. galadriel says "I think we should change this government."

    Setuju 110%

  108. Anonymous10:55 pm

    We were just assured by that friking DPM that there will not be any increase, now tell me you believe what he said about the Mongolian woman ? Friking politician all liars and corrupted bastards.
    Digusted citizen

  109. Anonymous10:59 pm

    rocky... sila dengar dahulu komen DSAI tentang cara nak tanggani krisis minyak ni...kalau efektif, penyokong pakatan rakyat kuatkan la bersuara tu...

  110. Anonymous11:00 pm

    Dear brothers and sisters,

    In 1997-1998, due to high interest rate regiments, we had to fork more out of our thinning pocket (because many of us then had to endure the effect of pay cuts) to settle our car and housing loans. The Tresurer in-charge then thought that by increasing rates, it could lessen our sufferings. Luckily, there was this medical doctor who diagnosed the inherent problem and dispensed us the right medicine. I remember the good deed till today!

    Today, again, we have to fork out more out of our pocket to buy petrol because the people up there thought that Malaysians don't deserve to share PETRONAS earnings in the form of subsidies and this will definitely lead to further price hikes for other goods and services which will hurt all of us.

    Shall we look up and give them a broad smile or shall we wail till our sufferings are heard?


  111. Change our lifestyles?...The govt should change theirs first. Paklah should rent out the mansion in Putrajaya and live in a more moderate abode. We are not out to impress anyone. Govt officials travel by bus. More important officials travel by car-pooling. Ministers should not waste tax payers money by travelling large distances to officiate some useless event like hari this and that. There are more ways to cut cost on the current govt. Too much wastages. I would boycott this govt by not paying my taxes and after 4 years, I hope the new PR govt takes over then I would only pay the overdue with penalties and interest to the new govt.

  112. Dear Rocky,

    It hurts. I and my wife have decided to cook more food in the evening for breakfast too. Our sole trip with kids during this school holiday is to watch the coming Kung Fu Panda.

    For our country, we are ready to be lean and we hope our PM can do something on the racist action by his horses.

  113. Anonymous11:10 pm

    Change my lifestyle? I have no lifestyle to speak of. Susu for my two toddlers dah naik. Papa dan mama mkn roti canai for lunch. Itu pun dah naik, esok sure naik lagi.
    What lifestyle? Kancil car, no holidays.
    We are hurting, friends.
    Poor papa

  114. We have just lost our cost competitiveness in this region.

  115. Bro, now's the time for Anwar to announce the hop. They can't afford to hold a snap election because bloody hell, even I will vote the opposition this time!!!!!!

    Badawi is killing the rakyat!!! Send him off!!!!

  116. Anonymous11:18 pm

    BEE End has just written its Dead Note.The multiplying effect will snowball and impact on all.

    Macam macam Ada.

  117. Brader rocky,

    That guy is nuts.

  118. Anonymous11:20 pm

    Super hell jam at all the petrol stations in all residential areas !

    Not a good move for the govt! Keep increasing fuel price but nothing done to improve the situation.

    Car prices so expensive, now oil prices also so expensive ! How to survive ?
    Really blood suckers .....

    Next on the news would be taxis price increase, bus ticket price increase, air ticket price again increase (now already so exorbitant!) and food prices will increase !!!!

    Comment by Ironman_CC

  119. Anonymous11:28 pm

    when the decision to raise prices in march 2006, my government said that the "...the savings from the subsidy reduction would be used for development, especially to improve the public transportation system."

    since that price hike, our public transportation system, especially here in sabah has improved tremendously.

    i'm so proud.



    next time i see this person who made that promise, the booted bony thing with five toes at the end of my leg will soon connect sharply with the soft dangly collection of objects in his trousers.


  120. Anonymous11:30 pm

    It's very common to see car owners keeping their engines on while their vehicles are stationery for long stretches to enjoy the air-conditioning. I hope scenes like these will be a thing of the past. This is a lesson for stupid, idiotic, wasteful Malaysians.

  121. Anonymous11:32 pm

    Not even 24hrs from the interview which declared that only in August all the subsidy plan will be effective, Paklah declared another story.

    This is the same as what happen to the PRU12. Paklah just like to give surprises. The is the best of Pak Lah...just started...


  122. Anonymous11:42 pm

    this govt has no creditability. this morning msm headlined that petrol prices will be revised in August. Before you know it, it is now 40% higher.
    next time, whatever they tell you, show them your third finger coz liars cannot be trusted.
    take a hike BN. Next time, I vote with my feet against you liars.


  123. hey, why bother about the rakyat. they'll still need to pump in petrol to get their car engine running. change your lifestyle, peeps. switch to tapioca and free veggies (kangkong) abundance along the longkang.

    now, can we send the 2nd astronaut guy to ISS? poor him, must have waited so eagerly for his turn.

  124. Anonymous11:49 pm

    you know, I think the government is trying to wipe out the middle class by making it just a two way split.

    you're now either rich or poor. no such thing as a middle class anymore.

    with the increase in petrol prices and electricity and no initiative from anyone, corporate or government, to push up salaries again, i think Pak Lah's and his government come a snap election will crash like a bus going up Genting.

    however, fret not, fellow peons, we'll all be getting some benefits.

    As extracted from The Star:

    "Abdullah also announced a RM625 annual cash rebate per vehicle, for owners of private vehicles with engine capacities of up to 2,000cc, as well as pickup trucks and jeeps with engine capacities of up to 2,500cc.

    Owners of private motorcycles with engine capacities of up to 250cc will receive RM150.

    Payment will be made via Money Order upon renewal of road tax, from July 1.

    For owners of private vehicles with engine capacities exceeding 2000cc, road tax will be reduced by RM200.

    Owners of private motorcycles with engine capacities above 250 cc will get RM50 reduction in road tax."

    Thank goodness for that. Yay! Raise the flags and let slip the rempits!

  125. As I was driving back home this evening, I noticed scores of cars lining up at jam-packed petrol stations. All are scrambling to fill up at least one tank-full of petrol before the price increase by midnight. The same kiasu behavior was noted during the last price hike.

    The fact is, there is only so much you can save from one pump. In the long run, what we all need to do is to change our lifestyles.

    Based on a survey conducted (up to 2004) by the German Agency for Technical Co-operation, fuel price has been on a gradual rise (see table in Of late, the rise has been more dramatic. If anyone can find a comparison table from 2005 to 2007, please share! I think toll operators should subsidize our fuel price. What say you?

  126. Anonymous11:59 pm

    agree with parrot..the amount is too steep.this is really a surprise for everyone! what can we do? car itself is expensive..thanks to proton. not forgetting mahteh too. we pay road tax. worse is.. WE PAY THE F**KING TOLL also !!!

  127. Anonymous12:00 am

    I am not into joining demos or protests...but this time I will go and join in.

    So just tell me when..I will be there.

    We produce oil..and yet we cannot control domestic oil prices.

    Simple analogy for the idiots in BN don't understand.

    If you grow ubi kayu in your garden, you get it for free. It doesn't matter if the pasar sells it for US$130/barrel.
    Maybe you need to pay some labour to harvest your ubi kayu..that's all your costs to it.

    BN has put the nail in their own coffin.

  128. Bro,

    This is too much la.... I bought a diesel car a month ago to address petrol price increase. I should have bought bicycle instead.

  129. Anonymous12:04 am

    Bagus!Bagus! Bagus jugak naik harga minyak ni sebagai amaran kepada orang Melayu yang tak sedar diri baru ada bisnes skit dah suka berkereta banyak atau berkereta besar.

    Yang isap rokok bolehlah berenti isap rokok, yang bergaji RM2500 tapi berhati besar beli kereta ansuran RM1000 boleh tukar keta kecik, yang suka membeli belah beli barangan branded (bukan orang kaya je beli brg branded) boleh kurangkan ego beli barangan harga ekonomi,yang baru kawin pandai-pandai planning anak jangan main suka hati beranak tak ikut kemampuan.

    Pendek kata, pandai2 sesuaikan diri, merungut tapi kalau tak sedar diri takde gunanya. Dunia ni bukan makin lama makin menguncup atau makin murah. Belajar-belajar nak hidup. Bak kata Mahathir Melayu tidak boleh selama-lamanya bergantung pada tongkat!!

  130. Anonymous12:10 am

    Pak Lah , you shall be remembered. For the wrong thing.

    PS. Thank you for the bitter memories.

    Lovingly yours,

    Kepala Dokeh

  131. Anonymous12:21 am can this be? too sudden! its supposed to be in august! what is this?

    pak lah resign plz and anwar go to hell plz!

    juugo jumbo

  132. Anonymous12:21 am

    sekurang-kurangnya subsidi minyak ni tak diguna sewenang-wenangnya oleh orang yang tak memerlukan. Kira sapa yang berkereta besar tu mesti golongan senang kan?

    Rebat tunai RM625 untuk cukai jalan bagi setiap kereta bawah 2000cc tuh kira mengurangkan sedikit beban rakyat golongan sederhana. Sekurangnya2 kita dibezakan dengan mereka yang berkemampuan.

    Alhamdulillah kita masih tidak perlu membayar harga minyak yang sebenar. Siapa tahu sampai satu masa, kita perlu menerima hakikat yang kita perlu membayar harga yang sebenar dan inilah masanya kita perlahan-lahan menyesuaikan diri dengan krisis yang melanda dunia.


  133. Minyak semua byk peranan sbg variable utk harga bende2 lain.Apa diorang ingat dgn bagi cash buleh release burden ke?
    Tak paham betull...ada jugak kerajaan macam nih kat dunia nih...dia ingat dia bijak sgt ke?..Tak payah la nak buat stail airasia bayar dulu baru naik flight sebulan lagi.Apa ko ingat duit rm 600 x (12 juta rakyat/30% buat renewal)= ko buleh buat untung lagi dengan pusing duit tu dalam ecm libra ke mana ke...Dapat untung lagi tu...
    Siot betull la Pak Lah!!!!

  134. Anonymous12:40 am

    Pak Lah, are you committing political suicide or are you opening the path for anwar to take over the government.
    or are your advisors that stupid, or they are smart enough to make you look stupid.
    how much you want to tekan small fry like us.
    we do not have enough money to eat now.
    two years ago, during buka puasa time I did not have money to buy food for two days. So buka puasa I just drink water.
    This year I must be prepared to buka puasa with only water for many many more days while you, pak lah, enjoy sumptious buka puasa spread.
    pls dont be a heartless leader. we used to think you were nice.
    now you are just nasty. plain nasty.

    hungry in malaysia

  135. Anonymous12:40 am

    its just too much..

  136. Dulu dia suruh ubah cara hidup...kita pun ubah cara hidup dari naik kereta kepada naik moto....kali ini dia kasi naik lagi 78 sen , suruh lagi ubah cara hidup... oii... aku dah naik motor dah nie... kau nak aku ubah apa lagi... naik basikal pulak ke... ubah kerajaan dan PM la lagi bagus....apa nak jadilah Malaysia ini , makin la makin teruk , x lama lagi letrik pulak naik... makan ubi kayu la mcm ini... paklah ? mestilah makan sedap2 , lepas tu tido... duit manyak masyuk.....

  137. Anonymous12:42 am


    While the decision had been anticipated, it is however unbeliveable. Yes, it will affect the people badly, but with the so called rebate, it will certainly ease the burden a bit. But that is if are paying road tax. Now my question to Pak Dolah, how about the people living in the remote areas of Sarawak, where river is the only way for you to small township. The Dayaks of Sarawak use boat to town. People in the upper most of the Katibas River would travel up to 8 hours before they could get to small town of Song. THat would cost them RM500 worth of petrol, somtimes more, depending on horsepower of the outboard engine. With the increase, it is obvious they would probably have to fork out more than double that amount. They are only farmers. Petani sara diri. where would they come out a money that much to buy fuel. How will they get the so called rebate if they don't have any road tax. When one is sick, he or she would not go to towns to seek treatment...or should I say they can't afford to do so because of the fuel price. Now, the people are really "Berkorban untuk negara". Just like what Umno top guns said in the news. I don't call this as blood sucking but ethnic cleansing. What is the government doing? Try to wipe out the Dayaks? Hey, where are the Dayak ministers? This is what you pay for not fighting for posts in the cabinet. Ok. That was about fuel. The necessities in towns up river like Kapit will definitely sky rocket. Even during the normal day the price of necessities is already expensive. Many decisions have been made without taking the people in Sarawak into consideration. This time, I can say as terburuk dalam sejarah Malaysia. Oh yes, Malaysia...are we Sarawakians part of Malaysia? Should we continue to be? Speak up Sarawakian YBs. Where are your courage. When it is not good, say so. Jangan jadi bodoh macam orang Umno. Sorry to say, I don't believe DSAI.

    Anak Sarawak

  138. Anonymous12:43 am

    Pak Lah, are you committing political suicide or are you opening the path for anwar to take over the government.
    or are your advisors that stupid, or they are smart enough to make you look stupid.
    how much you want to tekan small fry like us.
    we do not have enough money to eat now.
    two years ago, during buka puasa time I did not have money to buy food for two days. So buka puasa I just drink water.
    This year I must be prepared to buka puasa with only water for many many more days while you, pak lah, enjoy sumptious buka puasa spread.
    pls dont be a heartless leader. we used to think you were nice.
    now you are just nasty. plain nasty.

    hungry in malaysia

  139. This government has no heart, but since they were voted in the last election albeit with a weaker majority we the rakyat have no choice but to kowtow to their decisions. I pray that the money saved with less subsidies should be put to good use and not bloat Contracts that are worth RM10million to RM100million.

    Abdullah,you and your government have broken our hearts but the rakyat will have their day in PRU13.

  140. Kurangkan kegunaan kenderaan bermotor..
    Kurangkan kegunaan tenaga letrik..
    Kurangkan makan nasi...
    Kurangkan mengkritik...
    .. Pesanan Kerajaan Untuk Rakyat Majmur..
    Tambahkan Perbelanjaan Projek
    Timbunkan Harta Persendirian Melalui Penyelewengan..
    Teruskan Keangkuhan Terhadap Kelohan Rakyat..
    ..Pelan Rancangan Kerajaan Jangkamasa 4 tahun...

  141. Anonymous12:56 am

    Kut iya nak naikpun berpadalah janganlah banyak sangat.Ini dah cekik darah namanya.

  142. Bro,

    I have already mentioned in your posting on May 24, 2008, the current government are going to raise the petrol price..

    With this type of economic solutions, well this is sayonara...

    So orang-orang susah kena belajar buat tempe pakai rumput pulak.. bijih getah dah susah nak cari sebab orang dah tak tanam getah...

  143. Rocky,

    are u expecting for a bigger rally?

    as Roslan SMS said, PAS owned Kelantan & we could gather the Rakyat as many as Nov 11's BERSIH.

    Now Pakatan Rakyat owns 5 states. ready to strike another one?

    What else we can do? The petrol hike is way too much...

    It's up to the Rakyat now, which is US!!!!!!

  144. Rocky,

    are u expecting for a bigger rally?

    as Roslan SMS said, PAS owned Kelantan & we could gather the Rakyat as many as Nov 11's BERSIH.

    Now Pakatan Rakyat owns 5 states. ready to strike another one?

    What else we can do? The petrol hike is way too much...

    It's up to the Rakyat now, which is US!!!!!!

  145. Bro Rocky, with Dollah's heartless announcement just now, so are we subsidizing for petrol and diesel bought for Singaporean and Thai registered cars as well? So its apparent that this government is more interested in pleasing our neighbors than pleasing our own people eh.

    Many Malaysians will suffer because as the price of diesel goes up by a rude 60%, likewise everything transported using diesel powered lorries, buses etc will go up immediately.

    While I accept that the price of diesel/petrol would go up due to the rising cost of crude oil but I would expect that the government would be caring enough to stagger the increase in low figure increments over a fixed time period so that the rakyat would slowly adjust. With this drastic increase, the rakyat from the Lower income group will suffer most and Abdullah and his band of advisors must know an old saying that "a hungry man is an angry man".

  146. Anonymous1:13 am

    macam ni boleh ke nak berdamai abadi lagi pak lah? ini baru permulaan, menteri pun dah bagi signal apa akan berlaku sampai ogos.. kalau ikut hukum tiap yang naik pasti akan turun (orang lelaki tentu lebih paham) tapi dalam hal ni tak de yang turun, tapi naik memanjang. nampak gaya rakyat dah kena hukum. yang pelik tu masih ada pemimpin yang masih boleh tersenyum dalam pada rakyat menderita..


  147. Anonymous1:21 am

    There goes the quality of life. Maybe now have to cancel my life insurance policy, dont think i can afford the 350 per month now. More candlelight dinners at home with home cooked food. Maybe i also sacrifice buying newpapers...can save 8.40 a week. cancel my streamyx account and "borrow" the neighbours wifi. The only thing i'm keeping is Astro...especially for football season. Now have to be kiasu and selfish a bit la...oh ya and quit smoking.

  148. Anonymous1:26 am

    He is expecting to leave so this is his payout?!

    He thinks he needs the money more than any of us.


  149. Anonymous1:27 am

    He is expected to leave soon, this is his payout for himself.

    He thinks he deserves the money more than anyone of us - Zeus

  150. Anonymous1:48 am

    This is what you get for voting BN. I pity those who realized this as it has come too late for you.

    The bullsh1t about helping the poor and better public system is rubbish. Remember the previous 30 cents hike ? What happened to the money that is supposed to be done for our public transport ? Or has it gone to bail out MAS ?

    Well, it's just too obvious that Some Malaysians like to be fooled over and over again. So much for 44 years of independence and progress.

    Those whom has voted for BN virtually gave us all this trouble. Do us a favor, go jump from Petronas Twin Towers and on your way down. Chant these few words..

    Saya " bodoh, bodoh, bodoh ! "

  151. Anonymous1:54 am

    Hi Everyone,


  152. Just look for a kereta kerbau as replacement lah!!!

    Speedy kereta kerbau with V12 power engine only available in Kepala Batas sahaja.

  153. The only people that can either help us or otherwise kill us, are Paklah's supporters... by STOP supporting that fool

  154. To be fair to the government, fuel price got to be increased gradually due to global price hike and the looming fact that our oil reserve is depleting pretty fast. The issue is how is the money saved in fuel subsidy going to be spent? A transparent national transportation agenda should be drawn right away to cope with choking issues while Malaysian needs to be educated to travel less with unnecessary car trip. It is tough to do away the convenient habit but with proper measures it is not impossible.

  155. It is very easy to read. Pak Lah is aware that he is no longer needed by the people and now what he's thinking and doing is to get as much money as possible before he will be kicked off. He knows that there will be no place for KJ, Kamaljudin and his cronies while he is longer at the helm. After he have given peanut to certain group of people (Ceupacs,T.Salleh n Gang, Teachers), now this is a time for him to rob as much as he can.

    Go head Pak Lah, we, Rakyat Marhain as a victimised people will not REDHA and forgive for what U have done to us.

    Go to hell Pak Lah n Cronies


  156. Anonymous2:59 am

    UAE– RM1.19/litre
    Eygpt– RM1.03/litre
    Bahrain– RM0.87/litre
    Qatar– RM0.68/litre
    Kuwait– RM0.67/litre
    Saudi Arabia– RM0.38/litre
    Iran– RM0.35/litre
    Nigeria– RM0.32/litre
    Turkmenistan– RM0.25/litre
    Venezuela– RM0.16/litre
    MALAYSIA– RM2.70/litre

    Great Government! Rocky, I know you don't like DSAI, but BRING ON the PR & rescue us from this hell-on-earth!

  157. Anonymous3:05 am

    I wonder why must the cash incentive includes cars from 1.6cc - 2.0cc? Because I have yet to see lower income earners going around driving a 1.8 Civic. Or is it because most "people" drive the Perdana? So are we really removing the subsidies to protect the poor? So in a household that has 4 - 5 cars that has at least 2 cars that fall within that category (on top of the BMW and Mercedes) - and there are many households like these in Bangsar and Damansara - so now they also get the cash incentive too?

    Why can't the goverment immediately pull the subsidies from IPP who are sucking millions first?

    Will we now get to see foreign cars are "world price" i.e. getting a Toyota or Honda at the price it is supposed to be since now we are required to pay world price on fuel?

    Will we ever see politicians actually changing their lifestyle before telling the rakyat to do the same? Will we see one MP talking the public transport around?

  158. adakah mana-mana rakyat malaysia dapat selamatkan negara ini yang sedang dimusnahkan oleh imam hadhari....

  159. Anonymous4:11 am

    I hate u pak lah, i hate you and yr cronies....! DAh tentu uoll kaya raya, org mcm kami ni yg sengsara.....ingatkan Dr M lagi teruk, rupanya pak tidorlah lagi HARUBIRU....huhuhu! ~ manja, UAE

  160. Anonymous5:09 am

    AAB, SIL&Co. with "badaw-nomics" mentality... they want to see Malaya end up like Indonesia... they need the extra money to make up for the wang ehsan. etc.. and then the whole family will fly away with their private jet(s)... hope something drastic will happen to shake up AAB from his 4-year slumber!!

  161. dear readers,

    despite what you all are feeling, it's actually better to remove all the subsidies and start to regenerate the competitiveness of our economy.

  162. Anonymous7:19 am

    I think the sleeping PM knows his days are numbered! Him sleeping PM will rob as much as he could from the rakyat so that once the sleeping PM is thrown out, he will still laugh all the way that the sleeping PM is not stupid after all!


  163. Anonymous8:40 am

    Yes, Pak Lah has realised that his end is near as PM. Now he will reap the remaining money which is not subsidised to the people. Before he step down with all the coffers, lets present the following awards to remember Pak Lah's contributions to the country:
    Bapa "Kemerosotan" Malaysia, Bapa "Tidur" Malaysia, Bapa "Inflasi" Malaysia, Bapa "Hadhari hapak" Malaysia Bapa "Menantu Terbaik" Malaysia

  164. I think we should all think through this carefully. Those who are blaming the present administration are barking up the wrong the trees and blaming the wrong people. Think.

    Who is responsible for the present mess? Think. Who instituted the fuel subsidies in the first place? Think. Who inititiated the Proton project and the car industry when Malaysia had/has no competitive and comparative advantages in the car industry? Think.

    Why Proton and the car industry is to be blamed? Because in order to make it a “success”, the prices of local cars were/are artificially kept low so that more people can afford to buy them. In other words, many who shouldn’t be buying cars bought them. And to make it even more viable to buy cars, petrol and diesel are subsidized heavily.

    Be fair people. Who is to be blamed?

    >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:(

  165. hmmm...i wonder how is the "palm oil-to-petrol" research progress?

    or the government is put it into KIV because it will close down the O&G company?

  166. Anonymous8:51 am

    i would agree with the price increase IF, we can see direct benefits to the people. Like:

    1.Takder Cukai Jalan
    2.Takder Tol

    But, who listens to just a rakyat jerr-mr. rakyat

  167. Anonymous8:56 am

    Kot yer pun nak naikkan harga minyak - can't they choose a BETTER time??

    Now cuti sekolah and I have a round trip to make fetching my kids from their grandparents! Many other families pun dok planning for cuti-cuti with families....

  168. Depa kata bulan Ogos, alih2 hari ni. Dah berapa kali penipu macam ni dok tipu rakyat. F**K them.

  169. Anonymous9:31 am

    Just wondering, will there be another demonstration in KLCC?

  170. we supprot paklah !!

  171. aisey, takkan lah takde sorang pun pak menteri yang ada kebijakan nak menguruskan harta negaraku tercinta ni, apa dah 'desperate' sangat ke negaraku tercinta ni? dah abis ke duit dalam kantong-kantong khazanah negara? kalau pak menteri BN semua tak boleh nak uruskan dengan baik, aku dengar geng-geng Pakatan Rakyat kata diorang boleh buat lagi baik, siap boleh turunkan harga minyak lagi. Jadi, aku fikir baiklah kita mohon pak menteri BN sekaliannya bersama dengan Memanda Menteri Perdana supaya berundur

  172. Anonymous9:46 am

    Just to remind everybody what sexyjudge have said above, and also mentioned (by ordinary rakyat) in many MSM today Thursday, 05 June 08 ... CRIME RATE SHALL GO UP ... Bila kerajaan dah jadi lanun, apa lagi rakyat yang ditindas. When the wolf is at the door, you have no choice ... Wali Kota

  173. Thank you Pak Lah. We Love you. We will send you to the museum next general election.

  174. Anonymous10:21 am

    Hmm... I'm wondering if Pak Lah has just signed BN's death warran by letting fuel price increase so dramatically?


  175. Anonymous10:23 am


  176. Salam Bro, tak apa minyak naik harga, sebab saya suka naik pengangkutan awam yang asyik sesak dan jem setiap hari di kl ni. kesian saya...

  177. Bro,
    I have to renting another house at KL because of these increasing cost mainly on transportation and toll. Before this i stay at Bukit Beruntung 110 km journey every day, i bought house there. Every day i have to prepare for RM35 including toll and now almost RM50 in total. Surprising that Shahrir said it's good for people. For me it's not good at all.

  178. simple solution to this problem. 1.Eliminate monsoon cup.
    and any other cups that costs us millions

  179. Anonymous10:50 am

    Dear Rocky,

    Two phrases for this:

    1. Shock therapy, BN-style

    (Look what happened to the economies of Russia and Eastern Europe after they followed Jeffrey Sachs advice on shock therapy)

    2. Voodoo economics

    (Although prices need to rise to reflect current world prices, can't it be done by stages especially since prices for other
    things such as food are rising at the same time? Can't duties on large cc cars be increased steeply
    to discourage their use? What happened to promises to improve
    public transport? etc etc)

    Dr Phua Kai Lit

  180. Rocky

    I just do not understand; how can the people of the country voted their leader that masacre the people themselves, left, right, and centre.

    How to survive with rising living cost from nasi lemak to condom?

    Something is not right and hopefully, our King will intervene and change the leader.

    Something is just not right!

  181. Anonymous10:58 am


    Before GE, rakyat was told fuel prices wont go up. Now, all rakyat know BN is a big liar, habitual lair.subsidy? kiss my ass!

  182. Anonymous11:04 am

    Saudara Brew…

    Appalling would describe some all that unfolded since 1600hours GMT…
    The thunderstorm is an experience to behold… Trying to hail a taxi down during that thunderstorm is making ones way through Tokyo’s Metro Kasumigaseki line during peak hours…
    The audacity to quote a fare of 50 dollars for a journey beginning at the MAS building ending at Sheraton left us dumbfounded…To be fair, was it in US or MR was something not worth exploring…
    Then someone pointed the overhead tube service… And while we did get a teeny weeny bit drenched on the walk back to the hotel from the tube station at the end other…the pleasure of knowing that taxi bloke was stuck in traffic below was worth the effort…
    Where is your enforcement over issues like this?
    Issues did heighten the evening with fuel costs rising… But word reached that petrol stations were crowded with last minute revelers…
    The comments which followed suit simply reflected the general maturity of society at large…
    The brick brats hurled at this Government… where’s the media at a time like this in trying to reassure…
    Checks show this is not a isolated issue… India has raised prices and there is far greater corruption, political motivated murders and poverty in that continent…
    Then again there is a far greater free press there, far more committed journalists who know what constructive criticism is all about… who can be cynical and classy about it to… They don’t go around uttering four letter words ect…!
    But look what’s left over the various sites and this morning’s paper leaves a bitter taste for one…
    Nothing educational informative…what with all that’s happening in Brussels… the increase in Indonesia, Philippines and other countries…
    So why is it being made to seem its only happening in Malaysia…
    Stop bitching and get down to realities…
    This is what happens when the subsidy mentality is too entrenched…look at what was said by the India Oil Minister…
    So here too there should be a rethink about various issues and give the PM a break…
    Sekadar diPinggiran

  183. Anonymous11:08 am


    i think a lot of people missed the increase in electricity tariff given their focus on the whopping hike in petrol prices. its no small jump at 20% for electricity!
    For this, we must be eternally grateful to Mahatir who signed the blank cheques for the all the IPP owners to make super profits. Just check the acounts how much does these major players profited a year ie Genting Sanyen, YTL Power, MMC Group (under Syed Mohktar). Mind you, it ran into BILLIONS EACH YEAR!
    And Mahatir's explanaton for the lopsided agreement for these extremely fortunate beneficiaries? Oh, the Cabinet may have lack the expertise at that time. WHAT BULLOCKS!
    Thanks BN. You aint gonna change coz you are just for the fat cats. Aint no difference if its Mahatir, Badawi or for the matter Najib or anyone else from UMNO with the supporting casts from MCA, MIC and Gerakan.

    I will remember all your misdeeds come next election. And you people dont gripe and do nothing comes voting time. We are deserve what we voted for.


  184. Anonymous11:18 am

    why double standard?

    Withdraw subsidy from consumer but GIVE heavy subsidy to IPPs!!!

    * For the electricity sector (ie, IPPs) the price willRM14.31 per mmBtu.

    * For industrial sector consumers using more than 2 mmscfd, the price will be RM32.56 per mmBtu.

    Jeff Ooi blog here

    Look here

    Abdullah also announced that beginning July 1 2008, the prices of gas supplied by Petronas in Peninsular Malaysia will be changed as follows:

    * For the electricity sector, the price will be increased RM14.31 per mmBtu.

    * For industrial sector consumers using more than 2 mmscfd, the price will be raisedto RM32.56 per mmBtu.

  185. Anonymous11:29 am

    Their bad decisions make us suffer the worse.
    8:10 PM
    worse will be.when elec bill not paid it will be cut off,use candle and will lit of lives.
    you 'GOV' i have nothing to say!nor hear you voice or see your face!

    mangsa banjir.

  186. Anonymous11:33 am


    sad to see many people get emotional about this, and blame PM instead of the US Bid Four who set the prices. Our PM is not good enough to control world oil prices. In fact, i dont think he's good enough to control anything in the world. so lets not blame him for him.

    Somebody even said our govt mismanage, that's why we cannot control subsidies and prices, and even sugested singapore as an excelent model. Hello! In singapore, petrol is RM5.20 per litre, and a 4-bedroom apartment costs nothing less than RM 1 million. A plate of kuey teow costs RM12 in a roadside stall, just like eating in hotel in KL.

    My friends, get real.

    We have been protected for far too long. We have been asking for a level playing field in education, business, just about everything, so that meritocracy and competitiveness rule. With this petrol price increase, the playing field got levelled a bit.

    We must learn to change our lifestyle. In London, commuters walk miles to the stations and offices; here, we say our weather is too hot laa, raining laa. The Malays have a saying, " Hendak seribu daya, tak hendak seribu dalih".

    Anyway, all the best to everyone.


  187. Anonymous11:36 am

    pak lah at wrong time at a wrong place. jadi PM masa harga minyak mencanak naik. even che det will do the same or even worse.

    about the rebate, don't be surprise if someone else has renew your roaxtax to claim the rebate without you knowing it. This is bolehland, anything possible.

    Petrol price - to infinity and beyond.
    -Buzz Lightmoon-

  188. Poor me and Malaysian.......
    Negara yang maju adalah negara yang cukainya rendah.... harga barang yang murah..... tetapi di Malaysia.... semua perkara naik... barang naik... minyak naik.... angin dalam badan pun semakin naik... pemimpin yang ada sekarang otak aje ada tapi bodoh!!!!!!!!

  189. Anonymous11:41 am

    Macam yang Awang pernah post tempohari (Cabaran Awang Kepada DSAI), kalau DSAI benar-benar ikhlas untuk membela rakyat, langkah segera yang perlu dilakukan ialah menggesa DWA sebagai Ketua Pembangkang untuk mengusulkan supaya Pak Lah diberhentikan drp menjadi PM. Awang percaya sokongan bukan setakat drp PR malah jumlah sokongan yg besar drp MP BN pun boleh diperolehi.

    Itu kalau DSAI dan semua MP jujur dan ikhlas nak bantu rakyat la. Kalau masing-masing hendak menjaga temolok masing-masing. Awang ajak rakyat berdoa dan sembahyang hajat sebagai golongan teraniaya memohon Allah melaknati pemimpin-pemimpin yang merompak dan menyamun duit rakyat secara terhomat ini dan juga kepada mereka2 yang berlumba2 untuk berkuasa dengan niat memperolehi kekayaan peribadi.

    Ya Allah, Awang mewakili golongan yang tertindas, kau tunjuklah sesuatu kepada golongan-golongan ini..aminnn!

    Awang Maya

  190. rocky

    Bagi motosikal subsidi RM150.

    apakah yang hendak dibuat dengan subsidi sebanyak RM150 setahun iaitu RM12.50 sebulan dan 0.41 sen sehari - apaka bendanya subsidi itu.

    Bagi kereta: RM625 itupun kalau sampai duitnya - harapkan pos malaysia tahun depan pun tak sampai -surat pun hilang.

    RM52 bagi sebulan dan sehari RM1.70 sehari - apakah yang dapat dilakukan dengan duit tu.

    malangnya kita terpaksa bayar kenaikan sebanyak RM200 hingga RM400 sebulan itu untuk kereta.

    untuk motor kenaiakn antara RM150 hingga RM200 sebulan.

    maknanya subsidi dah tak ada - maka kita perlu tiadakan kerajaan BN (Barang Naik) ini -

    satu persoalan - adakah Perdana Menteri, Timbalan Perdana Menteri, MEnteri, timbalan menteri dan pegawai-pegawai kanan JUSA akan menerima kesan - tidak kerana minyak kereta mereka dibayar oleh rakyat.

    PRU Ke-13 selamat tinggallah BN - sayonara.

  191. Anonymous11:45 am

    Orang tanya apabila subsidi dikurangkan mana pergi duit selebihnya. Bukankah harga minyak mentah memang sudah naik dan kerajaan sedang membayar jumlah yang naik tersebut?

    Katakan, jawatan PM diganti dalam masa 2 bulan, oleh individu yang menjadi favorite rakyat, kemudian harga minyak naik lagi, adakah PM baru kita akan pasti atau dapat menurunkan harga minyak negara kepada harga RM1.92?

    Atau katakan PR yang memegang tampuk kerajaan, adakah mereka akan secepat mungkin memastikan harga minyak tetap murah tanpa menggadaikan harta dan belanja kerajaan yang lain?

  192. Anonymous11:52 am

    Pak rocky,
    Terfikir pulak untuk berpesan kepada saudara-saudara saya yang ke mekah supaya, lebih baik mereka membawa balek petrol dari Saudi Arabia, daripada membawa balek air dari mekah sana.
    Pemikiran islam yang terpesong dek kerana pemerintahan Pak lah Had Hari.

    -Islam keturun.

  193. Anonymous11:55 am

    I read in The Star that our petrol price is still cheaper compare to Singapore and Thailand. According to Star, Singapore is about RM5.50. Y on earth they reported with converted price, and not original SD which is about SD2.30. I mean not that ppl in Singapore is earning RM,am I right? Always provide partial info to fool the ppl. Sigh.

  194. Anonymous11:56 am

    Waahahaha... we, Malaysia is back to masa dulu dulu... 1945!! Woo Hoo...

    So, now we kayuh basikal lo... we makan ubi kayu lo... we cannot have all the stuff like astro, furniture, washing machine, microwave oven..etc.. we just have 1 kipas for the whole house and renung to the sky for entertainment lo.... Like that la.. change lifestyle...

  195. Anonymous11:59 am

    Mr PM, Don comapare our fuel price with other nations. Other nations' fuel price may be expensive but they enjoy cheaper car, better medical service, no tolls, good legal system,and transparent government... not to mention their incentives for the jobless. LOOK AT OUR COUNTRY, EVERYTHING ALSO EXPENSIVE AND POOR IN STANDARD!!! Pls don compare and we are not that stupid.

    By Walao

  196. HHmmmmm........
    Negara yang maju adalah negara yang mengenakan cukai kepada rakyatnya yang rendah.... harga barang2 yang murah.....tetapi di Malaysia... harga barangnya semakin naik..... minyak naik.... elektrik juga naik... dan jangan lupa.... amarah rakyat juga semakin naik....Bloody fool System!!!!!!

  197. HHmmmmm........
    Negara yang maju adalah negara yang mengenakan cukai kepada rakyatnya yang rendah.... harga barang2 yang murah.....tetapi di Malaysia... harga barangnya semakin naik..... minyak naik.... elektrik juga naik... dan jangan lupa.... amarah rakyat juga semakin naik....Bloody fool System!!!!!!

  198. HHmmmmm........
    Negara yang maju adalah negara yang mengenakan cukai kepada rakyatnya yang rendah.... harga barang2 yang murah.....tetapi di Malaysia... harga barangnya semakin naik..... minyak naik.... elektrik juga naik... dan jangan lupa.... amarah rakyat juga semakin naik....Bloody fool System!!!!!!

  199. Anonymous12:17 pm

    Hi Bro.

    As for comparison with our neighbours ("We are still among the cheaest...bla, bla, bla): take Singaporeans. Say a typical executive there earns SGD2,000. Here someone will also earn RM2,000, but their counterpart over the island will get to buy their petrol at SGD2.18, books at SGD15, meals at SGD5, ticket prices at SGD1.50 but for the bloke here, he is paying RM2.70 for petrol, RM40 for books, RM1.50 (eh.. ye ke?) for LRT ticket, RM7 for mamak meal with half portion rice at full portion money.

    Definitely we have the cheaper oil price in the region.

    Hail Dollah. May you live a long, long, long life.


  200. Anonymous12:28 pm

    im really fed up wif pak lah...this is what happened when a fool runs a country..and we are the victims of cirtumtances...frankly, he should be toppled down...he is too much!!!!