Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Ah, Chamil Wariya

MPI appoints CEO. The Malaysian Press Institute became a foundation in April and as a foundation it needs a chief executive and in Chamil Wariya, a seasoned journalist and a leading hagiographer, it has found its first CEO [Chamil Wariya appointed MPI CEO, Bernama].
The decision to transform the MPI into a foundation was taken after Zam, the Information Minister who recently suffered a major backlash after trying to to hijack the word goblok, agreed last year to set aside RM5 million for the MPI. That generous gesture came just before or just after the Institute decided to bestow upon Zam the coveted Tokoh Wartawan Negara. Many journalists frowned upon the decision to include Zam in the same league as A. Samad Ismail; many more did not see that award as a mere coincidence.
That notwithstanding, here's wishing Chamil all the best in his new undertaking. We know that lifting the standards and the martabat of journalism in this country is no mean task.


  1. Anonymous8:53 am

    Hey Rocky, have you noticed , , , all filesharing sites, have not been able to be accessed with a streamyx line since yesterday? Have not checked with those from other providers in Malaysia, but elsewhere out of this country, they're working fine. I hope tmnet's not banning these sites >| It would be so troublesome!

  2. What did this fella do to deserve the Tokoh Wartawan Negara?

  3. Rocky!

    My opinion is, Chamil Wariya is not the right person to help raise and lifting the standard and martabat of journalism in this country, rest assured that he has been chosen simply to further dampen and retard the quality of journalism, may God help us everyone! (I may sound paranoid to you guys but this is part of S'pore's plan to turn Malaysian into a cesspool of non-performers before the eventual taking over)

    P.S. How Chamil will try lift the standard of English medium journalism in the country will baffle me forever!

  4. Rocky!

    Why do we need a foundation for a Press Institute, and why there is a constant need to "lift" and to "raise" standard of journalism in this country! Just tell the journalist to write the truth and everything elses will fall into places, but then journalists are constantly being policed by their bosses because their bossess are constantly being policed by the political masters because of the amount of insecurity that exist in this country and system where politicians are corrupt, police perceived to be the same, and if everyone does their job there is no need for policing, and we have no need for thought police, this is why blogging is such a threat to these corrupt politicians who are afraid that their deeply rooted corruptsecret will be out in the open.
    Here is a thought for the Malaysian government! If you are so afraid of bloggers and their access to internet, I suggest you the government should just shut it and we can be like Myanmar, but even in your(government) state right now you are not that stupid, so I suggest again you government just get rid of corrupt leaders in Umno. and the Barisan Component parties, begin with a lot in Umno, than get rid the corrupt ones in MIC and the rest and the rest! And Pak Lah can start by sacking those young bastards from the 4th floor, including his son-in-law, his so called "adviser" with strong connection with S'pore! Then we have no need for Press Institute Foundation, when journalists will be free to report the truth, within reason!
    So seriously there is no such big problem in this country to forge ahead, just do the right thing Morons!

  5. Anonymous10:32 am

    Saudara Rocky,

    MPI! In short this is my evaluation: an ineffective body; which has failed in its task to promote more rights for journalism and journalists in this country.

    Honestly, what has it really done for journalism, eh? Just have a look at this passage:

    'Since 1998, mainstream journalists have been pushing the government to repeal the repressive Printing Presses and Publications Act (PPPA) of 1984—which allows the government to license and close newspapers—in favor of a self-regulatory, nongovernmental media council. Meanwhile, the conservative, private Malaysian Press Institute has drafted a plan for a media council that does not lift the PPPA and instead creates a semigovernmental body with additional powers to control the media.' (Source: Attacks on the Press Since 2002 (Malaysia); CPJ)

    Speaks a tonne about the institute's role and effectiveness. Honestly, the only time journalists around the country really bother to mention MPI in their conversations is when it invites submission of articles for its annual awards.

    otherwise, it is ....:-(

  6. Anonymous11:44 am


    are suggesting rm5.0million in exchange for the title? am i surprise if it is so? answer is affirmative no!

  7. Anonymous12:28 pm

    Wahhhhhhhh, Charming Warrior!

    Eh, no, no ,no.......

    Wahhhhhh, Chummy Warrior!

    Sorry Rock, can't resist it!

  8. Anonymous12:36 pm


    A few days ago several reporters covering a GPMS (Gabungan Pelajar Melayu Semenanjung) news conference were given RM 100 each and it was not even in an envelope out of respect to the reporters receiving them.

    One of the reporters felt bad and told his boss about it. He tendered the two 50 notes, a name card of the person who had distributed the notes to the reporters and a short report on what had happened. All these were given to the news editor.

    His collegues said it was "normal" for reporters to be given cash after an assignment and it was very normal for GPMS under the leadership of a political secretary of the prime minister to give away cash to reporters. It will be abnormal if they dont.

    I was a reporter a few years ago and I do not know of this element of envelope journalism rearing its ugly face in Malaysia, or have they? It could be rampant in Jakarta and Manila but Malaysia?

  9. Anonymous2:01 pm

    dear rocky.
    what is jounalism to them? do they really understand the meaning of journalism?

    election is coming.

    i found one good thing about abdullah.
    dia akan isytihar slogan gemilang, gemilang ,terbilang atau yang sama makna dengan nya.
    dan orang ramai pun terpesona dan terhibur dengan slogan hebatnya. dan orang ramai pun akan terjun seperti luncai dan labu labunya.

    NCER, WPI ni semua propaganda sahaja.

  10. Anonymous2:34 pm

    chamil ...the same chamil who went to TV3 and .....
    Well.... would he do the same at MPI?

  11. Anonymous2:51 pm

    question is ...are bloggers journalist yourself?

  12. Anonymous3:54 pm

    Dato Chamil is (some say was) a good journalist. Not outstanding but safe. Not outspoken but quietly diligent, esp when writing books on the PM and Mat Taib. You can see changes in the MPI under Chamil, that I can guarantee. Not because Chamil will provide the leadership, but because Dato Zam's quid pro quo arrangement with the MPI - RM5 million in exchange for the Tokoh Wartawan Negara given to him by Datuk Azman Ujang, who in turn got a new shelf life as GM of Bernama. WOH!! This is all cushy my friend! I'm told Dato Zam won't be put up as MP candidate for his kawasan at the next election, and the $5million to the MPI is part of his operating expenditure as patron of the MPI.

    The irony - here is a Tokoh Wartawan Negara curbing freedom of expression, making a fool of himself by taking on bloggers as if he is the doyen of Msian journalism! The guy is behind time!

    Where does that leave Chamil? Does it matter anymore...?

  13. Anonymous2:18 pm

    bro rocky!

    how much? RM5 million ha!!!

    who? Chamil Wariya!!

    who? Zam!!

    Ok what, bro!!