Friday, November 09, 2007

Umno boys abroad want Melayu, not Malaysia

Bahasa Malaysia "unconstitutional", say Kelab Umno alumni. The Umno Overseas Clubs Alumni has asked the Government to revert to using the term "Bahasa Melayu" for the national language. It said the term "Bahasa Malaysia" does not exist in the Federal Constitution.
And that this is something that cannot be changed just because the Cabinet says so.
A resolution to ask the Abdullah Administration to use B. Melayu and not B. Malaysia was passed at the Third Malay Agenda seminar on Sunday, it was reported here.

In my previous posting on this ("The Bahasa Melayu is dead! Long live Bahasa Melayu!" - 4 June 2007), I marveled at the many times we have switched between the two "languages".
After 50 years of Merdeka, many Malaysian cannot or do not speak and write Bahasa. I don't even know the difference between Bahasa Malaysia and Bahasa Melayu. Do you?

Maybe we should have more than one national language!


  1. Anonymous12:57 pm

    on an ego trip ke ? what a bunch of flip-flop as*holes...

    a rose in whatever name still have a distinctive fragrance & likewise dung whatever u called still...

  2. Then tell the buggers to rename Malaysia "Persekutuan Tanah Melayu" and make mandatory DNA testing to certify that only 100 percent Malay Blood are allowed to becomes citizens..then kita tgk...UMNO berapa percent keturunan pendatang asing...

    Stupid idiots are just talking cock and instigating more racial tension to finds reasons to dig their claws further into the system. Dah basi la topic Melayu ni...I'm not Malay, but my grandfather migrated from Jalandur to then Malaya and became a policeman, later rising to become Head Guard of Istana Negara and even got injured fighting the communists sometime during his service. I was born here to his daughter, who was also born father migrated here to earn a living and later got his citizenship, becoming such a proud and patriotic Malaysian as I am.

    Who da fak has the sole right to talk about ketuanan??? Sapa sebenarnya true sons of the soil if you really want to bring this up? Orang asli???

  3. Anonymous2:00 pm

    and now the wanna revert Maths n Science back to BM! DUHH!!!


    Does it matter if it is known as B.Malaysia or B.Melayu when even local malays cant speak a proper sentence without using some english words in it? See how our Ministers having difficulty in conversing in proper BM!

    Such a big shame. Kemaluan yang amat besar! (huhuhuhu)

  4. Anonymous2:05 pm

    Once upon a time it was also known as Bahasa Kebangsaan, back when I was a young girl in the early 60s. It was distinct from Bahasa Melayu which was also offered as an examination subject in Forms 3 and 5. Bahasa Kebangsaan was a simpler version for non-Malays who could also elect to sit the B. Melayu paper. The B. Melayu paper included the hikayats and classical Malay literature. As we merged into one nation, hence Bahasa Malaysia? Why the preoccupation over Melayu this and that? It is this paranoia that prevents the birth of a truly united nation. By all means call it Bahasa Melayu if it soothes the stupid, fragile ego of Umno wannabes... but be mindful of the fact that while B. Malaysia is inclusive, B. Melayu is divisive.

  5. Anonymous2:23 pm

    "a rose in whatever name still have a distinctive fragrance & likewise dung whatever u called still..."

    Rocky how could you as "orang melayu" allows this insult be? I understand your frustration after being dumped from the Malay mail but it does mean your have lost yourself in your quest to fight back ....

  6. Remember "Bahasa Standard"? And "Bahasa Baku"?

    Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka, as the nation's custodian of the language is useless, too much in-fighting, politicking...

  7. Anonymous2:55 pm

    Perhaps we should just use what Nazri said, "How big is Umno Alumni? That's a minority compared to the population of Malaysia". So "Bahasa Malaysia" stay.

  8. Anonymous2:56 pm

    whatever it is, najib new words...

    glokal... aka go for low kalories - mongolian dairy cattle/milk?

    mengangkasa bangsa... sent the whole race into orbit?

  9. Anonymous3:06 pm

    What i understand is that Bahasa Malaysia - the language of the nation - is Bahasa Melayu. Malaysia is the nation. The Bahasa Melayu is the language. Bahasa Kebangsaan or the National Language is still Bahasa Melayu. Simple as that. One more point, the Malay namesake or identity = Melayu is dissappearing in Malaysia. Luckily somebody is brave enough to stop someone from changing the name of Keretapi Tanah Melayu to Keretapi Malaysia or else the Malays have no more icons or places to identity them with in their own country.

  10. Anonymous3:21 pm

    Don't understand what all the hoohah is about...during my time, in the late 70s and 80s, it has been Bahasa M'sia and you don't see the Bumi generation that grew up during those years being less Melayu, do you?

  11. They better look at the first Malay dictionary.Then they know,howmany malay word exsist.
    I bet you, MOST of the so called Malay words used now a days are the derivatives of Indonesian language,English Language And Indian Language. Add "isma" at end of English language and make it a Malay word.. eg.. What is the Malay word for Nepotism?

    I am not against the language. But pity those kids who are totally ignorant of the facts..and making fool of themselves.

  12. Steps to Melayu-ation

    #1 - change language to Bahasa Melayu

    #2 - if you are not Melayu, not allowed to speak Melayu

    #3 - change name of country to Melayusia

    if you are not Melayu, not allowed to speak Bahasa Melayu, then you are not Melayuan

    #4 - you must now leave Melayusia and sell yr assets only to Melayus

    ohhhoh! Sounds like Nazi occupied Germany all over again!!

  13. Not only we are playing football with the national langauage, now the UMNO brainless think tank wanted the teaching of Science and Maths revert back to Bahasa.Almost 5 years wasted and they say no sign of our students getting better in the subjects.It's like the carpenter who blames his tools for his shoddy work

    Now,I am beginning to believe, many brains in UMNO are too smart for their own good.

    The English language is not at fault or too hard to master, it's the teacher and the teaching method that should be examined for the poor results.

    Lastly, I prefer the term 'Bahasa Melayu'.Bahasa Malaysia just do not have the right connotation, does not give reality and had no chauvinistic attachment to the Malay race and culture.

    Anyway, why must we copy Indonesia.Bahasa Melayu had more universal outlook.

  14. Anonymous5:13 pm


    bahasa melayu ke, bahasa malaysia ke, bahasa baku ke .......... orang Melayu tak juga berubah pemikiran nya.

    Ubah mentaliti dulu, baru ubah yang lain. Entah apa apa lah budak budak oversea ni. Belajar je jauh jauh tapi........

    Tengok lah orang Jepun tu, lepas perang dunia ke II, habis dia orang ubah mentalitinya, tapi budaya tetap dijaga. LOL. Itulah yang patut dikaji dan di ikuti.

  15. Anonymous5:19 pm

    That is why some people say 'Melayu' stands for 'Me-Layu'. You get what I meant?

    p/s : Layu = faded or not fresh.

    It is better to call yourselves as Malay, rather than Melayu, if yourself is not 'Layu'.

  16. If the Constitution read "Bahasa Melayu", stick to it. I don't understand the the need to represent anything Malay as Malaysian as a whole anyway.

  17. Anonymous6:51 pm

    I shudder to think what this foreign umno putras will grow up to be. It is proficiency in the language that matters, call it melayu or malaysia..what does it matter except syiok sendiri. It is how intelligent you are nad how you master the language that is important. Are the foreign umnoputras implying that if we call it Bahasa Melayu, we will be a nation with pride? Think of all the corruption in this country, fathers raping their children, govt officers on the gravy train,the waste on public spending, screwdrivers costing RM224 per set..Give some intelligent fruitful suggestions or ideas..if not, the money on sending you overseas are totally WASTED.

  18. Anonymous7:32 pm

    Kesian..kelirunya ahli ahli Pertubuhan Kebangsaan Melayu Bersatu (PKMB) ini..Mulalah memperthankan Bahasa anda dengan mengenali diri anda dengan nama Melayu PKMB dan bukannya UMNO.


  19. Anonymous8:02 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    What difference does it make ???
    Young punks who are sent overseas to come back with knowledge to uplift the standard of our country have got their priorities all wrong.None wants to speak about nanotechnology and the works.None wants to speak about the impact of globalisation and the dangers it has on our nation.None spoke about the threats of Vietnam,India and China who are chiselling away our long standing advantages.

    About a decade ago a goon spoke about Bahasa Baku and adulterated our beautiful language.Today, baku has been consigned to being beku !
    And now you see the beautiful language (which was a joy to speak in the 60's)pilferred with borrowed terms and terminologies smattered with English,Indonesian and bits of Tamil and Hindi.
    Shame on us....the beautiful language,which had been used for more than 100 years has been raped and sodomised beyond recognition.
    While our leaders and politicians get riled up when we do comparisions with Singapore,these same dickheads will be better informed that the Bahasa Melayu used and spoken in Singapore is the most appropriate and they better accept it.
    We lost our sepak takraw supremacy to the Thais and now we have lost our mother tongue (for a nation) to those pesky Singaporeans.
    It doesn't take some asshole to come all the way from London to tell us about our lost cause.It was in the you have it....loud and clear..we are bunch of idiots.

    Best Regards
    Rastaman (JB)

  20. Anonymous8:51 pm

    i know a lot of these UMNO boys abroad. a lot of them are either at the bottom of their respective courses and/or failing years and getting the govt to dish out another year of scholarship

    these bloody wankers man. i dare any of these overseas alumni people to correct me.

    i can tell their personality:
    1) egotistical
    2) year repeaters/failures
    3) think that they're doing a favour for the country by being political overseas
    4) skive their classes to fly back from europe on business class paid by UMNO to be at the AGM (i can name names if anyone from the Alumni dares me, but it won't be me who suffers consequences)

  21. Languages what a name!
    Shame or pride nonetheless
    The people speak the people write
    What is the name got to do with it?

    Pride of a nation
    Love for the country
    It is what you could do
    Speak the language
    If you think you rekindle a belonging

    Languages alone
    It isn’t the sum of a nation
    It is the people in it
    They make the country flourishes

    The people who send overseas
    Learn and think
    Don’t waste taxpayers’ money
    Involving politics

    These people study in foreign lands
    Learning English language
    Communicating with it every day
    Do they think of their own language?

    Languages what a name!
    Let it be
    It is just a language
    It doesn’t make you less a nation

  22. Anonymous10:01 pm

    I for sure don't give a *toot* whether it's B. M'sia or B. Melayu because the rest of the world don't speak and don't give a shit about it. Master your English and Mandarin!

  23. Anonymous10:03 pm

    These buggers just came to join the UMNO Genereal Assmebaly so they want to make an impact...any outdated topic also can as long as you keep barking make known their presence. Konon overseas education has made their worldview broader..aiya still katak dibawah tempurung and playing to the gallery!

  24. Anonymous5:00 am


    Pertubuhan Alumni Kelab Kelab UMNO Antarabangsa (UMNO Clubs Alumni) is an NGO and its members were former UMNO Clubs abroad members where else UMNO Clubs Abroad are clubs, set up as a society for Malays abroad; 57 nos. There is a UMNO Club Secretariat to coordinate activities of these UMNO Clubs at the UMNO HQ.

    UMNO Clubs Alumni organised a Seminar Agenda Melayu III, themed "Melayu 2057:Agenda Politik" at PWTC on 4 November and was officiated by UMNO Dep President TPM Dato' Seri Najib Tun Razak. he made the call to ensure that Vision 2020 is delivered FIRST before talking about 2057, as envisaged by the PM on the 50th Merdeka celebrations.

    The outcome of the meeting, UMNO Clubs Alumni put up resolutions, which include to ask Govt to revert "Bahasa Malaysia" back to "Bahasa Melayu".

    This was announced after UMNO Clubs Alumni met UMNO Clubs rep on Thursday, 8 Nov.

    This is compliance with Constitution of the Federation where Art 152(1) states that the Malay Language aka Bahasa Melayu is the official language of the Federation and NOT Bahasa Malaysia.

    Its the UMNO Clubs Alumni who asked to revert the Bahasa Malaysia to Bahasa Melayu, and not the 'UMNO Boys abroad', which are the UMNO Clubs members.

    All of these info were published in my blog, which include Dato' Najib's call to make Vision 2020 a reality FIRST.

  25. Bahasa Melayu or Bahasa Malaysia. We're so huge on labels aren't we.

    If "bahasa menunjukkan bangsa", the vis-a-vis this article below, where art thou bangsa Melayu?

  26. Anonymous7:01 am

    50 years hence ----- and we still have issues on the Bahasa Melayu, Bahasa Malaysia and what have you.

    How in heavens name are we going to mature ?

    50 years hence---- they are still fakking around with the future of our young citizens. So someone said that we shoud revert back to teaching Maths and Science in BM.
    So what about those who went through in English in the last few yrars ?

    Can we allow the system to develop and mature before switching it again and yet again ?

    I remember sometime ago when a prominant campaigner of the Bahasa Melayu/Malaysia was all hell and fire about using BM in schools and Universities --- but quietly this person's child was studying overseas learning everything in English.

    Nothing is ever spoken without poltical motives anymore. Yeah--sure--stop the petrol subsidy, change back to the Malay Language, change the name , change this , change that---what about changing the people sitting up there !!!!

  27. Anonymous11:06 am

    F@king oxymoron for people who keep on talking over & over about meritocracy, freedom of law and yellow marching whatever, some more want to submit memo to Agong (later this type of people will start to insult the Agong too, believe me, hahaha)..but at the same time never honour the Federal Constitution. Artikel 152(6) stated that Bahasa Melayu is the Bahasa Kebangsaan..deep shit man!

    I'm not even a supporter of the bloody UMNObrain. Be it a bloody Malay but if you still fail to speaks in proper Bahasa Melayu.. faking "bahasa rojak"..better start faking withdraw your citizenship status and off you go!
    Fark off from Malaysia and apply for citizenship somewhere else you consider a heaven country..

    Faking damn oxymoron for people who never honour the principle of democracy..they want a PM of their kind but at the same time insult and torn the heart of the majority people with seditious racism remark.. you want the majority Malay vote? why insult them? stupid move!

    Do you expect the majority Malay want to vote for this type of people? Faking @sshole..I rather vote for a pig rather than vote for people who want to be a master of all kind (tailored with hidden agendas), people who don't want to share and want to have control of the rest of the economy cake for their own kind once they're in power, and after sometime they evolve into nothing better than the existing faking UMNObrain and later enslave my race and marginalize like what Singapore has done..! creating a worst faking hell for all of Malays!

    The only best way to realize changes is to hire a team of professional hitmen and gun down all these dinosour clown UMNO leaders..(not forgetting Sammy Vellu too and Chief Minister with hidden agenda).

    What? you think there's no Malay with brain that can manage this county to a better?? Do other races are all supreme aryan races and destined by God to rule human race? (serupa mcm Nazi and Zionis lah ye..dua kali lima semua)??

    The only thing is that, the existing system need to be overhaul..flush this faking leaders out and polish or even grind off all their remaining stubborn stain.

    Whatever the faking oxymoron UMNObrain leaders' talk, it does not reflect the majority Malay with brain thinking for some people fail to realized.. I do feel that some people overkill and getting too much insulting my race because someone opening too wide room for them,if u just insult the UMNObrains, it never bother me at all..Rocky, you not even have the guts to defend, why? You're not a Malay?

    By the way Rocky.. why do you think we need a second National language? Is there any country in this planet that have two national language stipulated in their constitution??..second language is not constitutionally a national language.. Do you own two citizenship then? Its the majority speakers & leaders to be blame for the failure, why loaded it on the language?? Does it sound stupid?

    Even if u frustrated with UMNObrain or Malay Mail..never insult and let other people insult your root of origin... don't get carried and washed away in your own created wave..

    By the way,language is just a communication tools..all active languages in the world do evolved and adopt foreign words in their language..why some people love to politicized, burning sentiments flame and put seditious remarks over it..this is what I called it hidden agenda virus! deep shit!!

  28. Anonymous1:22 pm

    Sorry, just find something to read. I'm an Indonesian. Bahasa Malaysia probably fails to connect all Malaysian Citizen. I heard many Chinese and Indian in Malaysia can not speak the language correctly and have to resort using english to communicate with fellow citizen of Malaysia. Thats why the government revert it back to Bahasa melayu.

  29. Anonymous10:54 pm

    Bahasa Melayu is a combination of your own mother tongue plus Bahasa Indonesia and plus Bahasa India. Those who specialise in languages would know about this. The government sends these people abroad so that their minds will be more developed. But with this kind of thinking, the government has wasted money on sending them far away. They should send them to local institutions instead. It is wrong to promote only the Melayu thing abroad. It is wrong for visitors to come here expecting to see nothing but the Melayu thing. This is racial discrimination in another form. As much as you all wish to see nothing but this Melayu thing in Malaysia, you all must remember that even in this so call Melayu thing in Malaysia, you still have other so call Melayu like the Javanese, the Sumatrans and all these are lumped together under the Melayu name. Would this other Melayu minded ? Oh and don't forget the mamak. Don't forget that there are other people who are Muslims but of other races. Please don't say they are Melayu too. The Melayu should start thinking about a name for their race which is different from the name of the religion which they believe. If you revert it back to Bahasa Melayu, its' status will drop because it does not represent Malaysia unlike the word Bahasa Malaysia.

  30. Anonymous4:23 pm

    Dear Anon 10:54

    Why United Kingdom use English (obviously its an English thing..a race! please do remember they do have Scottish and Irish too) and NOT tagging English as Bahasa United Kingdom ...what make it then..? even the English word 'amock' are from Bahasa Melayu 'amuk'! not to mention 'Orang Utan' or 'Durian'..or do they need to replaced that things with your name 'anon 10:54' too since you are so anti of Bahasa Melayu? So why is that with Bahasa Melayu to Bahasa Malaysia?

    Obviously, deep in your subconcious mind you hate the Melayu and anything associated with don't talk about bangsa Malaysia whatsoever OK if you cannot live with the facts! True racist breed indeed but yet fail to admit.. Language is not a unifying barier, but your mind set is!

    If you are an anon race in German, France, Thais of Filipines try to ask them to replaced those Deutch of German. Siam of Thais and Tagalog of Filipines with whatever you think normalized to equality of the country! Talk hell a Malay want to share anything with a typical people like you!

  31. Anonymous2:12 pm

    I am a Malaysian but yet i admire the Indonesian's as they have brand their Bahasa Indonesia more solid than Bahasa Melayu. You can go to any of the Indonesian Chinese and they can speak to you in Bahasa Indon flawless and without shame. I came across two Indonesian friends who are Chinese born Indon but yet they speak Bahasa Indonesia with each other although they know Mandarin.

    Rather than arguing about changing the language from Bahasa M'sia to Bahasa Melayu we Malaysian's should be looking at bigger picture and issue around us. Poverty, uneven-distribution of wealth and corruption.

    I doubt we can make a better place to live in if these issues are still hogging on around our heads.

    We have to admit that racial issues can never be solved, none of the developed countries can solve it for centuries. However we are able to make it less of an issue and start living in fairness and without descrimation- this only if all of us as Malaysian (regardless of race & religion) work together to fight for the same objective.

    Why was during pre-independence period all the races were deemed united? Because all of us has a common goal and a common dream-to free ourselves from the colonial empire. Since we achieved Independence there is nothing common to fight for except racial differences.

    Going back to the topic, my strong opinion is be it Bahasa Melayu or Bahasa Malaysia, UMNO as the head of the BN party component should be looking into ways to reduce poverty and stop corruption. Government spend millions each year sending UMNO boys to study abroad hoping they would be able to transfer knowledge and prosper the nation and bridging cultural differences. But have they done enough to help the poor? Corruption?

    Should they work hard to ensure our country prospers, no reason for us to stay divided or hate them. Honestly i would support them all the way should everyone is given a fair treatment- my vote is yours.

  32. Anonymous10:56 pm

    Gaduh2 buat apa? Ada apa untung ka?
    Apa yang pasti hanya orang Melayu yang berjuang menghalau pengganas British pada masa tu ( Pengganas sekarang ganggu org Islam Negara lain).Orang keturunan Cina dan India ikut sapa yang boleh beri mereka untung. Akhirnya orang yang bersengkongkol dengan pengganas yang dapat nama. Kesimpulannya sekarang sesiapa yang tinggal dalam negara Malaysia patut gunakan BM bagi menunjukkan kesetiaan kepada negara. Ada dikalangan kawan2 saya berketurunan bukan Melayu rakyat Malaysia mempermain2kan BM. Apa cerita ni? Dahlah masa British mengganas mereka tak lawan ini nak hina BM pula. Aku respek dengan Jepun, Peranchis dan lain2 negara. Rakya negara2 tersebut dari pelbagai keturunan dapat berbahasa kebangsaan negara mereka dengan fasih walau pun hanya merupakan generasi ke 3 atau ke 4. Di Malaysis masih terdengar orang keturunan Cina cakap " Wa tatak tau macamana mau bikin" dsbnya.
    Jadi ikutlah negara maju..

  33. Anonymous12:08 am

    Should remain B. Melayu.
    English is still English even in America. No such thing as American language. Hindi, Tamil , Telegu and etc. All languages is identified by race not country. Country don't have languages.

  34. Anonymous3:50 pm

    Bahasa melayu.. thats it