Saturday, January 13, 2007

Bloggers United. No Fear.

Something's brewing.
Sheih the "Poster Boy", the one who created Kickdefella, has made a statement: Bloggers United. No Fear.
[click here for possible coded messages].

United! United! United!
No, I am not an Man U fan.


  1. hi, rocky

    thanks.. i visited sheih.

    Bloggers United! Never Fear!

  2. Anonymous11:12 am

    Power to the bloggers.

    Way to go!

  3. Anonymous11:14 am

    So I presume this will lead to a Malaysian Bloggers Association (MBA)??

    p/s: Instead of Bloggers United..or United United it Blog-Spurs instead la. :)

  4. Anonymous11:47 am

    salam sejahtera. assalamualaikum.
    yang dihormati saudara bru.
    di harap semoga saudara bru sihat. saya doa agar saudara tidak kehilangan sifat berani saudara -- sifat berani mati, sifat berani lawan penipu/pengkhianat yang ingin menjatuhkan saudara.
    i want to contribute to the fund to help you in your (court) fight with mr scum aka mr coward.
    i am surprised he has not dragged the office of the prime minister.
    i half expected him to convince abdullah badawi to join him.
    i hope fellow bloggers thoughout the country will come in support of you. my belief is simple --- these people who are suing you are bad people.
    u want me to believe that u have cast aspersion on their character? i think they should prove that you are lying.
    hey...bru,knowing mr scum... check who the judge will be.

  5. Saudara Rocky, pelawat dan pembahas sekalian,

    Saya mendapat maklumat bahawa sebuah organisasi media massa arus perdana yang besar sama ada telah atau akan mengambil tindakan undang-undang ke atas seorang atau beberapa orang blogger tempatan.

    Saya tidak terperanjat jika ada blogger atau blogger-blogger yang sudah menerima surat peguam daripada organisasi berkenaan.

    Selaras itu, saya bersetuju dengan Sheih dan pembahas blog saudara bahawa ini adalah test case yang memerlukan kesepakatan dan tindak balas yang terperinci oleh masyarakat blogger, khasnya blogger-blogger yang tidak menembak curi.

    Di pihak yang lain, reaksi sebegini membuktikan bahawa kuasa dan pengaruh blog dan blogger semakin diberi perhatian.

    Justeru itu adalah penting bagi masyarakat blogger, khasnya mereka yang menggunakan identiti sebenar dan menulis isu-isu serius agar sentiasa berhati-hati dan menjaga kewibawaan blog masing-masing.

    I think a lot of people out there are worried about the influence of these serious blogs.

    Terima kasih.

  6. Anonymous1:04 pm

    Sorry, this is not related to your posting but this was circulating in the emails. Wonder if its true..hmmm...cencorship shows its ugly head?

    Malaysian authorities have seized from newsstands copies of a tabloid
    newspaper run by an opposition Islamic party, but denied the move was
    sparked by the publication of a photograph that shows the prime
    minister at
    a public event with actress Michelle Yeoh - reports IHT.

    The latest issue of Harakah features a front page photograph of Prime
    Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi placing a hand on Yeoh's bare shoulder
    a dinner ceremony at an international sailing tournament in Malaysia's
    northeastern Terengganu state last month.

    Officers from the Internal Security Ministry have confiscated copies
    retail outlets over the past week because the newspaper is supposed to
    sold only to members of the opposition Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party, the
    ministry's enforcement spokesman, Zailani Hashim, said Thursday.

    "The action has nothing to do with images published in the issue,"
    said, rejecting speculation by Harakah's editor that the government
    wants to
    prevent the photo from being seen.

    Harakah's Web site said the photograph displayed Abdullah's "naughty
    antics" with Yeoh, a Malaysian-born star whose international film
    include "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" and the James Bond film,
    Never Dies."

    The Islamic party that publishes Harakah has often accused Abdullah's
    moderate government of failing to uphold religious and moral standards
    this Southeast Asian country, where nearly two-thirds of the 26 million
    people are ethnic Malay Muslims.

    The party is the main political rival of Abdullah's ruling coalition
    publishes 140,000 copies of Harakah twice a month. The newspaper's
    government-approved publication license states it can only be sold to
    members, but the rule is often not stringently enforced.

    Fewer than 100 copies have been seized from outlets in Malaysia's main
    city, Kuala Lumpur, Zailani said. He added that the government has the
    to retract the newspaper's permit because it was violating its
    but no such action is being planned so far.

    Harakah's editor, Ahmad Lutfi Othman, said the permit's conditions
    unfair. He noted that copies had sometimes been confiscated from public
    outlets between 1999 and 2000, but that this was the first such
    since he became editor last February.

    "We believe the government is now trying to create a culture of fear
    through these raids," Ahmad Lutfi said. "We're studying this matter
    plans to challenge the regulations in court."

    International and local rights groups have long criticized
    restrictions on
    press freedoms in Malaysia, where the government is closely linked with
    mainstream media and wields tough laws that require publishers to
    annual permits from authorities.

    p/s: There's a picture attached to the email as well. Sadly I cant post pictures in the commentary box.

  7. Rocky,

    "Real-Blogs" sounds even better

    Cheers bro !

  8. Hi, Rocky

    Thanks for the thread. I am putting it up on my blog. BTW, I have some nice shots of the Eye on Abdullah and would like to share with you. What's your email address?

    I just read about the worsening flood in Johor and what our top two leaders are up to in CEBU and in London doing something remotely relevant to our very own backyard problems. Aren't we in a situation where both the PM and DPM are indisposed? Who then will resume command or everything is left to our kris-wielding Education Minister? Would like your comments on that please.

  9. Anonymous4:13 pm

    What did the leaders talk about in Cebu? Your guess is as good as mine - talk cock. Motherduckers!

  10. Anonymous4:31 pm

    UMNO fear bloggers?

  11. Anonymous5:22 pm

    Setakat ini kenyataan paling 'kasar" yang disebut oleh seseorang ialah mengenai half past six government dan hindu god, muslim.priest.Bru, jangan takutlah. Kalau tak ada orang yang berani sue orang yang bercakap tu yang disiarkan dalam semua media, jadi apa yang you tulis tu jadi kicik punya hal. U tanya depa apa pasal tak sue orang itu. Hidup bloggers.

  12. Anonymous6:06 pm

    are we living in singapore? where whenever the government feel threatened they would sue anybody to bankrupt the fella?.

    or, the singapore way is being adopted by AAB, KJ, Kali and company to scare bloggers?.

    fight injustice to bloggers !!!!,

  13. Bloggers United logo is a permanent feature on my blog as of NOW! Thanks Sheih!

  14. Anonymous7:03 pm

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  15. Anonymous9:18 pm

    I pledge my support.

    And I can part with some quantum for the fund if needed.

  16. Anonymous9:37 pm

    Berani kerana benar, takut kerana salah. Good Luck! Semoga sejahtera semua.

    ~anak desa di kota~

    p/s - bro., i'm a Man U fan! :-)

  17. Anonymous9:57 pm

    Bro Rocky

    I didn't know that Kalimullah and gang do visti your and other blogs. Surprised!surprised! I thought that he and the Tingkat Empat boy only spend their time churning out news of very questionable quality.

    Rocky, if I were you, I will be damn proud of myself that even the PM's confidente, Kalimullah, took the trouble to read your blog resulting in his ego badly injured by what you have stated. Kalimullah now threatened to sue you for defamation like what NST did to BBC but no ball to sue the BBC.

    Tun talked about ECM Libra and why Kalimullah is not suign Tun for defamation.

    We all knew that Kalimullah had to work so hard to get a leg up on ECM Libra and yet Tun ran him down. Kalimullah should sue Tun also for defaming over ECM Libra nonesense.

    Well, I will do my best to give you whatever support I can wehter monetary or otherwise.

    Please don't worry Rocky, you are not alone. Lets all stand up and fight this half past six leader and his confidente.

  18. Rocky!

    I can assure you he will not do it for I was told that he was told that it will take two to tango, he was told that he will bring your s#%t out and they, meaning you Jeff OOi, will bring more of his sh#t out, so I was told he is backing out and the PM is also not amuse and happy with him! So keep on blogging my friends and bring this PARVENU downs, I do know someone who likes transvastite and we probably have pictures! Push come to shove we will publish the pictures man what the hell! Other people can also play dirty, very dirty!

  19. Gandhi said,

    "Justice will come when it is deserved by our being and feeling strong."

    "Truth stands, even if there be no public support. It is self-sustained."

  20. Kickdefella's blogroll list went up to 50 links and still counting.

    Well, Rocky, I don't think KH expected this to happen but he's just galvanised the entire netizen nation of Malaysia.

    What's he gonna do? Sue everybody!

  21. I am with you Rocky, Jeff, Shieh, Sang Kelembai, etc.

    Care to visit my recently resumed ole blog for my dedication to this cause with the song Freedom bt Richie Haven sang at teh 1969 Woodstock concenrt

  22. Anonymous11:04 am

    Kat rumah media terbesar ni macam-macam cerita ada, bisnes kecil dan bisnes besar, salah guna kuasa dan macam-macam lagi. Kalau nak nama naik semua, nak pergi mahkamah sama-sama, kita tunggu saja masanya. Semua akan keluar. Bersiap sedialah. Rocky, don't worry, we will feed you with all the informations.

  23. Anonymous11:10 am

    I visited n downloaded the logo. I commented before that there was more to the Sheih story than a "sell-his-soul" rumour that was so viciously and insidiously propagated. Glad I am vindicated.

    Thanks Rocky, Dato' AKJ, Jeff and hundreds if not thousands of "celik" Malaysians who dare to stand up n be counted for their principles.

    I have found something else mightier than the sword, and it is the keyboard. Long Live Malaysian Bloggers!

  24. Anonymous11:43 am

    i'm no Man U nor Lierpool fan, but u will never walk alone, a tune u'll hear at Anfield every match day.

    i may not be a somebody but that does not make me a nobody...and i shall 'wheel' wit u, bru..

  25. Anonymous3:17 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    Panglima Salleh, Rosli Dhobi, Maharajalela, Dr Mahathir, Aziz Ishak, Samad Ismail(the only man LKY cuak dengan), Rais Yatim, Kassim Ahmad, Ahiruddin Attan, Ghani Ismail, Kadir"pendang" Jasin, Shiekh 'kickdefella' memang hebat!

    Memang betul- betul melayu! Anak jantan semua!And many more i know!

    n probaly that moron Pasquale yg mungkin merupakan the guide for Lost Souls too!
    N jeff ooi too!Walaupun dia China, tapi kalau dia jantan untuk aku dia tetap Melayu!
    Look anak- anak jantan semua, when facing ur trevails I just have a quotation from a former vetren NST journalist Ghani Ismail, uncle Rehman Rashid tu,

    "The bigger the prize that awaits, the bigger the mountain to climb"

    When the going gets tough the tough gets going brothers

    Walaupun aku jahat dan suka membonceng betina, namun in those instances i am sober n have good thoughts and think good things, u guys are in it

    Not much i know but what the hell

  26. Rocky!

    Mat rempit yang gila hubris atau pun saudara shamsul akmar! you write the way you speak cannot hide, how are you man! Tapi hang masuk Ghani Ismail tu tak betul lah!

  27. Anonymous12:27 am


    This preamble is my reply for u!!

    Listen to the resonance of my broken kapchai exahust!Irritating isnt it?!

    Then breathe deeply its smelly fumes and soak in its dust!and curse me while i beat the red lights for the millionth time!and with an anak dara montok pulak tu hugging me with her hips while her hands know that thier proper place is in the middle of the park!...Transalation: janganlah cakap pasal Ghani Ismail macam itu, bro

    Beliau graduated before 1965, n was a top student and tooked both the second and third year exams in one go!He hitch hiked his way from here to Mecca wile getting odd jobs here n there in places like India n Afghanistan a place of immense rustic beauty! His working experiance is also simarlaly wide ranging...and has his very own writing style.Plodding n obscure at times but fortunately, refreshing most of the times.

    One has to remember that he belongs to that golden generation of malays, who on their own had to overcome a system which was desighn to kill them at every stage ..they had thier faults,true, n can be overbearing at times but man, oh man, they surely had character!Bucket loads of it!

    Something which i have to say is painfully amiss in our facsmille society today

    they had principles, they were open minded yet very entrenched to their roots, and there was romance in the ebb and flow of their blood which needed to express itself in their writings and in thier speech.

    Yes, the romance just cudnt be denied!! Conversations with them were laced with sentences like this: "if one knows god that one would remain calm, but not placid, like a lake" But most of all, they were genuine!

    They can talk about Herman Hesse, the Brothers Karamazov, the Hemingway code while at the same time be similarly at ease talking about the origins of keris 7 luk or the 9 luk ones that they found on the Muar riverbanks ,Hamzah Fansuri, Prem and DrM, IMF, Ku Li,Yayasan Anda dan perempuan Melayu yg disarung guni beras!

    They cud also talk on how Islam has been reduce to symbols and rituals to satisfy the capraciouness and insatiable appetite of one young malay whose name bears the same initials as Artificial Intelligence!

    And the same meaning too- how apt!

    Yes they cud dance the cha- cha, the tango, the slow fox trot, etc- etc, while at the same time being as well versed in joget, zapin,bla-bla,bla or the tarikats of quadariyah, or najbandiayah !

    N we could do it under the overhanging branchers of a Cendana tree sambil menghirup cendol and not nessacrilly Coffe Bean or Heritage Row, where the heritage refers to colonial rather than Malysian! Actually do we even know what is meant by malaysian or what is not?!

    Yes ,i agree his abit unorthordox,some may even say bizzare or ecentric n this might rub some people the wrong way, but so are u,Pasquale!n that's putting it politely!Rather u are a vexation to the spirit!

    Who cares if u people r an anochronism who prefers the arcane rather than the mundane or conversly the profane rather than the profound!Hah!

    Becoz i dare say and anounce that we are all the better, nay the richer for it!

    N soo was Pak Samad who ask Ghani to write the same peice 19 times while tearing each one after reading the first para- not to c whether he had writing talents but rather to c whether he had the testicular wherewhithal to withstand disapointments! wonder they had was kick in the into their heads time n time again!if not in their groins!

    compare that to the fourth floor boys..who at best have potential rather than ability.But thats a moot point since they woudnt know the differance!

    They dont realized that the golden generation had earned the right to speak and the right to be heard!They had paid their dues and their penance!

    Or as a friend most eloquently put it" Kencing aku lagi banyak dari air yang engkau minum!"Aye!Aye! How true!

    Budak tingkat 4 takkan tahu makna the phrase 'dah banyak makan garam"

    It doesnt just refer to the experiance that one gathers due to time- rather it refers to the wisdom that only can be gatherd due to suffering- the garam refers to air mata dan titik kederat!There is wisdom in the salts of those tears and sweat due to honest manly endeavour !They woudnt know, that to trully appreciate the vista at the top, one has to know the darkness of the abyss!

    Anyway pasquale, hows the weather in malta?

  28. Anonymous1:17 am

    i started blogging just to try to improve my writing. anyway, i'm with you guys!! bloggahs UNITE!!! No fear!!!

  29. Anonymous1:00 pm

    Datuk Pasquale!

    I forgot.No, i am not the person u think i am, but i'll take the mistake as a compliment

  30. Rocky!
    To Mat Rempit!

    This is a selingan! So what has he done lately this Ghani Ismail! I also hitch hiked around the world, big deal! I have read all of those mentioned books, they are, honestly, boring does not reflect the Malay psyche and struggle! So Shamsul you forgot Mustapha Hussein, Boesaman and Shamsiah Fakeh! So whats new man!

  31. Anonymous8:10 pm


    To Datuk Pasquale!

    Nope nothings new. What has Ghani done lately? no idea,havnt bump into him for awhile..Last time i saw him it was unclear- presumebly osscilating like a yo-yo between the phenomenal and the non

    Those books dont reflect the Malay psyche and sruggle?..yeah your silly of me. for an insight into that bottomless pit I'll try one of the books u read like The Da Vinci Code or listen to that grago vixen, Ms Furtatardoh.

    Or maybe scallywag, I'll be better served by going to that Dangdut off Jalan Ipoh- need some new candidates for my pillion rider,anyway

  32. Ahh Mat Rempit Hubris,

    If you are who I think you are and remember times spent up on a hill in melawati which we rode up to on a larger motorcycle than the usual rempit nyamuks, then get back in touch on the same number. The titiwangsa is still the backbone of the peninsular.

    Your grandchild awaits, but Sith I have become.

  33. Anonymous6:34 am

    Apa khabar Kadir Jasin and Mat Rempit Hubris,

    Saya ingin berkongsi renongan dengan anda berdua dan insan-insan muda sekelian:


    Kalau kausangka aku sudah tua
    seperti bunga diserang sang suria
    lesu tangkai layu kelopaknya
    hilang wangi habis madunya
    lemah maya, luruh jasadnya.

    Seperti kau, aku pernah muda
    megah mekar mawar berbunga
    harum semerbak, kekar kuntumnya
    lawar memutih manisan rasa
    dipuja kasih dipuji rata.

    Tua, muda, kanak-kanak, dewasa;
    baru, lama, berumur, remaja;
    pusingan jam pasir dunia
    pandangan mata kaca manusia
    bandingan masa, imbangan ketika.
    Seperti mengesan anak bulan Ramadhan
    pemastian puasa, penentuan purnama
    peralihan waktu alam nyata.

    Aku tua di sisi kau yang muda
    namun muda di sisi insan tua;
    bagai teka teki menduga reka akal
    menyangka ukur usia mudah saja.

    Tetapi - kalau kaca mata dibuka
    kaca pasir jadi intan permata
    gerhana bulan terang cahaya
    empulur hati tiada baya.

    Mestikah tua bermakna tidak muda
    tidak berguna, tidak berdaya?
    Bukankah tua tanda kekal abadi
    akal dan jiwa?

    Akar tunjang berasal nyawa
    berurat berumbi, berbenih mulia;
    bak ubi hina tumbuh merata
    semakin berisi semakin lama
    teguh saraf, kukuh baka
    harus juga engkau yang muda.


  34. Anonymous2:33 pm

    Kepada BON NINI,

    Very poignat, thank u! u do justice to the great language, which, i will readily admit is something beyond my humble capabilities!

    To me if we want to make this country better than we can start by stop hero worshipping youths by saying they are idealistic, dynamic and all that other nonsense!Idealism, if its not temperd by experiance or divorced from reality is not idealism , but wishful thinking!That is what is actually meant by many youths today when they mention idealism!

    Of course I m generalizing, but citing exceptions doesnt disprove generalizations!

    Like a great sage once said" as the young dreams of changes, time changes thier dreams"

    PS-By any chance do u hold any kelas dewasa BM tuition?I would love to use the language like u do

  35. Anonymous6:44 am

    Yes Mat Rempit Hubris - the young must not grow up with a feeling of self importance. Rather they must learn selflessness and service.
    No Mat Rempit Hubris - I don't give BM classes. I was in fact an English teacher for many many years.
    Keep the good ideas coming in OK.


  36. Anonymous4:55 pm

    Hello brother, words below make me smile.

    i hope fellow bloggers thoughout the country will come in support of you. my belief is simple --- these people who are suing you are bad people.

    brother! i'll ngo's too when in need!
    take care!

  37. as a media student, what i can say is the mass media has been manipulated by certain people to full fill its own agenda and also with the restrictions because of that many high educated people in society turn to other source ie.. blogs.. so lets fight for our freedom to speak!

  38. Anonymous11:35 am

    Bloggers stays united ethically. This is a good blog:
    This is a doggie blog:

    The "comments posters" are all subject to the same rules - blog and comment and take full responsibility. I like Jeff when he was amusing writing his "own" comment, but when he turns "nutts" and write like he is a newspaper editor and started to defame people, I find him disgusting and some what criminal type. We are bloggers not defamation or lier.

  39. Anonymous9:52 pm

    'i am surprised he has not dragged the office of the prime minister.'

  40. Anonymous4:52 am

    See it pictures at Perhimpunan Munajat Perdana di Stadium Shah Alam @ 31 March 2008 @ http://whitenaval/

  41. Protes Minyak- rakyat semakin memenuhi stadium

    KELANA JAYA (BebasBersuara) : Setakat jam 1.00 tengah hari ini rakyat semakin memenuhi ruang stadium kelana jaya untuk 1 tujuan, 1 matlamat iaitu menurunkah harga minyak. Dianggarkan seramai 8000 orang telah berkumpul di tempat tersebut.

    Kelihatan beberapa pemimpin dari parti politik, NGO, dan pemimpim mahasiswa memberikan ucapan kepada hadirin. Antara yang turut serta ialah para pemimpin Pas, Keadilan dan Dap serta parti sosialis. Mahasiswa pula diwakili oleh pemimpin muda dari Utara yang memberikan ucapan bersemangat sebagai tanda protes dari pihak mahasiswa.

    Sepanjang aktiviti sehingga tengah hari ini, ucapan berkait dengan rasa ketidakpuasan rakyat terhadap harga bahan bakar yang naik mendadak sebanyak 41% (petrol) dan 63% (diesel). Serentak dengan penarikan subsidi bahan api ini telah menyebabkan kenaikan hampir kesemua barang keperluan dan perkhidmatan. Laungan "turun-turun, harga minyak!" turut kedengaran sepanjang aktiviti berlangsung. Pintu inflasi telah dibuka oleh kerajaan BN dan kini telah menyebabkan rakyat yang berpendapatan rendah merana.

    Didalam lautan manusia ini kelihatan para wartawan dari kalangan media alternatif dan beberapa blogger yang merakam gambar keadaan semasa. Terdapat juga beberapa wartawan antarabangsa yang cuba mendapatkan laporan mengenai situasi semasa daripada orang ramai.

    Difahamkan para pemimpin Pakatan Rakyat dari 5 buah negeri akan hadir pada petang ini untuk bersama-sama dengan rakyat marhaen.

    Desas-desus yang mengatakan tentera berkampung di sekitar stadium adalah tidak benar sama sekali. BebasBersuara telah melakukan pemantauan di sekitar Kelana Jaya terutamanya di premis-premis kerajaan persekutuan dan sehingga jam 1 tengah hari tadi mendapati bahawa perkara ini adalah tidak benar.

    updated 02.32 pm [14:32]

  42. Anonymous2:26 am

    Wallet at Low Price?

  43. Salam sejahtera.

    Saya ingin menyertai Bloggers United.Terima kasih.

    I am from somewhere at the corner of the earth.