Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Strong winds in Kelantan and Terengganu

A Political weather report

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 27 (Bernama) -- Strong northeasterly winds of 40-50km per hour and rough seas with waves of up to 3.5 metres over the coastal waters off Kelantan and Terengganu are expected to occur from today until Friday.
The Meteorological Department said in a statement that the condition was dangerous to small crafts, sea recreational activities and sea sports.

I found this brief piece on the weather after reading another article on Bernama quoting Awang Adek Hussin as saying that Kelantan would miss out on the RM112 billion foreign investments if the state continues to be ruled by PAS. Read here.
Kelantan may not be able to attract part of the RM112,000 billion to be pumped in by foreign investors for projects under the East Coast Economic Corridor (ECER) if the state continues to be led by PAS, Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Dr Awang Adek Hussin said.
Terengganu and Pahang would get the investments instead because they had credible state governments, he said.
"Foreign investors study the capability of the state government first before making their investments," he said when launching the supplementary BN manifesto for the Pasir Puteh parliamentary constituency in Cherang Ruku yesterday.

Awang Adek has been promised the Menteri Besar post if Barisan Nasional re-captures Kelantan in next month's general election. But like the strong winds warning in the report above, the political weather report for the East Coast should serve as a warning to Awang Adek that it is dangerous to assume that Terengganu will continue to have a "credible" state government after the GE.

Pahang is out of the Opposition's reach, but not Terengganu.


  1. Anonymous3:00 pm

    You mean?? RM122 BILLION confirmed already? Aiya, itu pun mau tipu. Hard to believe that this Awang was with Bank Negara at one time.

    Was it same time as when some forex trader lost RM15 billion for Malaysia betting against the sterling?

  2. Anonymous3:15 pm


    Awang Adek is a good man. I hope he wins. Maybe a couple more guys like Tokpa and Awie. Am not sure about the rest though. The moon over Kelantan is not easily covered by the Gelombang Biru. Awang Adek knows that and he has to work really, really hard.

    And Terengganu should worry and not keep making statements as if they are sure winners!


  3. Anonymous3:24 pm


    Siapa yang menabur angin
    Dia akan menuai badai.

    Melayu Grik

  4. Anonymous3:27 pm

    Hopefully the strong wind will take awang and konco-konconya to the sea.

    Itu lah pemimpin2 barisan nasional yang suka berjanji, nak menang pilihanraya macam tu laa.

    Awas kelantanese, make sure no bangla, vietnam, indon or thai people on the polling day.

  5. Anonymous3:34 pm

    Someone please help check and confirm from Sarawak Borneo Post's posting that this Ting PK fella announce this highway from Miri Airport to Brunei costing RM 100 BILLION??? Could not believe my eyes and till now still dumbstruck.

  6. Anonymous3:51 pm


    All the promises will be gone with the wind.

    Look at trengganu> Who benefit from the project? local or cronies.

  7. Anonymous3:51 pm


    All the promises will be gone with the wind.

    Look at trengganu> Who benefit from the project? local or cronies.

  8. Anonymous4:22 pm

    the excerpt says 112,000 billion rather than 112 billion. 112,000 billion is 112 trillion. wow, the numbers thrown up in the air.

    why should you punish a state just because an opposition party rules it. BN treats the money from foreign investment like its own piggy bank.

  9. Anonymous4:25 pm

    Kelantan may not be able to attract part of the RM112,000 billion to be pumped in by foreign investors for projects under the East Coast Economic Corridor (ECER) if the state continues to be led by PAS, Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Dr Awang Adek Hussin said.

    Isn't that a blatant BLACKMAIL?

  10. Rocky,
    Ask them what is it that the current state government cannot do that the other state government can do better?
    We don't want to be another Trengganu where only a certain Patrick can do anything even to the construction of a mosque or to fly the kites for Kelantan. (Since Monsoon Cup is already for Terengganu)

  11. Anonymous4:28 pm

    Wah...this MB wanna-be is trying to blackmail Kelantanese voters is it? This is typical of BN's style of intimidation, blackmail and threats to the rakyat. I do hope that the rakyat are not easily fooled by his statement.

  12. Anonymous4:38 pm

    It is also very dangerous to assume that Pahang is out of Opposition's reach..I would like to see Pahang to be governed by the Opposition for one term~ Let see if there will be any difference from last 8 years since Adnan took over.Look at Terengganu,BN has woken up from 1999 experience,and work hard to develop the state~ Sometimes it is good to lose some but gain more at the end rite!

  13. Same as anon. Another proverb...

    If you worship money as your god, it will haunt you like the devil.

  14. Anonymous4:47 pm

    everywhere its hundreds of billions. cronies must be salivating. usual 30% crony leakage, you can just imagine how many billions will be milked from the pockets of the rakyat. no wonder, the ex-MB of Sabah can afford to lose millions in the casino tables in London. thats BN for you.

  15. Anonymous4:49 pm





  16. Anonymous4:53 pm

    What is PAS trying to do?

    I saw a news report on Spore's Channel NewsAsia last night that PAS has lodged a police report over Rafidah's nomination and that it had also written a letter of complaint to the Sultan of Perak.

    If the report is correct, I would ask what PAS hopes to achieve by making a police report and writing to the Sultan? Why get the Palace involved?

    If PAS is serious, it should apply for an immediate High Court injunction to bar Rafidah's nomination and name the Election Commission as the defendant.

    Not resort to some mickey-mouse tactics!

  17. Anonymous5:06 pm


    Ramai rakyat Kelantan berlumba2 balik mengundi untuk memastikan BN tetap tidak mampu menawan Kelantan.

    Rakyat Kelantan mempunyai persepsi yang agak unik dari segi politik. Sebagai contoh, pakcik saya sendiri merupakan penyokong kuat BN, tetapi PAS yang dipangkah semasa pilihanraya. Unik bukan.

    Sila rujuk tulisan Drs Saiful Bahrin Mohamad - Sejarah politik Kelantan.

  18. Anonymous5:44 pm

    Gen2, i'm with u..
    i hope the strong wind will bring down and take away Awang and "KAWAN 3:15pm".....


  19. If Kelantan were to be won by BN Tengku Razaleigh should have been engaged from the very beginning and to be made relevant, and I often wonder how these BN parvenu strategise! Small minds big ambition, sigh!

  20. Anonymous6:25 pm

    I'd like to say GTH to Awang Adek.
    When he said attact foreign investor, does he mean the company which is supposed to work with kelantan government in developing Kelantan Oil but BN manage to scare them away?

    He must be out of his mind.
    But that is understood, BN people neven think twice before they say anything.

  21. Awang Adek used the words "may" and "would". He is talking about potential investments. Get that understood!

    He is not blackmailing anybody, he is stating his view! Get that understood too.

  22. Anonymous7:48 pm

    it is foretold in the stars and reading the astological signs this year of the rat, it is ominous the BN will lost both Kelantan and Trengganu to PAS. They will survive by a slim margin in Pahang though. Those who win the elections are expected by the god to do good deeds to their fellow men no matter what size and shape they come in, purple, yellow, green or blue. Say amen to the good heavens. Thanks for the rich harvest.May the stars be with you all this GE12.

  23. Anonymous9:10 pm

    Wanted to know something...the new Government to be is to creat Rich become Richer...and Poor become poorer....

  24. Anonymous9:28 pm

    Spore's Channel NewsAsia's Prime Time News at 7:00 PM tonight (Feb 27) in its Msia election coverage reported that Nurul Izzah had denied that she would step down if elected in Lembah Pantai and pave the way for her father to stand in a by-election.

    She said this when challenged by Shahrizat who said that Anwar is making a mockery of the election system by asking his daughter to step down if elected.

    And there was a good report on S Pusphaneela, the wife of detained Hindraf 5's Manoharan, campaigning on his behalf in the Kota Alam Shah state seat. She made an eloquent plea for the voters to support her husband.

    Also, there was Koh Tsu Koon challenging Jeff Ooi on whether the latter knew what has been achieved by the SMEs in Penang. All on prime time Spore TV!

    This is getting interesting! But we have to watch it on a Spore TV channel, which most of the folks in southern Johor can receive anyway.

  25. Anonymous9:55 pm

    NEVER LET BN TO WIN IN KELANTAN AND TERENGGANU ! PLZ MAKE IT SURE.... WORK WORK WORK... a good government should not monopoly all seats. they have prooved their material developement but not in human spirituality. Too much social problem ! should BN win in kelantan and terengganu ?

  26. Anonymous10:57 pm

    Know what a Malay from Kelantan said over a cup of kopi on the Eastern Economic Corridor? Well, vast tracts of lands will have to be acquired from the Malay landowners, who for years have been cultivating the lands for perpetuity and a sure source of income from their agricultural produce. Sure, the owners will be compensated when the lands are acquired by the BN cronies for "development" purposes. The monies paid out will not last long, as my learned Malay friend lamented, "Orang Melayu tidak pandai simpang wang." The paid outs will be gone in no time. Without lands for cultivation, they have to work for the industries (development) as wage earners, in particular as chefs, waiters/waitresses, etc as there will be lots of hotel and tourism related industries along the east coast. So now they are no more their own towkays but pure lowly paid wage earners. They can no longer call the shots and have negotiating powers like in the past when they cultivate their own lands when BTW this will ensure a constant income that will last forever as long as the land is theirs. As wage earners, they are laible to be sacked and without financial security for their future generations.So is the EEC a good option for these people in the east coast? Who stands to benefit most?

  27. Anonymous11:36 pm

    tula, cuba tgk kat sini

  28. Anonymous9:26 am

    awang adek... u talk rots.. 112 Billion FDI to Kelantan... u are crazy! wanna scare Kelantan abt ECER.. Mahathir said this is all talk until the physical is done, let's wait and see..


    To my Chinese & Indian brothers, have you read the PKR manifesto just released by Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim ? IS THIS MANIFESTO NOT WHAT WE IN THE MINORITY OF MALAYSIAN SOCIETY BEEN WAITING FOR THE LAST 50 YEARS ? We have at last FOUND A TRUE MALAYSIAN LEADER, who by the manifesto that he has put out for this election solemnly STANDS his ground that Malaysia has been retarded by the NEP policy that was extorted by UMNO and by the complicity of the MCA & MIC the two parties that have SOLD OUT our Chinese & Indian RIGHTS.

    Today we see the rise of a true son of Malaysia, Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim, THIS IS THE FIRST TIME IN ALL OF 50 YEARS OF MALAYSIAN INDEPENDENCE THAT A MALAY LEADER OF DATO SERI’S STANDING AND STATURE WHO HAS COME OUT AND SAID IN PLAIN & COURAGEOUS WORDS THAT UMNO’S NEW ECONOMIC POLICY IS AS ARCHAIC AND NON PRODUCTIVE AS THE EXTINCT DINAUSAURS. This is the first time in all of our brief history that a leader of Dato Seri’s stature who has the courageous to utter that FORBIDDEN WORDS “No more RACE POLITICS “; and I say that these words from dato Seri Anwar “cracks the air like the boom of a canon”. Dear Chinese & Indians we must all (including SAMY VELLO & THAT OKT) must vote for Dato Anwar.

    The most important words in his manifesto is his promise that MALAYSIAN LAW MUST BE ENFORCED AND ALL CONTRACTS WILL BE ENFORCED ACCORDING TO LAW. This as I had argued in my past posts is the most important PROMISE because as I have tried to bring to public attention the criminalities of Judge Zainon binti Mohd. Ali vis a vis my wife’s petition WHICH JUDGE ZAINON BINTI MOHD. ALI HAD TRIED TO STRIKE OUT AND SHE THOUGHT THAT SHE HAD STRUCK OUT BUT BECAUSE SHE IS SO ILLETERATE IN THE LAWS THAT IN TRUTH SHE FAILED TO EFFECT WHAT SHE WANTED TO DO (ie. TO STRIKE OUT MY WIFE’S PETITION). She failed and she does not know why she had failed. This is the incompetence of a Malaysian judge of the highest court, THE MALAYSIAN COURT OF APPEAL. My wife’s petition is still alive but it has been put in a state of comatose because the judges of Malaysia do not know that it is still a live Petition and biggest laugh of all is that my wife’s solicitors M/s Lim & Hoh of Ming Building of Jalan Bukit Nanas, KL is in complicity acting with Judge Zainon binti Mohd. Ali to BURY MY WIFE’S PETITION. THE MALAYSIAN JUDICIARY & MALAYSIAN BAR COUNCIL are all WHAT JOKES ARE MADE OF.

    There cannot be a modern society if the laws of that society is not enforced and in Malaysia you can buy a positive decision by bribes and what can you say of that society ? I am convinced that Dato Seri has gone through very profound philosophical SEARCH FOR THE TRUTH while he languished in PRISON on trumped up charges and UNJUSTLY CONVICTED BY A CORRUPT COURT AND BY JUDGES WHO ARE UNETHICAL AND IMMORAL.

    Dear Chinese & Indian brothers, I say to you to vote in one block all out Chinese & Indian votes for the opposition and it does not matter that you vote for PAS, DAP or Keadilan. Vote opposition my dear Chinese & Indina brothers.

  30. If BN resorts to such blatant blackmail, it must be really desperate!

    Lies, blackmail and what else now?

  31. Anonymous1:27 pm

    Wat the Fxxx this B(a)wang talking about??Look at the IDR,hantu pun takda satu..all these corridors are just the corridors of dream.I believe Kelantanese not day dreamers,they want something that already proven to be their future guidance.The time has come to teach UMNO,especially our Sleeping Beauty PM to wake up from his day dream.

  32. Anonymous6:12 pm

    Read Tun Dr Mahathir's interview ("Najib understands problems better") with the Spore TODAY newspaper, Feb28. The link is:

    Some of TDM's replies to the interviewer (Nazry Bahrawi) questions:

    - there are a lot of negative things that are not in the report card (referring to the BN report card). For example, lots of money is being lost, the prestige of the nation has gone down, and the fact is a lot of people cannot find work or business in the country. They have to go elsewhere.

    - Islam Hadhari has caused a lot of confusion. There is only one Islam and now they are told that they are followers of Islam Hadhari or modern Islam as if it is a new religion....The amount of money involved (in the various development corridors) is fantastic. It goes into trillions of ringgit and it will happen over a period of maybe 10 to 20 years. So, these are promises. Anybody can make promises.

    - I think that if you follow them (referring to Hishamuddin or KJ playing a bigger role in Umno after the elections), it will be disastrous for the party.

    - ...So, Anwar Ibrahim is no longer the great hero that he was thought to be...Even if he were to win a by-election, he would just be a Member of Parliament and nothing more than that

    - He (Anwar) has not played a bridging role between the DAP and PAS. It is not easy to get DAP and PAS together...

    - Their (the opposition) strength is that they have drawn attention to the performance of the government in many areas. There were many cases of corruption in the government. The crime rate has also increased...But on the other hand, the opposition does not seem to be able to work together. The parties are always fighting each other. So, their supporters will be very unwilling to support other opposition parties.

    TDM's health may not be good, but his mind, and thinking, are still as sharp as ever.

    And Hishamuddin and KJ will not be happy about his assessment of them. But, then, this interview will never see the light of day in the Msian mainstream media.

    And TDM has openly stated that he thinks that Najib understands problems much better. That will not make Pak Lah happy either.

  33. Anonymous6:45 pm

    Read S Jayasankaran's commentary ("Fear of Indian discontent during election looms") in the Spore Business Times, Feb 28.

    The paper's website:

    Go to the link to "Malaysia".

    Quote from Bridget Welsh, a specialist in South-east Asian Studies at Johns Hopkins University, Washington D.C.:

    "I think the general Malay response to the protest (referring to the Hindraf-led protest in KL last November) - that the protesters should go back to India - may have exacerbated the anger (in the Malaysian Indian community) because the Indians have generally been very loyal to the government"

  34. Anonymous10:39 pm

    Berbelion-berlion pembohong. Jika kamu memberi RM50,000 kepada setiap satu rumah penduduk miskin di kelantan dan terengganu sebanyak 20,000 orang.
    Simple matematik=RM50,000x20,000=1000,000,000=RM1billion.
    Kemiskinan sifar akan terjadi dikedua-dua negeri.Realitinya tidak akan berlaku..
    Logik atau pembohong.Jika RM122billion, budak sekolah rendah bolehlah kelengtong.

  35. Anonymous12:45 am

    I have quite crucial information for the people of Terengganu. Terengganu produces more than half of all oil and gas produced in Malaysia for the past over 30 years. It provides revenue in excess of RM 40 billion to the federal government annually.

    When PAS ruled the state in 1999, the petroleum royalty was about Rm 1Billion when oil was at USD 30/barrel. Today with oil exceeding USD 90/barrel, the royalty of 5% of output should stand about RM 3 Billion.

    Instead of going to the rakyat, this huge some of money is going thru the UMNO channels (wang ehsan..of course, brilliantly thought out by Mahathir)which means 30 to 40 % is stolen by our leaders and their cronies(normal practice in BN Malaysia). The rest is used to curry favours and buy votes and the rakyat is constantly reminded of the kindness of the BN government.

    The oil and gas output of Malaysia is roughly double that of Brunei. Hence, the output of Tganu oil and gas is roughly that of Brunei. The population of Tganu is about 3 times Brunei. With its other vast resoucers and land, Tganu should be about half as wealthy as Brunei.

    But look where it is now. Still a backward state with many poor and a big percentage of the population living meagrely. They are poor enough to be delighted with an annual RM 300 wang ehsan raya for the senior citizens. Because of the BN substandard rule over the decades, the people of Terengganu have been given a raw deal when it is supposed to be the richest state in Malaysia.

    Think about it and please use it in the campaign. Best wishes

  36. Anonymous9:10 am

    Bro, your weather report is complety wrong..Its supposed to be read as....."strong the coastal waters of Kelantan, Terengganu, Perlis, Kedah, Pulau Pinang, partly Selangor, Perak and Wilayah Persekutua Kuala Lumpur, Sabah dan all over Malaysia.

    Mana punya weather report you ambil tu brother?

  37. Anonymous9:11 am

    Bro, your weather report is complety wrong..Its supposed to be read as....."strong the coastal waters of Kelantan, Terengganu, Perlis, Kedah, Pulau Pinang, partly Selangor, Perak and Wilayah Persekutua Kuala Lumpur, Sabah dan all over Malaysia.

    Mana punya weather report you ambil tu brother?