Tuesday, August 28, 2007

4get da bad English, this a really goat read...

Abdullah, Jeanne enjoy gardening at Sri Perdana, 20:37
update: click here for a goat poster
KUALA TERENGGANU, Aug 27 (Bernama) -- Malaysians should take a leaf from Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and his wife Datin Seri Jeanne Abdullah who enjoy tending to their garden which is planted with vegetables and herbs at their official residence, Seri Perdana, in Putrajaya.
The prime minister said that, in fact, he had two Jamnapari goats in his hometown of Kepala Batas which were later stolen.
Abdullah mentioned this when opening the national-level Farmers, Livestock Breeders and Fishermen's Day 2007 at the Batu Buruk Public Park here today.
He said his late wife Datin Seri Endon Mahmood had a keen interest in batik, songket and handicrafts but Jeanne, whom he married recently, is into agriculture, vegetables and fruits.
"We have a garden at Seri Perdana where we grow our own herbs, to keep me healthy," said Abdullah who also grows plants like rock melons.
The prime minister said the stolen goats had since been replaced and the animals now had 10 kids.
Abdullah said as prime minister, he had to personify the "leadership by example" slogan in efforts to develop the country's agricultural sector.
Various agriculture-related events are being organised in conjunction with the Farmers, Livestock Breeders and Fishermen's Day which runs till Sept 2.


  1. A-ha,
    my suspicion was right all along, Bedol Napoleon's interests has always been on the Goats and Kang-Kungs...

    As for the goat-thief, I salute you and wishes you 'Beeee-eeeek' of Luck in your next attempt.

  2. abeh ah....Proton better think about manufacturing vegetables now instead of cars if they wanna turn things around. the example has been set. lets all heed to it.

  3. Anonymous6:49 am

    Tu la hangpa. Semua tak betui. Apa salah Pak Lah dengan Jeanne (JIN) bela kambin dan taman sayor?

    Dulu dia tak menikah, hangpa hingar. Dia menikah dengan Jin hangpa candek. Kalu aku, taalik pun taalik lah asai sah.
    Dia nak menikah, tu hal dialah. Dia nak menikah dengan bekas adik ipar ka, bekas kak ipar ka, itu hak dia lah.
    Bila dia ada bini, dia tak sunyilah. Dulu pasai sunyilah dia dok pi cari Khairy.

    La ni ada Jeanne, ada kebun sayor, ada kambin, ada macam herba, batik dan songket, buat apa lagi nak cari Khairy.
    Baguihlah macam tu. Tun Mahathir pun dulu aka bobi. Dia tukang kayu.
    Bagi la can kat Pak Lah kalu dia nak suruh orang kampung bela kambin, buat ikan pekasam, jerok maman. Dr Mahathir suruh kita pi angkasa lepas, seberang laut dan pi kutub utara. Pak Lah suruh kita bela kambin.
    Tak pa la tu. Masuk kandang kambin, jadi kambin. Masuk kandang rimau, silap-silap kena makan.

  4. Anonymous6:58 am

    heh! heh! heh! I havent laugh in weeks! Thanks bro!

  5. Anonymous7:00 am

    What is there to complaint of two stolen goat when compare to RM4.6billion lost to our tax payer money. If you are good like the Lee in Singapore and help our country earn US100 Billion I guess me and my buddy will buy you 2000 Jamnapari goats of the highest quality.

    He had a wife who is interested in batik and our batik industries flourish. Now he has a wife with green finger and looks like our agriculture is on the way up. He still has a quota of 3 more wives and lets us wish he will marries one who is interested in police & thief, another interested in Singapore's education and the last one interested in Chinese & Indians.

  6. Anonymous7:01 am

    Pak Lah, Mak Cik Jeanne,

    I am sure you have tongkat ali in your herb garden. But any herbs there for an ailing nation so that it can hold its collective head up high as it celebrates its fiftieth birthday?

  7. Does this personifying leadership by example means we all have to sleep on the job like Pak Lah do?

    A leader of a nation has far more important jobs to do than getting dirty in the garden. If this is his only means of destressing himself, fine. But together with other myriad of non-leadership activities, he really have to get his priorities right.

  8. Anonymous7:48 am

    Awwww....Pak Lah is a farmer at heart..

    The farmer and his wife..

  9. Anonymous8:14 am

    Abdullah said as prime minister, he had to personify the "leadership by example"

    Exemples of leadership by exemple

    1. Say I do not known when asked

    2. Sleep/Yawn in meeting

    3. Go for a record breaking number of oversea trips

    4. Run the country by remote control

    5. When asked say I have not read the report or I will ask the minister concerned

    6. Let the relative @ SIL make major decision

    7. Always absent from cabinet meeting.

    8. Cannot diffenciate the figure 4.6 billion and 4.6.

    9. Out of country during disaster eg floods

    10. Sneaking out of the country on holiday un-notice.

    11. Always say I have more 90% of the rakyat support?????

    12. Advocate mega projects bigger than TDM's project

    13. Talk about his wife, goat, and plants to divert people attention

    14. Do not know what other minister doing or talking

    15. Do not so what he say. Election Promises good example...


  10. Anonymous8:23 am

    Looks like kambing flock together in PM's house!

  11. Anonymous8:48 am

    like that oso goat, meh? hehe, never know that goats got kids... if goat so many herbs to cosume why still so sleepy??

    haiya locky ahhhh, u must learn to gro vegetables and herbs oso u know! then u take care of goats so that u can have more kids...

  12. its simply amazing that he can still be around guzzling lamb kebabs & laugh around like nothing happens. Only in Malaysia !
    land of milk and goats

  13. Anonymous10:22 am

    Vision 2020 + Vision 2057 = goat & vege??? what da f***

  14. Anonymous10:43 am

    Going backwards is great.
    Wife's interest matters or country's interest matters? lolz...

  15. Anonymous10:46 am

    What next?

    Mega vegetables and goats projects which cost billions.

  16. Nabi pun bela kambing. It's not easy to shepard a herd of goats if you don't have the patience and wisdom. He's a true leader at heart.

  17. Anonymous11:15 am

    Enough of Abdullah's 'hangat hangat tahi ayam'.

  18. Anonymous11:15 am

    The prime minister said that, in fact, he had two Jamnapari goats in his hometown of Kepala Batas which were later stolen.

    Goat stolen from PM's house and still extend the contract of IGP?

    What is the police doing?

    Biggest joke in town?????

  19. Anonymous11:51 am

    In latest developments, the Prime Minister talks about his geraniums and tulips. Calls them "tricky to raise and care". Check back at 8:00 p.m. for this earth shattering news.

  20. Anonymous11:54 am

    Ha ha.

    Our PM priorities are all wrong.

    anyway glad he got new goats to play with and he knows they have 10kids. ask him about other important issues, tak tahu!!!!

    His hobby is traveling for fellows who can't see it.

    Daulat Tuanku!!


  21. Anonymous12:18 pm

    Malaysian officialdom now holds the world record for "spinning" (no, no! not the type of Kelantan and Trengganu "gasing" game) on almost everything from economy to political to twist and distort the "truthful state of national affairs". Painting the illusion that everything they touch is turning to gold rather than dust. And in the stages, more beholden promises (i.e. elite universities, more direct investments, more tourists etc). Yes, Mmalaysians should not allow naysayers to qwreck our identity and unity, so said the captain steering the ship. And if we may ask, "Who is the one responsible for the bleak and dark picture emerging within our nation? Who is the one who has no moral ground to talk about values, decency, compassion and tolerance? If the current administration is proud of their achievements, why focus on history during a time of our Merdeka? Talk about the current achievements. What has the current administration achieved? Of course, we know, the quality of statemanship in the current administration in power is nothing but bankrupt. List out your excellence, glory and distinction of achievements promised by your 2004 BN manifesto. We want a transparent balance sheet of achievements, NOT more promises!


  22. Rocky!

    He has lost his marbles and I am going back to Cyprus! The other day I was driving with a friend through Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman then through the back of the old Umno building?! It dawns on me that if you stop having teh tarik or tomyam there you are actually eating in a massive garbage dump, the place is so dirty and after 50 years Malaysians are now dying faster and getting sicker! Try imagining you are so small and minute eating in a municipal garbage truck thats how I felt!

    Happy 50th Merdeka and dirty country with giant rats and cockroaches and where people do not wash their hands, especially the Malays, strangely enough!

    No cheers!

  23. Anonymous12:47 pm

    And Princess Jean said to her prince "Come frolic in my garden".

  24. Anonymous1:03 pm

    Hmm...Pak Lah doesn't sound too different from Ronald Reagan (when he was President of the US).....

    Reagan was famous for delegating authority and taking numerous vacations. And he was always more comfortable in California than in the White House!

    And yet Reagan faced down the then Soviet Union and won the Cold War, cut taxes in the US and presided over an economic boom.

    Maybe Pak Lah has the same hidden talents........

  25. Anonymous1:48 pm



    That's from our national news agency?

    Did Pak Lah and Jean meat White Rabbit or have a puff with the Caterpillar?


  26. Anonymous1:49 pm

    nasi kandar shop must hv good ample supply of meat and veges.

    Well done phark lah.

    Ur vision truly makes us blind.

  27. Anonymous2:29 pm

    Heard it through the grape-vine that si-bedol loves to plant his carrots only because jean loves her garden. Hopefully he'll fall asllep while bending to plant his carrot.

    Oh he has replaced the goat by having them all on the 4th. floor.

    Did he mentione that as the Prime Minister he must also be punctual so as to set good example to his rakyaat.

    Porrah !

  28. Anonymous2:47 pm

    i know its gonna come to goat one day... and I'm right!

  29. Anonymous3:01 pm

    whats so special about this fark lah ?.. urgh.. btw susu F&N bervitamin prices jan07=RM1.95, aug07=RM2.60..... this is more important coz everybody need it everyday !!!

  30. Anonymous4:17 pm

    In that case balik kampung tanam jagung la...

    aduh-aduh sakit nya

  31. Anonymous4:19 pm

    What do you expect at the age of 68 years old, Par Lah should be retired and spending full time rearing goats and planting vegetables and herbs, more befitting him. He had already spent 22 years in Cabinet (except between 1987 and 1991). he and Semi Valued should retire following Gerakan Chief, all in their 68s. Especially Semi Valued into his 28 (yes, twenty-eight years) in Cabinet, the longest serving in the entire 30-member Cabinet. And of course, not forgetting Lord Zam (also 68 years old but not any wiser), should also be planting padi, herbs or anything even lallang, will be better for him. To cut the analysis short, the entire Cabinet average age is 58.63 years old. NOW you KNOW, how impotent it is!

    And don't compare with Singapore with only a 13-member Cabinet, more academically qualified and much more competent. The Malaysian Cabinet comprised a 30-member mainly old folks. Herbs planting anyone?


  32. The country’s affairs
    He doesn’t know what to say
    In his garden he seems to play
    With his gardener he gets his rights
    Come to the nation
    He dreams of Oz

    So what we have on our plates?
    Problems and disagreements
    Spinning tops answers
    Dizziness spins in the air

    Answers yes then disagree
    The way of rojak king embraces
    He thinks the people still support him
    He must be dreaming in Oz then

    What has he done?
    I can’t think of it
    Only words no action
    Milking the money
    Bailout projects

    Giving out contracts
    Open tenders can’t be had
    Let the GLCs sort it out
    Give to whom it gets its rights

    I don’t know where my country leads
    The 50 years coming of age
    I try hard to think straight
    Alas! I am sad thinking of it

    Flying flag I won’t do
    It means nothing when the heart is grieving
    50 years coming of age
    The PM gardens in his plot of land
    Lead by example he said
    I don’t see the light yet

  33. Anonymous4:35 pm

    He wants all the rakyat to plant carrot in the garden. hmmmmm.
    Pharklah-- u will be remembered for your carrot and your goat--no, not the ones on the 4th. floor.

    Phaklah, Bapak Carrot and/or Bapak Kambing.

  34. Anonymous4:53 pm

    What the heck is happening!!! Our country's economy is spiralling down in record speed and all this "Sleepy Head" can do is talk about raising goats!!??
    And by the way, not everyone has that much garden space as he and his beloved new wife has, so does that mean, now all condominium occupants have the excuse to rear goats in their units too? Becos PM said so?
    What a load of crap!!!

  35. Anonymous5:19 pm

    If only Bedol can become like the other village "idiot" that goes by the name of Shawal ibni Mas'ud.

    Shawal married the rich man's daughter (who was disowned by her father for marrying Shawal). So, Shawal kept on tending the goats, and with the help of his wife, worked the small plot growing vegetables to sell.

    The kind soul that he was, Allah granted him big "rezeki" (bounty) and gave to them a son. The son, upon birth, kept on crying and crying. Until they brought him to the patriach (the rich man). When asked why the son was not given a name yet, the rich man thought of names to give his grandson. When he came upon by chance to knock on the door, the little child stop crying. Thus, the child was named Ahmad Al-Bab (Ahmad Pintu, Ahmad the Door).

    If only Bedol can be so kind-hearted like his fellow shepherd/farmer...

  36. Hi,
    Which part of the story was in bad English?

  37. Anonymous6:30 pm

    How about Pak Lah jadi PM kepada semua kambing-kambing!!!!!!

  38. Anonymous6:38 pm

    "The prime minister said that, in fact, he had two Jamnapari goats in his hometown of Kepala Batas which were later stolen."

    Aiyoh aiyoh...kambing pun tak pandai jaga..apalah ini.

  39. Anonymous7:03 pm

    What a donkey!!

    Eh eh .. I mean kambing mengembek. Bedolnya ...

  40. Bro,
    there is this story of Aristotle in his growing rich" life acquired a large piece of farmland in his hometown in Greece and as the workers were preparing to clear the overgrowth and leveling the vast hills as far as your eyes could see,he happened to walk by with some of his aides and sudeenly screamed orders to stop a tractor from barraging down a huge and shady tree in the middle of the valley. Curious, an aide asked why that tree was so special. and Ari replied. "si, under that there tree I had my first tasted of sex while her mother watched "...
    The aide looked in horror and with wide curious eyes pressed on "and what did her mother say to what you were doing ?"
    To which Ari replied "baaaaa "!

    Yes bro, its nice to be green fingered and be personified leadership by example....but pray tell me, how do goats get "kids"? have to DNA or check for resemblance !heheheh!
    Cheers !

  41. hmm...i wonder if after this there'll be attempts by certain "kaki bodeks" to name any particular vegetable/fruit species after the name of *cough*cough* you-know-who, hehe...

  42. The most popular subject for jokes in Malaysia is The PM. That is all that he is good for.

  43. Anonymous9:04 pm

    I told you so. Pas is bad and wrong. They once said Pak Lah tended to the khinzir (pigs). No, he did not. He tended to the goats.

  44. Anonymous9:15 pm

    Pak Lah bela kambin
    Mak Jeanne taman herba
    Kambin Pak Lah kepala penin
    Pasai Mak Jeanne tak suka.

    Khairy Jamaluddin lagi lah
    Dengan Mak Jeanne dia kena mengalah
    Pasai dia bini tercinta Pak Lah
    Salah-salah Khairy kena belah.

    Seronok Pak Lah main dalam taman
    Dengan Mak Jeanne berpegang tangan
    Menyanyi lagu Arab dan Hindustan
    Khairy lalu depa tak perasan.

    Nak bela kambin bela lah
    Songket dengan batik pun tak pa
    Asai rakyat hidup tak susah
    Harga tak naik bertimpa-timpa.

  45. Pak Lah dan Mak jeanne makan kambing dan herba.

    Padan power sampai tak boleh bangun pergi pelancaran "lilin yang membakar diri".

  46. Anonymous9:48 pm

    Orang kampung said,
    Our beloved PM said, it is their hobby so why take it seriously. Go and do agricultural when ONLY you're free. IDIOT

  47. Anonymous9:53 pm

    yo bro,off topic sikit...in tahu u byk contact/kenalan blh u PLEASE ask around,if somebody/any NGO's/even all blogs bolih compile iklan2 perayaan2 d malaysia,spt hari raya iklan tentang lembu daging,iklan deepavali spt yg bdk2 muda yang malu jumpa nenek dia tu,remember??if ada pihak yg blh jadi kan iklan2 tu in cd form I M VERY VERY SURE akan ramai yg nak beli,those r very good malaysian iklan....ehhh??

  48. Anonymous2:54 am

    i wonder did he replace the goat b4 or after married. else i wonder who fathered the 10 goat kids...

  49. Anonymous2:57 am

    It's ghastly funny. Congratulations Malaysia, we have our own made-in-Malaysia George W. Bush!

  50. Green. Its just a word. a colour that signify nature. Some golfers has other meanings for green.

  51. Anonymous8:06 am

    So he lost his kambing Jamnapari(KJ).

    Don't he know where his sil is?
    Someone tell him where KJ is ! After all he has come a long since 1998.

  52. This agricultural goatee tale, reminds me of this ::

    The farmer in the dell
    The farmer in the dell
    Hi-ho, the derry-o
    The farmer in the dell

    The farmer takes a wife
    The farmer takes a wife
    Hi-ho, the derry-o
    The farmer takes a wife

    The wife takes a child
    The wife takes a child
    Hi-ho, the derry-o
    The wife takes a child

    The child takes a nurse
    The child takes a nurse
    Hi-ho, the derry-o
    The child takes a nurse

    The nurse takes a cow
    The nurse takes a cow
    Hi-ho, the derry-o
    The nurse takes a cow

    The cow takes a dog
    The cow takes a dog
    Hi-ho, the derry-o
    The cow takes a dog

    The dog takes a cat
    The dog takes a cat
    Hi-ho, the derry-o
    The dog takes a cat

    The cat takes a rat
    The cat takes a rat
    Hi-ho, the derry-o
    The cat takes a rat

    The rat takes the cheese
    The rat takes the cheese
    Hi-ho, the derry-o
    The rat takes the cheese

    The cheese stands alone
    The cheese stands alone
    Hi-ho, the derry-o
    The cheese stands alone

    When are we gonna see the cheese???

  53. Anonymous10:17 am




  54. Anonymous10:40 am

    hey hey hey. forget about the goat n herbs for a while. this is another hot news from the oven.i hope belum basi lagi lah.words around (very reliable you know) are saying that pak lah will decide to build the "abandoned" johor bridge. wah wah wah wah. after granting the compensation to gerbang perdana now he will decide to build the bridge. so to whom will he award the contract to. gerbang perdana? khazanah? paklah paklah what a joke eh. after canceling the project now u decide to continue. i hope if pak lah decide to build the bridge we will not decide to tanam sayur at the bridge for land scaping and putting goat as guard dogs. hehehehehehehehehehe

  55. Anonymous12:36 pm

    in continuing the jhr bridge saga, najib will head a committee to review the bridge proposal and the develoment of the bridge. they are putting the bridge development under the IDR project and saying that IDR will not be successful without the bridge.
    ish ish ish veryyy scary ahh when our leaders are not constant decision maker. ape they all ingat tadbir negara macam main pondok-pondok eh..

  56. i remember those day PAS said "Badwi zaman dulu bela kambing, badwi zaman ni bela babi"... that's the prove that PAS was wrong... anak badwi zaman ni bela semua... babi ada, kambing ada, monyet kat kabinet pun ada...

  57. Anonymous8:24 pm

    Little Pak Lah, lost his goats,
    And can't tell where to find them.
    Leave them alone,
    and he hopes they'll come home,
    With their tails behind them.

  58. Maybe Badawi is trying to emulate the King of Thailand whose efforts over 30 yrs turned Thailand into an agricultural wonder...

    Only thing is
    Badawi will never be King..
    Badawi is NO King
    Badawi will be remembered as He who zzzz and tak tahu

    Or did he see the movie about Chancey the Gardener & emulating Chancey??

    Life seems to be imitating Art;

    Picture Peter Sellers as a gardener who is a little "backwards" but rise to become the Presidential Chief Advisor based on motherhood statements.

    His advice was considered so "great" (eg such as "do you think we will be targetted by terrorists?" and Chancey's reply is "the garden grows only after winter" only because he no compredez the question.

    The irony is that the President actually takes his advice and steers the country according to what Chancey says..that's all I can remember...but man...

    Is that deja vu or wat??

    I think Badawi should stick to gardening permanently and be less of a Chancey!

  59. Anonymous12:18 am

    Relish the passion in the Bahasa Malaysia original text...

    Abdullah Dan Jeanne Berkebun Di Seri Perdana

    KUALA TERENGGANU, 27 Ogos (Bernama) -- Bagi menyuntik minat rakyat terhadap bidang pertanian, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi bukan sekadar membuat saranan atau seruan tetapi membuktikannya dengan mengerjakan sendiri kebun sayur dan ulam bersama isterinya Datin Seri Jeanne Abdullah di kediaman rasminya, Seri Perdana, di Putrajaya.

    Malahan, Perdana Menteri turut membela dua ekor kambing jenis Jamnapari di kampungnya di Kepala Batas, tetapi malangnya, kata beliau, kedua-duanya telah dicuri.

    Kisah kebun dan kambingnya itu diceritakan oleh Abdullah ketika berucap merasmikan Hari Peladang, Penternak dan Nelayan Kebangsaan 2007 di Taman Awam Batu Buruk di sini.

    "Allahyarham (Datin Seri) Endon (Mahmood) dulu minat batik, songket dan kraftangan tetapi Jeanne pula suka pertanian, sayur-sayuran dan buah-buahan.

    "Di Seri Perdana, kami pun ada kebun...kebun ulam-ulaman, bagi saya sihat," kata Abdullah, yang turut menanam buah-buahan seperti 'rock melon' (tembikai susu) melalui kaedah fertigasi.

    Mengenai kambingnya itu, Perdana Menteri berkata beliau diberitahu oleh setiausaha politiknya, Datuk Othman Desa, bahawa ternakannya itu telah dicuri di Kepala Batas.

    "Kambing Perdana Menteri pun kena curi, macam mana ni? katanya di hadapan kira-kira 10,000 hadirin.

    Bagaimanapun, katanya, kambing itu diganti semula dan kini terdapat 10 ekor anak.

    Abdullah berkata apa yang dilakukannya itu adalah untuk menunjukkan bahawa sebagai Perdana Menteri, beliau perlu mengamalkan ciri-ciri "kepimpinan melalui teladan" dalam usaha untuk memajukan bidang pertanian.

    Hari Peladang, Penternak dan Nelayan Kebangsaan 2007 itu akan berlangsung sehingga 2 Sept ini.

    -- BERNAMA


  60. Anonymous9:58 am

    sdra rocky,
    macam mana teks yang ditulis dalam bahasa malaysia yang betul itu boleh menjadi seperti yang dipaparkan oleh saudara?

  61. Anonymous11:49 am

    Lost your goats? Did you check the unlicensed slaughter yard at the Parliament car park on your wedding kenduri?

    PM, a victim of crime too... How safe can you get in Malaysia?

  62. bro,
    (sing to the tune of Baa Baa Black Sheep")

    baa baa black sheep have you seen the fool...yes sir, yes sir, one cabinet full....one law for the masters and one in-law for a fool...and one haul-up of the blogger... who writes about these fools !

    pure genius !
    Cheers and Merdeka !

  63. Sdr Anon (9.58am),

    Apa yang di-paparkan olih Sdr Rocky dalam bahasa Inggeris tiada beza-nya dalam erti-kata berbanding tulisan asal.

    Mungkin, yang berbeza, adalah fahaman pembaca terhadap bahasa asing apabila 'syntax' berlainan di-gunakan.