Friday, June 13, 2008

Lawyer calls for sacking of High Court judge

Friday the 13th press conference.
Press conference (bloggers welcomed) on Justice Ian Chin's allegations
10 am Friday the 13th of June
at 10th floor Plaza Permata

Jalan Kampar, Kuala Lumpur
Lawyer Matthias Chang, the former political secretary to Dr M, has asked for High Court judge Ian Chin be sacked, chided Bar Council president Ambiga, challenged the current Chief of Justice, and is "sick and fed up of judges who have no guts to speak up when in office and to live up to their oath of office".
The problem of the judiciary, he writes here, is to be found within the judiciary. "Don't blame third parties for your sordid state of affairs!"

For Matthias' website, click H E R E.
Updates here later on what he'd have to say at the press conference.


  1. Anonymous3:33 am

    and we alllllll know what matthias chang is really like.

    you gotta be kidding me.

    i think someone needs to research on the background of the people who contradicted dato ian's claims - i have a hunch they'd be found out to have found favour with TDM.

  2. Anonymous4:25 am

    Matthais, by the same token, let the judiciary sort their own problems lah. Why are you getting your underwear into a twist?

  3. Anonymous4:48 am

    Matthias Chang- another Big Dog of Tun Mamak


  4. Anonymous4:53 am

    Matthias Chang called liken the famous Malay proverb " bagai anjing menyalak bukit".

    Sure loser!!!!!

    - Free Malaysian from Tun Mamak Movement

  5. That man's website is scary. Shows what a big egomaniac he is.

    Blaming the messenger is no way to go. No matter how late,it is a good first step out of the dark. Besides, we all know the reasons why. We have been living under that MM 'black cloud' for decades.

  6. Anonymous6:31 am

    Wow..if that's not carrying the mamak balls..i don't know what is..


  7. Anonymous7:30 am

    CheDet has a very faithful Bulldog in here. hehehe

    I am Malaysian

  8. Anonymous7:37 am

    Dear Rocky,

    With daddy's help and connection? Or purely through ability and perseverance?

    Something to think about and for you to blog about.

    Here's a related backdrop:


  9. Anonymous7:41 am


    dont forget the useless and stupid AG.

    he is part of all craps haunting the system.


    anyone within the circle of tun M should not pretend to be absolutely upright esp. big MC

    because has had 22 years to spill the beans but instead chose to shut the hell up for good so he can enjoy his benefits.

    What qualifies him to speak up now?



  10. A running dog barking louder than than the chief dog.

  11. Anonymous8:05 am

    bang, masa tu dia mana nak bersuara .. he was enjoying the perks and nak juga kedudukan terhormat dia .... maklumlah, state VIP

    - mantea

  12. Anonymous8:14 am

    Kalau hakim dipecat pasai lawyer suroh, sapa pula nak jadi hakim, lawyer jadi hakim, sapa pula akan ganti lawyer. celaru! lawyer mana yang jadi menteri, lawyer burok pun ada.


  13. Anonymous8:20 am

    Mantea 8:05 am:

    Kalau kau kata dulu hakim ni pun turut menikmati kedudukan khas dan 'perks dan benefits' yang diberi, itu salah siapa? Salah Mahathir jugak lah!

    Macam mana pun, Mahathir tetap terperangkap juga.

  14. Matthais, enough of kissing that mamak black butt! That's the whole reason why there's RCI in place. It is to investigate your mamak and his cronies. He is one bad mamak indulge in all sorts of power abuse when he was PM.

    I think Judge Datuk Ian Chin is smart enough to understand a veil threat when he sees one. Does your mamak put you to up to this effort? He said he was contemplating a reply, is it you what he meant?

    Get off! you are his barking dog!

  15. Anonymous8:34 am

    The dog, man's best friend, is a clever God's creation. If Mr Matthias Chang were a dog, he'd be a labrador: fearless and proud.

    Justice Ian Ching, on other hand, is Scooby Doo, loved by some but really a disgrace to the K9 world, fearful even of its own shadow.
    Justice Ian, for the information of the Eric Woons of blog-o-sphere, is also a POLITICIAN.
    By his own admission, he contested twice and lost. He contested on the BN ticket, too, mind you. And lost, at least on one of those two ocassions, to a DAP candidate. There are many Scooby Doos in both BN and DAP.

    Now, the question is: what is a Judge doing dabbling in politics?

    If a Judge were to be fair and fearless, why is he a politician? A member of a political party? You have to be someone in the BN to be able to contest as a candidate.

    And, my word, he contested under the BN when Mahathir was Chairman of the coalition!

    And now he lashes out at his former boss!

    Could the wannabe-YB Ian Chin be a politician masquerading as a Judge?

    We should be thinking more.

    Let's not yelp at the wrong tree like this Scooby Doo is doing.

    - Obummer -

  16. I think Umno guys the likes of Nazri Najis and even the Flippin Flopper could learn a thing or two about LOYALTY from this guy Mathias.
    While these Umno goons came to life and secretly grew really fat during Dr.Mahathir's 22 years as Prime Minister, they are also among the first to make an abrupt U-turn and attack the former premier.
    The High Court judge is stinkin as bad as our illegal immigrants detention camp toilets in Semenyih and what Mathias has initiated should have been done by the ever-righteous Bar Council ...but then again the Bar Council is nothing more than another branch of the 4th floor outfit now.
    I personally do not know Mathias and I also dont know if he had benefited a great deal during his stint with the former PM but I just wish to emphasis the fact that this Chinaman has more basic human values than the many Malay running dogs in Umno.
    The kind of dogs which bark at their previous master with the hope of acquiring a bigger portion from Seri Perdana's left-overs now. Ya ya fresh bones included.

    Mr.Mathias! Whatever it is, I salute you for your courage and loyalty to the man who once served us all as the BEST PRIME MINISTER ever.
    The re are millions of other Malaysian who harbour similiar trust, loyalty and hope in Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohamad.

    Truth will prevail.
    Good Luck, Brother!

    p/s 'Kata Tak Nak' looks like a pariah dog to me. Suppose he is one of those aspiring street dogs which is trying to make its way to Seri Perdana.
    Bark louder doggie, the flipping flopper might hear you.

    What A Wonderful World.

  17. Anonymous8:50 am

    We need Towering Malaysians like MC.

    Not Cowering Malaysians who wait a decade to talk about a veiled threat.


  18. Anonymous8:51 am

    Apanama 8:41 am:

    Mahathir tu 'Best Prime Minister' dari segi apa tu?

    Tolong cerita skit.

  19. Anonymous8:54 am

    Press on Mathias

    Seems that the pencacai's have arrived at this blog. See, their modus operandi is for someone to be on "red alert", to keep vigil on any article that is supportive of Tun Mahathir. Currently Mathias Chan is their favorite target.

    Starting with carol at 3.33 am???? Two of their objective:

    (1)to give an impression that the majority hates Tun Mahathir, an anobody who is otherwise are stupid etc.

    (2)to smear Tun Mahathir's name at whatever cost, he must be made guilty and any arising evidence that support Tun must be trumped immediately

    Then of course, some Malaysian would then follow suit, either being gullable, credulous, busuk hati as this fit his/her/their agenda.

    Of course, it is not hard to imagin e who is behind this.

  20. Anonymous8:57 am

    Well....Anwar speak up and look what happened to him, and he is the DPM. What chance does a judge have? look at Tun Salleh Abbas

    stupit fellow

  21. Anonymous8:57 am

    I know Mathhias personally. He got no personal agenda and nothing to lose!

  22. Anonymous9:00 am

    Barking dog, running dog, what else, does this Matthias want to be called.
    Isn't it enough that he was supporting Tun M. before he resigned that he now also still do.
    Maybe he still paid to do so.
    The only reason why the current Adm. does not want a RCI is that a lot of the current leaders are involved with Tun M. in his 22 years of misrule, corrupt and evil practices - not only in the judiciary but in other areas as well.
    Dig up the shit and the whole place stinks, a lot of the BN people will give off foul odour, esp. those now in power!


  23. Hang ni 'Belalai Gajah' ka, belalai lain tak tahu lah !
    If you're less tha 10 years old - I won't blame you for asking this question but if you are above 10 and you're still asking this question... you must be a blind moron brother.

    I suggest hang pi kat a nearest secondary school and ask the students, WHY Tun Dr.Mahathir is the Best Prime Minister we have ever had?

    p/s You could also fly to Indonesia, Thailand, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Iran, Iraq, the entire African continent, Bosnia, France, Russia and conduct an independent poll if you dont trusts what your fellow Malaysians have to say.

    Or get the Flipping Flopper to call for a Royal Commission under OIC.

  24. Anonymous9:22 am

    A few months back Mathias was also spreading the rumor that US Finance Secretary had been arrested by German Police.

    This was a LIE too.


  25. Anonymous9:28 am

    As to certain queries raised above Ian Chin`s allegations are probably true.

    JUSTICE Ian Chin, 60, is the most senior of Malaysia's 48 High Court judges, having been appointed in 1992.

    There would have been nothing wrong in him having stood for elections prior to his appointment.

    Bear in mind that Karpal Singh MP and Lim Kit Siang MP too are lawyers.


  26. I won't be surprised if Matthias has a shrine in his house with the portrait or an idol of Mahathir on it before which he burns his candles and joss sticks and then goes on his knees for his daily prayers.

    In any case, he is also right to say that the judges were cowards. If I had been a judge then, I would have resigned in protest when Salleh Abas was removed as Lord President.
    Judges resigning en bloc would have restored their pride. Yes, they are cowards and some are real scums.

  27. I would have loved to be there to stand with you but I already had a prior engagement at that specific time.

    Anyway “Sock it to them (especially Ambiga)” Brother Matthias Chang with facts and justification until these anti-Tuns’ tears run dry; the majority is surely with you.

    No wonder our Judiciary system is said to be in a mess, it’s not because of Tun but because the rule of law of these people is “korek and korek and korek” of long ago past issues of insignificant concern to the majority.

    Another national issue to focus “Say no to the proposed amendment to Article 121 (1A) of the constitution”, it’s potentially more explosive and damaging than the proposed massive public demonstrations on the oil price hikes.

  28. Anonymous9:35 am


    I don't seen any difference between judges and lawyers nowadays.

    The lawyers pau duit rakyat, then the judges pau duit lawyers.

    Ambiga, Better clean up your house first. There's so many con lawyers out there.

  29. Patutlah TDM wnated to reserve his comments on this issue for later date...Matthias to the rescue...

    hey, btw..berapa did Zaid's own special tribunal (after talking much cock about reform and independence) give out as ex-gratia to the judges...why so secretive...who is he to determine the amount? Is he a one man tribunal now?

    So will Ian Chin get 5 million also? Is that the price for suddenly discovering your manhood?

    Can I also claim ex-gratia from gomen (at Zaid's discretion) for TDM's failure to bail my husband's company out as he did Mirzan's Kapal Hampir Karam Bhd during the 97 crisis?

    Tak aci lah...we Malaysians must line up...many ex-gratias outstanding..we also got just grounds...

    In this Malaysian KangarooLand of kangaroo judges and courts and renegade (sellout) Ministers...why not?

  30. Anonymous9:49 am

    Dear Terry30,

    We are not another running dogs like Matthias Chang. Not that we are buttock kissers of Dollah Hadhari Kaki Tidur. Not even another fan of Anwar The Double Barrel. But we are Malaysians who have been terrorizing by Mahathir regime for 23 years. Then come this Grand Imam Hadhari who has made the livehood of average citizens even worst. Let me tell you that our grandfather & father had a better life under British rules.


  31. Anonymous9:53 am


    I am also disgusted with Zaid Ibrahim "... there is no need for an inquiry, it will only tell us what we already know". WTF!

    Methinks, Zaid is putting his foot in his mouth too often.

    Both Zaid and Ian Chin should be sacked.


  32. Anonymous9:56 am

    Any charges against TUN Mahathir will never know why? Simple my friend...his contributions to the nation is so much. Go on hate him..he's not going to care one bit. History will judge him kindly cos' he's the best ever PM Malaysia ever had. God Bless TUN Mahathir...we are Melayu yang tidak mudah lupa!

  33. Anonymous10:01 am


    When I disagree or point out the possible wrongdoings of Tun Mahathir, I am not influenced by the current prime minister or administration. In fact, Abdullah Badawi is more of the same. He inherited the corrupt system that Mahathir left behind, and is trying to milk it to his own benefit.

    Maka dua-dua perdana menteri ini pun agak sama saja lah dari aspek ini. Cuma Tun Mahathir pandai jaga imej dia, bagi orang pikir dia tu pemimpin Melayu yang terhebat sekali (tapi ayahnya itu India tulen).

    Kalau hebat sangat, kenapa bina Twin Towers, Sepang F1 Race Circuit, shopping mall berpuluh-puluh, biggest ini, biggest itu, padahal benda-benda berkaitan 'public benefit' seperti sekolah-sekolah, universiti-universiti, hospital-hospital, sistem transportasi awam kita semua buruk-buruk belaka? Mana dia kemudahan bersukan dan taman-taman berseri indah untuk belia dan rakyat tua?

    Maka, kesimpulannya, adakah benar bahawa Tun Mahathir membela nasib orang biasa dan rakyat Malaysia secara keseluruhan dengan sebaik-baiknya pabila benda asas untuk rakyat seperti kemudahan asas dan kebersihan bandar-bandar besar kita teruk?

    Fikirkan lah.

    Walaupun kita kena terima sumbangan Mahathir seperti menggalakkan industri berat dan kimia maju di Malaysia (walaupun sesestengahnya itu kontrek yang diberi kepada kroni), kita kena juga terima bahawa ada juga banyak kelemahan dan salahlaku.

    Buka minda dan lihat gambaran luas. Jangan berpandangan sempit dan asyik memuja-muja saja personaliti.

    Terima kasih.

  34. Sad...another attempt to kill whistle blowers. No wonder his boss prosperred for such a long reign !!!

  35. Agree with Terry30.
    We have seen many of them in all the blogs. These are the people the PM and his 4th floor boys are targetting.And we can see how much they are taken in.
    Well we all know how stupid PakLah and his boys have been all these while.So for these pencacai's to be taken in by their spins, just show what they are.
    'In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king'

  36. Anonymous10:41 am

    matthias chang is mahathir's running dog

  37. Anonymous10:51 am

    Lim Guan Eng current Penang Chief Minister, was sent to prison for his offence in `insulting ` the judiciary.

    Matthias Chang is now calling for the sacking of a High Court judge. Will the AG dare take action now and initiate proceedings against Matthias Chang?


  38. Anonymous11:08 am

    Those pencacai..starting from Carol got no point to argue about...those pencacai should be thrown in lubang najis...because that is where they can found their rank.
    Dirty rats!!!

    Our life seems to get worst under current you eyes man... look around you... Jgn jadik macam byk negara Afrika sudahlah...dulu senang sekarang huru hara ... sbg byk sgt pencacai like Carol -..


  39. Anonymous11:12 am

    Those who are asking why does Ian Chin speak now, must be dimwits. What happened when Judge idid spoke and paid the price? Was there anyone who talked? Fear is natural and everyone knows how brutal Mahathir was in killing people and raping institutions. So, let's clean the system and stop this petty Mahathir-mathias ranting that's so neauseting.

  40. Anonymous11:14 am

    that's why most of them go to HELL!

  41. /// If Mr Matthias Chang were a dog, he'd be a labrador: fearless and proud. ///

    Obummer - please do not insult labradors...

  42. Anonymous11:22 am


    You are one roundabout FOOL. Loyalty doesn't belong to a human being however righteous one can be including Prophets. Your temerity and pussyfooting of Mahathir without critically examining his rule is pure stupidity and not loyalty. Loyalty it to higher ideals and human values that are cherished by all societies. The more toddlers of your ilk vomit, the more we see the failure of your god, Mahathir who rather than building an enquiring soceity, built a petty society that's mesmerized with cheap antics, fear mongering and blaming others.

    Mathias is simply a deviation and a bad case gone awary of God's creation. While Mahathir did many good things like any other person, he did commit many crimes and it is here that sober men and women choose their team. For emotional elements of your ilk or for corrupt lapdogs like Chang, the case is different bcoz of the ideals you "cherish", in other words, empty vessels that has nothing in the upper echelons of man's good.

  43. Anonymous11:30 am


    Must people agree with your liking and perception for them to be smart and good? Buffoon!

    Must everyone buy your story for them to be factual, objective and informed? Silly!

    Must people take Mahathir to dizzy heights like you may do for them to be patriots and learned Malaysians who know much more than the "rest"? Dimwit!

    If people don't buy your empty rhetoric or fall for Mahathir's hysterical diatribe knowing that he is Malaysia's greatest salesman, does that mean they are not objective, analysing, enquiring and honest?

    For you, if everyone were to say Mahathir is god and good, then that means people are excellent and good. Oh, my God! The more your calibre barfs here, the more human beings who appreciate God's creation order appreciate that fools must (like you) must be accomdated.

    For Mahathir, he has his day with his Creator and unto God is the final return. Whether he did good or bad, like any other human being, he will meet his Creator and we leave it to that. But if people critically examine his 22 year rule and find many evils, then one wonders what's wrong with that. Achievement is not tall but empty buildings, it is integrity, the truth and accountablity. Unfortunately, Mahathir has never heard of those ideals. But you are angry because people don't want to buy your view and praise the "saviour."

    For your information, we have no Saviour except the Creator.

    Selamatkan Malaysia.

  44. Apanama.
    Who's the dog here dawg?

  45. Anonymous12:00 pm

    Who says Matthias has no interest when he is being sued for RM50 million by NSTP Chairman over statements he made during a press conference in June 2006.

    An interim injunction was also issued against Matthias Chang to restrain the lawyer from further uttering or publishing those statements and from causing those statements to be published.

    M/S Isharidah, Ho, Chong & Menon acting on behalf of Chairman, NSTP.


  46. Anonymous12:02 pm

    dear terry30.

    I commented at 3.33am malaysian time because it was 3.33pm Eastern Time - I am based out of the country, not a person who has nothing better to do at 3.33am than to surf the net looking for ways to smear TDM's name.

    TDM is to me, a much-respected figure. As a child of the 80s, I grew up learning all about the great things TDM has done for the country. I deeply respect him for that.

    However, remember that no one is perfect; not you, not I, and certainly not TDM. There were many policies he initiated that the general public disagrees with, policies that should never have been there to begin with. I do not need to detail those things as most Malaysians are well aware of them.

    Perhaps Ian Chin is only revealing it now because he feels that it is the safest time, especially after the happenings of March 8. Goodness knows if he had done it before the general elections what could have happened to him. Strange things happen in Malaysia, you know. Now that the judiciary is under public and international scrutiny, it is perhaps the best time for the dirty things of the past to emerge.

    Face it, if Dato Ian had talked about it 10 yrs ago, there isn't a shadow of doubt in my mind that he would have been (a) muzzled up (b) fired (c) goodness knows what else.

    I hope my explanations satisfy and quell your insinuations that I am some lackey of, as you said, "he who is behind this."

    I speak as a MALAYSIAN.

  47. Anonymous12:03 pm

    you blokes should be sincere ennough to be able to differenciate between carrying ballss and talking facts.

  48. Anonymous12:10 pm

    mahathir has had his days. what goes around comes around.

  49. Dear, dear, dear! I have not been able to stop laughing since I realized that the name Mathias in Hebrew means "Gift of God". Walla!!

    Hey guys! Respect, respect! He is your gift from God!

  50. I beg to differ, between Matthias Chang and Ian Chan, I will not blink a second to believe people like Ian Chin more than people coming from the same `breed' as Matthias.

    Judges of the `same kind' as Ian Chan, and I stress again, of the same kind, are never like Matthias and friends. Though I do not know both of them.

    Somewhow my instinct feel that way.

  51. Anonymous12:13 pm

    Here is another non Malay the Mamak and sinister Mahathir was using during his time as P.M..
    Why not a real Malay or someone from UMNO ?
    Starting from another Mamak Marican, Vincent Tan,Lingam, Eric Chia and now Matthias Chang.
    I am surprise you have not converted to become a Muslim because you are a bloody disgrace to all the Chinese.
    You ask why he did not complain during Mamak's time you shoul know the answer. Would he be still a Judge now ? You are nor a dog, you are a pig.

  52. I am sure the Honourable High Court Judge can distiguish an innocent statement from a veiled threat.The other judges present too.The Hon. Justice Ian Chin should just ignore that fler egomaniac and worshipper of TDM!

  53. Anonymous12:36 pm


    A message for you, from bro Haris Ibrahim, in his blog:

    ...which brings me to that little bit of gumption in action that we’ve seen just this week.

    I refer to Justice Ian HC Chin’s revelation a few days ago about Dr M’s unholy attempts to interfere with the judiciary about 10 years ago.

    To this, Rocky asked and remarked :

    “What took the Judge so long?…A really long time to live in fear, Yang Arif.”

    Bro Rocky, no fair! As we ask ‘why so long?’, bear in mind that the same question might be asked of you, I and many, if not all of us.

    Justice Ian Chin spoke of events in 1997. In 1996, he would have witnessed first-hand how a nation stood by and did nothing as another brave judge, Justice Syed Ahmad Idid, was forced to resign whilst the list of judicial improprieties he had sought to expose were ‘NFA’ed as being baseless and unfounded.

    What moral foundation do we now have to ask this man with gumption, ‘Why so long?’.

    Obviously, bro Haris Ibrahim reads your blog carefully.

    Do you read his blog?

  54. Anonymous12:53 pm

    Twin Cowers said...

    We need Towering Malaysians like MC.

    Not Cowering Malaysians who wait a decade to talk about a veiled threat.



    Nicely said.

    "Ohhhh, i was under pressure before"..apparently the most used statement/phrase these days justifying why some people can't say anything in the past.

    Double Poorahhhh!

    Dude, where's your principles? And you call yourself a judge!


  55. It is better be late than never
    What Datuk Ian Chin disclosed
    It has to be investigated
    So that the truth will be known
    And the Judiciary can get back its footing

    Calling for sacking
    It shows how immature a person is
    Proper investigation should follow
    Find the reasons and let the truth prevails

    They are many skeletons to disclose
    In BN/UMNO ruling in the country
    It takes courage and right minded civil mindedness
    To disclose part of history of those decades

    When the truth needs bursting out to be told
    Nobody can stop it because it has to flow
    You can’t stop the sun from shining do you?
    Every morning you see the glory light in your eyes
    And you feel so bless that Allah allows you live

    Let the truth comes
    Let the other judges give their views
    What they have been through
    No more hiding in the closet
    The first step has been cemented
    The people want to know

  56. Anonymous1:10 pm

    Dear Rocky:

    I would like to say a few things about the comment you left in Nuraina A. Samad's blog about Sanusi Junid's sacking. I reproduce your comment in full below, before giving you my thoughts:

    "The new IIU President will find Sanusi's shoes a couple of sizes too large. But it's not Sidek's fault. Politics is like that. In the end, too, you have to be a little more cautious of your confidence in the Royalty. My wish is some journalists would ask the Sultan of Pahang about the sacking.

    I asked Sanusi how much the position pays. RM5k. Sanusi does not need the money. Nor the disrespect.
    It's IIU's loss."

    My remark:

    First, it is not about how much the position pays in money terms. Please understand that the glory that people seek is not always related to just material or monetary possession alone. People also gain a lot from position; from being able to proudly say they are a president of this or that distinguished institution. It is also a type of 'positional good': being a president of an Islamic university makes one look good or prestigious, and hope that other people will look upon you as a 'learned man', an 'Islamic man/scholar', and that they will believe that you are righteous, exemplary, and so on. That is why it is not uncommon for politicians to hold on to some distinguished position, not for the money (I'm sure Sanusi has accumulated enough as a politician), but for pride and positioni, and sometimes to leave behind a rosy picture of their past 'legacy' (i.e., to give the impression that they had in the past done a good job and now have retired with a respectable honorary position).

    I'm sure your smart enough to be aware of all this, but it is worth reminding sometimes.

    Secondly, you make a premature proclamation that the new president of IIU, En. Sidek, will find that Sanusi Junid's shoes will be too big to fill. Based on what evidence do you claim this? By claiming this, you not only risk inflating the extent of Sanusi Junid's contribution, you also unfairly underestimate the incoming president before he has even had a chance of proving anything. Therefore, I think it is a little immature to be too presumptuous too soon, and it may be best to reserve your judgement about whether one truly will be able to fill a predecessor's 'large' shoes or not till much later. Whether he does or not is a different question, of course.

    Thirdly (and finally), you regard Sanusi Junid's departure is IIU's loss. That is fine and valid. But let us not wring our hands in helpless despair and conclude that there are no other capable souls in Malaysia to fill the spot.

    With kind regards,


  57. Anonymous1:21 pm

    M. Chang is looking beyond Mahathir to his son Mukhriz. He is barking for the mamak so that the son of the mamak will remember him when his day in the sun comes. Aren't you doing the same, Rocky? For all his so-called outward show of competency, Mahathir was also a corrupt megalomaniac. One wonders that if he could, would he also chop off the limbs of his rivals and their wives ala his good friend Mugabe of Zimbabwe. Rocky, wake up to the evil that swirls around M. Chang and his idol Mahathir. Ian Chin spoke up after 11 years because he felt safe to do so now. Which speaks volumes of the openess of the AAB administration. But you and other Mahathir admirers will never admit that. You overlook the high-handedness and corruption of the Mahathir years but are so very unforgiving of AAB's short-comings. Mahathir's final years will not be easy. There is a Chinese saying that when the brook runs dry, the pebbles will be exposed. I hope that Mahathir will be around till the last pebble can be seen.


  58. From Kota Kinabalu:

    Notice only Chinese qualify to be running dogs. This one is a mastiff, but still a running dog. In case you are not aware, Zorro is Malaysian first and Chinese second.

    I would welcome a comment from you Rocky on this running cur. We know the facts, but I need your comments.

  59. Anonymous1:36 pm

    And to think we had Matthias as the political adviser to the PM for so many years. Matthias was the true power behind the throne while the "Mega" fellow was his puppet.

    No wonder the 22 years rule was so full of shiiiit with psychopaths and megalomaniacs running the show.

    Now we know why we are in such a mess today.

  60. Anonymous1:59 pm

    are bloggers or the Press gullible enough to buy "real fake rolex watches" from matthias chang? it takes varying degrees of hilarity and sorrow to witness such a lap dog of mahathir bark at the moon.

    the heat is on. and lil roaches like matthias know that he and his sweet dady is about to harvest the penalty of their years of corrupt manipulation, wheelin and dealin.'

    now is the time to stand with the men and women in the judicary to expose these corrupt manipulators. their mouths were sealed and now it has been removed.

    lingam, matthias, mahathir and their ali baba band of corrupt cronies must be brought to accountability, accountable to the people of this country for infiltrating and hijacking of the highest office in the country.

    these 'prince of criminals' must be shown no compassion or mercy for their ruthless acts of sabotage and misuse of power. their ruthless sedition against these judges and removal from office for refusing to do their bidding must be dealt with without further delay

    such highway men and their concubines must be dealt with swift urgency and authority. no stone must be left unturned to get crouching cronies. the hand of justice must deliver its verdict against such recalcitrans and bloodlusty warlords.

    Representatives of the Bar Council should stand firm against these money-driven blots that champion anti-Semetic mental midgets. let the rakyat witness the rising of a judicary that will restore the dignity and respect it once commanded.

  61. Anonymous2:34 pm

    first thing, we should hang all lawyers.

  62. Anonymous2:47 pm

    mati chang - pls take away u chang
    buat malu chinese only!
    the lowest grade of dog we hv !!

    ah chong.

  63. Anonymous3:50 pm

    The Matthias clown is a more obedient lap dog to Tun Mamak than Lim Liong Sik was to both Tun Mamak and the current PM.

    - mikewang

  64. Anonymous3:59 pm

    This "gift of God" called Matthias still on TDM's payroll kah? All talk only, no teeth la.... retire gracefully. Shoo shoo!


  65. "Justice Ian have no GUTS , he is a lawyer ,he should voice his objections on the spot.Not after the way recomend him to be a judge "

  66. Anonymous4:18 pm

    Deyyyy.. Mr. Mathias..u got no jobs to do arrr???? i suggest u ask from Tun Mamak to be another partner of his The Loaf business ventures. That's more productive rather than barking here & there and yet nobody give any shits about it.

    - Dicko

  67. Anonymous4:20 pm

    Not an unexpected statement from a predictable man.
    Look around this region, is there a single country that practices fairness and equity while being tolerant to its people? South East Asia is not generally perceived to be an advanced region even though there are a few countries that stand out due to various reasons. I guess we have to admit that there are a set of Asian values at work in this region and blatant abuse of power and non-accountability are part of thiese Asian values and we should realise that we are a bunch of backward people in a region often associated with armed conflicts, genocide, corruption, cocaine, prostitutes, alcohol, dog-running and the like.
    Shouldn't we?

  68. Anonymous4:38 pm


    Do you remember you were silent on things that were taking place under the leadership of Kalimullah while you were the editor of MM? Do you remember keeping your mouth shut while kali and Brendon were tearing the NST apart? Can you fathom, for a moment, what would have happened to you if you had spoken agianst them while you were holding a senior position? That, my friend, was Chin's predicament.

    Justice seeker

  69. it is mathias's rights to be given a chance to air his views and opinions eventhough his views are so bias towards only one person who was formerly his superior. i suppose it is a matter of never spit the hands that fed you and he is a loyal and obedient follower and employee.
    but what i am absolutely disappointed here is his attitude towards the episode how he is treating the statement made by the distinguish judge where on the onset he had caution that he is merely making a statement to the counsel appearing before him with the attempt of clearing the air concerning the case which he is about to hear. this is in order for the counsel not to accuse him of coming to a bias judgement which could very well further erode the integrity of the already tarnish image of the judiciary.
    instead of receiving the good intentions of the Justice Ian Chin-matthias seems to be further tarnishing the image of the judiciary and not trying to savage and improve the image of the judiciary but tryiing to further erode and destroy the whole judiciary system for the sake of one person whom he was a 'servant' to at one time.
    knowing his background and if he is a man of principle he should not go running about finding fault or asking to challenge Justice Chin as he knows very well being a learned member of the judiciary it would not be appropriate for Justice Chin to accept such challenges or further comment on the issue as this matter was only disclosed as it was needed to be disclosed within the premise of the case appearing before him.
    matthias should also understand that no person would actually dare to speak up during his former employer's time or even dare express his or her views which may run contrary to the views of his former employer for fear of reprisal and this is the fact for any normal circumstances too. i am certain matthias during his tenure as the political secretary was knows very welll when to speak his views and whether to offer his opinions or not for fear of loosing favour from his employer. that has been part and parcel of asian culture and tradition and TDM is a person who is from that older generation who appreciates and favours that kind of culture as is the like of Lee Kuan Yew. i dont think anyone should question the timing of Justice Chin's statement or that he should have brought it up earlier.
    the statement by the learned Judge i am sure were his views and his perceptions and accounts on what had transpired. he should be commended for stating it before the commencement of the case before him and i am sure it is done without an ill intention but with the benefit of the time of the court and tax payer's money. to me this whole episode of mud slinging between TDM and Pak Lah with the lap dogs from both sides trying to out do each other should just stop as it benefits no one instead is creating a bigger and wider gap within society and i am certain the public is extremely tired of it and hunger for good news instead of reading this crap on the front pages of the newspaper and i for one thinks it is high time the public be heard and these people started with matthias should just go into 'retirement' and not be heard any more. his time is over and now he should enjoy his retirement. let the peoples voice be heard.
    'vox populi vox Dei'...

  70. Anonymous4:50 pm

    ewoon - matthias is a lawyer, a citizen and an officer of the court. isn't it his right to lambast the judiciary?

    Harris - tell syed aidid to use his middle finger and fuck somebody's cunt.

    what kind of a judge write surat layang and in bad english.

    he got no balls to make his complaint known and state his stand.

    why is he defending a coward?

    Ambiga - She has turned tingkat 4

    Zaid Ibrahim - what the fuck is he saying he trust ian chin and see no need to do a royal commission.

    just from merely the statement.

    Ian Chin - spoke to a journalist who covered matthias. teh fucking judge got a police report agst him. Bloody 50 page long.

    He is a failed DAP politician that somehow got apponited to be a judge.

    Lawyers and judges ....bunch of bullshit and sinners.

    Matthias is a loud assholes but I like his brevity. Go and gaduh some more.

    Brunt council is happy to rid this country of crooked lawyrs and judges

    we do not need these assholes to develop as nation!

  71. Anonymous5:01 pm


    Ian Chin tu nak "ex-gratia" mcm Tun Salleh Abas kot. Bagus jugak Matthais menyalak kat depa, barulah risau sikit nak cakap ikut sedap mulut aje. Semua nak berselindung belakang hak asasi manusia, siapa yang reka benda ni (hak asasi)?

    hai Negaraku !!

  72. sekurang-kurangnya peguam matthias berani ke depan mempertahankan tun mahathir, bos lamanya, melalui perundangan. tidak seperti pembawa telur yang lain yang diam seribu bahasa, bermuka-muka cium tangan walaupun umno sudah hendak lingkup dan negara merudum..tetapi di belakang kutuk bos mereka pm abdullah badawi habis-habisan sampai ke anak menantu

  73. We listened different versions in Dubai from Anwar
    Read here

  74. Small Gal! You are just THAT, a small gal. Just go about doing what fits you and not venture into issues beyond your tiny/narrow bird brains.
    Ask your mother if you need help to understand this advice.

  75. Anonymous12:33 am

    To Pak Sako,

    Cuma Tun Mahathir pandai jaga imej dia, bagi orang pikir dia tu pemimpin Melayu yang terhebat sekali (tapi ayahnya itu India tulen).

    => what a racist comment! shame on u!

    Kalau hebat sangat, kenapa bina Twin Towers, Sepang F1 Race Circuit, shopping mall berpuluh-puluh, biggest ini, biggest itu, padahal benda-benda berkaitan 'public benefit' seperti sekolah-sekolah, universiti-universiti, hospital-hospital,

    => what a narrow minded person, my friend, we dont get money from the skies!

    let me explain in a very simple or layman setences!.

    in order to make money u need investment to make one. who knows msia?? none from eu west! how to make people come to msia? u need a landmark or trademark so that people will and can recognise ur country!

    when investors see these landmarks such as f1 circuit twin towers, they know ur country is financially very strong, very good, very stable!

    these ladmarks have created thousands of jobs for msian! may be u r not one of them thats why u r 1 angry man!

    from all these investments, G will tax these investors, from here only the money can be distributed to other stuff! u guys our income tax alone is not enough to finance all these projects ie schools, hospitals etc! i consider msia as a tax friendly country because if u come to UK and work here, then u know what i meant.

    u keep ur money in a bank, u will get dividen for every penny in the account, so how the hell the bank gives u this dividen? they use ur money and invested somewhere else and the profits gained later are divided to all savers like u!

    the keyword here is investment!

    the profit gained by F1 circuit mgmt for the 1st 2 yrs organising the event already covered the construction costs!

    sistem transportasi awam kita semua buruk-buruk belaka? Mana dia kemudahan bersukan dan taman-taman berseri indah untuk belia dan rakyat tua?

    =>well, how pretty do u want them to be?? u r just like the G! rather than looking towards functionality u r looking for aesthetic values!
    they should look for functionality and sustainability!
    wooohhh...luckily u r not a PM or any big shots!

    one thing that msia really2 needs now is very strong R&D in everything! all those public facilities should be well located and most important very well maintain!

    Maka, kesimpulannya, adakah benar bahawa Tun Mahathir membela nasib orang biasa dan rakyat Malaysia secara keseluruhan dengan sebaik-baiknya pabila benda asas untuk rakyat seperti kemudahan asas dan kebersihan bandar-bandar besar kita teruk?
    Fikirkan lah.

    =>regarding this!! rubbish or mess dont come on its own! who started it?? u know rite...
    when G wanted to increase maintenance tax, guess who will complain 1st...its the like of u!

    Walaupun kita kena terima sumbangan Mahathir seperti menggalakkan industri berat dan kimia maju di Malaysia (walaupun sesestengahnya itu kontrek yang diberi kepada kroni), kita kena juga terima bahawa ada juga banyak kelemahan dan salahlaku.

    Buka minda dan lihat gambaran luas. Jangan berpandangan sempit dan asyik memuja-muja saja personaliti.

    Terima kasih.

    =>all i can understand here, the one with so called narrow minded is U! U! U!

    proper mgmt comes from all stages! not only G, but from us as well!

    in this world, there is no so called individual achievement! i work as a team not a group or on individual basis! u cannot achieve success on ur own!

    to me TDM did his job pretty well in fact very well! but not his fellow colleagues!

    thank you

    lady from hell (scotland)

  76. Anonymous7:30 am

    a judge politician is not to be believed...


  77. Anonymous7:34 am

    Go on MC, I support u


  78. Anonymous9:45 am

    i note that matthias chin has still not responded to my challenge which was posted in this blog some weeks back.

    is he picking and choosing his fights?

    i note also that justice ian chin made his allegations in open court. is he then covered by "absolute privilege" against accusations of defamation, libel and slander - as are mp's who make speeches in parliament?

    and who was the deputy pm in may 1997 when the alleged "boot camp" was held?

    basically, all these go to show why foreign investors have little confidence in malaysian courts. and why they write their contracts to include arbitration in singapore or hong kong.

    zaid ibrahim, as the former managing partner of zaid ibrahim & co, should surely be aware of what foreign investors think, right?

  79. Matthias Blast Ian Chin and Expose Unethical Judiciary

    Loath him or love him, Matthias has every right to speak. He is a citizen, a lawyer and an officer of the court.

    Why are those accepting the words of judges and lawyers without listening to the other point of view? Is that sufficient to determine the truth?

    Let us not listen to only the side you only wish to hear. It will not do good to justice and truth too!

    Matthias is doing the noble thing of being true to his words and defending a decision many made but the cowards refrain to uphold responsibility for political conveneince.

    He is fighting alone and without fear of financial and judicial incrimination agst him. He could even go to jail for his statement.

    Why would he risk it? Someone this brave usually has a conviction of truth that others will only see in the latter days.

    Matthias exposed that Ian Chin has a credibility problem. There is a 50-page police report made avaiable by Zainur Zakaria to Matthias for judicial misconduct.

    He exposed the unethical practices by the likes of Syed Aidid, S Ambiga, Thomas Lee, Raja Addruse, Param, Robert Lazar, and many he still witheolding names.

    In his word, "The problem with the judiciary lies with the judiciary itself" and not others.

    If we are concern for the judiciary, why are we all accepting and going along the word of Abdullah the compulsive liar and Zaid Ibrahim the corrupt as truth?

    The process and person leading the reform must be people of impeccable integrity?

    Definately not soiled self claimed ulamak and confirmed corrupt ...

  80. Anonymous12:56 pm

    Ask Mati Chan if he protested to Mahathir against the BN group complicit in hiding the truth of that poor Indian caddy's death at the golf course. If he dares say 'yes' then we can all believe him. Otherwise he is just another irrelevant has-been. He was never a great practising lawyer nor did he stand out in public life except lately as an apologist for Mahathir and son(s). Booncheng.

  81. Anonymous1:38 pm

    Anything to do with lawyers n politicians dont ever believe 100% in anything they is this ian,politician,a judge..ada motif tuuu..