Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Blogging and Umno Youth

Coming to terms with the truth. Hishammuddin Hussein, the Umno Youth leader and Education Minister, in his policy speech at the Umno Youth assembly yesterday:

“The community of bloggers is very active in our country today and I believe that many of them are quite responsible and give high quality information. Such (contributions to the country’s) development should be looked at positively, as part of the democratisation of information in the world and of cyberspace."

It was just a matter to time before the keris man would come to terms with the blogging truth; he's too smart not to see it. [read the Star's With Freedom comes responsibility]

p.s. Talk about freedom and responsibility, did any of you see any news article on the police report lodged against the Prime Minister yesterday in any of the government-linked newspapers today? Nope? Not even in their on-line editions?

I rest my case.


  1. Anonymous12:33 pm

    As usual...kerismuddin is talking cock...elections is he will try to bodek bloggers..truth of the fact is that after the elections..he will go back on his words..he is speaking to the will be the same behaviour from this chap who is a disgrace to his father. I don't believe him..and if the MCA can be taken in by his kris refuge story so be it..but MCA is out of touch with the chinese voters.

  2. Anonymous12:42 pm

    irresponsible & immature mad racist who keep waving his keris year in, year out make saddam look like an angel

  3. Rocky, I somehow think Umno members if not him himself read my posting ' Blogging and Negaraku'. They better wake up fast and come to face with the reality of Blogging in Malaysia.

    Blogging is here to stay and this new Media is going to overtake the old media. Its already happen in the West and are spreading like wild fire to the other parts of the world.

    The latest statistic shows that there are 9 millions blogs now and forty thousand are launched everyday. The numbers of Malaysian Blogs are growing at a fast pace as well.

    Today Blogger are know as Citizen Journalism.

    Have a nice day.

  4. Anonymous3:37 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    The posture and tune is somewhat different this year in regards to the keris waving drama.

    It seems it is waved to protect all Malaysians.But this was not the reasoning in 2006.Wonder what would be the reasoning in the coming years ?????

    History says we Malaysians, are not a confrontationalist group and we are well known for solving problems via discussions.
    We did not raise such weapons when Tunku Abdul Rahman and et all negotiated for independance with the Brits.
    During our confrotation with Indonesia (Sukarno),the keris was conspicously missing at all times.

    There aren't many democratically elected governemnts around the globe that waves such weapons to instill defensive qualities for its citizens.
    Kerismuddin is running out of steam and with a young politically immatured upstart urging him on...he is treading into dangerous waters.
    During TDM's era such nonsense would have been nipped in the bud.
    This is not the way for Bumiputras to project themselves to their fellow citizens.
    What horrifies most of us is the endorsement of such acts by the sleepy and stumbling leader in his speech following the show of the keris.
    Is this a case of thinking glocally and acting glocally (if ever there is such a word )????

    But it is good that he has acknowledged the bloggers and their contents.Poor Zam and KJ....Goblok and Monkey !

    Rastaman JB

  5. Rocky, was it the same Star or was mine the twilight zone edition???
    What about the "they are just a bunch of rich Malays who don't have any idea aboutthe suffering of the people...bla2"?? Or was he talking about orang Umno sendiri?

  6. When Hisham refers to freedom, it is freedom to praise the BN and in particular UMNO, and freedom to condemn the opposition. It's also freedom for the ministers and the 4th floor to abuse and korek. And finally, it's freedom for the ordinary rakyat to be poor and destitute. That's free-doom!

  7. Anonymous3:21 pm

    This keris-waving racist guy, when is he going to grow up? He and KJ are just trying to outdo each other. Is he afraid of losing his UMNO youth position to KJ? When the keris-waving wayang grows stale, what else is the going to resort to?

  8. With idiots like Kerishamuddin, Noraini, Nazri, etc, BN does not need enemies/opposition...cos it is in an automatic "self destruct" mode.

  9. With idiots like Kerishamuddin, Noraini, Nazri, etc, BN does not need enemies/opposition...cos it is in an automatic "self destruct" mode.

  10. Anonymous9:43 am

    oh come on folks,
    yes he has been just awful with the whole keris fiasco and all but when he says something positive and true,
    then take the point as it is lah.
    we have to be fair and logical even if others aren't.
    You know what its like with these politicians, when one says something like that, the rest may be more emboldened to at least take that pro-democratisation stance too.
    Don't tell me we have to whack everything, even the good points, just because it's him.