Saturday, May 24, 2008

Ah, P. Ramlee!

Umno equals Sarkis (circus)? Like you (most probably), I am a big fan of P. Ramlee, both his movies and his songs. But there was this scene from the movie Bujkang Lapuk, in which P. Ramlee and S. Shamsuddin are making fun of Umno, which had escaped me until I watch it on You Tube just now.

To watch the scene, just go h e r e.
For context, you have to read the posting by OpEd, P. Ramlee - Umno = Circus!

How did P. Ramlee and S. Shamsuddin get away with it? Can you imagine what will happen to anyone who tries this kind of joke in a movie these days?

p/s I found the clip after discovering OpEd, a blog by a journo. Great stuff. And good to know more and more journalists are blogging these days.


  1. Anonymous12:53 am

    Saya faham saudara sangat benci pada UMNO tetapi jangan menghina sebegitu terok sekali. Apa perjuangan dan fahaman saudara dulu maupun sekarang, saudara tidak boleh menafikan baahw UMNO telah lama mewakili orang Melayu. Oleh itu berhemah-hemah saudara apabila menulis tentang UMNO agar tidak sangat menyinggung hati orang Melayu. Yang ada hina mungkin yang berjawatan tetapi ramai ahli UMNO adalah insan simple yang sanggup berjuang demi UMNO. Kerana sebelum ini anda juga secara tidak langsung merupakan pendokong UMNO .. kerana saudara bekerja di akhbar yang banyak kepentingan UMNO.....Maaf dan wasalam.

  2. Brader rocky,


    Hidup p.ramlee (al-fatihah)

  3. Anonymous1:59 am

    That's what being a top journalist in the country is all about - sniffing things out better than any others. i wish we have more people lik you, Rocky. This
    would make the journalism world more exciting.

  4. Anonymous2:07 am

    So, u r kinda of 'terlambat sedar'. even the late P. Ramlee told us long time ago about that 'Sarkis = UMNO'.

    MP Terengganu patut tuntut 20% royalti minyak too!


  5. Anonymous2:11 am

    there must be something happened during that period related to 'alif mim nun wau, alif tendang wau'... p. ramlee ni pemikir yang tajam melangkaui batasan masa...


  6. Finally you have seen it. I am also suprise how I have missed this scene even though I watched it like hundreds of time. This is why it is the first post in my blog.

    A tribute to a genius... tabik Tan Sri.

  7. Anonymous4:42 am

    LOL... good one

  8. Anonymous5:23 am


    You should present it, like how it was shown on TV/Movie:

    "Ni yang panjang panjang ni macam mana bacanya, Sudin?"


    For all intend and purpose, P Ramlee was a staunch UMNO supporter. In 1959, he did away with his RM 5,000 a month salary with Shaw Brothers (then still in Jalan Ampas, Singapore) to go on unpaid leave, so that he could help Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra campaign, the first elections post-Merdeka.

  9. Anonymous5:50 am

    The script of the movie written by P.Ramlee?


  10. Maybe when it was considered Sarkis, creativity existed. P.Ramlee, an art of his own. His genuine and original performance didn't bother anyone then. Glorified still. Now, it suddenly bothers some thoughts. Politics has become lame, lack of creativity and full of selfishness.

  11. Anonymous7:46 am


    this is what i've been telling in my previous posts. umno is a big circus ring. never fails to amaze us with stupid acts.

  12. Hey Mr Bru

    What ever happend to Sudirman, why arent we celebrating him,i love P Ramlee but i feel we should also acknowledge Sudirman....

    He has done Malaysia proud and every Malaysians adores him.... dont you think.

    Well, there was rumours that he was "h-sexual" but that shld'nt be a criteria of a measurement for all his accomplishments.

    Come Malaysia if, we can parade the dumb a** "space traveller" funded by tax payers, why arent we bestowing a title to the famous kampung boy who won the ASIAs NO 1 Performer and did all by himself.... well, i'm ceratain his team had a lot do with it...


  13. Anonymous9:37 am

    How true! Umno is a real circus now and the clown is none other than TDM, Ring Master AAB, Monkey SIL and in the gorilla cage DPM, Trapeze flyer Kerismuddin and Nazri...who else did I miss...? you can add it in.


  14. Actually, P. Ramlee was an UMNO member for bahagian Jerai, my former Bahagian. He even ran for AJK UMNO for the Bahagian, or was it Cawangan, once, but lost. P. Ramlee probably didn't get attacked for this because he was an UMNO member.

    And you are right that UMNO members, even ordinary members, only started getting attacked viciously for being critical since the Lah-ist regime began in late 2003... with notable 'national traitor' exceptions like Siddiq Ghause and Anwar Ibrahim of course...

  15. Rocky I am appalled by this post of yours. You as someone who has been branded as an UMNO rabid blogger and Dr M groupies by rabid anonymous opposition commenters, you are not guarding your reputation well. As a fellow Rabid UMNO/BARISAN NASIONAL supporter I demand that you crack a joke about PAS, PKR or DAP.

    Oh wait Dr M keluar UMNO....


    Hah DAP/PAS/PKR you guys suck! Bet P Ramlee never joined any of your parties. Only cool people join UMNO.

  16. Anonymous1:02 pm

    The movie was made in Singapore (plus Pulau Batu Puteh). He must be rubbing it in.

    But then the movie was made during an era when we could all laugh at ourselves on just about anything. Life was so much fun and relaxed then.

    But we have all since then lost our innocence, our virginity.

    These days 50 years on, we just can't do or say things as we like; everything is taboo and "sensitive". Out of bounds. And we are all very uptight.

    Why, even 80 years olds are "frustrated" and tear up their party membership cards.

    We go to the "sarkis" to laugh and enjoy ourselves but these days we rant, accuse and cry.

    No wonder the constipation rate has hit an all-time high. Just look at all their faces.

  17. Anonymous1:04 pm

    anonymous 12.53 reads like the bugger and clown, KJ.

  18. Anonymous3:26 pm

    P. Ramlee is a genius no doubt about that.

    I've always paid attention to the subtleties in his film.

    For the most part I've always noticed the ones with the more dirty undertones. Ie. Pendekar Bujang Lapok - The scene in the cave the night before the three heroes take the Princess back to Isketambola. Listen to the dialog the one with "sabun" being mentioned. :P

    But this one here takes the care.

    I should dig up my P. Ramlee movie collection and look for more.

    Thanks Rocky for pointing this out.

  19. melayu dulu buta huruf. p.ramlee jadikan modal untuk filem supaya orang melayu sedar bangsanya ketinggalan. p.ramlee cukup halus dalam memberi kesedaran. umno dulu memberi pelajaran hingga melayu kini pandai dan ada yang terlebih pandai. kini sarkas yang mulia ialah parlimen. ada bigfoot, ada beruk, ada monyet, ada katak. siamang? sila lihat link ini:

  20. Anonymous10:27 pm

    saya sokong awak rocky sebab saya pun ahli umno, dulu sekarang tak tahu dah kena buang kut, saya faham dengan perasaaan akar umbi umno, saya pun dulu begitu, tapi apabila tun tolak anuar, dalam umno tak boleh diberi pandanggan yang lain dari ketua ini yang membuat saya tidak berapa setuju untuk memangkah umno, saya tidak masuk kedalam parti lain saya macam yang tun nak buat sekarang saya tunggu kalau umno dah okey saya berjuang bersama mereka, cuba kita lihat umno dulu mereka tak pentingkan induvidu tapi parti umno tu, cuba kita kenang kembali peristiwa dato onn, bukankah ahli parti tak setuju dengan pandangannya hingga memaksa ia keluar umno. kita tengok tunku bukankah ahli memaksa ia bertanggungjawab keatas kekalahan pada 1969, jika pak lah ambil tindakan seperti koh shu koon iaitu awal awal nak bertanggungjawab dengan kekalahan dan ingin meletak jawatan, pasti keaadaaan akan berubah dimana baru kenal siapa lawan dan siapa kawan tidak akan ada yang menggampu, apakah koh shu khoon sekarang tidak jadi ketua dalam gerakkan, fikirkanlah.

  21. Anonymous11:22 pm

    Sorry my bad.

    Referring to my earlier posting, the movie in question is "Laksamana Do Re Mi"

  22. Anonymous11:39 am

    Rocks, our friend Kerp pointed this this sarkis bit out in his blog and here, months ago.

    And a political party is, most times a circus. Ni bukan pasal benci Umno.

    This is more about appreciating the subtle wit of P.Ramlee. I love the guy's vision, his humour, his versatility.

    What a loss. Sampai hari ni tak dapat nak ganti lagi. P.Ramlee.

  23. Anonymous11:53 am

    P. Ramlee never fail to amaze me. Hahahaha..I'm not a Malay but I do know broken Jawi. However, that part of the come I never notice it...hahahaha..for so many years P Ramlee and the rest of the gand fool Umno and RTM airs it over and over and over and over again. Hahaha..Like it. Air it again. For sure I'm gonna buy ori DVD of that movie.

  24. have seen this movies for many times before but only early this year notice about it... kah kah kah...

    Sudin: Alif-Mim-NunWau, Alif tendang Wau, sarkis
    Ramli: Begini panjang-panjang dia tulis
    Sudin: Itu bunga dia aje la, yang pendek tu, sarkis...

    kah kah kah...

    bro rocky, i think you should also read this article
    quite a good analysis... alfatihah for ts p.ramlee...

    to mr. anonymous, i'm from umno too but never think 'terhina' about this... it's true what??!!...

  25. Anonymous1:24 am

    Kahkahkah.. Sila lihat klip video "Versi Penuh" UMNO SIRKAS! disini..