Friday, January 19, 2007

Back down on NeST-UM

I read in the papers today that the merger between the New Straits Times Press (Malaysia) Berhad* and Utusan Melayu Berhad is OFF. I wrote just that on December 21 last year. Flashback here.
Just two nights ago, at the Chinese Assembly Hall, journo-blogger A. Kadir Jasin told a forum on the proposed merger that the merger could lead to a revolt against Abdullah Badawi within the Umno supreme council. In any case, some people would have made a killing in the stock market from this botched merger attempt (read here).

Kudos to the journalists and editors at Utusan Melayu who did not back down in their fight against the merger.

* This company has said it is suing this blog


  1. I read it too....
    they said it was due to the failure to come to an agreement.
    but i think its not because of that reason.
    the main reason is the people tak suka dengan the proposal.
    So...because PM scared that the merger will affect the coming GE.
    But anyway....dah terlambat.
    Sekali orang dah menyampah...sampai bila-bila pun menyampah.
    I sincerely hope that, in the next GE, people will vote against them.
    Kasi ajar sikit.

  2. next GE i hope everybody will boycott it. let them vote them self ha ha see how funny it will be!

  3. Anonymous3:26 pm

    Ayo yo Cohong Gym,

    Lu cakap banyak botul. Gua tarak sabaq tunggu itu eleksyon. Buat mesti buat, tapi tarak tau bila. Orang cakap lepas hari merdeka. Gua tak kisah bila. tahun ni pun ok, tahun depan pun ok. Gua tunggu saja. mau delay, delay lah. Gua tunggu. Tak boleh lari punya. Macam mau mati juga. tak boleh lari punya. Sampai masa, mati juga.
    Ini kali lo, gua mau undi mana-mana parti pun. kecuali satu. kunci pun ok, bulan pun ok, roket pun ok, payung pun ok, kepala lumbu pun ok. jangan marah ye. itu gua punya suka, gua punya hak.

    Jumpa lagi

    China Buta

  4. Anonymous4:10 pm

    god statement lah

  5. Anonymous5:06 pm


    oleh kerana merger dah tak jadi, hashim makaruddin dan nasir ali kena resign dari utusan (kalaulah mereka ni ada maruah!!! soalnya bermaruahkah mereka??) hashim dan nasir sudah tak ada jiwa, roh dan semangat utusan! mereka berdua tidak ubah ibarat `biawak hidup' di utusan!

  6. Anonymous5:28 pm

    I am as I am; anon. Just a typical ordinary malaysian.

    Actually I am just glad that u r still posting.

  7. Anonymous6:22 pm

    somebody's pot of rice just melted away.

  8. Anonymous7:24 pm

    Yo Rocky!
    Peace, bro!

    Isn't it funny the company of which you are a minor share holder
    is suing you for exercising your due diligence. Just, a :)

    Trying to unravel the 48 riddles can be very tricky and I hope you have not removed any postings.

  9. Anonymous9:36 pm

    One side of the coin is that there is a revolt or the PM is not strong enough.

    The other side is that there is discussion and the PM goes for collective decision.

    Which side you inclined to agree depends on who you like or loathe.

  10. Anonymous9:43 pm

    Dear Cohong Gym

    Johor is 100% UMNO. During the flood, the people got less than what the UMNO delegates got during election. Do you think this people will vote against them?

    On the merger, who cares? Now they're in different pockets. If they merge , it will be in one pocket but the same trousers.

    Please be real. Kita cakap je, Melayu ke, Cina or India serupa. Minyak naik ke, tol naik ke, letrik & air naik ke, foodstuff naik ke, nothing changes. Come GE you know who will win.

  11. Anonymous12:41 am

    Dear anonymous 9.36,

    I don't think it's correct to say collective decision. The green light to merge was given by AAB, and it was this that made the proponents went all out to get it through.

    The supreme council voted not in favour and this, in politics, is a clear indication that thet don't like what AAB was trying to sell.

  12. Anonymous1:31 am

    Dear Wan Anon.

    Like I said, it is from which side you see it. I can say that Pak Lah listens to people unlike our Tun M. When Tun M bulldozed everything, we tend to say he's a dictator. Now when Pak Lah idea was not agreed upon and he agreed with other opinions, we say he's weak pulak. Which is which then?

  13. Anonymous1:34 am

    dear Hashim Maka and Nasir Al

    Hi man,
    Dont your think you got to leave Utusan , man.
    You should lah, man. You abandon them, man.
    You told them the present set up no good, man.
    You want merger, man.
    Now you lose, man.
    Your merger plan fell through, man.
    Where to put your face, man.
    Your men got no faith in you, man.
    you better leave, man.

    Oh shit, it's your pot of rice, man.
    I don't want to be held responsible, man.
    For smashing your pot of rice, man.
    I am sorry, man.


  14. Anonymous8:53 am


    Somebody mentioned "biawak hidup" and that's funny because that same fellas heads are as Good as "Kari Kepala Biawak"... and you know lah kari kari stuff sure sedap makan punyea...

    Itu Olang ... apa nama... Kepala Otak Punyea Olang suka makan kari kari ma... Kari Nasi Kandar, bole kasi dia try itu "Kari Kepala Biawak" lah.....

    Itu Kari Biawak ada halal punyea betut?????

    Itu olang olang punyea muka pun ada macam biawak hitam ka???? Endangered species wo... sama macam Beruk Beruk at Zoo 4th Floor ma...

  15. i'm walking with you and jeff ooi. let's start another campaign - Boycott NST!. hit 'em where it matters the most.

  16. Anonymous4:20 pm


    No such a thing as NSTP, Utusan and Media Prima not being able to reach an agreement.

    That was a hogwash, a lie!

    Umno President and Deputy President knew they would be doom if they allow the merger to proceed.

    They okeyed the proposal but they were openly opposed by the majority of Supreme Council members and Umno Ministers, MPs, DUNs and ordinary members.

    It was a vote of no confidence on PM and DPM on the handling of the issue. This must be raised at next Umno General Assembly.

    Who actually suffered? NSTP and Utusan shareholders. NSTP and Utusan shares tumbled.

    Thank you Kali, Mutalib Razak and Hashim Makaruddin for misleading Dollah and Najib. Shame on you people.

  17. So it was a bad idea in the first place for this paper merger.

    Just to backtrack, did anyone notice that this paper merger came out at almost the same time as the plantation merger proposal.

    Red herrings at work?

  18. Anonymous3:22 am

    Betapa seronoknyer DATUK ZAM bila segala-galanya telah gagal. Untuk pengetahuan anda semua..., ZAM adalah seteru kepada NSTP.

  19. Anonymous8:27 pm

    Now that the Fourth Floor boys have had their plans thwarted to control the print media, one wonders what their next game plan is..
    Maybe to put their boys in all the key editorial posts? But then there's a shortage of qualified people..
    Come to think of it, there seems to be a shortage of 'friendly' people in most areas of government and business.
    Look at the new appointment for the D-G of the Economic Planning Unit. Somebody had to be dragged out established retirement to fill the post. But why the secrecy? Why hasn't the Chief Secretary come out with the announcement officially?