Monday, July 30, 2007

Jeff Ooi's tea party

The blogger enters politics? By this time tomorrow, we'll know if the DAP has indeed pulled off a coup at the expense of Gerakan.

I will walk with Jeff Ooi whichever road he takes for I believe that any road he takes will lead to a more matured Malaysia, insyallah.

And if a RM9 million ringgit*, jobless, obnoxious monkey of a son-in-law can be elevated to such a high seat in Malaysian politics, don't you dare tell me a blogger has no business stepping into the ring.

Jeff Ooi's tea party details (All Bloggers invited):
DATE: July 31, 2007
TIME: 10:30am
PLACE: Food Foundry, Jalan 17/13 Petaling Jaya (Selatan)

* Not updated. It could be RM90 million or RM900 million by now. We may never know (unless we have someone like Jeff in Parliament).
Read When push comes to shove by Tony Yew.


  1. wah...... tough times calls for tough decisions who talks the walk and walks the talk!

  2. but then again isn't a tea party like during tea time like say 4pm?

  3. Anonymous12:31 pm

    Wrong political party to join or is the heat in the kitchen just a bit too hot for Jeff that he is walking out of the blog fraternity.

  4. Anonymous12:32 pm

    So is the Tuesday mee rebus lunch still on?

  5. Anonymous12:40 pm

    This monkey is already threatening bloggers with the ISA and jail. He is talking as if he is the Home Minister. A message to this stupid monkey, mutt, sod, or whatever - you cant hold Jeff and Rocky's jock straps. By the way, i think it is appropriate this monkey be elevated to an ape.

  6. Anonymous12:51 pm

    Bro. Rocky,

    I've never like the DAP... but I didn't say that I like UMNO either... but I do like Lee Lam Thye.

    But I surely will vote for Jeff even if he's with the Rocket.

    YB Lim Kit Siang struggles to prove his point in Bahasa Malaysia in Parliament while YB Tan Seng Giaw tries his very best to impress... but I'm definitely sure YB Jeff Ooi will find it a breeze.


  7. Eh, in malaysia got 2 tea time lah Wattahack.

    One is pre lunch-after breakfast tea time, the other is pre dinner-after lunch tea time.

  8. Anonymous1:10 pm

    boston tea party?

  9. Anonymous1:27 pm

    Salaam Ahiruddin. Adakah Jeff betul-betul memberikan makanan dan minimum percuma?

  10. Anonymous1:31 pm

    Adakah perayaan tersebut terbuka kepada semua rakyat? Bilakah perayaan tersebut diadakan?

  11. Anonymous1:51 pm

    Jumping into the mainstream politics bandwagon always seemed the 'macho' thing to do, especially when one what to be heard louder. However, will these "stars" in their own right remain in politics, for the long run. Or will they fizzle out after once or twice unsuccessful attempts at the polls.

    What about able to withstand "politics" within the party?

    DAP have had this extensive track record of their politicians leaving the wagon. Many good DAP leaders have fizzled out and faded away, even before they could complete their service to the rakyat. Why DAP stalwarts like Lee Lam Thye, Dr Kua Kia Soong, Kerk Kim Hock, Hu Sepang, Wee Choo Keong, Lee Ban Chien, Ronnie Liu, S K Soong, Teoh Teik Huat, Thing Chiek Ming, Lim Fui Ming, Fan Teng Yew, Sim Kwang Yang and Fung Ket Wing no longer in the mainstream menu of the party?

    So will these new blood in DAP end up like these previous people also?

    What if their expectations as politicians are not met, for one disappointment or the other? Then what, they leave and go "alternative" again?

  12. Anonymous2:21 pm

    The chain of events that took place makes Jeff's entry into politics natural.

    I'm skeptical about the DAP and its platforms however.

    I hope Jeff gets fielded during elections and wins a ticket to the House.

    I just hope that he will not be one in a long line of people of idealism who get compromised along the way.

  13. Anonymous3:25 pm

    Fancy a top UNMO youth leader calling bloggers 'monkey'. I think he has a big head but a pea brain. If this is the best that 'Bolehland' can offer in the search for good political candidates to lead the country in future, the country is indeed in peril.

  14. Yo bigdog,like keAdilan and Pas !
    anything as long as it is not the slumber party ! You forgot all those UMNO turncoats ?Surely you are very satisfied with UMNO politicians and their expectations, right ?
    Good for you bigdog and cheers wooooof !

  15. Anonymous3:38 pm

    Bro Rocky, a small but important question....
    If Jeff is joining DAP, will the Learders from DAP tell him to give up his blog?
    I do not want to see another Freelunch 2020 scenario.
    Please ask Jeff for us.
    Thank you.

  16. "DAP have had this extensive track record of their politicians leaving the wagon." - a few

    "Malaysia have had this extensive track record of their citizens leaving the country." - in thousands

  17. Anonymous4:35 pm

    There's no such thing as a free lunch

  18. Anonymous4:40 pm

    Dear Rocky;

    I would think that bloggers like you, and to a certain extent,Jeff Ooi, would try as practical as possible, to stay APOLITICAL. Once a blogger leans, the person's postings will, more often than not, be biased. Read my lips, Screenshots will slowly be less read after his induction into DAP.TQ.

  19. Anonymous5:08 pm

    wattahack, there is such a thing as morning tea, haven't you heard? yes we have morning tea (around 10.00am) AND afternoon tea (around 4.00pm).

    i'm glad to hear jeff joining DAP... or any other opposition for that matter... yes as long as it is not that dacing!!

  20. Hey!

    I amm sooo tired....I haven't slept a wink...I ammm sooooo tired...ding ding ding ding ding dididing ding ding! This country is so full of morons and chimpanzees! No wonder many people in this country die of non-communicable diseases (NCD) for once I have to agree with the nST!

  21. Bambooriver,
    No, Guan Eng won't ask Jeff to stop blogging. Guan Eng is too smart and Jeff is too keras kepala.

  22. Anonymous6:05 pm

    BigDog - Ronnie Liu, Fan Yew Teng and Kerk Kim Hock are still in DAP!

    Congrats to Jeff for taking the plunge.

    My little birds tell me his allocated seat is even better than Puchong!

    e wong

  23. DAP sits at the back of the bandwagon. Hard to push forward.
    I like to see more drama when Jeff Ooi join in.

    There must be a good cause to fight for. This country needs check and balance regardless of who win. And if DAP takeover the country-which i doubt they will.. there must be another opposition strong enough to take them on.

  24. Bamboo River....dont insult Jeff by comparing him with Freelunch? Jeff has an agenda....freelunch only has an un-updated menu....Jed, no offence...just to get perspectives correct....I heard you blogging but only have specific invited guests? Next birthday, when?

  25. Rocky said "I will walk with Jeff Ooi whichever road he takes..."
    Honestly, Rocky, I would happy if you too would join the DAP or PKR. The country needs people like you to save the country.
    Change can only be brought about through politics and people like you should be in the ring.
    We small fries will support you.

  26. Anonymous7:22 pm

    Jeff Ooi for Prime Minister. Why not. :)

  27. Just brush off this Big Dog's comments. He is an anti-DAP basher. He never like DAP due to his "Ketuanan Melayu" mentality and his alignment with UMNO.

    btw, Rocky Bru should give a thought of joining DAP too. Guan Eng is a nice guy to work with.

  28. Anonymous8:44 pm

    Will definitely vote for opposition in the next election.

    At least it will reduce the 'power' of those oxbrain and 4th floor monkeys.

  29. Jeff Ooi joined DAP
    Am I happy?
    Hope he doesn’t change his ways
    Blogging still giving his inside views
    Of what happening in Parliament…eh?

    Ah the heady days of a politician
    Giving talks lecturing to the people
    Of ways to flourish one’s career
    In the field of many aspirants

    I was with MCA
    From the North I was pushed
    Membership transferred to the South
    Central to North again
    When I changed jobs
    Then it all disappeared
    Promises to make a search for me
    In the end nothing I got
    So I left
    On my own feeling short changed
    Now I don’t join
    I let my membership died years ago

    The normal values for the country
    The friendliness to the people
    Fight for a cause to believe in
    Wholeheartedly without personal gains
    In the end clashes of minds
    Some will turn away
    Others give up completely

    Joining NGOs
    Push for changes
    Fight for a cause
    Yet it moves at a snail pace

    So it is in political party
    Where changes can be made
    Salutations to Jeff Ooi
    Hope he will make a difference
    In the hall of Parliament

  30. Anonymous10:00 pm

    Anonymous 6.05pm, yes they are still with DAP BUT why aren't they they featured in the main menu?


    How come when its DAP. its back to the Father, the Son and the Dotting Darling Daughter-in-law over and over again? No difference from the PAP, isn;t it? So, no other people in DAP worthy to be leaders, now in the 39th year????

    So where will people like Tony Phua and Jeff Ooi be, lets say 5 years from now, if the Lims refuse to let go of the iron clad clenched fist on DAP?

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. Anonymous10:54 pm

    Jeff Ooi for Prime Minister. Why not. :)

    tooo long a shot
    RPK will have more chance! hahaha

  33. Anonymous2:52 am

    after 50 f'''king long years as a f'''king chinese, give me a break, ok?

  34. Anonymous3:08 am

    rocky bru,

    it doesn't matter much now, we need changes & changes is good,

    jeff going to take a big step to make some changes and thats goods.

    bless his soul... rite?!!!

  35. Anonymous4:40 am

    Hey Lassie

    Maybe the mainstream politics bandwagon is where you should try to ply your tired excuse for blog commentary...and when will these same rants be recognized for their dog barking unitelligible slobbering yelps that you continue to spew in the hope that you can withstand the false hope that intelligence will overlook your card carrying defense of the umno manifesto....if there is one. oops sorry....umno does have a manifesto does'nt is you who cannot have one

  36. Anonymous6:21 am

    "I will walk with Jeff Ooi whichever road he takes for I believe that any road he takes will lead to a more matured Malaysia, insyallah" .... EVEN INTO THE SHIT HOLE!

  37. Anonymous7:56 am

    Lucia said:

    i'm glad to hear jeff joining DAP... or any other opposition for that matter... yes as long as it is not that dacing!!

    that's bigotry. having hatred and prejudice towards bn shows you are a racist.

  38. Anonymous8:04 am

    Thank you Bro Rocky for the answer.
    BTW , Zorro, my question is not meant to insult Jeff . I looked up to a person not based on his political alliance, especially bloggers.
    To me as long they are doing what is good for the community they have my support.
    Thank you.

  39. Elfie???

    u tickle me!! what has race got to do with this?

    BN has malays, chinese, indians etc....

    Hating dacing does not mean u hate the races that make up the dacing.
    Lately, the dacing is not behaving itself.

  40. i think its good Jeff is doing this. He is a very smart person and i would vote for him any time in my place at PJ Utara..

    I m also afraid Screenshots will be biased. But Jeff is a smart man, he will know how to balance it out (i Hope)

  41. Anonymous2:11 pm


    ape is too nice for him. a baboon with a red arse jutting out may be a more apt description of him. thinks he is the SIL, he can start his name calling with impunity.
    Really doubt Oxford produces such mentally deficient graduates.