Thursday, April 12, 2007

Wee vs Mbf, 14 years after

Long wait for justice. After 14 years and 2 months, the Court of Appeal today set aside an ex-parte injunction that the now-defunct Mbf had taken against lawyer-politician Wee Choo Keong. In setting aside the injunction, the court ruled that the order against Wee was "most oppressive".

Wee was restrained by the injunction from "printing, circulating, distributing or publishing in any manner whatsoever any allegation of impropriety or irregularity or illegality of whatsoever nature against the First Plaintiff or the Second Plaintiff or any of their respective (197) subsidiaries or affiliates more particularly identified in the annexure hereto or any of their officers ..."

The Mbf, which is now under Ambank Bhd, was ordered to pay costs. Damages will follow, with effect from 9 March 1993. Wee told me of how relieved he was that justice has prevailed.
"They had applied - and obtained - the injunction within a day but I had to wait for 14 years and 2 months to get justice. I finally got it; it's better late than never."
Wee believes that if the "gag order" had not been forced on him, there would still be an Mbf today, "minus a certain personality."
The Court of Appeal's panel of judges who heard Wee's appeal comprised Yang Ariff Tengku Baharuddin, Yang Ariff Datuk Hamid Embong and Yang Ariff Datuk Heliliah.


  1. Anonymous3:14 am

    Hurrah for Wee!

    The true challenger of Lord Lim Kit Siang, Lord Protector of DAP.(coincidentally, Lord Protector was the title used by Oliver Cromwell when he disposed King Charles and assume the monarchy although earlier he fought the tyranny and calls it the power of Parliament (people power).

    Honoured to have met him at NPC earlier this morning.

  2. Cromwell was also the guy who dismissed England's 'rump' parliament with the words: "You have sat far too long for any good you have been doing lately… Depart, I say; In the name of God, sirs, go!"

    Now how I wish all our MPs will also FO and do like wise, quietly.

  3. Anjing Besar!

    Oliver Cromwell never assume the power of the monarchy, the thought of him becoming King Oliver was unthinkable, but he believed in the monarchy system of England, he ordered King Charles to be executed to protect the system until a non-moronic king were to come to being, which happened and he gave back England to the royalty, thus the title Lord Protector! You cannot even jokingly alluded the Lord Protector title to Lim Kit Siang, formerly with PAP then became DAP member when S'pore left Malaysia!
    On the same subject, if some of our royalty were to live during Cromwell time some might have had their heads chopped off and the title given to a non-moronic royalty!
    And BTW Blogging does need some kind of a rule and policing for people not to give wrong information to the public, like Anjing Besar just did! And the onus is on bloggers like Rockybru to sift through "incorrect news". To be like an editor!


  4. Anonymous12:17 pm favorite subject, 'the Roundheads of England'. In fact, the romantic tales of the 'Three Musketeers' was set against Oliver Cromwell victory; a commoner who led the people of England against the corruption of the Royalists. I have always hope for a Roundhead from amongst us Malaysians. LKS is just another moronic royalist to me. Malaysia has two forms of Royalists, the Politicians and the Oppositions. Both happily warming the seats of Parliment '...far too long for any good they have been doing lately.' Pasquale, one wonder of Blogs is the spontaneity of esteemed people like yourself that corrects 'incorrect news'. We don't need to layer this wonderful media with the 'rule and policy' shackle you have grown used to. Calling anyone 'Anjing Besar' just because you cannot see his/her face is a coward act. Perhaps you need to SHOUT to get attention. But since you have done it consistently, many have taken to accept your disposition: 'a nice chap that likes to call names'. Just like we get to like Aisehman. Adieu'. v9

  5. Anonymous1:12 pm

    and you don't need regulating? if anyone, it is you who needs to be regulated.
    so, don't get on anyone else's case.
    you moron!

  6. Anonymous3:07 pm

    bigdog=anjing besar, no?

  7. Pasquale, I don't like to do this but as a scholar I've to correct you. Cromwell hated the monarchy. He was all for a republic but England was not ready for one yet. To cut a long history lesson short and to make it as clearly as I can, as I don't have much time, he DID NOT give England back to the monarchy, his son Richard (nepotism there) took over when he died not fulfilling his dream.
    And as history tells us, his son's incompetency brought back monarchical rule. About 100 years later, the French were more successful and history records it as the French Revolution, which made them a republic.
    Although Cromwell didn't care much for monarchy but being the best political mind of his time, he was tempted, in frustration, to crown himself in the difficult transitional period because he understood the English mind.
    The English, tired of civil wars, just want food on the table and the stability the name of a monarch can give. The concept of liberty is too much for simple folks then. Cromwell, who was a man who would not betray his cause, called himself Lord Protector instead. I hope that put the facts straight. I don't want morons to justify themselves by calling us bloggers morons too.

  8. Anonymous4:17 pm

    When Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell died on 3 September 1658 in Whitehall, London, his son Richard Cromwell succeeded the 'throne' of England. That makes Cromwell a monarch as well, just like what Lord Protector Lim Kit Siang (as he enters, John Williams "Imperial March", Lord Darth Vader's theme is played!)

    Lim Kit Siang is exactly like Cromwell. Professing "democracy through socialism and justice for all" but in actual fact, at the end of the day, practiced "hereditary" ruling.

    For over 40 years, Lord Protector Lim Kit Siang is still there, clenching hard in power. Isn't there other people in DAP? What ever happened to personalities like DAP stalwarts Lee Lam Thye, Dr Kua Kia Soong, Kerk Kim Hock, Hu Sepang, Wee Choo Keong, Lee Ban Chien, S K Soong, Teoh Teik Huat, Thing Chiek Ming, Lim Fui Ming, Fan Teng Yew and Fung Ket Wing?

    Why did these people fizzle out and eventually faded away?

    Lets talk politics here. Lord Protector Lim Kit Siang is very much a "dictator"! Forget "democracy through socialism and justice for all". Bottomline, its all about the Father, the Son and Dolly darling daughter in law, Esq.

    (No different from Lee Kuan Yew, Lee Hsien Loong and Lee Hsien Yang and much closer, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, Kamaluddin Abdullah and Khairy Jamaluddin!)

  9. Anonymous4:39 pm

    Anwar was at the height of his immense power when Wee got screwed by Mbf. I am not saying that Anwar had anything to do with it, but it's sure worth investigating. You may find more such cases, of gag and other orders against truth-seekers, from that era. The mainstream media will do well to do that.

    Worth pursuing is also where Mbf went from 1993 till the time it was taken over by Danaharta and then Ambank. Nor Mohamed Yakcop, our forex expert, may be able to help. Kalimullah Hassan was also involved in some restructuring authored by NMY for Mbf.

    From Anwar to Nor Mohamed Yakcop to Kalimullah to nothing ..

    Probe, bro.

    Thank you.

  10. Anonymous4:59 pm

    Well done folks. You have just demonstrated that we, critizens of blogsphere, can reprimand and correct each other without the shackles of law, policy, censorship and lawsuits. A great lesson in history. Different people different views of history. Bravo. By the way,I admired the Roundheads and I affectionately admired TDM as Cromwell. BigDog sees Cromwell as a dictator. Like LKS? Perhaps Cromwell was a hero to Pasquale and hence the 'correction'. Either way, both gentlemen got it right for LKS. v9

  11. Anonymous5:21 pm

    I have always wondered why you choose to use a nickname that has "Pas" in it. Why, ah?
    By the way, I think there is no necessity for a blog owner to verity everything that a commenter or a poster writes. If he does that, he will never have time to go to the toilet. Or he will post once every week.
    I think it is sufficient if the blog owner just ensures that the comments left are not totally off subject and do not contain excessive profanity (which is subjective, anyway).
    If something posted as a comment is totally and clearly a lie (eg Pak Lah is Mr Clean), then perhaps the blog owner should be responsible enough to delete the comment or edit it.
    Otherwise, a commenter can correct a poster or a reader can look up for himself if something is true or not (as posters/commenters in this posting have demonstrated).

    BUT, it is imperative that a blog owner writes the truth, dear Pas. If he or she lies in the posting, then that's bad. Really bad. If Rocky lies about his posting on Wee Chee Keong, of example, and the truth is that Wee did not win the appeal (for example), then that's inexcusable.

    A blogger, I believe, must tell the truth.

    I suggest, therefore, that you go back to your posting on "Self Aggrandizement .." ( and admit that you have posted some lies there.

    If you don't, your readers will continue to believe that they are true.

    How different will you be from the certain character at Jalan Riong that Rocky's Bru has been calling a "liar" then?

  12. Roxanne!

    A question!

    When you said that Cromwell hated the monarchy, did you mean the personalties involved or the system?If, in the context of English society then, he saw the monarchy as a 'necessary evil' so to speak, can we conclude that he hated the system?

    I dont know anything about Cromwell, so my query is a sincere one.

  13. Anonymous8:50 pm

    Many buyers of MBF (MBF - Many Buyers Fooled?)projects have suffered from long delays in delivery without adequate compensation; the poor quality and shoddy workmanship of their projects are almost legendary. Owners of an MBF project, Sri Angsana,in Jalan Hilir are still waiting for their title which will probably not be forthcoming. I understand the whole development comprising low cost houses, shophouses, d/s terraces and condos (including an abandoned block) are still under master title and no action was taken to survey and sub-divide the land.HOw MBF got away with this is unbelievable.

    Now that gag order no longer applies, perhaps Mr Wee will englighten us on the 'impropriety or irregularity or illegality of whatsoever nature' in MBF.

  14. Bantai je Kit Siang semua palat keluar!

  15. Mat!
    Yes. Cromwell hated a system that put king over government. As you probably know, the English revolution, although a failure, paved the way to today's constitutional monarchy.

  16. Rox!

    Thank you for indulging me.Looking forward to reading more of your comments.Very educating

  17. I loved the movie about Cromwell, the one played by Richard Harris.

    Talk of MBf, the man behind was Tan Sri Loy. If any knows of long winded talking song of Woody Guthrie's song "Alice's Restaurant". The only singing verse was "If you can get anyting you want, its at ALice's Restaurant". Its just that this time it is MBf. They were practically everydamn thing...

    Tan sri Loy created two PLC vehicles, namely MBf Holding and MBf Finance. Its basically like what ever MBf Holding business do, there is always the financing from MBf Finance. I am not sure if the synergy works like any loan turn sour, the asset goes to MBf Finance ... oppps I a not sure ok, don;t sue Rocky for it. But I do know of architect doing work for MBf, they are required to buy site vehicle from MBf and perhasp get MBf credit card.

    MBf had Anwar as a backer at one time. The Director there was Dato Nasaruddin Jalil. Ring a bell anyone? Right after he returned from his law study for UK, he gets to be Director of a major corporation.

    I am sure you guys are not finish with LKS but Anwar is another character worth exploring.

    Nasa was an ABIM and ANwar's man for something. Remembered seeing a picture of ANwar as Imam in prayers with Nasa right behind. AFter and while in MBf, Nasa also later became part of DRB, can't recall whether he was still around when it later became DRB-Hicom.

    Other of Anwar's Islamist turn Corporate boys are Dato Kamaruddin Jaafar ... Dialog group, Suremax, Bumi Highway (I think) ...; Dato Kamaruddin Md Noor with the El Baraka group.

    And, Anwar is calling others corrupt?

  18. Anonymous4:01 pm

    yes, you are right SC must probe how MBf function from 1993 onward and then took over by Danaharta and thereafter by AMbank. I am also told that many of good MBf sssets were like Taylor College being takne out from the Danaharta deal and kept by Loy's son, Loy Teik Ngan with the help of Nor Yaacob and of course, Kalimullah, who was then on the board of director of MBf Holdings Bhd.

    Can any one held with more information/scandals on the takeover of MBf by Ambank.

    Anwar, of course, is no angel in the gaging Court Order agsint Wee. We all know that. Lim Kit Siang must be very sad that the gag order was set aside - proof that it was all wrong.

  19. Anonymous7:30 pm

    Kalimullah Hassan was on the Board of Directors of MBf Holdings Bhd during the critical period when Danaharta took over MBf Corp, whihc comprises of MBf Finance Bhd. You all also know that Nor Yacob is very budy with Kalimullah Hassan and Badawi is practically a non-entity because he hardly go the Minsitry of Finance.

    So Nor Yacob is the de facto Min8ister of Finacne who called all the shots. I heard that many of the valuable assets that generating monies, have been taken out of the DAnaharata and what were left with dDanaharta were just "shit" for Ambank Bhd to take over.

    I pity AMbank Bhd, who knows nothing in the MBf case agaisnt Wee had to meet all the liabilities under the suit. I think the damages will be by the million!

    In the mwan time, lets hope someone got the info on the valuable assets that were fraudulently taken out from Danaharta like Taylor College and etc. Lets probe into this scandals whereby the shareholders and investing public being cheated.

  20. Anonymous10:55 pm


    Tan Sri Loy was hiding MBf (Malaysian Biggest Fraud)to sue people to prevent people from exposing his fiancical scandals within the MBf. To put it simply, Tan Sri Loy was putting his hand in the till.

    My friend in Bank Negara told me that when Wee was lodging complaints with Bank Negara concerning Tan Sri Loy's financiaol scandal, Bank Negara was ready to take actions agsint Tan Sri Loy but Anwar was using Dato Murad (Anwar boy)to stop it.

    Wee's complaints to Bank Negara were with substance but Tan Sri Loy had Anwar in his pocket. That's why Anwar parked Nasharudin Jalil in MBf to do the "needful" for him in MBf.

    Anwar was the minister of finance but he was not at all critical of Loy's fraudulent activities at all. Loy was protected by Anwar, who is aspiring to be the nect PM.

    anwar should look into the allegations and protect public interests like defending the bouse buyers, depositors and etc. If Wee was allowed to pursue the matters, to day there will still be MBf standing tall in Jalan Ampang. But Tan Sri Loy wil of course will be in a deep shit.

  21. Anonymous7:49 pm

    Yes, I remember Kamlimullah Hassan talk very passionately about his very good friend, Loy Teik Ngan (Tan Sri Loy's son)in his Sunday column.

    Now we hear about the PM was bragging about transparency in his administration, which we proud to hear. Since Wee has been vindicated by the Court of Appeal, the PM should instruct the Ministry of Finance, Security Commission and Bnak Negara to investigate into:

    1. How many of MBf's assets have been taken out and gave to Loy's family or company conbtrolled by Loy's family before Danaharta take over? or

    2. How many of MBf's assets have been taken out and gave to Loy's family or company conbtrolled by Loy's family before Ambank was asked ot take over.

    3. How could Taylor College been taken out of MBf's stable and now run by Loy's family or company associated to Loy's family.

    look into the way in which

  22. I understand, if I am correct, that the children of Chung Hin Chew attend Loy Teik Ngan's Garden Internationall School. Chung, formerly imprisoned in Brunei, and an associate of the US CIA agent Dan Arnold, would not seem to be a good client for the Garden International School.