Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Spoil sports

Behind the scenes in Sports. There is this new blog at http://spoilsport.blog.com/ that some claims will give us the hottest gossips and dirt about our sports, especially badminton, and sports personalities in this country. It kicked off with trouble brewing off our badminton courts, with Punch Gunalan stirring a hornet's nest. Azalina's ministry may want to watch this blog closely.


  1. Anonymous12:08 pm

    I tried to read. There's only a name "Mike" who, apparently, runs (owns?) the blog. Nothing under "Profile" either. Why be anonymous when you want to blog? Just curious.

  2. Anonymous1:18 pm

    What happened to Azalina's Brickendenbury project?

  3. Anonymous4:04 pm

    we've got sports blog edi..u jer yg tak tau :)

  4. Anonymous2:54 pm


    I couldnt access the site. What happened?

  5. Anonymous5:28 am

    who the hell is Mike and who says i am gonna write about badminton and stuff?

  6. Anonymous5:29 am

    This comment has been removed by the author.


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