Friday, August 24, 2007

Bangsa Malaysia at Blog House

Malaysians at Blog House. For 11-year old Aishah, being Malaysian is "... to have Chinese as best friends even though you are a Malay".
Click here to read her posting on Being Malaysian.
Young Aishah may join over 100 other bloggers at the Bangsa Malaysia Merdeka do tomorrow. We'll sing Negaraku to at 8.30 pm. We'll then unveil the All-Blogs logo, listen to Jeff Ooi's pantuns + some songs from Black's new album, and meet some Malaysian bloggers abroad via wedcasting.
Venue: Blog House, 66 Lorong Setiabestari 2, off Jalan Beringin, Damansara Heights.
There will be a Bangsa Merdeka forum at 5pm. Click here for details.


  1. Anonymous1:56 pm


    I think I know this girl!

    She looks like she is a MRT fan. Thanks All-Blogs.

  2. Honesty of youth. Lets all stay youthful to solve the problem of today.

  3. Hi Rocky, too bad I can't join you guys at the BM do. I only get in on Sunday! No doubt you will be reporting on the evening with photos? Have a good one and hello to all

  4. I wish to be born again as a 9 year old boy. I can then befriend PM's granddaughter and who knows what such friendship can lead to.

    By the way does Mr Kamaludin has a daughter?. I cant really remember, but a friend asked at Tiara Melaka, whether Nori has been blessed with kid. I dont know i said.

    Golfing: putting is the end to a run. just let it go.

  5. Anonymous7:10 pm

    I find it sad that this little girl's statement is a rallying point 50 years after our independence.
    Until I went to Secondary school , which was a boarding school all my best friends were chinese, I hardly had any Malay friends and never even gave it a second thought.
    When I think about it now, I cannot think of single good reason why I do not have more chinese friends now:={