Wednesday, June 27, 2007

MPs argue about GT gals' attire

Bikini or Hot Pants? Two of our YBs are giving Azalina a hard time. They want her to explain why her ministry allowed models clad in bikins to grace the Super GT Grand Prix.
Aza's parliamentary S. Vigneswaran told the Dewan Rakyat that those are not bikinis but hot pants. Also, he explained, it was an international event and the organisers had their conditions. Nonetheless, he will bring it up with the minister. [read Bernama's Sports Ministry taken to task over sexy girls]

If you can't see what the fuss is, TV Smith has more pics here to help you see what our two motor-enthusiast MPs, Hasni Mohamad (BN-Pontian) and Mohamad Aziz (BN-Sri Gading), saw.
Chindiana has pics here and some more here.


  1. Anonymous6:50 pm

    Hot pants are short short pants aren't they? These are definitely bikinis.

    Let's hear from our muftis...

  2. Jerai would say, “isteri saya looks like a wanita putus haid next to them”.
    He would also wonder how long their marriage would last.

    Sri Gading would insist on touching them cos “women are supposed to be touched by men”, regardless how they are dressed

    Kinabatangan, of course, would like to masuk sikit.

    Tangga Batu, Pendang and Kubang Kerian would be concerned that the “sexy uniform” would arouse the sexual desire of male viewers.

    Rantau Panjang would probably declare them as gatal women divorcees.


    our heroes from Kinabatangan and Jasin together-gether would remark about leaks every month.

    courtesy of malaysiakini’s compilation.

  3. Anonymous7:21 pm

    nice pics

  4. Anonymous7:53 pm

    Bang Attan...

    Bagi pendapat saya.. saya suka lihat kecantikan wanita.. biar di pamir di kalayak ramai. siapa yang ada nafsu.LISBIAN pun suka,, sri gading pun suka.. PONTIAN lagi suka... "anugerah allah" siapa yang pandai nilai je.. tahu..
    ..he he he Abang atan pun tenttu suka..


  5. Why should anyone complain to Azalina Othman Said?

    She is not even a natural woman!

  6. Anonymous7:56 pm


    ALL I can say is....


  7. Anonymous8:10 pm

    i love hotpants..


  8. Anonymous8:35 pm


    what on earth are they bickering about hot pants or bikinis?

    these MPs are...such bloody idiotas. mr blog owner, u can sensor me at this point because i dont want to trouble you with any more sanction or court issue or whatever.

    but...what can I say? this is totally...rubbish.

  9. baru sekarang bising? dulu2?

  10. Anonymous9:52 pm

    Sah, malaysia is the land of prostitutes ... even our neighbour love to rape us !!!
    Next evidence, please!!

  11. Hot pants or bikinis what the fuss?
    Don’t they love beautiful women on parade?
    Are they so clouded in their minds?
    When beauty walks free in our eyes

    Men shouldn’t complain
    Beautiful women God make them
    So look at them if you want
    In any eye ogling attire so what?

    I don’t mind looking at them
    I don’t mind dreaming about the heavenly beauty
    If our MPs say about it
    They are afraid they would leak, aren’t they?

    Lust and love what so different?
    If you are a man, says it loud and clear
    Why want to penalize sexy attire?
    I don’t see the logic of it all

    Rapists don’t pick and choose
    They take what they can find
    At that moment on that urge
    One shouldn’t cloud beauty on parade

    It is the sick mind which couldn’t see
    The difference of beauty and lust of desire
    The deception of one’s mind
    It belies the truth of the eyes

  12. Anonymous10:04 pm

    The next Super GT Grand Prix with the approval of the grand Muftis council the girls should be wearing only cloak or the abaaya to meets the criteria of qualify for hereafter life. The women must have no skin showing on their arms and legs(Janin72). If a female is seen by a mutawa, a religious police not clothed in the appropriate clothes or showing skin (Janin72), she could receive a whipping or could be arrested for misdeeds. The monkeys in Dewan Rakyat are brain death on agenda that can move the country forward.

  13. Here we go again ....
    I'm fed up with BN MPs.

  14. Anonymous10:47 pm

    Hotpant kah hot pan kah, whatever it is, it all in the heart. Syok juga tengok sometimes.

  15. hotpants or bikini or nopants
    if nopants is not allowed then hotpants and bikini is allowed lar

  16. I'm more concerned about what 'pertinent legislation' the YB said we had that could be used against whoever. We have legislation that forbids us to dress a certain way? That's news to me.

  17. Anonymous11:34 pm



  18. I was there and yes the Bikini Babes stood out but only a little among the manga inspired GT Queens. They were PART of the overall event and it was a geat and fantastic way to get people involved. The folks should look at the positives of the event - how it was marketed, how even some folks could get into the paddock area (something not open at F1) and even the starting grid. The Circuit Safari was a fantastic marketing move to get folks even closer to appreaciating motorsport. SIC should take a note from them and learn how to create and market a good event.
    Anyway I've got some pics too which you guys can check out on my blog. Sorry no close up of belly buttons though.

  19. These YBs can see teensy, weensy hot-pants and bikinis, and yet are blind to 'over-blown' corruption.

    Bet they 'wanked' their hearts out despite their self-righteous indignations.

    With their eyes closed, of course.

  20. Anonymous2:02 am

    Kaishaku-San says.. Bro Rocky,

    Oppps…they did it again! It is just like the clowns that laugh at bozos. The MP`s are hilariously ill idiocy.

    Motor sports is about fast cars, glamour and foxy girls. Take away the foxy girls; what is left is a bunch of bozos driving at neck breaking speed with their funny uncomfortable cars, round in circles, without crashing into each other, just to find glory to those who crosses the finishing line, as one highly paid man waving frantically with a checkered flag from a fortified booth under the hot glaring sun.

    With the navel girls around, the race get imaginatively great.

    The Super GT Series, previously known as Japan GT, has been in Malaysia since year 2000.

    The navel road shows nationwide were promoted by the bunch of navel devoutness in SIC as a new culture in motor sports since then. It is nothing new. Maybe the MP`s just got themselves a new pair of glasses last weekend?

    Super GT, * GT means “Gatal Tengok” or “Gatai T@log” by the northern people.

    If you don`t like it, just do not tengok. Yang hang pi tengok buat apa … lepas tu nak komplain? Pi lah tengok filem “ Waris Jari Hantu ” atau duduk diam-diam baca majalah Mastika.

    It is a known fact that every participating team has got their own navel queens.

    They have at least three queens to be paraded wherever the team promotion were held in Malaysia or elsewhere. The queens are `control` by Papa-san of the samurai organizer.

    Some queens has got deep navel, protruding navel, pierce navel, tattooed navel or smelly navel. Tittle-tattle among GT fans that some of the queens are silicone adulterated. That’s how details our fans can be. Oh…thank you Mr. Itchybawah-san for the info.

    This year the navel queens were paraded onto a highly decorated Daihatsu lorry, ( must be Japanese lorry maa …cannot be China made or Hicom Perkasa ) it will be against the Japanese Culture…, along the highways and shopping complexes just like the `good old days of P.Ramlee era.

    The big question that the MP`s should be asking is the “spin off industry” of the Super GT.
    Where are the crowds? Any audited figure of actual paid crowd attendance?

    Why are there empty grandstand just like F1? Where are the sponsors for this year race? No title sponsor?

    Besides the guy who made a few pit stop to the bank for renting out his equipments to SIC, who else benefited from the race?

    How much did we pay to the Japanese to organize this event? Do not be blinded by small petty issues as hot pants or safari tour that were introduced two years ago!

    Some questions that demand genuine answers. Explain please. We should be washing their mouth ( MP`s) with green wasabe for asking a `jaga kereta` questions in Parliament when they are holding a director`s position.

    The MP`s should not be asking questions that is only navel in depth.

    “ Targeting 50,000 spectators for the event, Azmi hoped that Malaysian fans especially in Penang would support the event as they did for the recent Formula One Petronas Malaysian Grand Prix, which saw the biggest attendance of more than 117,000 spectators. ” QUOTE FROM SIC WEBSITE.

    Next race MME. Still long way to go… z z z z z

  21. Anonymous2:36 am

    LOL I guess issues like poverty and corruption are just too damn boring and 'overrated' to bring up. I wouldn't be surprised if the MP's next issue is about fast food and proposals to convert 'un-Malaysianlike' burgers and fries sold in fast food restaurants to nasi lemak and roti canai in order to 'safeguard' our 'cultural identity'.

  22. Anonymous2:53 am

    Mat aziz and Hosni
    Are typical of our MPs
    They’re vulgar
    And often very horny
    Cannot see female’s anatomy
    They get all worked up
    And all so randy
    As ever, copulation-ready.

  23. Hey about 'close one eye'..! Its easy to the way, I have started blogging! Please visit. Cheers.

  24. Anonymous7:58 am

    hey rocky,
    im an overseas student in UK and over the years my malaysian frens and myself have never voted in the general election as we honestly do not know how to go about it, will u or any of the readers please enlighten us on this issue. thanks.

  25. Anonymous8:20 am

    BODOH punyer MP!!
    azalina pun tak natural.. complain tu dulu. mengapa dah jadi menteri tak kahwin kahwin! Pak Lah pun dah kahwin 2 kali. kalau aZALINA pakai hot pants, i think nobody will complain he he

    how they look and what they want do with it is IRRELEVANT,
    how you look at them, what you want to do with them, that is RELEVANT!

  26. Anonymous8:30 am

    aren't jakim only allow to govern muslim?? Maybe the organizer could put a 18sx sign at the ticket counter... :p

  27. Anonymous9:00 am

    Is there really no outstanding issue from their constituents that they had to talk about this?
    They should be worried about losing their seats now, because really, this is showing how they are REALLY stupid jerks.
    Next election, let them sweat in their hot pants....

  28. Why everyone doesn't seem to bother about the exploitation of a woman?
    What if those girls are their mother, daughter or siblings???
    Is there any father out there would like their daughter being paraded and being dressed like that to lure perverted males?

    Its not about MPs or Muftis for God sake! Protect the women, give them back their dignity, educate them to be modest and decent.

    Its Malaysia with good cultural value, please, and please lets keep it that way

  29. Anonymous10:01 am

    Thanks to these hypocrites and chimps in our national zoo, Singapore is awaiting to steal the show...with or without hot pants. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

  30. Sdr Rocky,

    Nampak kepada saya, tindak tanduk sesetangah pembesar Parlimen Malaysia umpama ketam yang mengajar anaknya terjalan betul/lurus sedang ibu dan bapa ketam berjalan serong.

    Mereka mahu menjadi pengawas, pengawal dan pemandu moral kepada rakyat jelata, tetapi mereka sendiri maki hamun dan berpekerti rendah sepanjang masa, hatta di dalam dewan yang mulia.

    Saya lebih rela menghormati remaja yang memakai hot pants dan mendapat bayaran "halal" daripada para pembesar Parlimen yang "menutup sebelah mata" kepada kejahatan yang lebih besar dan merosakkan.

    Kalau pakaian model di Grand Prix menjadi masalah, mereka perlulah berani mencadangkan agar Channel V, MTV dan E! di Astro diharamkan.

    Unsur seks dan erotika lebih hebat di dalam saluran-saluran ini dan ditonton oleh lebih banyak orang termasuk lebai dan haji.

    Terima kasih.

  31. Yes Brother, hot pants are hot pants and short pants are short pants. But these are definitely bikinis. And why are bikinis necessary for a GT motor race?
    Is it the weather? It is an unnecessary distraction and may cause accidents if the drivers are not careful.

  32. Anonymous11:07 am

    They must have had real hard-ons. Probably the only ones there to be looking at them scantily-clad girls.
    what is their problem? they dont like it, dont go to the GT grand prix.
    Nothing better to do but to watch those girls AND THEN complain.
    Mr MPs, there are more important issues we can all deal with.
    And learn to keep your ***** down.

  33. Anonymous11:28 am

    holy mackerel!

    thought that was Aza in bikini!

    anyway, these MP are just "sidekick" in the BN gov to distract the nation from big corruption cases that finally acquitted the suspect. eric and his cohorts can get away with RM76 millions songlap money but the guy who stole RM0.90 got what 5 months jail or something like that.

    what a joke.

  34. Anonymous11:49 am

    "The conditions included the need to ensure that the organisers and participants understood, respected and adhered to the local customs and abided by the principles of protocol to ensure that the nation's image was not undermined, he said."

    i don't know about you, but looking at very old black and white photographs, our women used to go about their daily chores topless.

    his view of "local customs" sure is a very narrow one.

  35. Any man in the world don't like to see SEXY GIRL???

    I can't believe that there's even one ... and they are in parliament.

    What's wrong with SEXY GIRLS???

    body is a form of art... it's not demeaning or insulting...

    I encourage everyone to be sexy..

    In the prehistoric time, everyone is naked... noone has any problem with that..
    what's wrong with the law and rule nowaday...

    screw you guys, i'm going home -Eric Cartman

  36. Hi Bro,
    Don't our MPs have more pressing and imp issues to discuss in Parliament than bikinis or hot-pants. I just have to shake my head in awe and wonder where our beloved country in heading.

  37. Anonymous12:47 pm

    WTF! Discussing these in Parliament, what about the KM of shame?
    Which is worse?
    go see on the shame in Subang, and its not hot pants kinda shame!

  38. MPs who raise such issues are actually sex perverts who are trying to put on a 'holier than thou' image.
    Without our knowing I wonder how many of them visit prostitutes, view phonographic movies and indulge in kinky sex.
    Ironically, they are Muslim MPs who create all the fuss.
    Any warm blooded male would love to see skimpily-attired or even naked girls.
    Those who don't like to see, please stand up!
    Let's face it. The female form is the most beautiful creation of God. Without them this will be a real boring world.
    And I have great, great respect for females.

  39. Come on guys, this is what branding is all about - the GT Queens. Some of you should be cloistered in the monastery watching spiders mate or spin webs.

    Again Johor is in the news for the wrong reason. Those two MPs should be patrolling the streets to prevent crime rather than talk about those beautiful what-ever-clad girls. Actually it is a cheap shot to get noticed by Pak Lah and KJ in case there is doubt over their nomination for next GE. That UMNO for you....nominating riff-raffs. Lan-bird(bird in hokkien please)!!!

    Next year I expect to see more cleavage from the GT Queens.Please.

  40. Anonymous2:10 pm

    Isn't it the tradition to put sexy female in Super GT Grand Prix? Simple. Next time use male. Hide all the female behind curtain.

  41. Anonymous2:20 pm

    With these types of UMNO leaders, no wonder the de facto PM wants a drastic change of candidates. Guess what, these two chimps sure land themselves inside a 'hot pan" (sorry, without the alphabet, "t").

    I prefer to watch the hot pants.


  42. Bro,
    our MP's are the most frustrated lot( must be something to do with their sex partners or spouses lah !) many important issues to talk but waste MP's allowance to talk cock !
    I'm all for scantily dressed girls...they are soooooo lovely to look at..period.
    I don't rape them mentally but would love to be in physical contact with them, why not if they 'suka-sama suka' too !I'm wont make no bones of this....I enjoy being and seeing lovely women, whether dressed or otherwise !
    With all my love and deep respect to all women...Cheers !

  43. Anonymous3:58 pm

    wow, a parliament debate on Race Queens?

    if you don't like it, just ban GT race.

    if you like GT race but dislike Race Queens, simple get them to wear a burque.......... cover up from head to toe.

  44. Anonymous5:38 pm

    Yes, put sexy males instead of females.. haha

  45. Anonymous6:36 pm

    these bocor kakis...they just couldn't control their own 'leak'

  46. Anonymous7:30 pm

    An sincere mind will just perceive it as a body that you and I have, a corrupted mind will perceive it as it's a body I want to have. To majority males folks we don't think anything beyond that body, unless that lady is prompting him to pick her. God created humans, it's humans who corrupt the creations.

  47. Anonymous9:19 pm

    What a bloody waste of time ! These bggers have got nothing else to discuss !Bet you they 're the first to fantasize these sexy girls , especially when they are sleping during the parliament session !!!!!

  48. Why everyone doesn't seem to bother about the exploitation of a woman? What if those girls are their mother, daughter or siblings???

    They are highly paid! exploited means factory workers paid in RM100/mth instead of RM1000/mth that's exploited!

    If my mom was GT gal I'll be the son of a rich Japanese tycoon that has lots of GT cars!

    If my sister was a GT gal I'll have lots of guy frens and lots of GT gal frens!

    If my daughter is a GT gal I'll make sure she snatch a rich tycoon to finance her to study business and manage his company and other GT gals and GT teams.

    Ichiban GTGALS!

  49. Anonymous12:41 pm

    Being in Malaysia, the F1 organiser should know better than showing scantily dressed gals. I proposed that we should make it mandatory that the F1 gals should be dressed in black tudung from head to toe (optional dressing include a veil to cover the face), and we should hold a national prayer prior to the start of every F1 race.

    And if the F1 organiser don't like it, they can continue their biz in our neighbour (note - not a country)!

  50. Anonymous8:31 pm

    anon 12:41 I agree with you. Also if they want to continue to race here they should reserve one Bumi driver for every 2 other drivers, beside they must keep 30% of the track free from non-Bumi.

  51. Anonymous10:34 pm

    ok call me a homophob I cldnt care less but these 2 blokes are totally gay. GAY i tell ya...
    freakin' queeeeeeeerrrrrrrrr..!!

  52. Anonymous7:16 am

    The Japs rip us off. Show us some belly and yellow teeth grinning with umbrella on their hand and we Malaysia has to pay USD ONE Million to host.

    Did we recover...?

    There must be a cheaper way to see bellies in Public. Try ... Beach Club! Ha ha ha

  53. Anonymous8:32 pm

    The 2 Wakil Rakyat will not blink an eye when they pick up some street walkers, have a bang, and then lecture the girls on the sins and error of their ways. And they'll still REFUSE to pay for their "fun" they've already had....

    REAL Pricks that they are......!!!

  54. Anonymous5:07 am

    estelle.... please la focus ur comment on the topic rather then go on your knees to see whether azlina is a natural woman or not...ure hitting below the belt la ...know what she is every bit a woman who has got something that u dont have...anonymous 917

  55. perhaps they would react better if we have our own gt queens. since this is malaysia, the gt queens have to wear appropriately: they have to wear tudung. tudung, tank top, and hot pants. KELLESSS nyahaha.

  56. I agree with homosapiens and wattahack? Let's turn the tables and have Race Kings in thongs flagging female racers for a change?