Monday, January 29, 2007

Blogs spot on about lux jet

"But we ain't buying ... just leasing it."
Thanks to the blogs - I repeat, thanks to the blogs - we now know that the Abdullah Administration is, indeed, going to get a RM200 million corporate jet for the PM. But it shall not be for his personal use, the corporate jet may be used by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong as well, said Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Read the m-Star report here.
This blog, the KMU and RPK's Malaysia Today had the story here, here and here last Friday.

Once again, thanks to the blogs.

Read Bernama's piece here
Khazanah Nasional owns PMB, go here (with thanks to Husin Lempoyang). The PM is chairman of Khazanah; click here.


Husin Lempoyang said...

Aisayman ... betul dia cakap, kerajaan tidak beli. Yang beli Penerbangan Malaysia Berhad.

Keterangan cukup untuk orang kampung lah. Pasal orang kampung boleh dikasi terbilang (sorry maksud ana temberang). Dia tak tahu PMB dipunyai oleh kerajaan Malaysia 100%.

Dimana PMB dapat duit? Dari pinjaman Bank, atau menerbitan bon atau peruntukkan dari kerajaan. Semua itu melibatkan kerajaan.

Aisay ... Dolah ... ente pun macam ana berniaga jual orag dari berniaga unta ke ... heheheh

Tapi ana cuma naik unta, dolah ada 4 jet corporat dalam 2nd Squadrom TUDM. Anak ente yang kaya dan banyak duit pun ada jet juga ke? Menantu? Bakal anak tiri juga mahu?

...hehehe wow , berniaga orang lagi untung dari berniaga unta. Roti kosong perth satu! Kasi banjir!

Anonymous said...

Also refer to Bernama article.
How STUPID can any PM be but the Public are more STUPID because we tolerate STUPIDITY, STUPID !!!!
Somebody, please slap me.

Anonymous said...

What Abdullah is trying to imply that it is cheaper to lease than to buy the airplane.

Anybody with some knowledge of leasing will know that the ultimate cost of leasing will be the original cost of the asset plus the interest being charged.

The only differences are that with outright purchase one has to fork out the total cost of purchase at one go, but under leasing , the total cost (asset cost + financing cost ) will be paid by monthly installments.

So people ,what you are going to pay will be more than the original cost of the aircraft!!!!!!!!!!!

hasilox said...

Very prudent lifestyle. Taxpayers should be grateful with this superb financial spin.

Isn't the little bird is dedicated for VIP use? If there is no way to 'share' the cost with commercial use, why lease? Almost certain, the cost will be higher. What is the logic?

This administration never fail to come out with unmatchable spending logic. What is next?

Anonymous said...

anyone here heard about a web forum called . it is owned by a malaysian guy. it is a forum to exchange information about commercial sex places and the lady that provide the service. isn't the authority doing anything to stop it???

nstman said...

Thnks from the bottom of my heart and I believe I am speaking for the majority of the people of Malaysia. We want to know the truth and I believe we are getting the truth. This is the power of the blogs, no spin doctoring. Thanks once again.

SOS said...

PM berkata :-

"Kami tidak membeli, kami menyewa. Kenapa perlu kita membeli kapal terbang sedangkan ia akan menambahkan kos, jadi lebih baik kerajaan menyewanya dan kita tidak perlu memikirkan soal penyenggaraan.

"Pesawat itu kepunyaan PMB, itu wang mereka. Kerajaan hanya menyewanya macam juga MAS menyewa pesawat-pesawat daripada PMB,"


foolat said...

AAB thinks he answers only to God (no reference to anyone whose name is taken from a Hindu God). Well, too bad, the people are not sleeping with him anymore. such purchases shopuld go thru parliament. The people should be told BEFORE and NOT being irresponsible Lah!

foolat said...


And you owe the bloggers an apology AAB, for accusing them of writing "lies after lies" about you!

You have defamed them!!!

All the best today to Jeff and the Bru.

Anonymous said...


What is our country coming to ?
Like husin lempoyang wrote, the PM's answer would be good enough for the kampong folks (not that i'm belittling them) to safe guard his position.

Everything that needs to be said has been said by the above bloggers. I'm just putting on record my disappointment, disguSt and disbelief (that that comment comes from the PRIME MINISTER).

I thank you and the other bloggers for showing the truth as it is. Reading the print medias in this country is only good for knowing whats showin in the theatres.

If the news of the yatch, US50b. loan, the US50m (minimum) executive jet and others hadnt been brought up , God knows what other shockers would have been in store for us.

To you Bro, Jeff, Shieh and all the others - thanks again .

Even the opposition are dociled now - for reasons best known to themselves. I'm sure they read these blogs , so what the hell are they doing in Parliament.
Like has been expressed before, God Save Malaysia !!

skali skala said...

So, blogger 1, mainstream media 0. Bravo guys!

Anonymous said...

Can you also probe the InventQjaya fiasco, to be fair?

Anonymous said...

"PMB dipunyai oleh kerajaan Malaysia 100%"
Ahh? Gua tak tau lah!
Kalau macam ni, Pak Lah tipu gua bila dia cakap kerajaan tak beli, hanya sewa saja. Beli-sewa-beli... Apa beza ni?? Gua apek orang kampung tak faham lah.

Anonymous said...

The big question is .... Why is he leasing when there are other planes to be used? Too much money-ah? If we are that rich, then there's no need to insist on starting your petty taxes on our allowances and such. What crap!!

Vincent said...

As a taxpayer, I would like to know how much the government is paying for the lease and its conditions, if the leasing story is the truth. Is this also under OSA.

To me, it is about spending people's money for own comfort or pocket. A way to create more waste and pocket more money in the process.

anak malaysia said...


Pak Lah say Government did not buy the VIP jet.

Pak Lah admits now that PMB (Penerbangan Malaysia Berhad) bought the VIP jet.

Pak Lah now explains Government instead lease from PMB.

FACTS of the matter:

1. The VIP jet news was not reported in the mainstream newspaper.

2. The story was then highlighted by bloggers.

3. Now Pak Lah did respond to the blogger story and CONFIRM the purchase of the jet. (So the bloggers' "STORY" now becomes a "FACT".)

4. Pak Lah did not explain that PMB is a Khazanah Nasional Berhad company which owned by Goverment.

5. PMB is therefore also Government.

6. RESULTS: PMB = Government did purchase the jet.

7. Leasing story is just to confuse.


1. Did the bloggers lie when the story was first highlighted?

2. Anyone lies in this jet matter?

Anonymous said...

People of Malaysia,

How the hell did such purchases pass without the public knowing, until it was too late?

Why lease the plane? Hello, so that some cronies can make some (more) money, that's why...

This govt is getting too cunning.

I have only this to say to the PM and the cabinet: Allah akan menyoal kamu kelak, kenapa membelanjakan wang rakyat tetapi BUKAN untuk kepentingan dan keuntungan rakyat. Pak Lah, kalau bukan salahmu, mu tetap kena jawab sebab kamulah yang bagi OK kat konco2mu itu. Depa masuk neraka, kamu nak ikut sekali? Kalau benar itu duit rakyat (termasuk duit aku!), aku haramkan setiap sen itu ke atas kamu.

Anonymous said...

You know it kills me that the press in this country are eunuchs. When confronted with the bold faced lie that the Government did not buy the aircraft, the appropriate follow up question would have been....."With all due respect Mr. PM who is that owns shares in PMB?" At which the PM would say Khazanah. "With all due respect Mr. PM who owns shares in Khazanah?"

No need to sue people just make sure your reporters arent castrated and the blogs will lose some popularity.

sHa| said...


Atas faktor keselamatan, keperluan semasa dan perkembangan teknologi terkini....memang perlu seorang PERDANA MENTERI berbuat tindakan seumpama demikian. Saya percaya, ianya telah mengambilkira maklumat dari pelbagai sumber terutama penasihat bidang berkenaan di Malaysia ini.

Itu adalah komen dari salah seorang rakan yang mempunyai ijazah dan pekerjaan yang 10x lebih baik dari saya. Camana orang yang berpelajaran seperti ini masih buta dengan apa yang Pak Lah buat?

Penarik Beca said...

Jalan Jam, VIP boley lalu dulu. Ni no ni no kuda putih suruh tepi... hahahaha... those VIP tak le rasa boring cam aku dalam keta... tu keta VIP lalu tu. Ni hal kapal terebang lak??? isk! aku bayar tax bukan suruh sewa/beli kapal terebang. Tak de pun tak pe. MAS ade, naik la MAS. Ni nak naik sorang2... Nak ikut cam US nyer Air Force One la kot.
Anyway, still aku rasa membazir jer. Please... spent "OUR" money wisely.

Anonymous said...

He got a new plane, and both you and Jeff got a new suit, how irony from the man who advocates transparencies and good governance.

shame on that fella.

apa nak jadi said...

Thanks to the blogs indeed. I think editors from major newpapers visit your blog daily to to scout for their content. Bloggers are now content editors for our local dailies..heck how brilliant is that. Click,visit, read, goreng-goreng sikit and it becomes next day's news...interesting-lah.

Anonymous said...

I watched the TV3 news last. "Kita bukan guna duit kita. PMB yang beli, kita sewa."

Can't believe these words comes from the prime minster cum finance minister.

To Malaysia economists, politicians, governors etc., please do something before it get even worst. This is the mother of all worst already.

J said...

"itu harta bukan kau yang punya..."
"Itu harta AHMAD ALBAB yang punya!"
Betul2 P.Ramlee lawak ni...

ahm said...

....PM bertukar jet, rakyat bertukar LRT, bloggers bertukar court... life is getting worst....

walaweh said...

so now, the gomen must pay double la...........walaweeeh..........1st paid to PMB for leasing, then pay onbehalf PMB who bought the planes (since PMB is gomen owned)...........peerrrgghhhh masyuk masyuk...........

p/s; thanks to all UMNO pengundi in 2004 PUM yang telah memilih seorang pemimpin yang AMAT berwibawa (untuk memenuhi poket anak dan adik beradik) menjadi pemimpin Malaysia

Anonymous said...

all this fusss about pak lah's aquisition is far less than what sarawak's cm (taib mahmud) personal jet,heli,yacht etc..etc..wake up sarawakian!!!!

Anonymous said...

How stupid do they think we are. What I found worse was how the good name of the King was thrown in to try and justify the acquisition. For gods sake lah, don't demeaner the King. Show some respect.

Anonymous said...

If Malaysia continued to be governed this way , I am afraid that when the crude oil ran dry, the country will become a 'Banana Republic'.

Don't be surprised that Malaysians then will be working as maids and labourers in Singapore,Hongkong, Thailand or even Vietnam .

Anonymous said...

correct me if I'm wrong yah. Upon the completion of leasing something - who does the asset belong to? Not the one who leased it right? So after paying so much, the plane belongs to someone else. Unless of course, the plane is sold to certain parties at RM1 after the leasing period ends.
But do we need a Malaysian version of AirForce One? Fuuyoh! Just wondering how PM and ministers and The King were travelling around the world before we had a Private Jet leased for them. Rumours have it that certain filthy rich people who have planes are always more than willing to let their own planes be used for the powers that be at no charge - which is good since these people became multi-billionaires in Malaysia. So why do we need to lease RM200 million plane for I don't know. What's next ah? Private yatch? Ouch..done that already. A spanking new palace? Ouch again..done that already. Hmmm...I think someone or some family is going to outdo the Marcoses and the Suhartoes.


Anonymous said...

We used to be at par in many aspects with Hongkong , Singapore , Taiwan and Korea just a decade or so ago.

Now we are struggling to compete with Thailand , Vietnam or even Indonesia and consoling ourself that we are better than some backward countries in Africa.

Should the PM be rewarded with such a luxury personal jet (never mind Abdullah said the Agong also may use it ) when he is not performing ???

monsterball said...

PM said go to hell with all of you again. He said he was the mastermind to collect more tol.....electricity and petrol taxes.Now govt. is filthy rich. He said old plane is full of TDM shit and sweat smells....cannot sleep...want to vomit all the time. He said yatch is for going to coastal states...working and fishing.
Coming next...."Spin Force One" a new helicopter and a personal train call 'PM Longest Dick". Does anyone knows what he means?
All in all..winning the Batu Talam by-election....he treat all bloggers son of a b.... insulting him all the time.

penarik beca said...

1st class ke, 2nd class ke semua sama. saya penat bekayuh....

Gerubuk said...

Whatever the PM is doing has negative impact not only for the rakyat in general but also for those leaders in federal and state and municipal governments perceived to be corrupt. This PM is trying to upstage those who are already experts with long experience of fooling and 'rampasing' assets and resources of the rakyat for their own personal benefits.
While it takes the spotlight away from these other corrupt ones for the time being, these others will also get sore that the PM is getting more tamak than them, thus reducing their share of the spoils.
Hopeflly, they will gang up and give it to the PM with added interest!!

Eurycoma Longifolia said...

Am busy playing with paper aeroplane..Don't disturb me...

Eurycoma Longifolia said...

Leaving on my paper jet plane... anyone for a free ride?

idris said...

Bismillah hirrahma nirrahiimmm..Ya Allah ya tuhan ku selamatkan lah negara ku ini, tolong lah rakya-rakyat nya kerana mereka tidak dapat lagi bergantung kepada pemimpin-pemimpin nya, ya tuhan kami selamat kan lah anak cucu kami, berilah kami petunjuk ya Allah, tunjukkan lah kuasa Mu, tunjukkan lah ya Allah, tunjukkan, tunjukkan

Anonymous said...



PM is doing it again, just like the Cobra King yacht...

That's what happen when the rakyat elected a "BANGKAI" or carcass as their Head of Country...

Wouldn't you agree????

zhmi said...

The master has spoken but boy, what a load of crap! Did AAB really think he could get away with such a flimsy, nonsensical response? And he didn't even bother to come up with a thoughtful, credible rebuttal. Sad, very sad indeed.

zewt said...

alternative news are showing it's credibility..!

Anonymous said...

can we have a new PM?

this guy is super corrupt and seems to only care about living the HIGH LIFE launching events here and overseas.

what a stupid response!!! we are only leasing it!! THAT"S WORST MR. PRIME MINISTER COS YOU ARE PAYING DOUBLE.

First, PMB already BOUGHT IT and it's government property via Khazanah.

So YOU PAY AGAIN TO CRONIES AR? fuuyoohhhhhhhhhh...powerlah our FM...WALAU!!!!!!!!!!!

can we change PM ..change change change....

kerp said...

what happened to the present jetplane? and why do they need a new one? we were told to change our lifestyle and be thrifty and yet those ppl are spending on something lavish that the rakyat could only see from the ground. forget about being near it and to be on it? dream on..

Anonymous said...

are we all spitting in the wind? are we all just hot air? are the stuff we talk about matter? the BN just won Batu Talam ok? the people in the small towns with no internet access will always ensure AAB keeps his toy chest and his nice comfy snooze chair in the cabinet for a long time to come. why do we bother? because we live in hope that the masses would really know and choose wisely come next GE


mob1900 said...

"We are just Borrowing... without returning it, of course!" - Thieves.

monsterball said...

PM also to much is like blowing in the wind....USELESS....NO POWER!!
He defy all of you to vote against him next election.
His destiny is being forcasted by a realiable bomoh to be PM second term. All predictions came true by this bomoh for years. He can even read our writings and send us a terrible stomatch ache if he chooses.
Inspite of being very angry with some of your insults...he is kind enough to stop the bomoh to act on some of you....but if anyone have a terible hard time to shit...I guess the bomoh may have acted on his on. He loves PM very much.

wadi wadi said...

Shame on u Pak Lah..Shame on u.At least answer intelligently about the plane issue.Your answer only serves to open up even more issues of misgovernance.Whose instruction was it to buy the plane?Was it discussed in Cabinet?Who brokered the deal?Why was the decision made to buy another plane when there were others sitting in the hangar?Why is it cheaper to lease?It is still Govt $ and therefore the rakyat's $ being used?

We do have a right to a valid answer!!

At least when Mahathir answered for his actions he gave solid answers and not fluffy spin stuff that insult rather than reveal.Even Samy Vellu is a master at defending the decisions made by his Ministry.

Pak Lah, lets face it. You stand out in Cabinet now not for the quality of your acts and decisions but rather for your incompetence in dealing with issues of governance. Your cabinet is probably now distancing itself from you in order to insulate themselves from the shrapnel of public dissent. They give you face by saying Yes Pak Lah we are behind you...but behind you they plot and tear their hair out on how to get you to step aside without losing face...personally and politically.

Anonymous said...


Cannot believe that this is happening in our country. Not buying --just leasing it !!!! From PMB not the Govet.!! UUURRRGGGHHH!!!!

To those in power :


Please ,bring on the general election..But then, look at the opposition parties --they're no better off. Relying on the bloggers to do their job. Perhaps , its the bloggers who should be in the parliament and the opposition members can join the PM in slumberland.

And I used to laugh at that Indonesian President (can't remember his name)with that infamous photo of him nodding of in a meeting ! My Indon friends are laughing their heads off.

Oh , the shame !


Anonymous said...

Abdullah would have done better if he said the airplane was a Christmas present from Santa Claus.

zorro-unmasked said...

Guys, gals, notice that NST and STAR have gone into elegant-silent mode on PM's latest take on the leasing.
Monsterball,cannot lah have Spin Force One, our helicopters are falling from the sky like ripe/decayed fruits. You cannot have our one-more-term(?) PM in such a situation. He has said, "Ive to do what I need to do"...finishing off people who rididcule and rubbishing him....The most important thin is that I have the support of the majority." Yes, you have, your impotent media machais and the voters of Batu Talam. Majority? Just you wait to find out what majority means at the next GE.These are little things swept under the carpet and senile mainstream media are too weak to lift the carpet.Sheesh.

monsterball said...

So you all know leasing is actually buying by govt.? So what?? What you are revealing to PM is old style con job cannot work now...voters getting smarter...but eat your hearts out.....he will sill be PM second term...that's his destinty.
And to complete his desires....he has ordered "Spin Force One" ...most luxurios helicopter in the world and a replica of old victorain train he call"PM LONGEST DICK".....what is he trying to hint me!! All cost more than RM303 millions...a small sum from huge reserves he has masterminded from oil....petrol. electic and cigarettes taxes. He was smoking 5 Davidoff cigars per breakfast allowances...go figure out lunch...dinner and messelanous entertainment allowances per month.
What can you all do??

wishuponastar said...

Guys Beware!

Now that YDPA's name has been mentioned
as the shared user of the cosmic bus all of you could be charged for being disloyal towards the crown.
Another piece of advice...stop complaining about people sleeping on the job.It is better that way otherwise Treasury has to be shopping for million dollar toys through the year.

Anonymous said...

i don't know,

Anonymous said...

ye la tu

Anonymous said...

With revelations like this, more reasons NOT to buy/read mainstream newspaper nor watch RTM/Media Prima news on tv...

Trust me, they (the Administration) will go all out to threaten all bloggers so that they takut to write the truths.

Read blogs. Dump newspapers!

Spin doctors will be spun out of their jobs soon...

I can see someone falling very, very soon...


Anonymous said...

Abdullah as Finance Minister has no clue as the actual cost of leasing an asset is indeed worrying, this is just something about basic economics and finance and he failed miserably.

NeRdY aCcOuNtAnT said...

Extract (ammended of course) from the song "I am leaving on a jet plane" by John Denver

So trust me and believe in me
Tell me that you'll vote for me
Hold me like you'll never let me go
Cause I'm leaving on a jet plane
Don't know when I'll be back again
Oh babe, I need to go

Anonymous said...

If wanna buy plane, buy lah....dun lease. Mahal tu... balance punya $$ tolong ler contribute kat tol! Kesian kitorang, kena minta sedekah dari kerajaan untuk kurangkan beban :(