Wednesday, March 28, 2007

US$5 million for Malaysian "terror"

Bin Hir. The US government has offered a US$5 million reward for the capture of Malaysian terror suspect Bin Hir aka Marwan whom they believed is responsible for "multiple deadly bomb attacks in the Philippines".
It's not the kind of publicity we need for Malaysia Visit Year 2007 but Bin Hir (actually, it's Zulkifli but there are Americans like Condoleezza Rice who still do not know how to address non-Americans) has been added on the US' Most Wanted List. Read here.
Let's hope Wisma Putra has more on Bin Hir. We still don't know nuts about the two Malaysians said to be detained in Gitmo.
Meanwhile, David Hicks has become the first Guantanamo detainee to plead guilty as part of a bargain with the American government to let him go home and face the Australian courts of law.


  1. Sdr Rocky,

    When I was detained for three hours at Des Moines Airport in Iowa in 2002, because I was an "Islam", I was variously addressed as Mr Bin Jasin, Mr Jasin (pronounced Jason) and Mr Abdul (Abduul).

    It sounded pretty good; Bin Jasin, Bin Ladin, Ben Bella, Ben-Gurion....So why not Bin Hir. Sounds like Ben-Her.

    As far as the US is concerned, I can't but feel that our position has been compromised following the nuclear centrifuge controversy involving Scomi Berhad.

    On the other hand, I think the US is very plased that we are treating Singapore with great deference. Singapore as we all know is Israel's outpost in South East Asia . And we also know that anything that makes Isreal happy will make America happy.

    So what is Bin Hir and those faceless Malaysians at Guantanamo Bay?

    Thank you.

  2. Anonymous10:55 am

    Marwan? hey, thats the villian in 24's season 5 series!

  3. Anonymous12:15 am

    Sibgapore the eastern outpost of Israel against the former eastern outpost of the Ottoman (Malacca), No wonder the rats are rushing to go south on the causeway

  4. Aiks...I posted the 24's villain first. :-)

  5. Anonymous10:27 am

    There are so many foriegners in this country who make Malaysia as a transit point for their destination.

    Try speaking to them and majority would agree it is easier for them to apply visas or get into a developed country on Malaysia's ticket rather than their country of origin, thus the need for them to secure PR and even citizenship.

    And 'Bin Hir', whom we have all not heard of could very well be a Bangladeshi or a Pakistani or perhaps a Javanese who used the same tactics.

    We should not presume about Bin Hir and hope more facts will be revealed, but the fact is, is the government aware the country is merely a transit point for these foriegners and yet they give out PR and citizenships?

  6. Anonymous11:58 am

    Parliament In Brief: Malaysian detainees at : Guantanamo Bay named
    THE Foreign Ministry has released the names of the two Malaysians detained at Guantanamo Bay.

  7. Perhaps, KA should prepare himself for an extended holiday in the near future together with BSA Tahir.

    Perhaps, then, we might get some insight on the fate of the other Malaysian detainees at Gitmo.

    Stranger stuff has happened but apparently our Justice system is not good enough for the neo-cons of America.