Sunday, January 07, 2007

Next Change: Curse of the Cobra Sultan

Like they say, it's hard to put a good fella down.
Kickdefella's posters are showing now!
Go here.

And someone sent this Pirates of the Mediterranean poster after my "Eye on Abdullah" posting this morning.


  1. Anonymous5:50 pm

    ROTFLOMA!!! Curse of the Cobra Sultan..good one buddy.

    pak Lah thinks this has died down but it has not. The longer there is no denial by the paper in Turkey and longer there is no action by Pak Lah or the govt to get a denial, the story of the Cobra Sultan yacht becomes true.

    So Pak Lah apa macam...terbilang betul dan amat Gemilang berlayar di lautan Turkey. Cemerlang Pak Lah!!!

  2. Anonymous6:14 pm

    on the other hand where's the pirate eye patch?

  3. "Yaaarrr!, I yam still the PM, gimme all your gold! Yaaarrrr! i yam soo sleepy...huaaaa"

  4. Anonymous8:00 pm


    Now you have done it!!!

    This pirate loves it!

    One of a kind is the 5th Prime Minister and he is having a whale of a time!

    HAAAAAAAAH! Well done, Sheh.

    When you discover who ordered the boat and who paid for it you will die laughing. THIS I PROMISE YOU and this Jack Sparrow will come out smelling like a rose. Any takers?


  5. Anonymous11:07 pm

    OMG... Thats damn funny!!!

    It is just me or that Pak Lah really looks 'dismay', couldn't care less anymore. May it be that he has finally give up to the 'dark force' which is controlling him and reducing him into just a puppet? I can see in him a 'lost', defeated 'pirate'. "Hey! If I am helpless as I am now, I might as well I grab all I can!!!"

  6. Anonymous11:20 pm

    An insult to Captain Jack Sparrow!

  7. Good to see Kickdefella back with his 'reloaded' posters.

    Somehow or rather, he seems to reveal more substance in his art (especially when you have seen the movie and know the plot).

    God bless you, Shieh and keep you safe always.

  8. Anonymous2:01 am

    The depiction is so thoroughly apt.

    Two professions that contribute the most to politics are piracy and circus.

    That's why we have politicians who rob and steal. They were once pirates.

    And there are those who make stupid jokes endlessly. The were once circus clowns.

  9. That was so cool...
    i've been to his blog....
    So many cool posters.
    This guy is genius.

  10. hi rocky,

    you are right. it is hard to keep a good guy down. whatever it was that kept him away from blogging must have been an unpleasant, if not a frightening experience for him. i can only guess.
    rocky, i am glad he is back. this means he is okay. he is alive.
    and he seems to be getting back his element.
    syabas and all the best to him.

  11. Are you implying that someone is a pirate because of a $30million yatch, which coincidentally doesn't belong to him...?

  12. Anonymous11:14 am

    I think an apology to Kickdefella is in order, don't you think, after earlier suggestions that he may have been bought over.

  13. Anonymous11:38 am

    Anon, I took the liberty of editing some alphabets in your comment - Rockybru

    ROCKY AAAA... That LUMB Prime Minister, apa nama... not fit for Jack Sparrow picture lah... That LUMB Prime Minister only fit to be the toilet-roll.... cleaning the rakyat ass and shit ma... Let us all face it; he has done ziltch to the country and rakyat ma... Cobra Sultan will not last one... that Turkey made yacht aaa... lao-pek one because best yacht-craftsman is only found in Pulau Duyong ma... That Turkey fella only use UHU cut and paste glue to make that Cobra Sultan de' DUCK ma... Itu Prime Minister, mana pee-gi??? Tidur tidur ta-rak mau bangun aa... Aiyoo... Tahun Baru Cina mau sampai, dia bagi Bad Fong-Sui wo... Ekonomi ta-rak bagut; semua naik... choon-toi pun ta-rak naik wo... Ini macam mati ooo...

  14. Anonymous11:42 am

    Anon, I took the liberty to insert xxx's in several places. - Rockybru

    Rocky That xxxx PM came late... to officiate the Eye On Malaysia Ferries Wheel. As expected. Kepala Otak Punyea Olang. If he could put his Cobra Sultan at Lake Titiwangsa for public cruising, i think that could attract more tourist to the area and possibly the country; but of course there should not be a picture framed of the Sleepy xxxxx PM on board as this will only sicken the tourists. I think he has gone tired exhausted and no energy to run the nation, more so no xxxual activities to brighten up is XXXX and Life. So what is there to rush for when the little brother, Mr. XXXX only the one that pushes the nerves and blood cells, translating daily jest to nation building. It wont be long that he will quit; forget about him dreaming 10 years - his mistake of creating 'another version of Islam' already put his mind down the drain. Cheating his own self is the worst act of living, and he has done that. May GOD bless his living life. Orr...mii..thorr..fatt!

  15. Anonymous12:05 pm


    The Cobra Sultan's back and the Big Wheel starts to spin. What a way to start 2007!

    Can I re-phrase CCR's Proud Mary?

    Big wheel keep on turning,
    Proud Kali, keep on spinning,
    Rolling, rolling,
    Rolling out the bullshit

    Brace for the biggest bullshit to come our way, bro!

    Mongoose Man (Cobra's watch out)

  16. Anonymous2:50 pm


    I still cant stop laughing to my tears even this have been the third time I gone through this posting.

    Great intuitive work, bro.

  17. Mydeen is waiting to see a Kickdefella parody of the Scorpion King. Hmm, body of the rock an face of ... ?

  18. My apologies to sheih for thinking he has been turned over.

    Welcome back brother. U de man!

  19. Anonymous7:39 pm

    A much more appropriate title of the movie which suits the actor's idiotic grin would be "Pirate King of the Melaka Straits"

  20. Dumb and dumber? Clone image or twins don't matter.

    It's the same village idiot anyway.

  21. Anonymous1:18 am

    Eh......... I think the title should be Pirates of Straits of Malacca.