Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Recoda, Malaysia's Fourth Corridor

Welcome to Corridor Country. Googled it and found only 1 entry for Recoda, and that's in the news item just issued by Bernama minutes ago, PM to launch Recoda in December.

This is the 4th economic development corridor that PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi would have launched in give and take 18 months!
(He launched the Johor South Corridor in July 2006 (many will remember his "this is my idea" statement then) and, exactly a year later, in July 2007, the North Corridor Economic Region. The East Coast Economic Corridor is scheduled to be launched on Oct 29.).

I am not sure if Fox Media, run by former editors of NST and the Star said to be close to the PM's aides, will again be given the lucrative job of doing the spinning and standing by for crisis management for ECER and Recorda corridors (Fox handles both Iskandar and the Nothern Corridor) or if other, more hungry, PR agencies will finally get a piece of the corridor pie.

In a related development, the Iskandar seems to have made headlines for another reason in Bernama's land scam piece. Conmen masquerading as IDR officials are buying land cheap from villagers and making huge profits for themselves. Land in some parts of Iskandar is said to be going for RM500,000 an acre.

p.s. I hear that Joan Lau, one of the journalists who joined NST in the last year or so, has left the paper to join Fox Media. Expansion plans, perhaps.


nstman said...

Yes, Joan has left the NST for a lucrative and top job in Fox. Heard she will be one of the top dogs and a special adviser to Wong Sulong and Brendan. Rocky, you would be somebody if you played the establishment game. Too bad.

Anonymous said...

sour grapes ....

nst loyalist said...


rocky doesn't play no game. the reason that asshole is anywhere is bcos some ass of a leader trusts him.

without that link, the asshole will piss in his pants at the mention of rocky's name.

on joan lau -- good riddance. fox, on a level playing field....well, no need to say lah.

an anon@9:15pm -- sour grapes? who, aaah?
nobody casn be accused of being a sour grape, man... not with thgese kind of people.

Mega Project Man said...

Just imagine a building full of corridors and no rooms!!!!!!!

Lets hope the PM's(or rather the 4th floor boys and girls) corridors are different........

ganesh sahathevan said...

I could say that newspaper men, women ,who join the PR "profession" are simply prostitutes , but that would be an insult to members of the world's oldest profession-they at least are honest about what they do. See a story from the past:

M.G.G. Pillai
Jan 20 1997,
6:00 pm

Subject: Who is Ms Josephine Wong of Bozell PR?

This young lady is a public relations executive in the local
offices of the American public relations firm. She exercises so
much clout that she is able to get a reporter with a local
newspaper, The Sun, sacked for allegedly threatening her that if she did not provide the information he would go to the Securities Commission to find out. The local top honcho of Bozell PR, Mr Robert Seymour, has washed his hand off the affair, telling the reporter to
talk to her directly. She has persistently refused to either talk to him or to call him back.

The reporter, Ganesh Sahathevan, had written an article about
Litrak, which the Sun editors, after a cosy lunch at the Hilton
Petaling Jaya organised by Ms Josephine Wong, decided not to use.
It related to Litrak's building of the Damansara Puchong Highway
and its conflict with the developers of Damansara Utama, See Hoy Chan. The editors, Litrak and Ms Wong insist there is no dispute. See Hoy Chan insists there is. It was in connection with this story that Ganesh said he would go the Securities
Commission. The editors considered that a serious enough threat to hold it against him in the domestic enquiry which sacked him.

There were three other charges. Not one had to do with any
breach of his terms and conditions of employment. One related to an
article on Mr Peter Lim of Kestrel Securities, which suggested he
was a rich man, and Mr Lim has threatened a suit. Mr Lim, who a
few years ago was one of Singapore's most successful stock broker earnings of tens of millions of dollars, now pleads poverty amidst a determined claim by his estranged wife for half his estate. He is the local partner of one of the Mahathir sons. He felt that to say that he is doing well is a libel.

The charges against Ganesh suggests that a writ had been issued. If it was, and this is doubted, then pre-empting the case by charging the reporter, who produced all the evidence on which he based his
report, is the sure way of losing the case. One on his going to the
Securities Commission was dropped. The other related to the comment
when he received the charges that the editors "are behaving like
idiots". Whether the additional charge could be added on at the
last minute, after issuing the charges, is open to doubt.

The man is sacked not for reneging on his terms and conditions
of employment, but for doing his job as a reporter. I have always
given short shrift to public relations executives, and I have had many "confrontations" with them over the years. Any journalist who thinks otherwise missing his calling. He has appealed to the Labour Ministry. But the case is yet another example on what happens when a newspaper is owned by corporate figures and its editors bend over backwards to be "nice" to those of that ilk.
Mercifully, only the Sun so far is caught up by this disease.

M.G.G. Pillai

Anonymous said...

this recoda... izzit something like ricola... a new type of cough drop.

Anonymous said...

"Recorda". Hmmmm. Sounds like they are playing an old record or recorder.

They run out of words or ideas?

How about "Laksa", Lawas-Kuching Stupid Activities? Or "Taik", Taib Ada Interest Keselurohanya. Or "Sapu", Saya Punya. Or "Bodoh", Borneo Devastation On Hand.

Anonymous said...

with tis new record_a, this di*khead keep playing the never-ending feel good tune...

1st, try to hoodwink the singaporeans with idr

then cheat the penangites and gave a big chunk of prime property to the monsoon cup guy using ncer thing as a cover-up

trying to pull a fast one on pas & kelantaneses with ecer

and now this...

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Anonymous said...

Do they really have the money to develop all these regions simultaneously? Let us hope these projects do not start with a bang and end with a whimper. Malaysia is no longer the attractive investment region and people are not rushing to put money in. Vietnam is the attraction now and they are really taking after China.

Anonymous said...

Regional Corridor of Development (Recorda), yet another UMNO crony enrichment scam.

Relishing Extensive Corruption Oh-boy Raping Decent sArawakians

The AAB and Taib Mahmood clans will be reaping the major financial benefits along with all his cronies.

It will be also an ecological disaster for Sarawak.

Another step down the ladder of doom for Malaysia, these plunderers need to be removed quickly.

Anonymous said...

sorry side-track a bit...

nazri : king must act on pm's advice.


king act on the advice of bodowi
bodowi act on the advice of cj
cj act on the advice of lingam
lingam act on the advice of vincent

what???!!! the king of gambling giving advice to the monarch...?

man... this is de most biggest fark-up by this administration.

Anonymous said...

Berapa banyak lagi koredor ni? Abende koredor nih?

Anonymous said...

another korek door?

mob1900 said...

Bedol would be known as 'The Corridor Man' in history for putting so many 'corridors' out there with no windows to breathe. It might be result from a bad childhood, a case of being punished by teach to stand the corridors perhaps. ;)

Anonymous said...

Isn't it recoRda and not recoda?

A Voice said...

Those days we have annual budget and economic report to look at our anual economic performance and annual economic plan ... in AAB time, we are told to look at the 5-year plans only.

Back then we had a 2020 vision merely defining what we want to be in 30 years from then. But AAB failed that vision and extend it to Mission 2057.

Back then we had penerapan nilai2 islam which is merely promoting to modernise and subscribe to efficient work ethics for the Muslims, particulalrly Government servant.... AAB has Islam Hadhari which isclaimed to be moderate vicilisational Islam but has no purposeful reason but confusion.

Back then we had specific project for specific area for specific emphasis and the quantum runs in millions and hundred millions and later highest reached was a billion.... Today we have economic corridor but what do the corridor do? Blank, hell I have no clear idea what it is. BUt it sounds very big beratus billion!!! WHere the hell the money is going to ome for all this? Already RM500 billion and Recoda brapa pulak?

THus far, WPI is jual tanah kepada SIngapura. NCER and ECER will be ambiltanah orang untuk mengkayakan korporat. Di ECER 40% is infrastructure development, instead of mentioning infra development for certin area and certain prupose, it becomes ECER project.

THis is but another of AAB's ...

"Kerja tidak ada hanya repackaging and renaming saja.

Anonymous said...