Tuesday, February 06, 2007

You bloggers

Malaysia's 50 Influential Bloggers (?).
Sabahan.com has drawn up his list, here.


  1. Anonymous4:39 pm

    i won't pretend to know who the 'top' bloggers are, but i keep two (very much evolving) lists of 'sociopolitical' blogs and bloggers i find provide the most consistent quality here and here. I have other lists as well, but those are the main ones.

    google reader is great for keeping track of your fave blogs :)

  2. Anonymous5:29 pm

    To choose the most influential bloggers is a no-brainer - 1 Lim Kit Siang 2 Jeff Ooi 3 The Rock 4 Aisehman. These are the four bloggers you cannot afford to ignore, especially the powers-that-be. These are the four bloggers who are arguably the staple of anyone who follows the political, social scene in the counry.

  3. Rocky,
    As stated/confessed by the link operators this survey seem to be very biased lah. You should be way up there bro just a little above me lah !!!heh...heh.. !
    Keep up the great work man..you give a refreshing breath to blogging !
    Cheers !

  4. Anonymous2:32 am

    However, numbers alone is not sufficient to claim that M, A, N, G, G’, I, or S are the most influential blogs. We should also consider what defines influence.

    Btw, siapa suka makan manggis hitam? ;)

  5. Unfortunately, many bloggers are loose with their language. Most read (or most looked up) doesnt mean most influential.

  6. Lol, hemmy.net is a malaysian blog? I didn't know that. Glad to hear.

  7. Anonymous10:58 am

    Blog is basically an Archiving platform. A Blogger is then basically an Archiver. A Blogger can Blog journals, comic, photo, news, articles, software, shop, dairy, memoir, newsletter and many-many more creative ways a Blogger can think of using such platform. So, an Influential Blogger is a person who has a good following in whatever the nature of his or her Blog's provide. The list has quite a variety and that's really good for Malaysian Blogger. Happy Blogging.

  8. You should be way up there bro. But kudos to all bloggers. Everything else is subjective but people especially malaysian have seen the importance of blog and put it on par as mainstream media.

    You have my support. Keep on blogging! Wasalam

  9. Never mind if i'm not in the list. Never mind if nobody cares to read my blog.

    At least, i am part of charismatic democracy - blogging.

    Everybody can write anything he or she wants, and please be truthful with what you write.

    Everybody can post his or her comment, as long as you dont drag the owner of the blog into anything unwarranted.

    Blogging to me is sort of pilgrimage point of democracy.

    Isnt that charismatic?

    Charismatic democracy!

    (This blog uses English. i think, i have to use English too. Pls dont bother my 'unEnglish' English. This bakaq doesnt speak English)