Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Shahrir, the born-again blogger

YB Shahrir Samad has started a new blog after his encounter with 4 bloggers in his constituency Johore Bahru last week. He even has the Bloggers United logo on his blog and his blogroll include some of the country's biggest "liars", including Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang and Tun Mahathir! Go here and check him out!


  1. Anonymous7:04 am

    it looks nice. you are right, everything there. only thing, he is not really saying anything.

  2. rocky,

    he has a webmaster replying to the comments.
    that is so weird. he refers to himself in the third person.
    if you ask me, he has someone blogging for him.
    sheeesh...we've been had. maybe not.
    he can fool some people some of the time....

  3. THis is me!

    Nuraina! Are you referring to Shahrir Samad? Well of course he, Musa Hitam, Anwar Ibrahim, Khalid Nordin are all Morons that have conned the Malaysian people, Malays especially about how they fought for Malaysians and Bangsa Melayu but the fact of the matter is they are getting government contracts and other business opportunities just to enrich themselves! Musa Hitam is even willing to recommend to Pak Lah to do away with the NEP and the Bumi rights at the Iskandar Development Whatever! Meanwhile Bloggers cuma shiok sendiri, apo nak di kato, Melayu bangang tak habih habih!

  4. Anonymous11:45 am

    its about the system …. the system (written or otherwise) dictates all. If not how else would we see so many politician who behave in a certain ways while in power but turned 180 degrees the moment they’re out of the system … take Anwar Ibrahim, Dr. mahathir, Bill Clinton, Jimmy carter (care to add more to the list) …. even non politician behave similarly … kadir Jasin, rocky bru (a sour loser to Kalimullah, khalid ibrahim (the system made him a very rich man mind you!). it’s all about the system and leadership alone will not be enough to change the system and also not even the ballots box … there are some hidden entities at work and in Malaysia we all know what they are ! That’s the reality

  5. Bro

    Komen kutu ni kat blog Datuk Shahrir:


    As a kutu, it has never been easy for me to understand you.

    Not only you, your brother too, Haji Khalid - although i had the chance to serve him as his "KD boy" when he was PAS Youth Secretary.

    Sometime i ask myself - is this a chameleon at work? i'm sorry!

    To me, a leader must be understandable. But, i always misunderstand Datuk Shahrir Samad!

    After all, i'm a kutu. kutu will never understand, i think.

    kutu, yours is not to ask why!!

  6. Anonymous1:35 pm

    Cut and paste is hardly a blog...

  7. Third person narrative blogging. Must be the latest way to run one for very busy people.

    That reminds me about OBE i.e. Old Blue Eyes, or rather, it's alter ego, Other Buggers' Effort.

    SAS's blog is a fine example of the latter but it's early days yet for him to find his new bearings. Let's be patient, shall we.

    Will 28 days be enough?

  8. something doesn't sound right here. is it really his blog?

  9. Anonymous5:52 pm

    long live the king...

  10. *Go tell Shahrir this is not blogging!! this is news reporting!!

    **"Earlier, a group comprising members from the state executive council, police, National Anti-Drug Agency, KTM and the media took a tour along the railway track to check on the clearing works.

    Johor Baru MP Datuk Shahrir Abd Samad was pleased that the gateway to the city is clean.

    He urged the people to carry on with such encouraging efforts in combating drugs.

    Posted by SHAHRIRSAMAD at 5:15 PM 2 comments"

    *(my 2 cents rektum)
    ** cut and paste from shahrirsamad.blogspot.com

  11. Anonymous12:46 am

    Shahrir: Kenapa perlu kereta api laju ke S'pura?
    27-03-2007 10:47:02 PM

    KUALA LUMPUR: Antara projek landasan kereta api berkembar dari Rawang di Selangor ke Ipoh, Perak atau projek kereta api laju Kuala Lumpur-Singapura, mana yang lebih penting?

    Itu yang dipersoalkan anggota parlimen Johor Baru, Datuk Shahrir Abdul Samad yang mengambil contoh kedua projek itu ketika membahaskan mengenai keutamaan kerajaan dalam melaksanakan sesuatu projek pembangunan.

    "Saya tak faham kalau laluan dari Kuala Lumpur-Singapura itu dianggap terpenting sehingga sanggup menimbangkan cadangan untuk membina kereta api laju, kenapa pula program landasan berkembar dimulakan di Utara.

    "Saya tak nampak di mana logiknya," soalnya ketika membahaskan usul menjunjung kasih titah ucapan Yang di-Pertuan Agong pada persidangan Dewan Rakyat di sini, hari ini.

    Turut dipersoalkan Shahrir ialah mengenai kewajaran penglibatan Singapura dalam projek kereta api laju itu yang sepatutnya dipertimbangkan kerajaan.

    "Kalau projek itu mahu diteruskan, maka perlu dibina jambatan, sebab takkanlah kereta api ini terlalu pantas hingga tak perlu jambatan untuk seberang Selat Johor.

    "Singapura pernah menolak cadangan pembinaan jambatan baru ke sana tetapi kini (apabila merasa projek kereta api laju itu menguntungkan mereka), maka mereka mahu projek kereta api laju ini berhenti di republik itu," katanya yang berpendapat kerajaan perlu berjaga-jaga dalam memikirkan program pembangunan jangan sehingga menjadi bahan jenaka.

    Kerajaan setakat ini belum memutuskan sama ada projek yang diinisiatifkan YTL Group itu akan berakhir di Johor atau Singapura.

    Perbahasan Shahrir kemudian dicelah Datuk Mohamad Said Yusof (BN-Jasin) yang bertanya mengenai untung ruginya pelaksanaan projek berkenaan dan kesan yang akan dihadapi Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa KL (KLIA) berikutan pelaksanaan projek kereta api laju itu.

    "Kalau ada kereta api laju, perjalanan dari Kuala Lumpur ke Singapura hanya akan ambil masa 90 minit. Dengan masalah-masalah yang dihadapi di KLIA, tutup KLIA tu... orang Kuala Lumpur akan terus ke Singapura kerana lebih banyak jalinan penerbangan dari Lapangan Terbang Singapura ke luar negara," katanya menegaskan bahawa Singapura akan mendapat untung yang lebih besar dengan pelaksanaan projek itu.

    Shahrir bagaimanapun menegaskan bukan isu untung rugi yang dipersoalkan sebaliknya kerajaan perlu memikirkan mengenai kepentingan dan logiknya projek kereta api laju itu dilaksanakan. BERNAMA



    Hopefully you will follow-up on this issue to check on his integrity as head of PAC. With KTM's landbank ( said to worth SGD4 billions) in Singapore, everybody will start to jump into the bandwagon. My worry is, if ever a consortium is form later and Shahrir is made the head-honcho, he will lie low on the logic of having this bullet train project on.

    Don't let the rakyat get screwed by YTL sweet proposals. This landbank belongs to all Malaysians and whatever its worth should be given back to the rakyat.

  12. Third-person narrative?
    Kinda reminds me of the movie, "Stranger Than Fiction".

    Wonder if he could 'hear' the Narrator's voice?

  13. Seriously doubt it is him... a few clues point to this fact (I posted something on this earlier)...

    Hint: look at the profile, at the top of the blog itself...

  14. Doubt is the real deal.. His Blogroll raised a lot questions