Sunday, July 08, 2007

A blogger's list for the Perak Mufti

Jojo was a man who thought he was a loner ... Ashraf, who runs the MindaCergas blog, has put up a special posting headlined Helping the Perak Mufti as a follow-up to the Siti Nur Idayu case. The blogger has listed names of some VIPs (or, rather, VIMs for Very Imporant Malays/Muslims) the Perak Religious Department should go after in the name of consistency.
The list includes celebs, a rock climber, and corporate Malay-Muslims who sit on boards of haram corporations.
p.s. Jojo is the nick for Syed Yusof Nasir, a friend of the Selangor Sultan. He's there on Ashraf's list but I think they'll leave him alone.


  1. Hey really……….the Beatles come to play
    Sit in protests for peace
    Think about it
    Time has changed since then
    Then “Imagine” for world solidarity

    Back home
    Religious officials knock
    Don’t they have anything else to do?
    Picking on women
    Helpless fair maidens need protection
    They got what in their minds?
    Sit at home rear children!

    It is way back to ancient history
    The progressive women come a long way
    They aren’t going back to be sitting ducks
    Waiting day and night running chores
    In the end get nothing to show
    Only for the guys to tango

    Allah says be fair to all
    Do they heed His advice?
    They thought they are the “experts”
    In this Earth nobody is

    Just look around
    What the religious experts done
    There is no peace
    Each trying to outwit one another
    Even babies can tell them a thing or two
    “They are so beautiful”
    Every one flocks in to see
    The bundle of joy in the house for free

    Treat people with respect
    Be compassionate be humble
    The religion is a private affair
    It shouldn’t be used for selective persecution
    This isn’t Islam
    This is why we don’t find peace in this World

    Yeah…..Jojo was a loner
    Until somebody asks why
    Come out and play
    Allah will be there
    Anyone who asks for forgiveness
    It will be given………..

  2. Anonymous10:31 pm

    Congrat... u had done justice on amar maaruf nahi mungkar.... or it is amar mungkar nahi maaruf to u... peace on you...

  3. Rocky,

    Jojo is the nick for Syed Yusof NOT Syed Jamal...who the heck is Syed Jamal Nasir anyway ?
    Dont want yr blog to lose credibility...hehehehe !


  4. Anonymous11:30 pm

    Dear Ashraf,

    I take those listing with open heart that you truely want to help Al Fadhil Dato Mufti (i believe some already wellknown), without any prejudice or other bad intention after the Idayu case. I do hope your listing will be read by those people up there and do something. Pls ensure they know of your list existance.

    Moga anda diberkati Allah.

  5. thx headliner. correction made.

  6. Anonymous10:31 am

    Jadi Chairman Hard Rock boleh dapat Tan Sri lagi. Mana JAIS and the gang!

  7. Anonymous2:44 pm

    Bagi yg beragama Islam, dinasihatkan eloklah berhati2 apabila menulis mengenai agama Islam serta para ulama. Apa yg sedihnya terlalu ramai di kalangan yg beragama Islam menulis pelbagai perkara yg bertentangan dgn ajaran agama Islam. Adalah lebih baik kita luangkan masa 2 atau 3 mlm seminggu, pergi ke masjid & belajar dari tok guru yg memberikan pelbagai kuliah. Jgn "egoistic", seolah-olah kita sudah banyak ilmu. Semoga dgn usaha kita yg ikhlas utk mempelajari & mendalami pelbagai bidang ilmu berkaitan dgn agama Islam, Allah akan berikan kita "hidayat" yg akan menyuluh hidup dan mati kita. Bg mereka yg bukan beragama Islam, sama2lah kita doakan mereka dapat berubah dan berikhtiar utk mengetahui Islam sebenarnya. Spt mana kita orang Islam dilarang dari menghina agama lain, demikian jugalah kita berharap mereka juga bersikap demikian. Kita doakan juga supaya Allah tunjukkan mereka kepada jalan yang benar. Mengenai tindakan menghalang atau menghapuskan "kemungkaran" di kalangan orang Islam, ianya adalah tanggungjawab semua orang Islam. Di akhirat kelak, semua kita akan disoal mengenai usaha kita membanteras kemungkaran. Kita harus bertanya diri kita, kenapa Allah tidak turunkan bala kepada kita semua sehingga kini: ia adalah kerana adanya insan yg mengunjungi masjid setiap kali azan dilaungkan. Apabila keadaan ini berubah, tunggulah bala besar yg akan diAllah turunkan kpd kita.

  8. You should hear about the antics of some of thes guys when they are overseas.........

  9. Anonymous3:34 pm

    As a non-muslim, this and many other incidents leaves me a lot of bitter impressions whether does civilised Islam exist in Malaysia. For me, it sounded, it backfired, straight at government's face.

  10. Anonymous11:06 am

    Did Siti Nor Idayu expose her body and encourage immoral activities?
    than theres nothing to talk abaout.