Monday, July 02, 2007

The Malay Jew

The hidden hand. According to Malaysia Today, which broke the Abdullah-Jeanne love story last year, the 3 mega suits - Anwar vs Mahathir, Altantuya vs The Malaysian Government, and Kalimullah Masheerul Hassan vs Matthias Chang - are intertwined in a web of conspiracy and deceit that also extended to several mega-bucks corporate "miracles" that we've seen in the last few years since Abdullah Ahmad Badawi became PM.

An extract from The Malay Jew in the Corridors of Power:
We all know about ECM Libra, Avenue Capital, Ethos Consulting, and Scomi, the flagships and ‘cash cows’ of the ‘First Family’ (and I use inverted commas for ‘First Family’ because there is no such thing in Malaysia, though the mainstream media insists on using this term). And we imagine these flagships as under the control of Kalimullah, Khairy and Kamaluddin (the ‘Three Ks’ mentioned in the previous episode of The Corridors of Power), as are Air Asia and those other ‘high fliers’ taking the Malaysian corporate scene by storm. But there is actually a hidden hand behind all these corporate moves which reads like a conspiracy theory the likes of the Kennedy assassination, the bombing of the New York Twin Towers, and the Knights Templar.
But before we talk about this ‘hidden hand’, let us first trace the events that led to this Kalimullah versus Matthias civil suit ....

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  1. Anonymous11:11 am

    actually, nothing new in RPK's article. Interesting, though, when he puts the pieces together.
    Frankly, bro, nothing you don;t know about Kalimullah.
    My hope is that the country is saved from the likes of him.

  2. Anonymous6:19 pm

    Corporate share "shuffling" in Malaysia has been going on for a long time but very few people pay attention to it. And those who pay attention benefit tremendously, financially. But suddenly it becomes a "bombshell" because it involves the No. 1's son, son in law and close acquaintance. Malaysians, you should have opened your eyes a long time ago.

  3. Anonymous7:54 pm

    Dear all,

    Have you guys ever heard this english proverb >> "blood is thicker than water"?


  4. Rocky!A

    ctually I have been harping on the Malay Jews from day one I even wrote about one of our king's mother who was a second cousin to a sephardic Jew named David Marshall, who went on on life to be Singapore first Chief Minister! So what does that make our king, who is celebrating his 80th (?) birthday soon, to be? Right!
    Actually a lot of Jewish stragglers who could not leave Malaya went underground and took up a shell ethnic identity, many became "Arabs", "Malayali", "Melayu", "Pathan" and Serani and of course Minangkabau, so they can "moved around" freely, and by golly so free that they moved.

    It was also believed that one of our five PMs is also of that ethnic persuasion and later on became a "Keralan", but never Jew, for it would have been hard to put "Jew" as your race and also became an Umno member!
    In Tel Aviv there is this department that sent people all around the world to connect with the "diasporic" Jews, in a hill tract somewhere near Nagaland, between India and Burma, there is a group of "squinty" Jews who still read the Torah, wear skull cap, DNA sample were taken from them by the visiting "Jewish Department" and conclusively stated that the squinty hill tract people do have similar ancestors as their Jewish brethern in Israel! They were given the chance to move to Israel but declined.
    Back in Malaysia! Yes! We do have Jews living nder an assumed ethnic identity, on the record I love it and how I wish I can talk to them. If they come out of the closet and this will make our culture more interesting don't you think!
    BTW these in-the-closet yet to come out Jews are actually running the country and the world, and they are very astute and keen to survive and I salute to them for they have perfected the art of survival, in fact all of us should learn from!

    Shalom Bet!

  5. Anonymous12:10 pm

    This is an interesting article and definitely not a conspiracy theory. Proof : just look at what happened in Germany and France in their presidential elections. When Schroeder and Chirac opposed the Zionist ordered war in Iraq, a plan was immediately put in place to replace them.

    Wallah, now you have two new Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Nicolas Sarkozy who a diehard supporters of the zionist grand designs. Merkel is a member of the Bilderberg group, which is a subset of the European political arm of zionism (just like the Council of Foreign Relations is for the US) and Sarkozy is a hungarian Jew. This is how powerful the Zionist are today. They have already have total control of the international monetary system, mainstream media, many Governments all over the world and almost total control of the UN.

    Zionism is the movement to erect the Jewish people (they claim to be the chosen one and the rest of us are goyims - two legged animals)as the supreme leaders of mankind which will be a master- slave relationship and a zero sum game.

    There are only 15 million of them worldwide. So how do they go about it. By hoodwinking a big group of elites from amongst the Gentiles to fight for their cause without actually knowing the inner secrets- which is Satanic! So you have a secretive organization Freemasons where non Jews are hoodwinked to work for the zionist cause.(Outwardly it is for humanity,justice, democracy,peace,charity blah. .blah...when actually it is for the Satanic Zionist designs) The Jews who control exclusively Freemasonry laugh at these non Jews and call them Cattle moslead by the show of the Masonic lodge.

    In return, they are given material wealth, power and prestige.

    Freemasory is zionist in its ideals and has many names and subsets so as to confuse the individual but also for specific you name like, Knights Templars(an early name),order of the Light,Illuminati,Neocons, Bildeberg group, Council for Foreign Relations etc etc........Lions and Rotary clubs....What is consistent is all these organizations are secretly and exclusively controlled by Jews, but well run and activated by Gentile monkeys......So it is not surprising to have a Christian Zionist, a Malay Zionist, Chinese Zionist etc........In Malaysia, try publicly talking about Freemasonry and you will be quickly silenced, literally if there is a need! You dont need a Jew to do these work here. We have numerous Ali, Ah Kows and Kanapatys to do their dirty work.......So may God help mankind from the Zionist scourge......Amen

  6. Shalom Bet ... and Amen!

  7. Anonymous3:53 pm

    macam macam huh....

    and we have sleeping half-past six leader(s) and worrying sleepless deputy; running around causing traffic jams with their motorcades under current hot sun.

    what a country.... may God bless Malaysian!

  8. The Jews can kill as many goyims as they want because we are just two-legged animals! Not heard that word goyim for such a long time, almost married a Jewish girl named Joannie and she said her father said that I am just a goyim and he had heart attack poor soul and imagine that!!

  9. Anonymous3:34 pm

    Refer to the blogger who post about the Freemason.

    What you have wrote is total bollocks! If you have so much free time to research on that New World Order conspiracy, why did you not research on the ideals of what the Freemasons hold dear for hundreds of years? Or their charitable deeds that exceeds more than $2M EACH day EVERY day?

    If you talk about the Freemasons publicly, you will NOT be silenced! That is a totally unfounded rumour! No... make it dumbfounded!

    FYI, many Malaysia Sultans and royalties are members of the masonic club! Sultan of Johor is one of them!

    So please do not make such hasty remarks on the Freemasons if you have not experience with them first hand.

    Thank you.

  10. Kudo Shinichi12:02 am

    Well, it's not true that Freemasons were all pure jew. It's just remnant Knight Templer serve under certain time to protect King of England, then it backfired. Then, they saw a golden opportunity when they heard America was found. Most of the american declaration independant signatures were freemasons. Illuminati is one branch created in America. Then, Bilderburg group is to control the world media and other government needs. Disney, Columbia, Warner Brothers & hollywood got connection with illuminati & freemason members, cause us to be asleep to subliminal messages in ads or movies. Check youtube about NWO and other tags, you will find the truth.