Thursday, June 05, 2008


The day after the 41 per cent fuel hike.


  1. Sigh……. Malaysia is such a lucky country. Even after a 40.6% increase, its petrol price is still one of the lowest in the world. (All prices in US Dollar.)

    Sri Lanka...$1.46

    Source: Reuters

  2. Anonymous4:13 pm

    Orang marah sangat

    - mantea

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    The hacker should hacked the person
    as well, not only the website.

    idop hacker!

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  5. Anonymous4:30 pm

    Ini bukannya hacked saudara. Ini dinamakan "Trick Open Form" . Kalau saudara tgk pada URL nya pun dah bertindih 2 URL. Mana ada web yang kena hack camni. Kebanyakkan terjadi apabila sesuatu coding language yang diugnakan berdasarkan kepada "Function Recall Forms" .So, anda hanya perlua buat frame, dan kat mana area yang anda nak link kepada menu, itu dinamakan form. Mostly benda tuh link kpada file yang mudah seperti txt atau html yang simple. Hek hek hek... setakat nak dedah benda camni. budak tadika kat Ganum pun bleh nak "hacked" (kalau itu dikatakan sebagai
    hacked ler...".

    Pesan kat orang yang buat tuh, kalau betul nak hacked, hacked main page, dan buat kenyataan yang best kat main page tuh. Ha Ha Ha Ha.!!!!

    Just TRICK AJER!

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    What does it wrote? Too small.. can't read it..

  7. Congratulations!!


  8. Bro,i do expect 'flip-flop'PM will do something stupid by increasing the petrol and expected power hike BUT the increase is too much and not realistic.Where the Fxxx all our tax money,petronas profit etc that supposed to reduce the burden of rakyat.BN gov really bustard and never learn from GE12.I really wish that PR will take over this 'sick' gov and do something benefits to rakyat.

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    can't read what it sayd there...JPM website has been bloked... hehe. IT savvy we are..

    Rakyat Biasa

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    bigger pls. has been taken out due to maintenance svc.


  11. Anonymous5:26 pm

    To the first commentor "THE"

    YES, our fuel price is so much cheaper but our standard of living is so poor compare to other nations. other countries have better medical coverage/benefit, less tolls, better clean transparent government, cheaper cars. We have the worst nightmare here. Don't forget we have the crude oil resources here...


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    Suggestion, tolong submit flipflop yg Tun kata tentang minyak utk foreigner kat rekod buku guinness.

    "World fastest flipflop ever!"

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    Bro Rockybru, Aduhai daku diterjang gelisahbimbang tragedi Baling kan berulang diluarbandar dan pedalaman.Pada Pak Lah,bangkit lah prihatin lah nasib marhaen yang mendambakan pesona simpati seorang Perdana Menteri.

    Resah rasanubari:Prie PriaLara.

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    If it is true it was hacked (read one of the comments say that it wasnt eaxctly "hacked" per se), what can I say it's just a kiddos act yang nak tunjuk power.

    What a waste of effort, so many better things that can be done. What's next? With this sort of attitude, can really trigger some bad happenings in the near future too. God help us no, I really dont want that to happen in my blessed land.

  15. Anonymous5:46 pm

    Ask Badawi to cut down his unnecessary VIP Privileges including for him & his family and MP's, build New PALACE, declare Petronas Profit to PUBLIC if he dare!

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    OMG... they compare it to uk, sg, japan, sri lanka, bangla, viet, for the fuel price...

    why not these countries...
    1. Venezuela 12 cents
    2. Iran 40 cents
    3. Saudi Arabia 45 cents
    4. Libya 50 cents
    5. Swaziland 54 cents
    6. Qatar 73 cents
    7. Bahrain 81 cents
    8. Egypt 89 cents
    9. Kuwait 90 cents
    10. Seychelles 98 cents
    [price in USD/gallon]

  18. Anonymous5:53 pm

    the said...
    where is Thailand? UAE? Saudi? Brunei?

  19. Anonymous5:53 pm

    this one i copy one. sorry ahh..


  20. Anonymous6:30 pm

    hello bro! i think there's an hidden agenda on this price hikes...


  21. Anonymous6:32 pm

    Bro, to correct you : actually the website was not hacked. At least not in the normal sense of that word.

    The website at PMO is a sub-frame redirector. It will open up a sub-frame with any website you choose to put in the URL, with the PMO's maskhead.

    Bad design - YES, but hacked, NO.

    The original URL for the hack was:

    You can replace the url parameter with any web address you choose and it will display it. You can even put RPK's manifesto on it.

    However I think the original page at PMO has already been taken down now.

    - AO

  22. Anonymous6:36 pm

    senarai harga minyak

  23. Anonymous6:42 pm


    My chums at the forums ( confirmed that this was merely the ingenious use of manipulating URLs (XSS) to display a separately hosted page within this government page. Heck, we even had YouTube pages and the forum's page itself "hacked" in through this method.

    The embedded "hacker page" is here:

    There was no actual hacking.

    Again, FAIL.

  24. Anonymous7:45 pm

    in any circumstances- yes perhaps malaysia's petrol price is one of the lowest compared to other countries but let us not forget if that is the case then other facilities like health benefit, higher education, work benefit, unemployment, and many other issues should also reflect the status of our country in the sense what is being cut and the savings should be channel to the mentioned areas in order to further assist the rakyat. let us not only look at one aspect of the petrol increase instead look across the board and compensate/ assisting the rakyat. we cant have a government which cuts subsidies on petrol when the current economic well being of the rakyat is at one of its lowest whilst at the same time spending on big un-necessary projects like the space-project, or spending more on defences and other aspects. improve on public transport sector, on medical benefits, on creating employment and many others and of course Petronas which DOES NOT belong to the BN government but belongs to malaysian/ the rakyat needs to declare its profits and where it has gone to in its spending and govt would need to justify the spending- in short transparency ! BN govt should stop at once esp some of the ministers acting so arrogant in referring to properties and bodies which belongs to the rakyat as belonging to the BN govt or them individually. they should be ashamed and if they can't differentiate what belongs to the rakyat and what belongs to them personally or individually- they should not be in politics or should be send to attend political science courses first.
    for those who are pro-BN govt and leaving comments which seems to be for the govt i ask them first of all to look into their own pockets to see if they have enough for their family for the future and so forth then look into the eyes of their own children if the current BN govt robbing their childrens future and if the answer is YES please stop by supporting this govt. in any case i am certain those who still support the BN govt or Pak Lah are those who have enriched themselves by being one of their cronies ! nowadays i live one day at a time and not planning ahead as i dont know if there is any longer a future in Malaysia with Pak Lah and the BN govt still in power and with petrol increase i am certain other items will follow suit - God save all of us !

  25. Anonymous8:42 pm

    To THE,

    petrol prices in countries like Singapore, Japan, Australia, Phillippines are higher than in Msia because they all import oil..we are a producre and should be lower than these countries..


  26. Whoever become the government in 3-4 years from now, will be in deep shit. Even with huge profit for Petronas, the BN gov claimed it is struggling. BN (Umno) is taking this opportunity to plunder the Petronas money. If they lose power in GE13, they will leave the country to enjoy their loot and leave Malaysia to rot. Even if BN wins GE13, there's nothing more to plunder and still leave the country that is rotting.
    The only was to pacify the rakyat is to show the accounts of Petronas to justify the increase.

  27. Anonymous10:23 pm

    The Badawi regime's flip flop seems to look more like a circus act on a trampeline. No wonder people are calling Badawi & Co. a bunch of clowns.

    Prior to the Elections, DPM Najib said that there will not be any petrol price increase. Then, the BN regime said that they were going to stop Singapore and Thai registered vehicles from enjoying our oil subsidies. Next, the sweet talking Domestic Trade Minister Shahrir says that the price increase will only come into effect in August. However, within hours Badawi says petrol prices will go up by midnight June 5.

    Then, in another flip flop, they said that the Singaporeans and Thais will be allowed to pump petrol at our petrol stations.

    This hike in petrol and diesel is going to have a domino effect on the country in all aspects. Already, Bank Negara is saying that the inflation rate is projected to up to 4.2% this year due to the fuel price increase. To make matters worse, electricity tariffs are also going up.

    Some people say Badawi is committing political suicide but if you asked me, I'd say Badawi & Co. is employing a scorched earth policy before Pakatan Rakyat seizes the Federal Government. The only problem here is that we, the Rakyat become the victims of this policy!

  28. Anonymous11:08 pm

    I really don�t care if fuel price increase provided the government take the money and do something useful to us people. They keep compares our fuel price with others. What for? If really want to compares, look at how Singapore runs its country. Singapore has no crude oil, no land to plant pineapple, rubber trees, palm oil, rice, We have tin mines, sand , timber�yet not enough to feed our people? Where the money all goes?? How singapore do it really make me feel ashame


  29. Haaaaaaaaa...........

    as quoted by
    the said....
    Sigh……. Malaysia is such a lucky country. Even after a 40.6% increase, its petrol price is still one of the lowest in the world. (All prices in US Dollar.)

    Sri Lanka...$1.46

    Read on this

    Gas Price from Oil Producers just like Us!

    See it !?

  30. /// petrol prices in countries like Singapore, Japan, Australia, Phillippines are higher than in Msia because they all import oil..we are a producre and should be lower than these countries.. ///

    KAWAN, yes. The cost of petrol in oil producing countries is lower than the market price for oil. But do you want to consume petrol at its cost price or market price. This is the dilemmna facing Malaysia right now.

    Someone mention about catching fish and selling it. Good example, but he got his conclusion wrong. Imagine you are a fishermen and catches fish for sale. Your cost is almost zero - maybe a little cost for the diesel for your motor boat. But if you use a sampan, the cost is close to zero. Okay, say the cost of fish to you is RM1 per kg and the market price is RM10 per kg. Do you want to sell it to the fishmonger for RM1.10 or do you want to sell it for RM9, and let the fishermonger make RM1?

    It does not make economic sense to subsidise consumption items. Maybe for basic healthcare, education, basic food item, yes. But not for petrol. (Note the subsidies are still in place for buses, diesel for fishermen - to them fuel are for production and not for consumption.)

    The UK and the US are also oil producing countries, but they don't price their gasoline at cost of production.

    But the biggest point is this - Malaysia is fast running out of petroleum (can't remember - is it by 2012?). Sorry, the sooner Malaysia get rid of the subsidy, the better. UAE/Dubai is also running out of oil soon. But they were smart - they realised that quite a while ago and had been building up their infrastructure, building up the tourism industry, and buying up world-class companies with their oil money and not squandering it away.

    Why is Malaysia in this mess now. My take is -- Proton and the car industry. Malaysia never did have and never will have any competitive or even comparative advantage in the car industy. Yet because of one man's ego and misguided sense of industrialisation, Malaysia went ahead with a non-viable industry. To make it appear "successful", the cost of local cars are kept artificially low through various measures. What this means is that many people in Malaysia are car owners when they should not be. They would not be able to afford cars, if real market prices prevail. To add to the problem, petrol are subsidized, again to make the car industry "successful" by making it more affordable to own cars.

    So, what is the underlying reason for cheap petrol? The ill-fated car industry. And who to blame? Certainly not the present administration. In fact, it takes courage to reduce the petrol subsidy or even to remove it entirely. If there is one thing that the government is doing correctly; if there is one correct policy in recent years - it is this - the removal of petrol subsidy. Yet, the government is getting flaks for it. Sigh...

    Think of the year 2012 when Malaysia becomes a net oil importer instead of exporter. Do you want to wait until then and suddenly triple the price of petrol, instead of tolerating this pain now of just a 40.6% increase?

    Do you want to wait until the oil wells run dry before you do something about it? This is the only far-sighted policy the Malaysian government has done in decades, and yet it gets such unwarranted whacking from short-sighted people.

    Sigh, sigh, sigh........

  31. No more space project, no more expensive shopping trips to Paris, London, etc...for the VVIPs. Probably with that we could save a penny or two for the rakyat!

    Rakyat's money ONLY for the rakyat!

  32. sIMPLE THING TO SAY.... dont compare to other country that not produce oil (petroleum).. pls dont make our standard of mentaliti too low..

    Then if you still wan to compare... pls compare also with the standard of living in that conutry then you calculate back the differrent between oil price and standard of living... till you will see we are looser.

  33. Anonymous11:57 am

    Kita Rakyat Malaysia


  34. Anonymous12:24 pm

    well time to change our lifestyle, well mr.PM the Proton Perdana that you are using is not fuel economic, i think you better change all govt car to Perodua VIVA, and cut all of your outrider by atleast 50%, MP's going to the Parliament SHOULD car pool or take our pathetic so call integrated Public transport.
    you want us to change our lifestyle, why don't you make a change 1st............

  35. Anonymous12:39 pm

    yeah, hail to the hacker...

    teruskan usaha yang sebegitu...

  36. Anonymous12:54 pm

    Ceh bukannya kena hack pun. Like this also want to put up blog post. I see your whole agenda shining through rocky.

  37. Anonymous1:08 pm

    "Do you want to wait until the oil wells run dry before you do something about it? This is the only far-sighted policy the Malaysian government has done in decades, and yet it gets such unwarranted whacking from short-sighted people."

    You don't get it, do you. First- Petronas was formed originally to subsidise the Rakyat. Then for heaven sake, fulfill that obligation and STOP venturing into useless projects e.g. buying planes for MAS, etc. etc. In fact, the higher crude oil goes, the higher Petronas revenue & profit. We are not comfortable about the management of such massive fund. It should therefore be held accountable to the Rakyat via our Parliament not only the PM. Second- Enough of Bullshit! 10 years ago, the Govt told us the same thing, our oil resource will run dry today.
    If the Govt is indeed so far-sighted, it should have thought of a lot of thing apart from oil e.g. WATER, Environment, etc instead accusing the Rakyat of being short-sighted like you.
    Are you BLIND or WHAT?

    -Man on the Street-

  38. Anonymous2:27 pm

    even if PR take over, there is no guarantee this issue will be solved. not sure that they can do what they promised. they should propose what they have in mind to counter this problem rather than just talk and ask for vote. if it is doable that it will be great. what about for those who already given out their vote? prove that u r really concern about malaysian..

  39. /// You don't get it, do you. First- Petronas was formed originally to subsidise the Rakyat. ///

    - Man on the Street -

    Who's the one who don't get it? Petronas set up as crutches for you? Where on green earth did you get that idea? Petronas is a for- profit company. Sorry, you are confusing NEP with Petronas. Go and wiki or google for some fact before you show your ignorance.

    "Petronas, short for Petroliam Nasional Berhad, is a Malaysian owned oil and gas company that was founded on August 17, 1974. Wholly owned by the Government, the corporation is vested with the entire oil and gas resources in Malaysia and is entrusted with the responsibility of developing and adding value to these resources. Petronas is ranked among Fortune Global 500's largest corporations in the world."

    You don't add value to a company by using its money to subsidize the rakyat. You don't become a Fortune 500 company by providing crutches...

    Nuf said...

  40. Anonymous5:18 am

    walao ,
    You said medical coverage better than in other country ? Pooodah .. here in america , a lot of people doesn't have medical insurance . You know what happens when you are not covered by insurance , yuo cannot go to hospital lorrrr... unless you're dying . If you still want to go to hospital , the amount of money you have to pay is 10 times higher lorrr.. and you know what , the medical insurance bill is not cheaper either , for family package of 5 , you have to pay like 200 USD/month lorrr . Although malaysia need to improve their medical system , but it's still the cheapest in the WORLD. So if you live in US and you're poor , then you wish that you have a country called Malaysia . Stop being so ungrateful...LORRRRRR.

    Quincy Adams

  41. Anonymous12:53 pm

    If the government cannot subsidize the price of petrol, then we the people also cannot pay high taxes for cars just to protect Proton & Perodua!

  42. boleh tahan..
    website UMNO tiada siapa yg boleh hack ker..

  43. All Malaysians are damn angry and felt misled by the BN government on the increase prices of petrol and eletricity today.

    Please read the quoted petrol prices of the world from Reuters today.

    Malaysia is such a lowest population country as compared with Indonesia and Beijing China. Even after a 40.6% and 63.3%increase, its petrol and diesel prices are still one of the lowest in the world said PM Malaysia.

    (All prices in US Dollar per liter petrol)


    OOps ! Malaysian per capital income is the lowest with weakest ringgit as compared with other major currencies like US, UK, Singapore, Japan and Australia where their people have huge 5 to 10 times per capital income, strong currencies and purchasing power. Why Malaysia needs to pay USD0.85 per liter petrol as compared with the said strong countries like:
    (All prices in US Dollar per liter petrol)


    The poorest and very populated countries with huge gross import of petrol like India, Bangladesh and Vietnam are paying a peanut more than US0.85 paid by people of Malaysia is a net exporter of petrol and ranked top 20 oil producer countries in the world.
    (All prices in US Dollar per liter petrol)


    The compensation of RM625 for cars and RM150 for motorbikes one time off rebate for petrol are useless to cover the actual losses when both the increase of petrol and electricity prices.

    End of the day, who is lying and deceiving the people of Malaysia today ?

    Kata pepatah Melayu proverb:


    Yes, YOU have voted the only "RIGHT" choice not to change the leaders but they changed by increasing the prices of petrol, electricity and rice and asked YOU to change your lifestyles today.

    YOU blamed no one because




  44. Anonymous2:36 pm

    numpang lewat. salam kenal aja, agusdd.

    Kan g salah to kalo Pemerintah menaikkan BBM. gue warga Indonesia malah setuju kalo subsidi di Cabut. sayang gw bukan Presiden. :)

    gw salut sama loe.
    salam man, peace....

    keep fighting.

  45. Anonymous10:46 am

    An explaination by Press Sec 4th Flr.......tru her fren

    10 Interesting Facts and FiguresShareYesterday at 12:16pmThe interviews given by our Second Finance Minister, Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop through the "Bersemuka Bersama Media" session and his interview with The EDGE in the last week or so, has been quite illuminating to me.

    Here are some interesting facts and figures that came from the interview (and some which came from other publicly available sources too):-

    First, Malaysia has 10.5 million workers, of which only 1.2 million people (or approximately 11.4%) pay income tax. That's less than 1 in 9 people!

    (So, the next time someone complains about utilization of taxpayer's money by the Government, ask them whether they pay taxes! It might not be their money, they're ranting about! ;))

    (Generally, those who earn between RM2,900-RM3,4000, depending on whether you're single or on how many children they have, do not have to pay tax - which gives you an idea of how many individual workers in Malaysia, are below this taxable income level range of RM2,900-RM3,400)

    Also, the number of individuals who pay the highest tax bracket in Malaysia, which is 28% - is only 38,500 people. That's less than 0.4 percent of total number of workers.

    (This means, according to my calculations that these are the only folks that make more than approximately RM98,000 a month, on average, in income)

    Secondly, 85% of Malaysians have cars and if motorbikes are included, almost 99% of Malaysia either has a motorbike or a car.

    Thirdly, the diesel subsidy for transport companies has remained, even though the diesel price has been adjusted from RM1.43 to RM2.58 - there is a much larger subsidy for transportation companies - this should theoretically mean that the price for public transportation, should NOT increase.

    (Although, the state of public transportation connectivity and timing is still quite dismal - I should know, I used to take the LRT frequently, prior to this year. And God help you, if it's a torrentially rainy day at a bus stop)

    Fourthly, in defining "needy groups" for today - according to Tan Sri Nor, to the Treasury's thinking - "anyone who earns anything less than RM2,500 needs some assistance".

    (That gives you the sort of idea of the folks who are at risk of going below water - given the recent fuel hike - and their numbers, if we go by the tax bracket).

    Interestingly, the Prime Minister in his speech during the Agong's Birthday, commented that Malaysia's average monthly household income has gone up to RM3,686, in 2007.

    Bear in mind, that the figure is a household income figure and not individual income - even assuming that the household only has a minimum of 2 people - that's an average of RM1,843 per person - that should still fall within the "needy bracket" average-wise, as defined by Tan Sri Nor.

    If it's calculated the same way as the definition of household when we calculate the poverty line of RM690 in Peninsular Malaysia (which is a set of parents and 3 children), then that's approximately RM737 per person only.

    Yes, we are a middle-income country - but the numbers clearly show that we're still largely a LOW middle income country - and as Tan Sri Nor pointed out correctly, this is because our development has always previously, been based on a low wage model (which has been artificially sustained by keeping costs of living low, via extensive subsidies - therefore creating a "prosperity effect" even when household incomes have been historically low, for the masses) instead of a high productivity, high value-added activities, high pay model.

    If anything, we have to take into account that the average is also possibly dragged up by the individual taxpayers - the top 11% in the country.

    It is fact that wealth disparity-wise, Malaysia has one of the highest Gini coefficient (or wealth disparity rate) in Southeast Asia and intra-ethnically amongst the races, it is currently, the highest amongst the Malays (which is ironic, considering the NEP - which begs the question of implementation, as opposed to policy intent)

    Fifthly, savings from the subsidy cut will be about RM13.7 billion, which will be redirected for high priority development projects, including ensuring food security.

    Sixthly, total ridership for buses is 400,000 and trains is 300,000 - a total of 700,000 people. In line with developed countries - the Govt. intends that at least 50% of people will use public transport, one day. (The figure was 16% in 2001)

    Seventhly, if the subsidies issue is not addressed, the budget deficit could go up to 6% (or possibly higher) - and Malaysia's sovereign rating will be higher and it will increase the costs of borrowing. The affected ratings will also affect foreign investments coming into the country.

    The actual subsidy last year was RM8.8 billion. If nothing had been done this year, it would have been RM28 billion - RM20 billion more. (To give a sense of context, the annual development budget per annum for the 9th Malaysia Plan is RM40 billion a year)

    Eighthly, Malaysia is still predicted to grow at a GDP growth rate of 5% this year, despite the fuel hike. Inflation rate is expected to be about 5% (although bear in mind, that the Household Expenditure Survey, which measures the basket of goods for our Consumer Price Index, is only calculated once every 5 years - so the numbers may not be so reflective, to be polite)

    Ninthly, the rebate of RM625 (for 10 months) given to those with vehicles below 2,000 cc is calculated as follows (as explained by Tan Sri Nor):-

    Assuming a person travels 50km a day, his cost will go up RM60 a month. Because the last 2 months, prices were still low - this will work out to about RM62 a month, for 12 months. The assumption is that, the impact on a person who travels on average 50km a day, is neutral.

    The question that needs to be asked is - do people generally travel 50 km a day, on average?

    It's subjective and it really depends on where they stay, where they work and what's the average rate of traffic jams, which effectively affects petrol consumption.

    Family folks who stay in PJ, work in KL and have to pick up their kids at school after work, would definitely tell you that it's more than 50km a day, on average. (I'd hate to think how single parents would manage, especially if their income is below RM3,000)

    Tenthly, Tan Sri Hassan Merican, the CEO of Petronas, has recently declared that approximately RM335.7 billion in Petronas profits since 1974 (from total profits of RM570 billion) has been given to the Government.

    That's on average, approximately RM10 billion a year, since 1974.

    Petronas also pays taxes - and last year's taxes, royalties and dividends was at RM52.3 billion - 32% of the Federal Government's revenue. (In Ervan's notes, I think he pointed out that last year's subsidies were at RM40+ billion - hence, Petronas subsidized Malaysia! ;))

    (Hence, the importance of sustaining the viability of Petronas and its contributions to the Government, even when we become a net oil importer in 2014 - otherwise, individual and corporate taxes, will have to be raised to compensate).


    I thought the figures would useful for all of us to reflect on. Fuel price hikes aside, Malaysia has still a long way to go, until the majority are not in some form of relative poverty or financial difficulty.

    It is important that we get the economic fundamentals right today, for things to get better.

    Yes, some say the changes should have been made earlier and some economists argue that subsidies have been abused since the 1980's to sustain political support (and I agree with Raja Petra that most of us, the citizens, have all been willing accomplices to this "trade-off" in our past silence, over past political excesses - the political leadership are not the only ones to be blamed).

    But now at least, the political will and courage is there under the Abdullah administration to make the necessary changes, to keep Malaysia sustainable for the longer term and for future generations.

    Better late than never - and credit must be given where its due - to the Prime Minister and his Cabinet.

    Biting the bullet (especially financially) is never easy - but the alternative of living in subsidized fantasy-land, fully insulated from harsh global realities - would have destroyed Malaysia and its people, in the long term.

    Full of bullshitsss.Trying to save Msia foot... The reality is ... PM must step down.

    Wan Kali
    Press Sec 400th Floor