Friday, March 14, 2008

Chua tells Ka Ting to step down

15/40 and 31/90, so Ong must sack himself. Chua Jui Meng, the former Health Minister, has urged MCA President Ong Ka Ting to resign over the party's poor showing in PRU12. MCA won 15 our of 40 parliament seats and 31 out of 90 state seats it contested. Back in 2004, it was 31/40 and 70/90.

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  1. Anonymous11:45 am

    Bro, what happened to Sang Kelembai?

  2. Hello everyone out there, can anyone of you tell me where to go to register on MALAYSIA TODAY??? I too would like to leave some comments on that website. Sorry Rocky not that I think less of your blog. Believe me I open your blog at least 3 times a day.

  3. Anonymous2:35 pm

    send an email to

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    i think here kot kalu nak register ke malaysia today,>

  5. Anonymous3:09 pm

    diverman69, u can try to register to malaysia today here:

  6. Anonymous3:20 pm

    Yes, I agreed with CJM that OKT should quit. Everyone knows OKT declined cabinet post to save his skin and gain Chinese sympathy. I am one Chinese who have no sympathy for MCA for less post in cabinet because all the senior MCA fellas are very rich (I always asked my wife where they got the money and my wife always gave me the evil eye that I am so naive) and having them in cabinet is of no use 'cos they are only interested in self enrichment, not nation building.

    However I disagreed with CJM that if experienced MCA fellas were to contest, MCA will do better. Who is CJM kidding? Chinese had reached a stage where PAS is better than MCA so what makes him think experienced MCA fellas can make a difference. Ask Dato Lee Hwa Beng why he lost to a 3 week old politician. Subang, Kelana Jaya, Klang area and Penang are examples of Chinese rejection of MCA (old face or fresh face). To be fair, the rot started with Tun Ling Liong Sik but did OKT did anything to stop the rot? I think the Chinese votes told us the answer already.

  7. Anonymous6:08 pm

    OKT better quit. He's so kecut to say anything against UMNO. And his brother, Ong Ka Chuan is another leader who should not be Cabinet Minister. Look at what he said in the Perak fiasco. He's biadab to Sultan Perak. Should be taken disclipinary action by BN.

  8. Anonymous6:21 pm

    I've wrote before the election all over that PAS is double-face. It is only interested in gaining as much ruling power as it can and will say anything to gain that power. It's a party that is based on racial, religious and ultra-nationalism (of a supreme Islamic nation-state) politics and hence will forever stands in contradiction to a mature and progressive of truly democratic Malaysia in the future that promotes true equality and liberation for all. I don't think it's too late to rectify this grave mistake of having Pas in the Opposition coalition in the first place as I believe if Anwar & Keadilan plus DAP stands firm with their conviction (I applauded Anwar's and DAP brave stand against NEP); there is great potential for Anwar to intensify the effort of changing the mindset of brainwashed Malays. Especially from the ordinary population; who are still brainwashing into supporting the undemocratic and unjust NEP and "Ketuanan Melayu" ideology. For many educated Malays NEP is no more relevant since many have been exposed to liberal and progressive democracy system and human rights in the west. And they are the ones who might be able to influence their parents from the rural Malay population particularly.

    And to also have in mind that UMNO is going to play more dirty in the next election by having "indigenous/bumiputera/Malay" identity as constructed from religion rather than race. This's the reason for Chandra Muzaffar's dirty and deceitful outburst against Anwar; in order to prepare the groundwork for enabling Indian Muslims to gain such "indigenous" identity in exchange for loyalty and support for Umno. Whilst enriching themselves of course with all the privileges. This is also very dangerous for the opposition as this will enable UMNO to buy increase voting support for UMNO in the next election. Besides granting citizenship to Muslim migrant workers from Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Indonesia and Filipino, Burmese and Southern Thai Muslim refugees including in Sarawak and Sabah in order for that increase votes and loyalty to Umno (why also the big winning in Sabah and Sarawak for BN). So I fully support the bravest and wisest opposition leader of all, Lim Kit Siang for taking such a firm stand against Pas on the issue of MB Perak's position. Besides, there you can see how greedy for power and double-face Pas is; they already gain two states of Kedah and Kelantan. Why can't they back-off and compromise from the Perak MB issue if they're genuinely co-operating with the coalition partners especially since DAP won the most seats anyway? I never trust Pas and never will; because I've grown up and realize true democracy and universal human rights that cuts across race, religion and ultra-nationalism are the greatest rewards for humanity. Particularly in a world dominated by greed, arrogance and selfishness. And as long as the capitalist system and class rules the world and humanity! And male politicians including from the opposition; please do listen and take advise from the women sometimes!

    Noor Aza Othman

  9. Anonymous7:12 pm

    Chua has been talking cock so to speak. He should examine what he had contributed during his prime time as the formal Health Minister. So many blunders in the health ministry, general hospitals not forgeting all the banned toxic substances the public has been consuming. During Nipah virus outbreak so many pig farmers suffered, died and gone broke and what this great AH MENG has been doing?! Formal PM had to step over as part time Health Minister to give him a hand.

    It is unfortunate that Chua Soi Lek stepped down as HM. He has contributed so much in his short 4 years term as Health Minister compare to this long service Ah Meng. Banned certain chinese medicine, banned illegal substances in yellow noodle, banned growth hormone in pig farming, encourage healthy eating less sugar less fat, making history by visiting more than 100 hospital nation wide to find out the problems (no a single HM ever did that in the Malaysia Book of Record) and the list goes on. Of course let's forget about what he did in the hotel room as he was framed by some MCA enermies.

    Good man gone early. Tok cock make you to the top. Now Ah Meng the opportunist trying to pull down his old enermy. Hantu hantam sama hantu.

  10. Thanks for the info guys. Will get in touch with people concerned soonest. Much appreciated

  11. Anonymous10:42 pm

    There is a rumour on the ground level that chua's supporters and camp SABO the bakri parliament candidate, also SABO big time the Bentayan State candidate.

    and now he tells ppl to step down for loosing big time?

    he should just shut the fuck up as he has contributed nothing.

    also word from the ground level is that this guy has cheated fellow christians and that guy passed away in regrets.

    chua, shut the fuck up!

  12. way forward, Chua Jui Meng should advice Ong family to disolve MCA and all members join PKR.

    if all having difficulties in quiting or get fired, all they need to do is book one cheap hotel and make movies lah...

    tested and proven, movies are good hit even if donkeys and monkeys are featured mah...

    correct or not?

  13. Anonymous10:54 am

    First AAB, now OKT. It will be interesting to watch them slug it out among themselves till their respective general assemblies.

    Let party members decide if they should be held responsible for leading their respective parties down the path of irrelevance.

    That is if someone in the party actually has the b*lls to insist that the president's post should be contested.

  14. Anonymous11:57 am

    i still have a great deal of respect for Chua, one of the few individuals of integrity that used to be in the MCA, and the organization could not stand men like him because it mirrored the filth in them.

    take a good look at how far MCA has fallen and a good place to start such reflection is tthe wise words of Chua. it is not to late to acknowledge your greed and pride and take the road less travelled, the road of humility and grace

  15. Anonymous12:47 pm

    AH MENG,

    Please shut up and confess. The more your speaks the more disgrace you become.

    I am a member of Pulai Spring Golf Course owned by your relative. Market value from S$30,000 to $0.00. Big Thank You to your relatives.
    Please clean up your act and return the money all back to the society at least!


  16. Anonymous7:25 pm

    Can relevant someone also go and dig out Ah Meng's connection during the construction of the new Sungai Buluh Hospital? In fact many new hospitals around the country were awarded before 2004 Election. You might find even more dirt there too.

  17. Anonymous10:17 pm

    All members of the previous administration (menteri, timbalan menteri, ahli parlimen, ADUN, pegawai2 kecik) should be marched to the nearest river bank and executed! Make thay pay for the cost incurred. FUCK ALL OF THEM NOW