Thursday, April 24, 2008

A letter on Karpal Singh

Karpal, the Voice of Conscience or the Contemptible One?
The DAP Chairman has always been audible but in the last couple of weeks he has made himself more so. He has asked Dr Mahathir to apologize to Salleh Abas, told a Judge to apologize to a junior lawyer from his legal firm, and said he wasn't going to apologize for criticizing the Prince of Kelantan.
Today, Bernama has a story on Karpal telling the PM to order Syed Hamid to revoke Agong's orders on Hindraf 5.
Karpal said that despite the detention orders by the King, Syed Hamid could at any time under the law revoke the orders on the five leaders of Hindraf. - Bernama (read full story here).

Karpal knows what he's talking about, of course. Detention orders under ISA are made by the Minister, not the Yang diPertuan Agong, so the Minister can revoke it. Just as Dr Mahathir said during BBC's HardTalk of how he revoked (in his capacity as Home Minister) 20 orders on ISA detainees immediately after he became Prime Minister.

"But whether circumstances merit revocation is for the Minister to decide. Even the Courts cannot decide on the merits. It is the Home Minister's sole prerogative," an expert told me.

A secondary issue, according to a lawyer I spoke to, is whether the PM can or should instruct the Home Minister to revoke the orders.

In any case, Karpal's newfound high profile is raising many ghosts from the past; one of them, according to a feature-length letter I received a few days ago, is Karpal's own.

"Karpal as a politician should be contemptible not only to Dr Mahathir but to the rest of the Malaysian society who have some degree of moral belief and sense of fair play.
Karpal has managed to hide his racist and opportunistic political approach by riding on his so-called courage of being vocal and not mincing his words in criticizing the BN Government.
A good example is his expose of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim for sexual transgressions sometime during the first quarter of 1998 at a DAP convention held in Federal Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

At that time, Ummi Hafilda and Azizan Abu Bakar, the two main witnesses in the Anwar's sodomy trial, had given there sworn affidavits of Anwar's sexual misdemeanour.

Karpal had stood before the DAP audience and said to the effect that he had proof of the Deputy Prime Minister's sexual misdeeds and challenged the Prime Minister (Dr Mahathir) to take action against his deputy (Anwar)...."
Read the entire letter h e r e.


  1. Anonymous12:57 pm

    i would say, he (karpal) is an opportunist.


  2. Anonymous1:01 pm

    "if there is any Malay in the country that would not be intimidated or suffer any sense of inferiority, it would be Dr Mahathir."

    -- But isn't Mahathir's father a pure-blood Indian from Kerala, India?

  3. Anonymous1:17 pm

    Whoever wrote this letter is very literate and meticulous. In most of it, the writer is correct. However, I also have to add that Karpal is a dying breed of racist politicians in DAP and the new generation seems to have overcome that. I cannot dare to say about UMNO, where all generations seem to be equally racist.

  4. Anonymous1:19 pm

    Karpal Singh is just a fraud. He is pretending to be stupid. He has never attacked Bodohwi, SIL, Kalimullah - ECMlibra, Kamaludin - Scomi and their cronies. But he and his boss, Lim Kit SIang, are very critical of Tun M. WHy? What interests have both of them got in this episode?

    I demand Bodohwi not to give them any APs or other things.

    So Karpal please wake up and tell us why are you and your boss not critical of Bodohwi, SIL, Kalimullah-ECM L:ibra and Kamaludin-Scomi?????

    What type of opposition where they are not critical about the Sleepy PM?

  5. Anonymous1:29 pm

    Karpla wont SINK!!!

    Long live kapal!!!


    go on!!!

  6. Anonymous1:45 pm

    Bro Rocky,

    Let me tell you another reason why Karpal decides to defend Anwar for sodomy. Maybe, I said maybe Karpal felt that Anwar is a brother.

    It's common to hear a joke about how you should be careful not to bend down with your back infront of a Punjabi.

  7. Anonymous2:54 pm

    As a Malay, I’m outraged by this racist, insane, ludicrous and diabolic Mahathirist letter. As a Malay, I must state that it was Dr. Mahatir who divided Malays through divide and rule, he was the only who made Malay leaders get humiliated. How did he treat Tunku? How did he treat Tun Onn? How did he treat Hitam? How did he treat Ku Li? How did he treat Ghaffar Baba? How did he treat Anwar? How is he treating Abdullah? You call that nationalism? Buffoon and swinish Mathirist who seems to be an intellectual cheat who put on a spurious Dr Title. Hogwash!

    Feeble minds of Mahatir supporters would like to convince us through playing cheap games as their fortunes dwindle. Boy, listen, who took away the Terennagu money and gave it to Josoh? Karpal? Wasn’t Mahatir who punished the Malays in T.ganu? Why did he do that? Nationalism? Puke! Can you state the only Malay PM who has humiliated and decapitated the Rulers? Wasn’t Mahatir who did that? You call that nationalism. True Malays don’t need hypocrites and Mamaks like Mahatir to tell us what to do. He started all the Fitnah from the 1969 when he lost his seat and called for the removal of Tunku calling him a drunkard and till today, he is causing hatred, division, anger, frusttaryion and lampooning his opponents with his filthy and dirty statements that reeks of Jahiliyyah.

    If Mahatir loved Islam, why did he punish PAS? Why did he withdraw the money of Terengganu? Why did he fight all Malays leaders: Tunku, Tu Hussein Onn, Tun Hitam, Tengku Ku Li, Tun Baba, Datuk Seri Anwar and now DS Abdullah? Why? Nationalism? Stupid. Tun Mamak is an ememy rather than a father who loved the Malays. He perfected the art of divide and rule, humiliated all Malay leaders, insulted all Muslim scholars and even warned against listening to their voices (he wants his voice alone, shit) and single handedly brought down all our institutions and he went on the rampage of asserting his brutal regime.

    You admit that Mahatir was a stupid man who was convinced by his evil coterie to hound Anwar. You call that smartness? You say Karpal which I have differences with divided Mahatir and Anwar? Huh! You mean your god Mahatir is such a naive autocrat? No wonder we suffered under him. God saved us from the rabid Mamak.

    Boy, listen, Karpal has integrity. I have always believed that he needs to be slow and simple and quit this Islam issue and leave it to the Malays, but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t crticise the evils of Mahatir, a warlord and a brutal man who even in his old age dreams of god’s status. Happy that his legacy has been reduced to lousy letters in the Sun and one like this in Rockybru. (Sheesh!). Give me a glass of water, I want to barf. (Audhu billah).

  8. Anonymous2:55 pm

    karpal singh adalah ular ayak yang paling tinggi degree-nya. beliau amat mementingkan diri. beliau akan menggunakan apa sahaja peluang yang ada untuk kepentingan dirinya. memang benar beliau adalah orang yang paling perkauman - sama dengan lim kit siang dan lim guan eng - paling anti-melayu. impian besar beliau ialah menghancurkan orang melayu. itu baru dapat sikit peluang. kalau parti beliau memerintah negara jangan bimbang beliau akan menjadi perdana menteri, dan menghukum sesiapa sahaja dia tidak suka dengan sesuka hati dan membelakangkan atau memutarkan belitkan undang2 dan perlembagaan negara untuk kepentingan beliau yang taksub perkauman. sebenarnya orang melayu bukan perkauman apabila membangkitkan pelbagai isu yang menyentuh mereka. orang melayu jadi demikian kerana orang lain bersifat perkauman terhadap mereka. orang melayu ni lembut dan berbudi bahasa. tetapi jangan tersilap langkah, kalau hatinya terusik, maka mengamuklah dia, seperti orang putih british mengakuinya. sebab itu istilah amuk dalam buku kamus inggeris datangnya dari kata-kata melayu...


  9. Anonymous3:03 pm

    It is very unfortunate that you have turned your blog to an innuendo platform where manipulated Mahathirists have started to launch character assassination against others. Much as everyone is entitled to his her opinion however lopsided it is, I must state that words are the greatest possession man was given and that one’s loyalty can’t be hidden even if one tries hard. If someone has a bone to pick with Karpal or any other person for that matter, does that person who is addressing a public figure need to do so in a private blog? There is more to the ear than meets the eye. I can smell fish! After all, if there honesty involved in this cheap shot, and knowing that karpal is an MP who formulates laws for Malaysia, then anyone who has a case against him should have done so in the newspapers just like Mahartir was doing against Karpal and Param. But as I said, people can read between the lines and can see further. I’m a Muslim and a Malay which means I have my own concerns, but that doesn’t mean I can be swayed with cheap shots by pathetic elements who are either with delicate minds or are outrights cheats and opportunists.

  10. Anonymous3:11 pm

    Lawyer & politician...
    They do belong to the same genus... 'ular'

    Worst, when u have the combination of both, the so called hybrid species :

    lawyer cum politician...

    Anwar, Mahathir , Karpal ? ? same species.... ?

    whatever lah...

  11. Anonymous3:24 pm

    Mr Singh dah start kurang ajar ni. PR won't last long with his antics. PAS are not going to buat bodoh all the time if this Singh keep on stirring shit.

  12. Anonymous3:28 pm


    Biasa lah sifat manusia,tak pernah yang puas atau bersyukur dengan apa yang tuhan bagi - baik pemerintah atau pembangkang, kaya atau miskin, lelaki atau perempuan, halal atau haram, usaha sendiri atau hasil curi.

    Bila dah susah baru lah tahu menilaikan walau sekeping roti.

    Bila senang lupa yang lain lain terutama pengundi dan rakyat yang mahu cari makan dan kedamaian demi keluarga.

  13. Anonymous3:47 pm

    Adam is a contemptible liar. Ask him to put Karpal's speech on U Tube please

  14. Anonymous4:19 pm

    all of us have our own egos and principles. if we are not willing to be forgiving/apologetic how could we ask somebody else to be forgiving/apologetic ..... as long as both of these people are not willing to forgo their ego .. forget about giving apologies

  15. Anonymous4:29 pm

    Sdr Rocky,

    Forget it. Why are you persuing this from Karpal Singh? He said one thing and do another. I was there in Federal Hotel that night, I did see Karpal Singh waving the document in his hand and I think he was saying that it was an affidavit.

    So I would like to see him denying this fact which was before many hundred of people. Lets see whether DAP leaders are honest or not. I am sure that Karpal or Lim Kit Siang (who was also on the stage in Federal Hotel that night) will not answer you.

  16. ahh...more twists!
    Politics is not for the faint of heart.

  17. Anonymous4:35 pm

    Well said Dr. Adam! I bet Karpal will try to sue you for this article rock! But then again, I frequently saw karpal and his wheelchair in the parliment.. pity that guy, can't even speak Malay properly and still people support him... disgusting!

  18. A well written 'information' which just goes on to prove (beyond resonable doubt la Mr.Singh) that Mr.Kapal... ooops Karrrrrrrpal is a political beggar should consider moonlighting in Chow Kit.

    I believe there is more to come.

    Kicik, kicik lembu jaga,
    Sudah besar bank jaga.
    Kicik, kicik, emak-bapa jaga,
    Sudah besar mulut mau jagaaaaaa.

    Kicik, kicik dia jerit sama itu lembu dan kambiiiing,
    Sudah besar dia teriak dalaaam Parliament.

    Kicik, kicik dia happy jadi hero,
    Sudah besar (kapla) baru sekarang diaaaa kena taruk.

    Kicik, kicik dia minum susu kambing,
    Sekarang (aiyooo yoooo) otak dia sudah mulaaaaa mereng.

    Dia ini sangat suka hantam orang,
    Tidak kira orang baik atau yang pusiiiiiing belakang.
    Sekarang ini dia pula kena hantam, bukan bohong tapi banyak macaam-maaaaacam.

    Dey, dey, brother Singh ... jangan lari.... saya punya senapang ada peluru lagiiii.

    Satu senapang, peluru dua ... lain ari kita jumpa!

  19. Sir,

    I cannot think of any other reason for this posting other than creating rift between Pakatan leaders/parties. It is obvious that the writer is nothing but sore UMNO loser.

    To say that Karpal "resorted to this because he could not stand the leadership of the Malays" is way of tangent and truely out of touch.

    All Malaysians and that includes vast majority of Malay voted for Pakatan last GE because we are now past the racial barriers.

    It may not happen yet but we are surely on the way of appointing leaders not on racial line.

    Seri Setia

  20. Anonymous5:17 pm

    Usually the commentators are very fast in putting their condemnations when it comes to articles about Tun Dr Mahathir, Pak Lah, Najib etc.

    Amazingly, the comments have been very slow when Karpal's hypocrisies are highlighted.

  21. Salam Rocky,

    Just read this letter. It is quite interesting that someone can consciously note the suspicious character of Mr. Karpal Singh especially as it is supposed to happen for in a period of 9 months.

    Just one question, Does the letter comes from a trustworthy source ?


  22. Anonymous6:35 pm

    He is a snake, what do you expect?

  23. Anonymous6:43 pm

    Hi rocky,

    Karpal contemptible? No, I would say this letter by "Dr Adam Mahmood Nazrin" is what is worthy of our contempt instead.

    The crux of Dr Adam's matter is made up of a few (rather unhinged) points.

    1. The issue of Karpal "exposing" Anwar's "sexual transgressions" in Federal Hotel.

    To this Dr Adam offers NOT ONE shred of evidence beyond "I'm sure some DAP leaders would testify on this yadda yadda yadda". Do we have him on video like Lingam? Photos? No?

    Anwar himself, the alleged "victim" seems quite happy to work alongside Karpal and the DAP. Of course, all might be fair in love and politics, but hey, this fact alone throws a wet blanket on Dr Adam's accusation.

    2. KARPAL SINGH of all people engineered the Mahathir-Anwar crisis by pitting the both of them together.

    Dr Adam, do you honestly believe Malaysia's netizens are that stupid to believe such rubbish?

    Do you think we were born yesterday?

    Karpal, great speaker though he be, is neither that influential in UMNO nor that devious.

    This incomprehensibly stupid argument alone ought to invaldate this whole poison-pen letter. But let us continue.

    3. Ops Lallang was a necessity and was important for "national security" while the holding of a person with terrorist links, BSA Tahir, is a big crime.

    This is really something out of a comic book. On one hand, we have opposition leaders, cruelly jailed for the "crime" of exercising their freedom of speech. Hey, Ops Lallang did not just jail DAP leaders mate, it also shut down several newspapers including The Star and showed a deep disrespect to Tunku Abdul Rahman, Bapa Merdeka.

    On the flipside, BSA Tahir is wanted for the crime of nuclear proliferation by the West. Even if he is held to protect Kamaluddin, it is clear he is not completely innocent of the crime.

    So you be the judge - on one hand brutality and silencing dissent, on the other hand detention without trial of a person with terrorist links.

    Both are not right, but it appears as if Dr Rahman is saying hey, Ops Lallang is A-Ok and making excuses for Mahafiraun's dictatorial behavior.

    4. Finally, Karpal's "over my dead body" remark against Islamic State proposal = anti-Islam.

    All I can say for this one is what drugs are you on dude? Anti-Islamic state does NOT mean Anti-Islam. Hell, I know quite a few Muslims who are anti-Islamic state given their shambolic track record - are they "anti-Islam" or "apostates" in your eyes too Dr Adam?

    In short, I think your letter was sent to the wrong place. You might try the echo chambers at the UMNO websites or Khir Toyols blog.


  24. Oopps!
    I am reminded of a pecular aspect of teh Defence of Suadara Anwar in respect of the "ALABI" Defence.
    An Alabi is when U inform the Court that inter alia u were not there{at the time & place of the comission of The "Crime".
    When Saudara Anwar was alleged to have comitted his so called crime at Tivoli Villas, said TV was not even built.
    So the idea {litigation} is to allow all The Prosecution Witnesses to bring all evidence,{mattresses} swear under oath that all evidence was /are from Tivoli Villas on such & such a date, and at the end of the The Prosecution Case, go for Contempt{lying under Oath}.This way the Judge cannot allow for amendments to dates & time BUT instead KS, FILED IN the Notice of Alabi, at the beginning/early in the case as result of which amendments were allowed & Saudara Anwara was srewed{pardon the pun}!
    I still wonder always ! Perhaps The good Dr. is right!

  25. Anonymous7:13 pm

    Sorry, folks. Forget Karpak for a moment and read this stuff about Anwar first. It was reported in the Far Eastern Economic Review:

    March 2008

    Why Anwar Matters in Malaysia

    by Firas Ahmad

    Less than 10 years ago former Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim was languishing in prison, suffering from arsenic poisoning surreptitiously introduced into his drinking water. Mr. Anwar was sacked after challenging the rule of then Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamed. Jailed on what he claimed to be politically motivated charges of sodomy and corruption, not only was Mr. Anwar’s political career apparently over, but his life was in danger. Only after his family secretly smuggled blood samples out of the country to confirm the poisoning were steps taken to ensure his health.

    Fast forward to March 8, 2008. Even though he remains unable to stand for election until April of 2008 due to his previous incarceration, the Anwar-led opposition coalition dealt a stunning blow to the ruling Barisan National (BN) Party, breaking its decades-old super majority control of parliament. To call it a “comeback” would be an understatement. While the BN continues to hold a simple majority, a tectonic shift has taken place in Malaysian politics, and it was in many ways engineered by Mr. Anwar.

    The last time the ruling BN party failed to secure a super majority in parliament was 1969. Following the elections, Chinese celebrations sparked race riots that resulted in the deaths of hundreds of individuals. This national trauma catalyzed the establishment of a controversial race-based system of governance rooted in a New Economic Policy (NEP) that gave preferential treatment to the majority Malay Muslim community. A tenuous arrangement with minority Chinese and Indian groups held the country together since that time, mostly under the rule of Mahathir Mohamed whose aggressive economic growth strategies propelled Malaysia into the third largest economy in Southeast Asia.

    Overtime, however, political progress failed to keep pace with economic development. While the largest building in the world was constructed in Kuala Lumpur, political power continued to rest almost entirely along sectarian racial and religious lines. The BN remained unchallenged by a weak opposition incapable of organizing against the status quo. Corruption, mismanagement and concentration of wealth set in. The ruling party had almost complete control over the media, public gatherings, special security laws and other government apparatus.

    A number of factors contributed to rising discontent amongst Malaysians across racial divides, including rising crime, a slowing economy, a number of very public corruption scandals and increased oil prices. In addition, increasing discontent emanated from the minority Chinese and Indian communities over the pro-Malay NEP. The BN, now led by Mahathir’s hand-picked successor Abdullah Badawi, recognized its support amongst Chinese and Indians would weaken, but expected that Malay support would remain strong so as to ensure pro-Malay policies.

    This was a serious miscalculation. Not only did Chinese and Indians voters flock to the polls in support of the opposition, a number of Malays followed suit. There was a growing realization amongst average Malays that benefits from the NEP seldom found their way to working class segments of the community. Foreign investment continued to decline. Malaysia used to be America’s tenth largest trading partner. It is now number sixteen. While the economy continued to grow, fewer people were benefitting from the gains.

    Therein lies Mr. Anwar’s most significant contribution to Malaysia’s political earthquake. He coalesced a fractured opposition movement around the elimination of race-based politics – and did so in such a manner that supporters of the ruling BN party felt no compulsion to turn to violence, as a number of them actually agreed with Mr. Anwar. The achievement was made nonetheless remarkable by the fact that he campaigned through a complete media black-out and relentless attacks on his character through state-controlled media, but continued to draw significant crowds in the tens of thousands across the country including in areas dominated by the ruling party. The opposition’s innovative use of Youtube and text-messaging no doubt played a role in this as well.

    Mr. Anwar was able to broker a cooperative arrangement amongst three major opposition parties – the left leaning mostly Chinese DAP, the Malay Islamist PAS party and his own PKR multi-racial Justice Party - to challenge the BN one-to-one in each contest. The opposition was able to achieve what most said was impossible given the entrenched power of the ruling BN party; undercut BN support amongst Malays by appealing to their sense of justice and fairness.

    Malaysia’s race-based system was likely to give way sooner or later, however Mr. Anwar paved a path for peaceful transition by bringing his credibility as a Malay politician to the table while simultaneously assuring Chinese and Indians that their rights would be respected. He talked Malays into letting go of the fear that incited communal riots in 1969. It is no small feat to peacefully transition out of entrenched systems of entitlement. One need only review Iraq’s unfortunate history since 2003 for an example of how such a process can be terribly mismanaged.

    While the opposition victory is certainly critical for charting a more egalitarian future for Malaysia, it also bodes well for the development of Muslim democracy. The opposition coalition’s orientation brought moderate elements from the Islamist PAS party forward. PAS even fielded a non-Muslim candidate, an unprecedented move in its history. Meanwhile, Badawi sought to leverage racial divide by appealing to Malays through increasingly Islamist rhetoric. His efforts were resoundingly rebuked. The election results demonstrate that the majority Muslim country is interested in exploring a system politics that does not discriminate based on race or religion.

    A weakened BN party cannot be entirely attributed to Anwar Ibrahim’s improbable political resurrection. However, he undoubtedly played a critical role in organizing the opposition and reasoning the Malay population through this transition. Political possibilities that were unthinkable last week in Malaysia are all of a suddenly on the table. Mr. Anwar refers to this reality as a new dawn for the country. If he is successful in accomplishing his stated goals, most fair-minded observers would have to agree.

    Mr. Ahmad is an essayist based in Cambridge, Mass. His commentary and analysis has appeared in the Economist, the Washington Post and other publications on issues related to national and international politics.


    Thursday, April 24, 2008
    Penang Follows Spore's Road to Secession

    Abdullah Badawi's foreign policy is undoubtedly Pro-Singapore. Today Penang draws many parallels to Temasek leaving Semenanjung Tanah Melayu. For example Lim Guan Eng's sensational condemnation of the NEP. Then, Lee Kah Choon quits Gerakan without blinking an eye to take up high powered positions as Penang Development Corporation (PDC) Director and InvestPenang Executive Committee Chairman.He didn't have the time to entertain Abdullah Badawi's instructions. He blew our weak PM off.

    On another note, Mahathirism received a comment as follows:-

    Guan Eng's modus operandi in Penang is eaxactly like Lee Kuan Yew's strategy to win Malay support prior to the separation of Malaya. U could view this in a special documentary about Spore's road to independence- aired on ASTRO.

    Bravo Pak Lah. U will always have a place in Spore!

  27. Anonymous8:28 pm

    What's written here is utter hogwash by a brainwashed man who seems to be a mamak like Mahatir and wants to beat Chandra Muzaffar to Malay nationalism. If there was a Malay nationalist, he was buried yesterday and he was Alla Yarham Rustam A. Sani, not an evil man and a cheat like Mahatir.

  28. Anonymous8:31 pm

    luv this for almost 10 hrs since its been posted still no comment.... where are te so call fair minded bloggers.....guess it difficult to swallow when its about one of yur own huh..... cut te crap guys u guys just show your true self here.......

  29. Anonymous8:32 pm

    He he he! Very stupid indeed. He says that karpal is againt Malay leadership. Poor and pathetic. Then he says Karpal said Anwar is a sodomite but talks cock by making ludicrous jokes. If there is anything he could have talked about, it can only be the statement made Ummi Hafidah whose case is known to us Malaysians. Any opposition man demands clarification. Does that mean he has accused Anwar of anything? Li Kit himself demanded ane explantion as he should as an opposition MP. Then he says Mahatir is a nationalist, I fell from my chair laughing. You remind me of a man looking at the sunset dreaming of a glorious past, but convinced that it can't return. Mahatir was an evil man who epitomised evil. God the Creator of Muhammad (pbuh) is a witness to that. I hope you can convince your wife unless you are hermaphrodite.

  30. ahmad wrote ...
    It is very unfortunate that you have turned your blog to an innuendo platform where manipulated Mahathirists have started to launch character assassination against others.


    If you want innuendo platform, ahmad, buy the MSM. Do read the comments left in this blog (including your own comments). This is not a one-way street, bro.

  31. The power to release the Hindraf 5 lies solely with the Minister of Home Affairs.

    The King can only act according to the advise of the PM/Minister.

    People forget that Mahathir amended the Constitution, so that e.g. if the King does not consent to sign a Bill passed by Parliament, it will automatically become law anyway, within, I think, a month.

    So, let not the BN Minsiter, PM and Government pretend that it is the King who is making this ruling about the Hindraf5 having to serve the full 2 years in prison under ISA.

    Bloody liars!!

  32. Anonymous8:44 pm

    to abdullah...who says..

    Can you state the only Malay PM who has humiliated and decapitated the Rulers? Wasn’t Mahatir who did that? You call that nationalism.

    answer: pm mahathir..
    why? because other pms and the current one with due respect to some of them)had/has no balls when dealing with the rulers.

    pm saw some rulers were gung hos, one even smashed a hockey coach with a golf stick (asked karpal singh).

    and recently although the laws are in place bodohwi got politically played out by the rulers of a northern and eastern states regarding the appointment of their menteri besars.

    and tunku has sold singapore to the the chinese....

    that were some of the reasons why the so-called mamak mahatir did as what you said.

    at least the mamak mahathir is more malay than some of the malays like abdullah.


  33. Anonymous8:46 pm

    It is fact during the trial Azizan said that he went to Karpal first but Karpal didn't take up Azizan as his client.Why?

    What would any opposition leader would do when they have in their possession of a sworn document alleging something? Would is a correct thing for him to raise the issue and ask police to investigate?

    Why would Azizan go to Karpal and not any other lawyer?

    If Karpal had kept quiet then he was a what you alleged to be.Now ask Mahthir and the former IGP who claimed they had the evidence and advised Anwar to stop it. Was it abuse of powers for not taking action?

  34. dear rocky,

    ever try verify the letter?

    btw, he also made statements based on the best knowledge he had that time. In the case of Hindraf5 & syed hamid, he knows the law well enough to throw a spinning ball at our newly-minted home minister.

    :) I begin to wonder why is there a strong attacks on DAP vs malays in recent week.

  35. Anonymous9:04 pm

    abdullah 2.54pm

    read the three words below


  36. Anonymous9:12 pm

    Well, I'm an indian in Malaysia, most Malaysian indians are from Tamil Nadu. On the other hand, we have a common term for indians from Kerala (Malayali), "Manja Tuni" - it's leterally means kain kuning. What this is actually means is, kain kuning is used in Kerala for witch craft ceremony before an animal be sacrified. So we believe, Malayalis are ruthles cut throat people. I tell you this little story because it been passed for generations and couldn't go wrong when it comes to Dr.M. Genetical traces wont go missing in few generations.

  37. Anonymous9:19 pm

    Karpal Singh is a great leader and a protector of Malay race. Please don't forget he stand and defend Anwar who is a Malay.

    Why do we still have so many ungrateful Malays?

  38. Bro Rocky's bru:

    Saudara, adalah diharapkan jangan membiarkan orang-orang yang suka bermain sentimen perkauman berpeluang menulis bukan-bukan dalam blog saudara. padah akibatnya.

    Alangkah sedihnya ada penulis seperti nonymous 2:55 begitu bangga dengan berkata: sebab itu istilah amuk dalam buku kamus inggeris datangnya dari kata-kata melayu...

    Ini bererti hanya Melayu gemar amuk dan menjadi bangsa yang suka mengamuk. Tentu ini akan diketawakan bangsa lain.

    Blog saudara selama ini cukup berwibawa dan disegani. Harap jangan terus dicemari oleh manusia yang tidak berfikiran waras.

    Terima kasih daripada peminat setia anda.

  39. Anonymous9:40 pm

    Mahathir is a threat to the counry.
    Let us ISA now!
    Enough of his 'showmanship'
    How many suffered under his ISA, as if he did not send or condone their incarceration.
    Do it now before more problems arise and throw in with him PM SIL, Kalim... and Patrick to keep him company!

  40. Anonymous9:47 pm

    This is not meant to be an insult or ctitism. But when will some of the Malays ever break out of the mode of idolisation of personality? The day you do that is the day you liberate yourselves from shackle(ment) and progress in leaps & bounds. There is a delusion or obsession of persona-perfection inherent in the Malay race. I personally do not believe there is any flawless human, even in my own race or family- flaws are what're made of all of us. Even I! Now, attack me, and I shall ignore your insults- endlessly. Dong, dong!

  41. Anonymous9:50 pm

    That's the crux of the matter (or, ideology): race or "unity of a particular race" is the utmost importance. It is the highest value/ideal.

    I have no problem with the writer's criticism. But his conclusion, partially, is shallowly, subtly "racist" (arguably) in nature.

    Take, for example, this part:

    His kind of politics is divisive and destructive. It can only be deduced that he resorted to this because he could not stand the leadership of the Malays.

    He couldn’t stand Dr Mahathir at the top and neither could he accept Anwar as the successor. How does he remedy it – by pitting them against each other and then befriending the one perceived to be the victim?

    Karpal cannot stand the fact that if there is any Malay in the country that would not be intimidated or suffer any sense of inferiority, it would be Dr Mahathir.

    And Karpal knows, for as long as Dr Mahathir is respected and popular among the Malays, his agenda of undermining Malay leadership would not be achieved.

    Now, he is back to his old tricks – throwing his support behind Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

    This sudden affinity for Abdullah has got nothing to do with his concern over whether the nation is better off with Abdullah or otherwise.

    Aiyoh! Typical "ketuanan Melayu" way of explaining things.

    These Melayu leaders and their politics/politicking have no bearing on the writer's so-called "analysis".

  42. whats new. karpal's a well-known opportunist and oh hey...whaddayaknow, he's a fucking crippled too.

  43. Anonymous10:21 pm

    Wuii, negara kita makin rancak bawah pemerintahan dolah badwi. Melayu marah, cina, india dan kaum lain pun marah tp si imam hadhari tiduq baguih punya lena. Rakyat marah dan derita, si dolah peduli apa, jaga anak menantu kaut harta saja. Skrg org melayu nak marah! Nak buat macamana, Umno takde masalah tp penyangak2 dulu sampai skrg yg buat Melayu dan rakyat susah. Umno=PKR,MCA=Gerakan=DAP serupa aje. PAS konsisten dengan perjuangan Islam yang adil kepada semua agama dan bangsa. Yang untung musuh negara. Si Dolah simpan spy di NSTP/Tgkt 4 pun penyangak2 tak kisah, skrg nak cakap pasal transisi. Hancurlah negara!!!!!

  44. Anonymous10:42 pm

    come lah, kapal is a sane man can't u all see it?

    he got no bandage on his head, sure he thinks he is wiser than the rest! LOL

    every twisted/forked tongue has its day.

    today! it's kapal's day!

  45. Anonymous11:05 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    I could not find anybody else more dangerous, more racist, more anti Malay, more anti Islam that this KARPAL SINGH!!! He is just like another snake!!! He is just an oppurtunist, never fought truely for Indian, never fought truely for other Malaysian. He defended the criminal, the drug pushers, the corrupt people! Just for the sake of getting glammour. Karpal singh, you r nobody! Go back to where you belong bai!!

  46. dear rocky

    'mahathirism' has left the same commnents in various blogs like Nuraina's and yours, without regard to the subject matter.

    perhaps you should explain to him about bloggers' ethics & etiquettes!

  47. Anonymous11:45 pm

    if karpal continues to be on attacking mode especially against Dr Mahathir, Malay & also PAS, new gen in DAP have to work harder to educate this fella. they knows the repercussion very well. otherwise, get ready to loose votes from liberal Malays, either they cast BN or never turn out to vote for anyone in GE13.

  48. Bro rocky, agak nya Karpal Singh dah start buang tebiat kut.

  49. Anonymous12:12 am


    karpal sangat terkenal dgn racistnya sejak azali lagi dan

    dia akan tersungkur DIHEMPAP KERUSI RODANYA SENDIRI satu hari nanti!!!!!

  50. Anonymous12:13 am


    karpal sangat terkenal dgn racistnya sejak azali lagi dan

    dia akan tersungkur DIHEMPAP KERUSI RODANYA SENDIRI satu hari nanti!!!!!

  51. I totally endorse the article reprinted from Far Eastern Economic Review, and writer was right on the button on the fortunes of dato Seri Anwar; bowever the original post relating to all the attacks on Karpal Singh IS NO DOUBT WRITTEN BY AN UMNO PLANT to sow dissention among the members of the component of Parti Pakatan.

    I would prefer to give the original post a big miss because no good can come of it, was there truth in that letter ? NOT IMPORATNT ! The real truth is that Pakatan has run down the curtain down on BN and RACE POLITICS. The arguement raised by that article from Far Economic Review, is correct that UMNO had realise that the Chinese & Indians were withdrawing from support of the BN, hence that episode of KRIS WEILDING a' la 1969 but of course as events show these antics dose not intimidate us anymore.

    However I have a more pertinent reason why BN lost so convincingly; yes it is true for all the reasons advanced so far, but back of my thinking, I believe that a more permanent reason can be found. The world today has seen so many changes to ENTRENCHED GOVERNMENT. I believe that with the increase in the number of educated Malays, they in their enlightened appreaciation of the true nature of UMNO's support of a very narrow based elitist ORLIGARCHY. This was also mentioned in that Far Easten article. Therefore to this extend we will see the irrelevance of UMNo in the present context.

    I can see that from this dawn of Pakatan led politics, Malaysia will see a more optimistic change in the nature of politics in Malaysia; in that the Chinese have learned to vote as a block and have by that process become SWING VOTERS and this lesson I hope they will not forget. UMNO cannot be revived because as events turned out, the IRONY is that now with a division of the Malay votes, the Chinese and Indians have become the guardian of the BALANCE OF POWER brokers. This was my prayer that this development will turn Malaysian politics into a 2 party political system. This is now reality and UMNO tradition of whatever is called "KATUUANAN MALAYU is all bullshit ! Any party that seeks government in this new climate will need the support of the Chinese & Indinas that make up 32% of the voting public.


  52. Anonymous12:35 am


  53. I don't care if Karpal Singh is racist or anti-Mahathir or whatever. But i do care that if he has evidence of Anwar's sexual escapades, it is his duty and resposibility to bring it out into the open. After all, Anwar is already boasting about how he is going to be PM soon. Surely Karpal is not going to sit back and watch this happen? Do we want a liar and hypocrite to lead us?

  54. I don't care if Karpal Singh is racist or anti-Mahathir or whatever. But i do care that if he has evidence of Anwar's sexual escapades, it is his duty and resposibility to bring it out into the open. After all, Anwar is already boasting about how he is going to be PM soon. Surely Karpal is not going to sit back and watch this happen? Do we want a liar and hypocrite to lead us?

  55. Anonymous1:25 am

    Reminiscences of a cikgu from Boon Lay travelling in NZ sometime in 1987/1988? - make it the late
    1980s. These are actual notes because I like to record what I observe when I'm abroad. The notepaper is brittle and yellow with age but the content is still legible and relevant.

    "It should please Malaysians that one of her sons, MP Mr Karpal Singh, the defender of the Cohens, two kiwis charged with drug trafficking was feted and feasted in NZ for saving his clients from the gallows. We were travelling in the area of the Bay of Plenty (North Island) when we came across this advert in the local paper. For $40 per head you can listen to the Hon MP expound his views ... However we were don't belong to that category of big spenders and had to forego that delight" Today I wished we had sacrificed a day's board and lodging just to listen to the great man himself.

    Again : " NZ was honoured by the visit of a 'noted barrister and Malaysian Member of Parliament' He was lionized by the Kiwis, practically inundated by 'people and organizations in Christchurch, Wellington, Tauranga and Palmerston North who want him to speak to them' says a spokesman for Mr Karpal Singh MP. He's a very generous man, waiving the cost of the Cohens' appeal. His visit to NZ was sponsored by a Hamilton East businessman, Mr Dan Harris and the proceeds from the Charity Dinner where Mr Singh was to speak was to raise funds for drug education and rehabilitation, but for which part of the world it was never mentioned.

    Of course it is incumbent for any red-blooded Malaysian speaking in western countries to condemn nasty habits like the ISA. Mr Singh himself was imprisoned under the ISA. But he still manages to battle on as an MP for the DAP and carry on with his professional life and travel abroad to be lionized by foreigners - very odd as he comes from a very'autocratic and intolerant country'. By the way is it possible for some businessman from Malaysia to invite the lawyer of Jimmy Rapata, a Maori,
    who is facing gross miscarriage of justice to speak to the good people of Malaysia just like the Hon Mr Karpal Singh is doing for the Cohens?"

    PS I also have notes on visits or visitations of famous people to NZ, at the same time as Mr Karpal Singh. People like Fay Weldon, a rabid anti-muslim and anti-Islam mate of Salman Rushdie. And Paul Theroux whose book Railway Bazaar is laden with virulent racist descriptions of Chinese, Indians and Malays in Malaya. So, the Hon. Mr Karpal Singh was in good company.

    The moral of this story is : You should be honoured if you are criticized, demonized and hunted by this lion of a man for he comes from a pedigree of self-serving liberals.

  56. Anonymous2:44 am

    Bila Nizar silap sebut itu Benggali pon ini Mr Karpal ada defend sama dia...

    Cuba bayang kalau yang tersasul tu bukan dari pakatan rakyat? Apa reaksi Mr Karpal kita ni?

  57. Anonymous3:08 am

    bro rational thinker,

    my gess is its due to the constant attack on Tun M by Karpal and ppl can decide as DAP is projected as anti Malays & Islam.. my observation is dat DAP is not trusted by most malays, indians and majority peace loving chinese, heheh...PR won by coincidence like most ppl say 'marriage of convenience' is always rocky( dun meant u bro Rocky) heheh.. i mite be wrong but i tink i'm rite, heheh..apo nak dikato..(",)
    I say man, the winds of change dat happened shows the ppl wants to change the PM and others pak turut but they dun want to change the govt with gud track records b4 PLah screwed up big time... Thats y bro Anwar kept saying he is patient, heheh..Bro Anwar...repent le..get out of the Illuminatus grips..pls! Another conspiracy theory...


  58. I agree - word for word

  59. Anonymous7:57 am

    let's put this way; most political parties in this country are racially motivated. the government should put an end to racial politics by stopping the formation of parties based on race. how not to be racists when your party is set up on that principle. until the people are more mature in handling race issues i dont think such parties should be allowed. because they would only spell doom for the country. yes, save one race but then in the process destroy the country what for??????
    that must be very stupid

  60. Anonymous8:23 am

    KAPAL ni tidak akan tengelam...

    why all this rabid attack on the singh duts...?

    How many people has kapal singh killed or exploded..?

    How much money has he cheated?

    How much Penang land has he swindled?

    Karpal is a snake and an opportunist?
    No i think you guys have your head in your rec-tum

  61. Anonymous8:38 am

    I agree with Mohd. Radzian's call: Does this letter come from a trustworthy source?

    Adakah surat ini boleh dipercayai segala kandungannya?

  62. Anonymous8:57 am

    Kesahihan surat ini kurang jelas.

    Ianya seolah-olah sekadar spekulasi dari penulisnya, yang ingin menjatuhkan sasarannya.

    Di mana bukti sokongannya?

    Tiada pun sehiris rujukan kepada akhbar-akhbar utama, misalnya.

    Andainya suatu artikel bersifatkan 'konspirasi' seperti ini ditulis mengenai Dr. Mahathir misalnya, atau mana-mana ahli politik, sudah tentu akan disyaki dan sukar diterima.

    Sekiranya motif surat ini adalah untuk membela martabat atau maruah Dr. Mahathir, sukar pula kerana meskipun Dr. Mahathir telah memberi sumbangan kepada negara beliau masih bukan seorang ahli politik bebas dari sebarang dosa sama sekali.

    Tapi yang pentingnya, sebelum kita berbuak-buak mencerca Karpal Singh tu, mari kita gunakan akal kurniaan Allah dengan sebaiknya untuk menganalisis dan mengupas isinya. Mari kita ikut cara Allahyarham Rustam A. Sani skit.

    Rakyat Malaysia tak harus bulat-bulat terpesong atau dipengaruh surat fitnah dari sini atau dari sana, terhadap ahli politik ini atau yang itu. Mari kita tentukan sama ada ianya munasabah atau tidak dahulu sebelum mempercayainya.


  63. Anonymous9:05 am

    If it is true Dr. Mahathir is equal parts Indian and Malay, how come he didn't fight for the welfare of the downtrodden among the other races, especially the most desperate class of Malaysians -- the Indians -- with equal vigour as he fought for the Malays?

    Hipokrit betul lah. Kalau Perdana Menteri Malaysia, kena lah pastikan tiada siapa dikalangan rakyat Malaysia yang susah, tak kiraa Melayu, India atau Cina.

    Also, if Anwar is friendly with Karpal, then okay lah. Furthermore, the person who destroyed Anwar's life was Mahathir, not Karpal.

    Mahathir has done some misdeeds and he was very autocratic. Maybe some of you may think being an autocrat is justified as long as the nation's welfare is looked after, but that is not the case! There are limits. And Mahathir may have done a lot of things which we don't know of. Foreign currency speculation with Daim and Yaakob, dan sebagainya.

    But, before we say anything, let us investigate Mahathir.

    No doubt it will be hard because the witnesses are also those who are culpable so it will be hard to get someone to speak out.

    But may justice be served for the country and its people. Let no wrongdoer escape, whether it is a petty thief or a former Prime Minister.

  64. Maybe Dr Adam Mahmood Nazrin should send the letter to the Sun. See whether Mr. Karpal will answer or not.

  65. Karpal like any other citizens of Malaysia has every right to express his opinion and or condemnation of government policies or to take up issues affecting the nation or society. But it does no mean that what he says and fight for is always correct. Sometimes he is right and we must be gracious enough to admit it.

    Sometimes we tolerate because we know it is for publicity stunt just like any other politicians (BN, PAS, PKR, DAP). When done in moderation the political landscape becomes lively but carried to the extreme it becomes a very devisive.

    But at times his stand is sheer rubbish and smack of hypocrisy.

    Why rubbish and hypocrisy? Because he intends to move a motion to censure a Judge for making remarks in court against his junior lawyer. People voted him in because they want him to fight for their rights in Parliament. Definitely not to fight for his legal firm's interest. As MP, his sacred responsibility and accountability is to his constituents and not his personal interest. People will judge him not whether he has the legal right to take it up as a parliamentary motion but whether he is MORALLY RIGHT.

    Again, why rubbish and hypocrisy? Because he had publicly accused DSAI of sexual misconduct and yet without any sense of shame gladly accepted DSAI offer to becomes his defense counsel.

    His stand on a particular issue at times is accepable and should be supported but the goodwill and gains that he gets from this has been completely negated and dampened by his many other hypocrisies.

  66. Anonymous12:44 pm

    Lim Kit Siang and Karpal speak on behalf of DAP. Whatever they said represented DAP's opinion. Hard to accept, but those are what DAP are all about, a racist party. It was shortsighted to say that only LKS and KS have that kind of opinion, and the rest especially the younger members of DAP have changed to a less racial lots. LKS and KS act as spokesperson of DAP to bash the Malays and Islam. They have spoken many times about boycotting the Swearing ceremony in Perak, anti Islamic state, anti songkok wearing, anti DEB etc. Every time they speak, is there anyone from DAP comment in contrast? NO!

    Many would act negatively when hearing Mahathir's name was mentioned, but very few think straight...! There are many others out there as bad OR worst...! They includes Abdullah Badawi, Anwar, LKS, Karpal, Hadi Awang, etc, etc and the list never ends...!

  67. Anonymous1:27 pm

    Salam Brother,

    APA pun yang ditulis tentang Karpal atau LKS orang akan SOAL SIASAT Dulu betul ke tidak. TAPI bila cakap pasal Pak Lah orang akan terima bulat bulat.

    Itulah hebatnya Fitnah. Orng Melayu fitnah Melayu, yang untung Orang DAP. Melayu tak sedar diri.
    Boleh boleh hapus Politik ala "bangsa" dengan syarat kalau betul betul nak Bangsa Malaysia, semua orang guna Bahasa Malaysia dalam semua urusan macam Indonesia. Di rumah, pejabat atau mana pun. Tiada lagi sekolah Cina India dan lain lain.

    Adakah semua BANGSA Malaysia sudah bersedia untuk ini? Dan lagi Orang Melayu sendiri adakah semua telah bersedia dan yakin boleh berdiri sama tinggi dan duduk sama rendah dengan bangsa lain? Kalau sudah. Baguslah.

    Hati hati dengan DAP ini. Mereka semua tak boleh dipercayai. Menang PRU 12 ada yang Panggang Babi dalam Blognya. Tapi apa nak buat, Orang Melayu pun sokong DAP. Sebab marahkan nyamuk se ekor kelambu dibakar.

    Elok juga lain kali kalau orang Melayu nak marah dengan BN atau Pak Lah atau Najib, semak betul betul fakta. Tanya betul ke cerita itu? Bukan terima bulat bulat.

    Ramai blogger yang tuduh UMNO yang tulis surat ini. UMNO juga yang kena. Kalau ada surat ceti untuk DAP pun mungkin UMNO juga yang kena.

    Jangan Benci sangat pada UMNO. Suka atau tidak UMNO berjasa pada kita semua. 50 tahun kita hidup Merdeka bawah UMNO. Ada sesiapa yang kebuluran selama 50 tahun ini dan yang telanjang bulat tak ada pakaian?

    Sebab terlalu BAIK nya BN lah kamu semua jadi macam ini. Ingat, jangan sampai Bangsa sendiri dan negara tergadai hanya kerana kamu semua sekarang pandai pandai belaka dan tak perlu pada UMNO atau BN lagi.

    Ingat dan hati hati. Dan jangan sayang sangat lah pada PR tu. Baru beberapa bulan pun di sini. Belum di uji lagi mereka sebenarnya. Cakap memang senang, mencaci, mengumpat, mengata, fitnah ini semua orang boleh buat tapi nak betul betul buat kerja untuk rakyat bukan senang.

    Kalau setakat nak bagi air free atau hapus saman (untuk orang yang langgar peraturan dan undang2) siapa pun boleh buat. Tapi selama berpuluh puluh tahun tak kan lah tak ada kebaikan BN langsun?

    Kamu semua pandai pandai belaka, fikirkanlah. Jangan biar marah, hasad, dengki, iri hati pada orang lain menguasai terlalu mendalam yang membakar jiwa raga sendiri.

    Fikirkan lah.. Percaya pada Karpal atau Pak Lah? Buat lah Solat Istiharah. Siapa agaknya yang kamu boleh percaya. Dan jangan lupa jasa Tun M pada kita semua. Jangan ajar anak kita kurang ajar pada pemimpin negara nanti satu hari mereka akan kurang ajar pada kita pula.

  68. Abdullah 2:54

    Hope you are not Pak Lah.

    I am sure you have some brain and able to get out of elegent silence and scripted speech reading to justify your conclusion/accusation of TDM.

    Mere partisan political moves doesn't justify that kind of accusation. You ned better than that?

    Is Pak lah any better? Remember Pat Lim, Idris Jusoh? Will Pak lah return the wang ehsan back after being demanded by the state, UMNO held state?

    TDM is justified for his action on Anwar. He is a traitor who works for the interest of the western power. Read Foundation for the future. Where is Anwar the Islamist and fighter for Islam now?

    Listen to his position on Lina Joy in Stephen Stupor's Hardtalk interview. He admited his close friendship with a neocon wolfowitz. How can you befriend the enemy of humanity and destroyer of nations?

    If it had be me instead of TDM, I would have cut his tongue and make tongue soup. It'll just end his continual utterance of lies and nonsense. TDM is still kind.

  69. Anonymous2:00 pm

    I think the perception of many groups that DAP is associated with "Malay bashing" is ludicrous.

    This sort of labelling is so rife in Malaysian politics and the mindset of people that it is saddening.

  70. Anonymous2:38 pm

    >>>>They have spoken many times about boycotting the Swearing ceremony in Perak, anti Islamic state, anti songkok wearing, anti DEB etc. Every time they speak, is there anyone from DAP comment in contrast? NO!<<<<

    Wrong. get your head out from that dark place..
    The whole of malaysia incl. DAP members were condeming him on that issue. Infact the DAP Perak asked him to fly wau ignored his orders to attend swearing in.

    Then he apologised to the Royals and conceded.

    Heheh not like your lot. First you give the thumbs up to the porkies then you spin it around and says "there ..see those guys now want to breed pigs". nice one. hantu pon lu. Tuhan pon lu.

  71. Anonymous3:26 pm

    Anonymous said...

    Karpal Singh is a great leader and a protector of Malay race. Please don't forget he stand and defend Anwar who is a Malay.

    Why do we still have so many ungrateful Malays?

    9:19 PM


    Since when this Kepala Pusing is a great leader and the protector of the Malay? What I know is he use this power crazy Malay Anwar to destroy the Malays!!! Sorry I'm not grateful to this crooked lawyer who is not grateful to himself and to the country.!! He is actually a great liar !!! Fork-tongue racist!!!


  72. Anonymous3:35 pm

    pak lah is leaving in denial! so as PR supporters! when the evidence is there, you will try as hard as you twist it! you will start blaming others! when nothing happen, say gov is corrupt! when something happen, u say the same thing also! corrupted person whether bn or pr or anyone such as anwar should be hanged!
    one thing for sure, corrupted leader n homosex guy should and cannot lead malaysia!

    malaysia boleh! ex-anwarist.

  73. Anonymous3:52 pm

    Blogger LIN LIANI said...

    Bro Rocky's bru:

    Saudara, adalah diharapkan jangan membiarkan orang-orang yang suka bermain sentimen perkauman berpeluang menulis bukan-bukan dalam blog saudara. padah akibatnya.

    Alangkah sedihnya ada penulis seperti nonymous 2:55 begitu bangga dengan berkata: sebab itu istilah amuk dalam buku kamus inggeris datangnya dari kata-kata melayu...

    Ini bererti hanya Melayu gemar amuk dan menjadi bangsa yang suka mengamuk. Tentu ini akan diketawakan bangsa lain.

    Blog saudara selama ini cukup berwibawa dan disegani. Harap jangan terus dicemari oleh manusia yang tidak berfikiran waras.

    Terima kasih daripada peminat setia anda.

    9:33 PM


    Saya mohon maaf pada Lin Liani
    jika komen saya menyentuh hatinya.

    Sebab Lin orang Melayu lah hati tu mudah terusik dek kata-kata yang mengguris.Cuma belum sampai ke tahap mengamuk...

    Saya timbulkan istilah 'amuk' bukan suka-suka dan bangga kerananya, itulah hakikat yang saya kutip dari bacaan tentang pandangan orang asing terhadap bangsa Melayu.

    Dan ia juga bukan bertujuan untuk membakar semangat perkauman. Ia sekadar kiasan memperingatkan nasib Melayu kepada kaum lain supaya janganlah selalu menjentik telinga orang Melayu kerana semuanya ada had dan batas.

    Orang Melayu seperti orang lain juga rasional manusianya tetapi kalau dia dihimpit hingga tidak boleh bernafas dia akan memberontak. Dia akan lupa diri.

    Tetapi orang Melayu di zaman orang putih dulu mengamuk kerana tanahnya dirampas, isterinya dilarikan, anak gadisnya dirogol atau kerbaunya dicuri.

    Jadi pada pilihanraya umum lalu, orang Melayu mengamuk dengan mengundi parti-parti bukan BN kerana dah tak tahan dengan telatah kerajaan pimpinan Abdullah yang lembab dan dikuasai oleh sanak saudara ipar duai dan handal taulannya, dan orang ini pernah tertidur di depan saya.

    Mereka tidak peduli lagi (lupa diri) apa pun keputusannya asalkan Abdullah dan kuncu-kuncunya tewas. Akibatnya ada negeri namanya dipimpin Melayu tetapi dikuasai orang lain. Tetapi Melayu ini puashati kerana dapat menjatuhkan Melayu yang satu lagi.

    Jadi hati2lah apabila kita menyebut nama Kepala Pusing, Lim Guan Eng dan bapaknya Lim Kit Malam dan lain2 nya, yang kononnya memperjuangkan hak rakyat Malaysia!! Tetapi hakikatnya hendak menghancurkan kedaulatan, hak dan maruah orang Melayu.



  74. Anonymous4:09 pm

    Karpal Singh is definitely an opportunist AND racist (and religious biggot), disguised in his verbose style and "loyar buruk"... one can easily see this on the issues he picked to highlight. He is the identical twin of Lim Kit Siang, and it is a matter of time before Malaysians get to see his/their true colors. Btw, BOTH are also busy putting up the foundations for their own petty dynasties, and we Malaysians just got thrilled watching!

  75. To me Karpal is a Baie or Bengalli, and we know they were not from Bengal originally but Punjab. Do not try to change the term to refer to Malaysian who wears a turban from originally Punjab.
    I was watching Seniman Bujang Lapook at three in the morning when S.Shgamsuddin said "apa lah itu Bengali....." so why change it now!

  76. Anonymous12:15 am

    Jangan lupa pula bahawa keturunan Karpal Singh Benggali inilah yang dihantar British untuk mematahkan pemberontakan orang Melayu seperti Maharajalela, Mat Kilau, Tok Janggut dan lain lain lagi........

  77. 'over my dead body' Karpal to Pas the anti Islamic State person who will fight till the end to stopPas Islamic State ambition and how BN leaders especially Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was so deaf and blind for being naive on why Malays and muslim votes for DAP candidates on 8 March 2008. Do they really voted for DAP with a full heart?. End of story, Malays was the laughing stock and DAP become the Imam for the two states they won.Why is Karpal, a devout punjabi who I am sure strictly follows his religion rules and way of life has so much hates or hatred towards Islam that for PAS to pronounce Malaysia as an Islamic States can only be achived at the expense of Karpal dead body or in other word, Karpal transfer to the other world.Any word about Islamic state Karpal will get 'heart attack' but wait a minute, aint punjabi religions originated partly from Islam?. Wasnt the Gurus learn for Islamic scholar and from the Quran? Wasnt the gurus adopt and agreed what was written in the Quran. Wasnt the Gurus finally decided that a new religion is born for the Punjab people that take part from the Quran, part from the Hindu religion and part from the other religion and come up with their own Kitab Suci. They also address thier god as Allah same as the Christian and in fact they dont have dietries in their temple. So why is Karpal has to be a man full of hates toward Islam? What if the Majority of Malays who are muslim and other races who are muslim or Malaysian Muslim that hold the majority of Malaysian citizen March and demanded an Islamic State rule and law? What will Karpal do?. Karpal should be glad that the majority of Muslim does not bother about pronoucing Malaysia as an Islamic states since a stable and caring goverment that maintain harmony among the people has reached and met the Islamic teaching, but dont poke us, patient cant be bought with dollars.Patient has a limit. Respect among each other is the key to harmony.There have been so many critism made to the Malays and to the muslim.There are many untrue excusation toward Islam the religion of peace. Issues on religion should be discuss professionally and intellectually but not with emotional. Emotions can ended up with wrong decission or wrong action. Once in a while the thougnt that Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is actualy working with DAP/PR to destroy UMNO did came across my mind oops it just a theory anyway, havent we heard of lalang!
    Why is that DAP and Pas can work with PKR. There are oppurtunist. Why must Anwar be the prime Minister in waiting, why not Hadi Awang or Lim Kit Siang or even Mr Karpal Singh!. Yes let Anwar be the prime minister in the waiting but who 's running the show?. Anwar? There was a story that Sukma confessed to Taib Azimuddin on the happenings between him and Anwar also the story that DAP or Karpal has evidence of the happenings. Infact go and ask the newspaper vendors who mostly are mamak or indian about the happenings, the reply was ' Kita sudah lama tau. Now back to the Prime Minisgter in Waiting, why was there no retaliation from LKS and Hadi?. In fact Hadi should be the Prime Minister in waiting becasue PAS is stronger than PKR or DAP. But why Anwar. DAP and PAS has the evidence of Anwar wrong doing especially the confession made by Sukma to Taib Azimudin, wallahulam. Let say it true, what will be the scenario. Anwars who want to be or must be the Prime Minister of Malaysia whether you like it or not will be the puppet PM for DAP and PAS. He cant really rule Malaysia with intergrity since he do have skeletons in his closet and part of the skeleton is with Karpal and Hadi. Gosh!

  78. Anonymous2:30 am

    anon 9.19pm,

    "karpal defended anwar and a protector of the malays..."???

    Hahaha....that is so cheap...

  79. so what, you shits? are you saying you prefer samy vellu? mahathir? ling liong sik? ong ka ting? khairy? wake up laaa, you are all poor. LKS and Karpal and Anwar have fought for us all their lives. im not a fan of islamic law but i dont think you're gonna see nik aziz and abdul hadi awang squander billions.

  80. Anonymous2:02 am

    There were many people that night in Federal Hotel. Most of hte DAP leaders were there. They were Karpal Singh, Lim Kit Siang, Chen Man Hin ands a few others. I can remember these few.

    Let see whether Karpal dasre to deny the facts. If he dares that tehn he is a great man! Then you must ask his boss Lim Kit Siang whether whether he could remember. Knowing him, he will say that he can not remember!

    Karpal bloodey fraud of the worst kind. Cakap tak serupa bikin is his motto for his life.

  81. Anonymous12:28 pm

    Kapal singh is more honest than that Pariahs - Mahathir and sons.

  82. Anonymous2:35 pm

    Let’s Send The Altantuya Murderers To Hell

    Posted by Raja Petra (of Malaysia Today fame)
    Friday, 25 April 2008

    Today, we shall not be talking about politics. We shall also not be talking about race or religion. Today, we shall talk about doing the human thing. Today, let’s discuss how to launch a ‘Justice for Altantuya: restore Malaysia’s dignity’ campaign. And let’s send those bastards who murdered Altantuya to hell where they belong.


    Raja Petra Kamarudin

    I had dinner with a few friends last night and on the way to the restaurant another good friend, Din Merican, phoned to fill me in on the details of Dr Setev Shaariibuu’s press conference that was held earlier that day. I listened as Din filled me in on what transpired and could not help but blurt out, “I am a father of two daughters. I can imagine what Shaariibuu must be feeling. Fucking assholes!”

    “I have three daughters,” Din responded. “These people are animals, bloody animals. Fuck them! Fuck them!” This is what I would call ‘at a loss for words’ -- and when you just have to say something but no words can fully describe how you feel, then ‘fuck’ is the only word you can use which will console you enough and make you feel you have expressed your anger and disgust in a most ‘appropriate’ manner.

    “Hey, don’t insult animals,” I replied. “Animals are cute. I love cats, dogs and horses. These people are worse than animals. Even animals will not do something like this.”

    “Even pigs can be cute,” my wife who was driving the car butted in and I repeated what she said. “Yes, even pigs are cute. These people are not even the same level as pigs. They are lower than pigs. Melayu babi, the whole lot of them.”

    I found it very difficult to hold back my tears as Din continued with his narration of what Dr Shaariibuu said at his press conference. Yes, I am a very emotional person as many may have suspected by now. But I can also be very stubborn and stiff-lipped as well when facing an adversary, as the Special Branch officers from Bukit Aman have discovered. I am what the Malays would call ‘marah nyamuk, bakar kelambu’. And I would not hesitate to deny my body food and water as an act of defiance just to prove to my jailors that they may incarcerate my body but they can never own my mind or break my spirit. But hearing what Dr Shaariibuu had to say ‘broke’ me. Even my degil got tamed.

    “Let’s bring these bastards down,” I told Din. “Let’s launch a ‘Justice for Altanatuya: restore Malaysia’s dignity’ campaign’ or something like that. These assholes must be sent to hell.”

    Understandably, much of the dinner conversation thereafter was focused on the Altantuya murder. What was most amusing -- not that I would classify this tragic murder as ‘amusing’ -- is that none at the dinner table are lawyers by profession. But all were able to skilfully ‘argue their case’ as any seasoned lawyer with decades of litigation experience under his or her belt can -- or maybe even better than that because not all lawyers are smart (trust me on this one). I always say you need brains to become a lawyer but you do not need to be a lawyer to have brains.

    Sure, ‘certified’ lawyers would pooh-pooh such ‘coffee shop’ arguments as just that, coffee shop arguments. And have we not overheard and scoffed at many an ‘expert’ at the next table offering his or her legal prognosis to all and sundry who would care to listen? Yes, opinions are like assholes -- everybody has one.

    But there are opinions and there are opinions -- and, just like assholes, no two are alike. So, while we value the expert opinions of our ‘learned’ legal eagles (yes, that is what they call each other in court even though they may be arguing -- how civil), we too have conducted our own trial by court of public opinion and we have already arrived at our verdict even while the Altantuya murder trial is halfway through and long before we can see the end of what many consider a show-trial in a kangaroo court.

    Of course, we are not at liberty to say this as this may tantamount to subjudice or contempt of court or something like that (the courts have all sorts of fancy words and phrases to throw at you when they want to send you to jail whenever you differ with their opinion). So I would never dare state that the Altantuya murder trial ‘a show trial in a kangaroo court’ for fear of getting sent to jail. All I am at liberty to say is that many consider the Altantuya murder trial a show-trial in a kangaroo court and leave it at that without declaring whether I too share the opinion of the majority of Malaysians (not sure whether that statement can still get me sent to jail).

    Anyway, back to the dinner last night and to what all those ‘self-made lawyers’ who never argued even one case in court their entire life had to say. As I said, neither they nor I am a lawyer but I have attended a decade of trials and hearings since the birth of Reformasi in 1998 and my ‘practical experience’ has exposed me to much of what goes on in court. And all I can say is that, and I repeat, while you need brains to become a lawyer, you really do not need to be a lawyer to have brains, as my dinner friends proved last night.

    It was a long dinner and much was discussed and everyone had an opinion plus, as I said, all skilfully ‘argued their case’. However, to avoid this piece turning into a fifty-page thesis, which may see me getting an honorary law degree (or see me getting sent to jail), allow me to summarise how the ‘case’ was argued last night.

    First concerns the Affidavit that Razak Baginda submitted to the court during his bail application hearing in the Shah Alam High Court. Justice Segera had initially cautioned Razak’s lawyer that there was no necessity in submitting an Affidavit since it was only a bail application hearing and, anyway, bail is not allowed in murder cases. But the lawyer insisted in pursuing the matter in spite of repeated warnings from the Judge. So the Judge had no choice but to accept the Affidavit as it is the right of the accused to defend himself/herself the way he/she sees fit.

    Justice Segera then read the Affidavit and remarked that, after reading it, he is even more convinced that Razak is guilty. How then to grant bail, notwithstanding the fact that bail should automatically be denied anyway in cases of murder? Justice Segera was then immediately removed from hearing the case and was replaced by a junior judicial commissioner.

    Note that Justice Segera is a senior Judge and the most suited to hear this very controversial and high-profile case. Was he removed because he had prejudged the case or because he was now privy to certain information that may influence his decision or because they want to ‘kill’ the Affidavit?

    This was the first bone of contention. Karpal Singh, who is holding a watching brief on behalf of Altantuya’s family, then raised this matter during the trial and he asked the police officer on the stand as to why they did not investigate the Affidavit since much has been revealed in that document. The police officer replied that they did not investigate the Affidavit because ‘tidak ada arahan dari atas’ (so instructions from the top).

    This further enhances the belief that there is some very damaging evidence in that Affidavit and which the government is trying to hide. The fact that the Affidavit exists and Karpal raised the matter in court and the police did not deny it -- other than explain they did not investigate it because of no instructions from the top -- convinces most that something is amiss here.

    It seems the Affidavit also reveals that Altantuya was camped outside Razak’s house and this caused him to panic. He then went running to Najib, and Rosmah summoned Najib’s ADC, Musa Safri, and instructed him to solve Razak’s problem. Musa then summoned the two police officers currently on trial. So, it appears like Razak and the two police officers are not the only ones involved. Najib, Rosmah and Musa have also been implicated in this entire thing. And why the need for the police officer to declare that he had already killed six people before this if murder was not what was on everyone’s mind?

    Then the Attorney-General did a very strange thing. Just before the trial started, he made a public announcement that only three people and no others are involved in the murder. This is not only strange but highly irregular as well. It is not the Attorney-General’s job to determine this. This is for the court to decide. Furthermore, the trial had not even started yet so how does the Attorney-General know what is going to surface in the trial? No one has testified yet and until all the testimonies are heard who knows who else is involved and whether the three accused who on trial are even guilty or not? The Attorney-General made it appear like he knows the outcome of the trial even before the trail commenced? How not to feel that the trial is a show-trial?

    The Sunday morning before the trial was supposed to start, I received a SMS that said the charges against Razak would be withdrawn. At 4.00pm, I received another SMS saying that the entire team of prosecutors will be replaced because they did not agree to drop the charges against Razak. The following morning, the new prosecutor requested a one-month postponement on the excuse that he had just that very morning been told he is taking over the case so he needs time to study the files. The judge gave them a two-week postponement. The SMS may have been inaccurate but the actions thereafter lent credence to the SMS. And this SMS was from a Deep Throat in the Attorney-General’s Chambers so I am not about to just dismiss it as lies and slander.

    The next point is about where Altantuya’s remains were found, which was deep in the jungles. The three accused deny killing Altantuya yet the police knew exactly where to go to look for the remains. How did the police know where to go when the three denied killing her? Did they use a bomoh? Was there an informer? No, the police just happen to know that deep in the jungles they would find Altantuya’s remains without anyone having to tell them.

    It makes one wonder whether the police knew where to go because it is a ‘gazetted dumpsite’ where all ‘bumped off’ people are disposed. Does this then mean that the two police officers on trial alongside Razak are police hit men whose job it is to bump people off and then get rid of their bodies at that site where they retrieved Altantuya’s remains? This, of course, remains mere speculation but there is certainly cause for speculation and the evidence all seem to point to this assumption.

    The whispering amongst those who walk in the corridors of power is that when they went to the ‘dump site’ they retrieved the remains of many others as well. Some say it was the remains of seven people and others say nine. So Altantuya was not the first. There were many others before this, almost ten judging by the remains.

    This, of course, has never been made public and probably never will. So, until it is, we must assume that the ‘whispering’ is unfounded. But then, what about Razak’s Affidavit we talked about earlier, which stated that the police officer had admitted to killing six people before this. This would then make Altantuya the seventh victim. Against this backdrop, the ‘whispering’ about the police retrieving the remains of seven or nine people begins to sound like very loud whispers.

    Many other ‘key issues’ raised by my non-lawyer friends, who all argued as if they were conducting the Altantuya murder trial, were matters such as how Altantuya’s immigration records could be erased from the Immigration computers, the letters Najib wrote to the Malaysian embassy supporting Altantuya’s visa application, the photograph of Altantuya, Najib, Razak and Kalimullah taken during Altantuya’s birthday party in the Mandarin Hotel in Singapore, and much more.

    Rumour has it, and it remains just that, a rumour, is that all this ‘evidence’ has been given to Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Okay, maybe Abdullah is using this information to keep Najib in line -- which appears to be working seeing that he is constantly licking Abdullah’s hand. But this is not about politics and should not be dealt as such. This is about the Prime Minister of Malaysia withholding crucial evidence in a murder trial. Abdullah is an accessory to murder and burying evidence that will affect the outcome of the trial and interfere in seeing justice done renders Abdullah as guilty as those currently on trial and those who also should be on trial but are not.

    I really wish I could write about all the above which was discussed by those at the dinner table last night. Unfortunately, since the trial is still ongoing, I will not be able to talk about any of these matters. The best I can do is relate what those at the dinner table discussed last night and leave it at that without giving my opinion. And the above is what was discussed by those who are not lawyers and never once in their lives argued any case in court.

    Of course, since all these people are not lawyers, most of what they said is based purely on logic and not on points of law. It is actually quite ridiculous that people not tutored in matters of law would attempt to dissect and analyse the Altantuya murder trial and pass judgement as if they are trained and certified lawyers. Anyway, as I said, opinions are like assholes and every one has one so we should not take too much notice of what my dinner friends said last night. Meanwhile, read what my friend, Din Merican, e-mailed to me this morning:

    In ancient times, nations go to war at the slightest provocation. In the 21st century, fortunately, we are more civilised than our progenitors, although there are still exceptions. After all, we are members of the United Nations and, I am told, we subscribe to the UN Declaration on Human Rights. Yet, we in Malaysia, treat foreign nationals with total disregard for compassion and human decency. Are we a bunch of cynics? I wonder.

    Take the case of the beating-up of the Indonesian karate/judo coach and the brutality towards, and extortion of, Indonesian guest workers by Rela, the murder of a Mongolian national, etc. Is the way we deal with our neighbours and other nation states? I wonder whether we are a nation of laws or a country run on the basis of the law of the jungle.

    Our Prime Minister, Badawi, and his Foreign Minister (at that time Syed Hamid) did not have the courtesy to reply to the letters from their counterparts in Ulan Bator, Mongolia, seeking a fair trial and justice for the family of the late Altantyua Shaariibuu. Too busy maybe? Surely not!

    It is going to be tragic for Malaysia’s image if the Altantuya family cannot get justice for the brutal murder of their loved one. How can we blow to smithereens a human being, someone’s loved one, and a mother to two young children, using an explosive which is only utilised in times of war to destroy bunkers, bridges and buildings? This is unheard off anywhere in the world. This case, therefore, has a lot of international implications, especially when the deed was done by ‘servants’ of this country.

    We are being viewed as arrogant by the Indonesians, Thais, Singaporeans, as well as by many of our neighbours. Now, we add to this list the Mongolians. How indecent and irresponsible of the PM and his Foreign Minister for not even acknowledging the receipt of letters from their Mongolian counterparts. Who are we protecting?

    There is no point in Badawi trying to convince us that his Administration is keen to restore the image of the judiciary. He cannot even fix his own Police Force and the AG’s Office. Frankly, Malaysians should have sent Badawi and his cohorts in BN out of office in the last general election.

    The mainstream media is just hopeless in the cause of justice for Altantuya and dignity for Malaysia. Malaysians and civil society movements must now pressure the Badawi government to expose the real culprit behind this murder and bring to closure this long and costly trial. Let justice prevail and let us put an end to the culture of impunity, where the powerful and politically connected are above the Law.

    As a father of six kids (of whom three are girls, including a 16-year old) and a grandfather, I feel for Dr. Setev Shaariibuu and his family. I was at the press conference on April 24 at the Office of Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim and I personally saw the agony on Dr. Shaariibuu’s face.

    It is time for Malaysians to push this issue and not allow the murderers who walk in the corridors of power to get away with this vile and evil deed unscathed. It is time to ‘storm the Bastille’. It is time we sent these sorry excuses for human beings to hell where they deserve to be.

    Note: People, everydog has his day (viz, myself) beseech you to visit Raja Petra's MALAYSIA TODAY website for more info.

  83. Anonymous4:19 pm

    To the bloody racist coward who made a remark about Punjabi's:

    It's easy to make remarks on the internet (in the comfort of your home, with your sister under the table!), but if you have the balls (which I have no doubt that you don't ), I challenge you to say it face 2 face in front of a Punjabi. (doesn't matter if its a male or female, it shouldn't be any problem beating up a prick like you!)