Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Straits Times publishes AKJ's reply

Hsien Loong no talk cock, Janada. In a crisp response to an article by an article published by the Singapore Straits Times, blogger A. Kadir Jasin, a former NSTP group editor-in-chief, said he takes the Singapore Prime Minister's words on seriously, unlike the writer of the article [the son of a late former President of Singapore] who may have unwittingly described as "nonsense" his PM's statement on the controversial IDR joint ministerial meeting.
The ST published AKJ's letter almost in totality. Read Singapore Straits Times publishes my letter.

p.s. I was told that the office of Dr Mahathir, our former PM, sent yesterday a letter to Kalimullah Masheerul Hassan on his "incorrect" June 11, 2006 article.


  1. Rocky!

    I have read Kadir's letter to ST and I am very proud to say that he (Kadir) has articulated what many Malays or Melayus feel about IDR vis-a-vis possible Singapore's involvement in our souvereignty and national integrity. Unfortunately the rdeddotter ex-Presidents son got carried away by the fact that he really thought Malays are really, realy stupid! BTW! I am not a Malaysian but a Melayu, for I do not see any "Malaysians" such as Lim Kit Siang, Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Keng Yaik express about the country as realistic-ally, nationalist-ically and passionately as Kadir).
    As I said before Malays are not afraid of globalisation, but it must not be mistaken with compromisinbg our territorial integrity and sovereignty!
    If there is ever a change in political leadership in this country soon, I will do everything in my power to convince the new power that be to take A.Kadir Jasin to rescue the NST to give back its identity including the mast head! Did you notice the word "New" in the NST is almost not there and very small and from afar it looks like the plain Singapore Straits Times! Yes! THis little thing means a lot to a Malays like me!
    Thank you!

  2. bekas pm tun dr m layak menghantar surat kepada kali dan memintanya memohon maaf di atas penipuan tulisannya tentang pertemuan tun dan pm sekarang. jika tidak, kali patut diheret ke mahkamah.

  3. Anonymous12:33 pm

    Is this the son of that devan nair guy who had a big thingy with senior lee and who later ran to canada.?
    I believe drinking problem was one of the issues.
    If this is so, hmmmm i wonder if bapak borek anak rintek.
    If hes not, then --soorrryyy.

    But stil--maybe singapore made toddy is very potent ya !!

  4. Sdr Rocky,

    I get better treatment from Singapore Straits Times than Tun Dr M got from Malaysia’s New Straits Times. Hehe....

    But NST published my letter too. That was because I made a demand at the company's AGM.

    The NST and BH published a nasty article about me on the day of the AGM two years ago. I think they were trying to scare me away from the AGM. They were mistaken.

    It's sad that you have to demand for the right of reply when it should have been a privilege accorded to all readers.

    Incidentally, four ST staff, including the editor-in-chief, Mr Patrick Daniel and the writer Mr Janadas Devan (yes the son of late Singapore President) e-mailed me upon receiving my letter.

    Thank to all for your kind words.

  5. Anonymous3:27 pm

    Pasquale, I respect your opinion and I agree that Kadir gave an articulate reply but I beg to differ when you suggest bringing Kadir back to helm the NST. If my memory serves me right, the NST went on a downward spiral during Kadir's reign. No disrespect to Kadir, but can Kadir resurrect a dead giant? He had a chance to make NST greater during his 12-year reign but he failed for reasons that are obvious. I think Rocky knows what I am speaking about. New straits times or old straits times dont matter, Pasquale. Let's not quibble over semantics or being polemical. Frankly, nobody can save the NST unless the people who run it are prepared to change their mindset. Mindset means Umno must stop using the paper as a propoganda tool. It must realise the NST has lost its clout and is unable to even function effectively as a tool. NST must separate business and politics, just like Star. Even then, it will be too little too late. If I am pressed to name perhaps one person who can or might save the situation, that person could be Rocky. Rocky has the stature and connections among middle and upper class malaysians which gives him a realistic chance of putting a sick giant back in the pantheon of the media.

  6. Anonymous9:32 pm


    AKJ wrote:
    "Incidentally, four ST staff, including the editor-in-chief, Mr Patrick Daniel and the writer Mr Janadas Devan (yes the son of late Singapore President) e-mailed me upon receiving my letter."

    You've got to hand it to the Singaporeans. They do think and do things professionally.

    To acknowledge receipt and to publish AKJ's letter as a right of reply speaks highly of their (those currently serving the ST) professionalism. I will not go beyond that.

    I've not had much luck for my letters on behalf of Dr M to the New Straits Times, its Deputy Chairman and GEIC previously were neither acknowledged nor printed.

    I must qualify however that there was only one incident where my letter was published with regards to the June 11 Sunday Column.



  7. but of coz pasquale,

    i may not be a malay but do feel proud that dato kadir can at least bring about genuine concerns of malaysia's sovereignty being challenged starting from the *scenic* bridge.

    aside from LKY who has to toe the party line i believe it is not fair to label likes like LKS to be less *patriotic* or *malaysian* ...

    he was after all looking at the IDR from the perspective of whether it is enticing / viable to foreigners ... just by looking at the *bocor* cases happening around the country as well as flooding in Johor last year and KL recently

    after all, the wonders of blogging is that it gives insight and different perspective of an issue from different angle.

    dato kadir will always be dato kadir in being sharp, articulate as well as concerned over the fate of malaysia.

  8. Anonymous4:54 pm

    Pak Kadir

    Could I ask who are the 4 people from the Spore Straits Times who contacted you?

    You mentioned Patrick Daniel and Janadas Devan. Could the other 2 be Zuraidah Ibrahim (the paper's Political Editor) and Chua Lee Hoong who specialises in political commentaries?

    Knowing the style of the Spore Straits Times, I am reasonably sure that they are already working on a response to your response!