Friday, October 05, 2007

Pro-Corruption Agency?

What's eating the ACA? The Anti-Corruption Agency has threatened to jail two Opposition leaders if they won't surrender the whistle-blowers behind the infamous Lingam tape [ACA goes after PKR whistle-blowers].
This is the second time in recent weeks that the ACA has gotten wrong kinds of headlines with regards to the way it deals with whistle-blowers. See here.

PKR, the Opposition party involved, tells the ACA to take a hike:

Press Release
05 October 2007


Whistleblower will surface only at a Royal Commission of Inquiry

(Kuala Lumpur) President of the People's Justice Party (KeADILan), Datin Seri Dr. Wan Azizah Wan Ismail today chided the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) in its attempt to charge two members of her party – vice-president and senior human rights lawyer R. Sivarasa and party staff, Sim Tze Tsim – for refusing to reveal the source of the videotape that has scandalised the nation.

The videotape shows a conversation between lawyer VK Lingam and purportedly, the current Chief Justice, Tan Sri Ahmad Fairuz, where the fixing of judges sympathetic to the government was said to have occurred.

"The ACA should be after the offenders in the videotape, and not the messengers or the whistleblower.

"Unfortunately, this latest action allows the ACA to be perceived as yet another tool of the government, protecting those who are corrupt instead of victims of corruption," she said.

Dr. Wan Azizah, who is also the Member of Parliament for Permatang Pauh, stressed that her party will go out of its way to protect, not just the two party members, but any member of public who has information on corruption and the misuse of powers.

"We will stand by these two men and the source of the videotape, and my party will never compromise any source with information on corruption to the authorities, until immunity is guarantee for the whistleblowers.

"In this case of the 'Lingam tape', the source will only surface at a Royal Commission of Inquiry," she added.

Dr. Wan Azizah also said KeADILan will be initiate discussions with other political parties and civil society, to come out with a Whistleblowers Act in Malaysia.

"We have been talking about having Whistleblowers Act for many years now, but this has been cast aside by the government who claims whistleblowers will be protected.

"It is clear that this is not true, and the time has come for us to begin work on this crucial piece of legislation." (END)


  1. Anonymous5:19 pm

    The ACA is a sick joke. So sick they stink. God help malaysia.

  2. Anonymous5:20 pm

    let's kill the messenger!

  3. Anonymous5:32 pm

    ACA stands for ANTI-CLEAN AGENCY and not ANTI CORRUPTION AGENCY. this whole bunch is no cleaner than the last retired chief.
    protection of the innocent? more like protection of the scoundrels and all the well connected corrupts.

  4. Anonymous6:28 pm

    What else is new? The Govt does not want to get at the truth... it wants a cover-up. It has been that way since Dr M corrupted the system of govt. Pak Lah and the Cabinet should quit because they can act but won't. Dr M should be prosecuted for the damage he has done to the judiciary and civil society as a whole. Pak Lah is incompetent. Dr M is evil.

  5. Yes, what Dr. Wan Azizah(God Bless her) says is straight and true. God curse all in this govt. if it fails us.

  6. Whistle Blowers Act? Very unlikely BN will push for it, since the whistle blowers are always opposition party leaders or some NGOs.(Never BN guys)
    The accused parties are always BN politicians, senior police officers/civil servants/judges or pro government men.
    Why would the guilty protect the innocent?
    Little wonder, each time an accusation is made, the whistle blower is threatened with action "if the allegation is false".

  7. No justice for all~!

  8. Anonymous8:39 pm

    ACA is Active Corruption Agency, introduced by the guy lying at IJN neuturing a jantung sakit.

  9. Its not fair to accuse ACA for not being independent in the action. They too has to be selective in their actions.

    Like any other government agency, they are subordinates to higher authority. They have to play to the required tune. That is common sense.

  10. Is that the instruction from the government to a so called independent body to fight coruption? Another excuse not to act on an obvious misdeed?

  11. Anonymous9:12 pm

    I just want to echo what lipreader has written.
    "Dr M should be prosecuted for the damage he has done to the judiciary and civil society as a whole. Pak Lah is incompetent. Dr M is evil."

  12. Anonymous9:17 pm

    Either one of two scenarios, maybe both :

    1. The ACA is staffed by idiots who can't see or think straight.

    2. Their main function is to frustrate and irritate those that are anti-BN and anti-good government.

    So don't get upset as they will win.

  13. Anonymous9:22 pm

    Segel je ACA ni. And while that, let's include SPR as well, not forgetting be-end! -Amir

  14. Anonymous9:44 pm

    We are on the way to point of no return .... ONLY by changing the government we can come up with decent improvements ....

  15. Anonymous10:54 pm

    With the interference of the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA), where do the three stooges(appointed by Najib) stand?

  16. Anonymous10:56 pm


    After all this while, it is naïve to still believe in any government agencies. They are established by the government and for the government - cohorts in all corruptions and diabolical mischief.

    And when is the king gonna take action at all if any. The king shouldn’t have to wait for public mandate for straight forward cases as this and others. They should take action now not a minute later.


  17. Anonymous11:37 pm

    Way to go, PKR!

  18. Anonymous12:00 am

    same ole, same's getting really old...we know the story, ACA works for the thugs and comes after the whistle blowers...why do we STILL keep asking/expecting them to do ANYTHING???? Maybe all we mothers should come together, march to Putrajaya, march to the seat of the immensely corrupt government whose seats are filled with bloated arrogant, snorting khinzir (politically correct, meh) feasting on our country and bleeding it dry. MOTHERS FOR MALAYSIA!!!!PAK LAH, HONEYMOON'S OVER!!!! TIME TO BLAH!!!AND TAKE YOUR OVERFED PETS/KJS IN UMNO AND THE BARISAN COALITION WITH YOU!!!! WE WANT CHANGE!!! WE WANT SOMEONE OF CALIBRE TO RISE TO THE OCCASSION AND CLEAN OUT THE KHINZIR STY THIS COUNTRY HAS BECOME!!! WE WANT THAT ROYALLY CAPABLE SOMEONE!!! WE KNOW WHO HE IS!!! least I do...

  19. Anonymous12:05 am

    So sick! I give up. Let's vote another government.

  20. Anonymous12:23 am

    Common sense? Common sense, Ahmad??? you actually condoning their actions???


    I really thought there was a glimmer of hope when Tuanku Mizan became King...I hope there still is...I was disappointed to see him at the Monsoon Cup do...the country has larger issues, pressing issues at hand. How could anyone in a position of immense responsibility even have the time for such trivial matters, which are clearly benefiting only a few.

    Tuanku Mizan, rise up to the occassion.

    Raja Nadzrin...say something.

  21. Gimik Politik Anwar

  22. Sounds like a mafia law to me.blow the whistle blowers away.

    Remember the quote"kill one monkey and the rest will be scared"

    Another Fear Factor after bloggers.
    I wonder how can they run a country with so many fear in them.
    We are truly f#*@ed.
    Big time!

  23. Anonymous9:07 am

    Salam Ramadan Al Mubarak, Bro.
    Sdr. Ahmad - common sense? Mudah sangat respons anda. amlg - gimik politik Anwar? Pun mudah sangat anda memutuskannya, tapi berdasarkan fakta apa?
    Tolonglah... tolong buka minda anda, begitu juga kepada mereka yang sama jalan fikirnya dengan anda berdua. Jangan keliru atau membenarkan minda/akal anda dikelirukan. Sepatutnya CARILAH DAN PASTIKANLAH KEBENARAN DAN KEADILAN. YANG BETUL TETAP BETUL, YANG SALAH TETAP SALAH. TAK KIRALAH KERAJAAN ATAU PEMBANGKANG ATAU SESIAPA SEKALIPUN.
    Terima kasih, Bro.

  24. Is the government serious about combating crimes and corruptions?
    All the rhetoric about street safe corruption free
    All those slogans and words to fool the people
    When evidence supply by whistle blowers
    Ah……these people should show their faces in public
    The government doesn’t care about their safety

    The names to the corrupted officials
    Of prominent businessmen and lawyers
    They don’t get a calling from ACA
    The police won’t take the bait to record statements
    They are the government people
    So they turn one eye

    When it comes from the opposition
    The police and ACA quick for action
    Issuing orders to name the sources
    Of which the corruption made
    Otherwise go to jail
    For orders never comply as requested by laws

    The whistle blowers trying to help
    To stamp out the corrupted personnel
    When it happens to government people
    The whistle blowers are harassed
    And the opposition is issued letter of demand
    Named your source or go to jail

    This is the BN led government
    Saying things don’t know how to do
    Unless the people change the government
    I am afraid the country will bleed
    Of her resources and her image

    Which way oh people you want?
    Clean and efficient government is it?
    Listening to the slogans fool by it all
    I am one for change come next election

  25. Anonymous11:01 am

    Who is the boss of the ACA?
    As all of us know, it’s belonging to the very corrupted Ministry.
    That’s no reason why they should help the Whistle Blower to break their own NEP’s rice bowl.
    Ha-ha! Very confusing, why people voted them in to steals people?

  26. Anonymous11:34 am

    When Goverment fail us again, we, the public can always 'punish' these corrupt people in public by:
    1. Give them the big "Boo.." everytime we see them! he he he
    2. Give them bad service or refuse them service at all in restaurant etc!
    3. We should treat them as "lepers"! because thats who they are!
    We Malaysian are so.........forgiving and tooooo polite! treat these so called white color criminal the way the american treat OJ simson! enough alreadi!

  27. Anonymous12:20 pm

    ACA protects cheats, money launderers, the corrupt, thieving and lying politicians. I congratulate the ACA chief (what's his name?). Well done, good job.

  28. Anonymous12:21 pm


    thats the malaise in our institution. there's rule of law and they are place there to uphold that; not at the bidding of the masters whim and fancies. such selective actions or non-action ar epure violation of the rule of law and must be damned if the nation wants progress.
    ahmad, put yourself in the shoes of the aggrieve and you will understand that there must not be favouritism in rule of law;else rule of jungle will take over.

  29. Anything that is anwar ibrahim ... it is politics and himself. Not abt justice, fairness, transparency and whatever.

    What was he doing in 1988 during the alleged indiscretion by Mahathir?

    What was his stance then?

    Still waiting for the documents claimed to be made available by Ezam ....

    Why are we waiting?

    Is there actually a second tape?

  30. Bro,
    and while we're at it ,what happened to that "whistle-blowing" schoolgirl who was treathened with to remove/delete her posting on her private blog where she mentioned names of students who copied in exams and teachers who 'closed one eye' to this shit ? Can we rally around her in support ?
    Teachers of the nations tell me...IS THIS ACCEPTABLE ??
    when it is this cancerous, bro...we as Malaysians become "terminal" !So we have a government who is more ready to protect the good name of the school and of these hyppocrite teachers rather then do the honest thing !Thats's in the good book of our holy PM ??
    Maybe God should just wipe us all out of this world map !We have become like "Sodom WITH Gohnorrea"
    we ARE doomed bro...and while I wait for the END...I'll drink myself.. hic..happy..hic....Cheers !!!

  31. Anonymous2:22 pm

    Will someone or the press ask Lingam and the cj if they are for the setting up of a royal commission? If they are innocent, there is no reason that they would object to it. This is a good chance to clear their name.

  32. Anonymous9:44 pm

    What the fu@# has the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) to do in this Lingamgate???????

  33. Anonymous10:27 pm

    this is BS. This givt is always after the wrong people.if you follow the law and abide by it, they will go after you. you go against the law, bribe here and there, wa you become datuk and get contract.

    sick, sick, sick

    ACA...ACAh saja.

  34. Anonymous10:35 pm

    PKR should have said that the tape was sent in by an anonymous person who is only prepared to appear before a royal commission.

  35. Anonymous10:41 pm

    Anwar was the most evil when he once, walked in the corrider of power. But now, I'll walk with him for I need someone (tegardless) to stop all the bleeding..!

    People, stop blaming the the past..You ain't go nowhere. Start looking forward!


  36. Anonymous6:57 am

    We have the Lingam and now ACA is providing the Yorni to do a Kamarsutra.

  37. Anonymous9:54 am

    Well I suppose if not handing over the original recordings and naming the person who captured the video to the panel is not obstruction of justice, then I suppose the ACA should be given a tight slap....

    You guys really think that the world should take Anwar's words as gospel and the grainy video as God given truth?

    I think not. Or maybe you guys already think that the opposition should live by a different rule i.e since they are not in power so they must be telling the truth and everything that everyone else says are rubbish and lies.

    Just imagine what your attitude would be if they are in power.

    I do understand that the ACA has some serious issues but this is not one of them.

  38. In the nursery rhythm 'Three Blind Mice'
    The mice go after people who have been nice
    Without having to think through carefully twice
    Chasing as usual after the wrong tails/tales thrice

    Samuel Goh Kim Eng Sun. 071007

  39. Anonymous7:41 pm


    Do you not see anwar is a compulsive liar and consistent with history of inconsistencies.

    Swear to god he will repeat it again.

    I would take anyone not so smart as long as he or she is honest and speak of truth.

  40. Anonymous8:01 pm

    10:41 PM,

    I'm more concerned about those who put too much faith in god or religion on M'sia's future, as is those who expect others to step forth and do what must be done.

    This is basically a reflection of how most M'sians think, hence the lack of progress in the country.

  41. Can't they just tally the happenings after the lingam conversation? ? Govt no otak ke?

  42. The ACAje stands for 'Aku Cuma Akur'. Whatever their masters tells them, they do it without questioning.

    Disband this disgraceful ACAje for they exists to leech and fleech the rakyat.