Thursday, June 12, 2008

Golden Hope-cleansing in Sime Darby?

And remember Brenden P? He's Sime crisis spokesman. I must thank Skilgannon again for the alert. Indeed, since when did Brenden Pereira, the ex-Singapore Straits Times op in KL, became the spokesman for Sime Darby?
Fox Communications? Ah, ok. Fox is Sime's PR outfit, Brenden and Wong Sulong head the mighty outfit. Fox employs, ah, let me see, whose wife used to write glowing accounts of Sime Darby before and after the merger for ... Ok, Ok. I get the picture.
Good luck, man.
Glad P. Gunasegaran, ex-The Edge, left. I supposed he could smell trouble brewing ...

In the meantime, people are talking about a witch-hunt in Sime Darby. Scary. Read the updates on Sime Darby's big MESS on Bloomberg here (where Brenden makes his cameo appearance) and Singapore BT here.

And, of course, the must-read Sime Darby Watch blog here on a solat hajat for the victimized at KLCC tonight.


  1. This is what you get when you merge three companies into one... POWER STRUGGLE....

  2. Anonymous8:39 pm

    Wong Sulong and Brendo Pereira are the worst of their kind. These two monkeys pillaged, raped and buggered journalism, just like Kadir A. Jasin and Ahmad Talib. They are the pits, they should be tried for crimes against the people. They are the reason why the people revolted agaisnt Pak Lah. When Brendan was in the NST, he used his power of imcumbency to suppress the opposition. Those who opposed him were sidelined and threatened with sack. He had his sycophants around him, people like former chief office boy Png Hong Kwang and Chandra. These two did his dirty job. These people are sick.

  3. Anonymous9:08 pm

    um, what exactly is a solat hajat. i know you are thinking i should ask the source of all knowledge in the universe, ie google. but no satisfactory answer. JAZ

  4. Anonymous9:26 pm

    Lets forget all the drama of ethnic cleansing for a moment and look at this objectively. If people do not perform, they need to be asked to leave. If they were negligent in carrying out their duties - could have some how reprimanded their subordinates for some act of misconduct/guided them before it happened - but did not do it - then they should be held accountable. the case of the two who stood their grounds and choose NOT to resign are being publicly chastised. Anyone who worked for these two gentlemen even for a short period will be able to vouch for their professionalism and dedication. It’s a shame that SimeDarby is taking some kind of a free publicity ride on being ‘transparent and accountable’ at the expense of these two men who do not deserve such humiliation.

    To just any regular joe, what would probably stick out from all the published business reports mumbo jumbo is 120million/officials sacked/names of these gentlemen and thanks to some papers, the faces of these men. Which put together without much thought, would look like the money was used by them to build some mansion...why put these guys, who are honest men for thru so much shame?


  5. Anonymous10:46 pm

    funny, these two guys are damn lucky because they have cable with the KJ. Good for them because UMNO election is near, so they have to play their role le

    bandar sunway semenyih

  6. Anonymous10:52 pm

    lucky him, in 2006, NST sacks him.

    but with political contact, he can become spokeperson for our GLC!! A bloody singaporean????

    Zamri mohd noor

  7. Anonymous11:32 pm

    Do you know where Dato Sabri is now? Holidaying some where in the east coast while everyone else sembahyang hajat! I guess it does not really matter because the sembahyang hajat was not for him but for Razidan, Anhar and Mohan. (Azmir is a question mark). Ask any ex-GH and they will tell you that he could have redeemed himself if he had, for once, thought of others. He should have said to Sime Board that hey, I was the CEO, I was responsible. I will remain accountable. I tried my very best to manage the losses but the CPO prices were against us. So please spare them. This thing has been hanging on their heads for months. They have families to feed. If they are guilty, then I am even more guilty because I was their boss. I told them what to do. I was the one who did not report to the GH board on time. I wanted to but I was scared my reputation as the last CEO of GH would be tainted. So do not penalise them. Punish me and only me. I am after all past 60. I have had my good days.

    I agree with Muhammad Ali. He could have come clean and stand up for the 4. Then perhaps his ex staff can look at him in the face and not pretend that they did not see him.

  8. The three plantation groups were actually 3 international class entities in their own right. They should never have been merged in the first place as there is no justification to do so except perhaps make ridiculous multimillion ringgit commission for the merchant bankers involved in the merger. As a single entity, the trouble in the new Sime Darby is expected and is not at all surprising.

    Melayu chantas melayu,
    Melayu memalukan Melayu,
    Melayu lanyak Melayu,
    baguslah yang rugi siapa?
    Melayu jugak kan.
    Hmmm...kesian bangsa aku ini.

  9. Anonymous12:23 am

    Wa cakap sama lu byk kali dah! Spy Singapura dah masuk SEMUA organ penting Kjaan Abdullah Badawi tapi diorang tak bikin apa2 sbb...Lu paham ajelah.
    Tahniah Kali, lu memang hebat! Kali sudah control PM, Tgt 4, KDN, Media dan Ekonomi. Dlm strategi saraf MOSSAD (Perisikan Israel), inilah perkara2 yg perlu dikuasai untuk kuasai kjaan yg lemah.
    Kalau lu baca buku pasal MOSSAD, kjaan yang tangkap spy MIOSSAD digantung sampai mati spt byk negara Arab yg tangkap spy Yahudi Israel.
    Lawaknya di Msia, satu Malaysia tahu yg Kjaan Abdullah Badawi IKTIRAF operasi spy Singapura dlm pentadbiran dia.
    Lagi sekali wa ucap TAHNIAH kpd lu Kali n Brenden Perera dan tak lupa Abdullah Badawi.
    Oh ya! wa ingat PASQUALE pun ada cakap pasal kaitan mole Singapura dgn kem majidee! - KAU KAU PUNYA

  10. Anonymous12:38 am

    Brendan ain't no Singaporean. He is Kajang boy. Born and brought up in Malaysia. Even Mahathir did not seem to know that.

    KL Boy

  11. Anonymous9:30 am


    how about solat hajat next week seluruh malaysia for pak lah and his family and cronies to step down. satu malaysia kena aniaya ni

  12. Anonymous11:24 am

    Yezzzzz.. a Kajang Boy who successfully sold his arse and got PR status in Singapore.
    Kl Boy, you can join him too and set up a supermarket to 'bend n be buggered'.
    But Singkapooo one velly velly shot, sure no pain one.

    Ranger Mentakab.

  13. Anonymous11:41 pm

    ranger mentakab,

    what's wrong with people getting PR in Singapore? So every Malaysian who does (there are many, due to better jobs and opportunities) sold their arse? don't you have friends and family who work/live there?

  14. Anonymous2:59 pm

    Wooitt! Am Malaysian with PR status in UK. But still patriotic ..better job here..better pay - does not mean I am less Malaysian.


  15. Anonymous3:05 pm

    Simedarbywatch a Must read?

    Bru..there's lots of junk news there. Somebody said in a diff posting that its not credible - and I agree with that.

    And this thing thats happening in SD now - its not GH, not Guthrie, not SD - its the hands that you cant see...its all about putting their people there. And what better time to do it when there's RM120 million lesap? Never mind that it happened prior the merger...never mind that Zubir will look bad, never mind that the employees are divided..all because of POWER.


  16. Anonymous7:05 am

    The Sime Darby Watch blog owner is an idiotic ex Guthrie Manager and a weirdo ...i was told,the bloggers there i was told most of them are the factional office workers who has nothing to do after the merge up....should be given a VSS and not to waste time either.

  17. Anonymous11:06 pm

    Ernest & Young Principle UK said.

    "Each of Ernest & Young and its member firms is a separate legal entity and has no liability for another such entity's acts or omissions."

    Try to surf and you will never get one,Why?
    Because they gave a good massage and cover ups.Their principle in UK has no liability over such act that happens here the GH case.

  18. Anonymous1:03 pm

    Haji maharon(moron)having scandle with 2 kks flemington clerks,one of the clerks car gurantored by himself.the moron also sending company car BMW to fetch them from their house to the secret park.its fact we need higher authority to invistigate and help us.tq

  19. Anonymous8:03 pm

    I hope they will sue you