Sunday, June 10, 2007

Samy does a Brenden Pereira?

Cabinet plagiarist. Blogger Bernard Khoo yesterday put up a posting Samy doing a Brenden Pereira? after one of his readers alerted him to the possibility that senior minister Samy Vellu may have committed plagiarism when he penned a poem for Abdullah and Jeanne.


  1. Samy wants to curry fish
    He can’t find time to cook
    So he goes out to buy his food
    And let it be known he is a good chef
    Showing off his skills
    Telling people with his busy schedules
    He can find time to demonstrate
    His culinary skills in the kitchen

    Cooking up a storm of smoke
    Triggering off the smoke detectors
    There he stands pondering his skills
    As water hit him
    Flowing like the rain

    When he walks out
    Smile wipe off his face
    He says he can’t understand
    Why it pours on his head?

    With his body soaks in sweat
    He thinks he does a good job
    Telling people what he has done
    Sad but it is true
    The eyes turn blind
    Until someone telling him
    He has lied……………

  2. Anonymous11:23 am

    Ayoyo...Samy. You should do better lah. Apple-polishing with celup material will get you nowhere, man.

  3. Anonymous11:31 am

    The Star, in it's front page of today's newspaper showed a photo of Pak Lah and Danker at their Akad Nikah ceremony and were referred to as "The First Couple". This is incorrect!

    The head of state is always the "First" person who, in turn, appoints the head of government. So, in the case of our beloved Malaysia, since the Agong is our head of state and the Permaisuri Agong is First Lady, then The Star has committed a big error in today's reporting by stating that Pak Lah and his wife as the "The First Couple".

    In this country, the Agong is not just the Head of State, he is also the Commander & Chief of the Defence Forces and Defender of the Islamic Faith.

    I would certainly hope that the Star publishes a full apology to our King and Queen for the error in their reporting. It is also quite alarming to see that the front page reporting in a major newspaper is done by reporters and editors who know little about who's who.

  4. file it under false wigs man

  5. Dear Caravanserai and Bayi:

    Do not be too harsh on this Samy character. I am no fan of Samy, but I am willing to grant him the benefit of doubt.

    He may have prefaced his recitation by saying, "Let me quote a poem for the Prime Minister" or something to that effect, and then went ahead with his poetry. Our reporters then immediately reported the poetry as Samy's own creation. In which case, it is the reporters who are fools, not Samy.

    As you are well aware, it is not just ministers who like to bodek, so do reporters. Only the subjects of their bodek vary.

    If what I postulated did indeed happen, that would not be the first time our mainstream reporters have their facts wrong.

    That of course would not excuse Samy's other stupid utterances!

    M. Bakri Musa

  6. and he thought he could get away with it..kadevele pochi samy.

  7. Anonymous3:30 pm

    i personally believe one of his machai's did it for sam. he gave a brief for an ampu-bodek piece and he had no way to know that it was lifted.

    sam wanted to look good with our pm but he's looking real bad to the world now. if i am the pm i would return the piece back to sam and not suffer the insult.

    would sam care? hell no, he's as thick-skinned as the badak that he is!

  8. Anonymous4:31 pm

    I agree with Bakri. Most of our reporters, especially those from the Malay Press, are bodek champions.

  9. Sdr Rocky,

    Masing-masing mahu mencari "Damai Abadi", tetapi tiada idea, tiada originaliti dan tiada integriti.

    Jadi ciplaklah. Bukankah ciplah sudah menjadi amalan banyak pembesar?

    Masing-masing mahu mengampu kerana mengampu sudah dibudayakan.

    Ampu dan kamu akan dibantu. Puji dan puja dan kamu akan diberi kuasa dan harta.

    Tapi awas Sdra, anda mungkin disaman lagi atas tuduhan cuba menyekat kreativiti seorang mamanda Menteri. Begitu juga Sdr Bernard Khoo.

    Saya berdoa kepada Illahi, PM dan Datin seri Jeanne Danker Abdullah tidak terpukau dengan mantera Menteri Kerja Raya itu.

    If they want beauty they should read Kahlil Gibran, Umar Khayam, Ar Rumi and not Mr Samy.

    Terima kasih.

  10. Anonymous6:33 pm

    It's Brendan, not Brenden.

  11. Anonymous7:08 pm

    melayu lama:
    not only the Star. I think the NST too.
    But you know what? I think their concept of "First" is that it is referred to the leader in/with power.
    So, in this country we know that the King is a figurehead. Thus -- the PM and First Lady.
    I don't know if that is the reason for the mainstream media referring to the PM and his wife as the First Couple and the wife as the First Lady.

    Or, simply, they dont know. And dont care.

    Anonymous 6:33PM: It is Brenden. That is the spelling on his IC and the one given to the NST human resource dept.
    And in the court papers.

  12. Anonymous9:06 pm

    Brendan or Brendo, either way he makes a lot of people sick, including me. He thinks he is the god of journalism, just because he learnt some tricks in his former paper. By the way, he was a nobody in his former paper. By the way, I wish to reiterate the Malay Press sucks, they bodek too much. They have no principles. Cheers.

  13. Since the author of the first four stanzas are unknown, Semi Value will claim that he is the Author Unknown. What else can one expect from this guy?

    Budaya mengampu? Since time inmemorial, all over the globe. Its just that certain characters in this country brought it to the next level.

    Lets see how he extricates himself out of this one. He normally does. Penembak badak shakes his head in disbelief for all of his bullets bounced off...heh

  14. Anonymous11:10 pm

    so what if he "ciplak"? so what?

  15. Anonymous11:38 pm

    I agree with Melayu Lama. Either we refer to the King's as the 1st Family or not at all.

    We are Malaysia. We are not the USA or Russia where the Pres is both the Head of State and Government. So they can be referred to as 1st Family.

    I think the media is senseless, unthinking and love aping the West. The half-past-six mentality.

    The PM is the PM. His family is a different matter. They have no role or power. Why the need to make them feel important by giving the erroneous title?

  16. Dear Datuk Kadir:

    I agree with you! I had Kahlil Gibran's poetry recited at my wedding! It was beautiful, I mean the poetry as well as the wedding!

    I cannot help but reprint it below and recite it again! With many decades of blissful married life (praise be to Allah), the poem is still beautiful and a pleasure to recite.

    Bakri Musa

    Kahlil Gibran on Marriage

    From Kahlil Gibran's The Prophet

    Then Almitra spoke again and said, And what of Marriage, Master?
    And he answered saying:
    You were born together, and together you shall be forevermore.
    You shall be together when the white wings of death scatter your days.
    Ay, you shall be together even in the silent memory of God.
    But let there be spaces in your togetherness,
    And let the winds of the heavens dance between you.

    Love one another, but make not a bond of love:
    Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls.
    Fill each other's cup but drink not from one cup.
    Give one another of your bread but eat not from the same loaf.
    Sing and dance together and be joyous, but let each one of you be alone,
    Even as the strings of a lute are alone though they quiver with the same music.

    Give your hearts, but not into each other's keeping.
    For only the hand of Life can contain your hearts.
    And stand together yet not too near together:
    For the pillars of the temple stand apart,
    And the oak tree and the cypress grow not in each other's shadow.

  17. Anonymous12:45 am

    Say what!? Perhaps Sam hired someone from Fox Media to write it for him? Makes perfect sense to me!

  18. Sdr M Bakri Musa,

    It was indeed a beautiful poem. So fitting. But do you think Samy Vellu reads Kahlil Gibran?

    This is the problem with our VIPs these days. They think everybody can be taken for a ride. They think everybody is ignorant.

    It think what Samy did was an insult to the pengantin baru.

    And since the PM spoke at great length on love, he shold read Kahlil's beautiful poem on love.

    Thank you.

  19. Anonymous7:42 am


    SV: Oi , our boss is getting married lah I want to give himsomething special because the last few months i have given him a few big headaches,

    BP: Why dun you give him a poem for his akad nikah ?

    SV: Good idea--but i'm no good at writing poems lah. I can build good buildings but this one ah ....very susah.

    BP: Look let me help you out ,. Its simple enough for me. I write one and give you tomorrow. Then you can give your boss . I'm sure e'll be touched.

    SV: Hey thanks a lot.I owe you one. (walking away...and thinking..) Oh oh ! Have i done the right thing or not......

  20. Anonymous7:42 am


    SV: Oi , our boss is getting married lah I want to give himsomething special because the last few months i have given him a few big headaches,

    BP: Why dun you give him a poem for his akad nikah ?

    SV: Good idea--but i'm no good at writing poems lah. I can build good buildings but this one ah ....very susah.

    BP: Look let me help you out ,. Its simple enough for me. I write one and give you tomorrow. Then you can give your boss . I'm sure e'll be touched.

    SV: Hey thanks a lot.I owe you one. (walking away...and thinking..) Oh oh ! Have i done the right thing or not......

  21. Anonymous8:51 am

    False wig is good in this...remember "spoon-feeding" Dr M with a piece of cake? Lap-dogged newspapers lapped the spoon-feeding incident lavishly with photographs. Well, this "ABC" behavior is typical and will never run out of players. The officialdom loves this, good for publicity. madmonk

  22. Anonymous10:57 am

    The very moment I read the news item, I knew it couldn't be his work. Samy's english is see it all the time on TV, his Bahasa Malaysia is equally atrocious..therefore no way he could have penned the poem, so he ask his machai/ghostwriter to write.

    But if he took credit for it, the chinese have a saying for this: use other people backside for his face.

  23. Anonymous2:21 pm


    fox: deii samy...
    Samy: vattt!?? Vatt u want?
    fox: dat dey...i say i wrote you a poem for the PM and his new coli... was a very good poem..when i read it..every body like stunned one...they think the great samy vellu is now same level as the khalil gabra..
    fox:gibran..not gabra..
    samy: so vat? same one.
    fox:anyway...err..dat poem say you wrote...actually was not original
    samy: vat you saying?
    fox:wat i'm saying to you is actually i took two poems and tampal together and give to you to read...
    samy: so?
    fox: now peoplesay..
    samy: vat people..
    fox: dis people who read in rocky's blog
    samy: woooohh..dat bastard ahh?
    fox: now they say you are a plagiariser..
    samy: vat??How dare they? Calling me that...err...whatthat word mean ahh?
    fox: it means you steal people's writings and claim its yours..
    samy: mean we cannot do day ah? dis pirates copy DVD can why I cannot copy poem ahh?
    fox: you can but you must say who the originator..
    samy: chunikwakla...whyyou worry about dis?you forget who I am..I am samy one can touch me..i am unvouchable..
    fox: untouchable..
    samy: ahh yes..untouchable..
    fox: but bos..untouchable means pariah..
    samy: really I should call myself what?
    fox: maybe call yourself the non-stick kind
    samy: ahh yes..samy the velcro
    fox: teflon
    samy: ok ok..i am samy the teflon king minister numero uno vat do I care?
    fox:i guess that's true...even you survive tun m are right!!! and when castrokicks the bucket...I'mthelongest surviving bastard..I mean minister in the world!!


  24. Anonymous4:22 pm

    cucuparit, that's a gem! of course not anywhere near khalil gibran, but cracked me up bro! betcha sammy and the fox enjoyed that one too.

    you should copyright it quickly, dude. -- angsini

  25. Anonymous7:26 pm

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  26. Anonymous7:26 pm

    Thanks cucaprit. You made my day. Still holding my sides.

    Can someone continue the drama please.

  27. Anonymous11:45 pm

    copy, cut and's simple like 1,2,3..

  28. Anonymous7:49 am

    Come to think of it---we should just leave him be---at least his intention is "good". No I will not write anything bad about Mr Semivalue anymore.
    I mean, hes nothing compared to the likes of BP and Kali-ular.
    At least he didnt come out with a statement saying that he has 'clarified everything' in the press.

    (Mr Semi. please dont do it 1 year later---then we would brand you as another LIAR LIAR)

  29. Anonymous9:59 am

    Lembu punya susu, sami dapat nama!

  30. Anonymous10:40 am



    JEAN: Sweetie?
    AAB: Yes Darling?
    JEAN: Tonight can do it or not?
    AAB: Ermm..yes yes..can.
    JEAN: But last night you fell asleep.
    AAB: I know, sorry. But tonight fact,I checked with 4th floor and they say ok.
    JEAN: U sure?
    AAB: Yes Darling...sure.
    JEAN: Anything I want?
    AAB: Yes darling...we can also use the KJ you wanted?
    JEAN: KJ?
    AAB: Oops...I mean KY.Honest mistake..KJ and KY...same thing.
    JEAN: Ohhh I thought you wanted him in here.
    AAB: Actually he usual he wanted to tell me how to do things...I told him know..there's somethings I can do myself I told him.
    JEAN: Sweetie...I can give you a blow job first?
    AAB: Noooo!!! That's what got Rosmah into trouble!!!
    JEAN: Missionary position?
    AAB: I prefer to call it hadhari position.
    JEAN: how do you that?
    AAB: Pray hard it will happen.
    JEAN:Anything you want lah sweetie. So,can we have an erection?
    AAB: Err...that's tough a bit..I think next year best time for general erection.
    JEAN: SayaanGGG!!!!!
    AAB: ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ..........


  31. Anonymous11:50 am


    You're so freakin hilarious !! Still wiping the tears from my eyes.
    But contrary to your heading, I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR such a conversation---especia;lly if its from the newly wed !

    KJ. KY ---still laughin ! Maybe next KY in KJ ? That would be a gud 'un.

  32. Anonymous2:54 pm

    Can't wait for Scene 2 . The one rated xxx)

  33. Anonymous7:35 pm

    You must have one helluva imagination to come up with those dialogues mate. The first one about velcro got me smiling, but the second one about ol sleepy head really got me rolling on the floor trying to catch my breath! keep up the good work mate!