Monday, December 11, 2006

Tougher Press laws to prevent Editors from lying ...

Malaysia may introduce tough Press laws to control journalists and prevent their editors from spreading "disharmony, chaos, seditious material and lies" in their newspapers.
Deputy Science and Technology Minister Kong Cho Ha accused some editors of writing controversial articles to attract readers.
"We are talking about creating Press laws to control those who abuse the newspapers," Datuk Kong said.
Ah, how sweet if Kong had really had the good mind to say this, especially if he had said it after the June 11 lies that Kalimullah Hassan wrote in his Sunday Times column. It was clear that Kalimullah wanted to create disharmony between the PM and Dr M with the lies. But instead of slamming lying editors, people like Kong pick on bloggers. The deputy minister's statement (the original one, not the imagined one above) about tougher cyber laws to control bloggers was made more than a week ago but is still being cited on the net, like here, giving the country a bad name.
p.s. I hear that The Liar's column was back again yesterday. Apart from the goodness of his own existence, he also wrote about a recent trip to Casablanca. Is that true now, or is it another lie?


  1. Anonymous1:48 am

    More preventions laws to come and thus it shows that the Goverment' is not on the right track and their policies is 'derailing. This also shows what Tun Dr Mahathir voice up is perfectly 'true'. Why all those law if there nothing wrong with the ggoverment. Bolgger voices out their concerns for this country. That shows blogger 'LOVED' this country and they knew what is wrong with the administration. The goverment should be more reponsive to the comments made by blogger. Blogger represent thousands or million of readers compare to the 'main stream ' media. More people are reading the blogs and tyhis surpass the main stream media readers. Currently the main stream media are full of sensorships and favourism. Can the mainstream media publised all the comments made by blogers that are hundreds or even thousand or even millons?. The goverment should form a new job for the goverment servent. 'Blogs readers' personal required. And these employed 'Blogs Readers'must read every comments made from 8.30am to 4.30 pm with a lunch break of 1 hr 45 min. They must submit reports to the PM and the cabinets.
    Ha ha .. what am I talking about.

  2. Anonymous1:55 am

    Yeah, the liar's sprung again in his Sunday column which really should have gone into Traveltimes. It's typically so self-indulgent. Who cares about where he and his stupid friends and family went for heaven's sake? Please don't waste the space with your silly reminiscences, Kali. Keep that for your diary. As former GEIC you should be writing on more substantive stuff. But then you were NEVER GEIC material!

  3. Anonymous3:03 am


    this must be the newfound press freedom under our more liberal administration.

    but in any case, we can't really believe them.

    'cos they may just change their mind tomorrow, depending where the wind blows.

    but what would the mainstream papers write if they DON"T lie?


  4. Anonymous10:12 am

    Madonna said...
    Yeah, the liar's sprung again in his Sunday column which really should have gone into Traveltimes. It's typically so self-indulgent. Who cares about where he and his stupid friends and family went for heaven's sake?
    Madonna wrote on top. But Madonna and the rest of Malaysia must know his are not "stupid friends" his are friends who are one way or another connected to S'pore ISD, Mathews the main controller, Lai of former Reuters with ISD, Michael also with S'pore, Rafael as we all know is or was CIA operative, and his tonto Leslie, and Merv a Jew whose family took up a shell ethinic identity to stay on in Malaysia and became a Malayali whose loyalty has always been with both to S'pore and Mossad. Madonna! Kali met with these same people to places like South Africa to discuss and reflect on what they have done and suceeded to destroy the Malay regimes, not that I care most of the time, but his is definitely not stupid friends! And Morons in Umno please wake up it is still not too late! And Khairy please disassociate yourself with Kali if you want to have strong support and if you are indeed a Malay!

  5. Anonymous11:41 am

    And in his last para he badmouthed Emirates airlines. "Fly Emirates? Not likely !"
    Even though his grouses about the flight delays etc etc maybe justified, it seems like a personal vendetta. Maybe he didn't get an upgrade to first class.Heh heh.
    Looks like it will be some time before emirates place an ad in the NSt.

  6. Anonymous11:54 am


    never before has the abdullah regime been under serious threat from bloggers. it is people like you, bru, the scribe, raja petra and other credible bloggers who will make certain leaders quiver and shiver.
    you are a journalist, whether or not you are on the payroll of a mainstream media organisation.. more than i can say for some editors working for NST, Star, BH, Utusan and Bernama.
    You have the credibility as a journalist and an editor to make a difference. The Scribe too. Raja Petra too...all in your own powerful way.
    SO, i am not surprised that government mouthpieces are making all these kind of statements.
    As for Kalimullah. What can I say about such an evil, sinister and greedy man. and a lying one at that.
    Brother, i know one thing -- people like Kalimullah will fall so hard..and when they do,, there are just so many people willing and ready to step and stomp on them. You and I need not do anything... but we can sit back and watch.


  7. Anonymous1:12 pm

    Bro Rocky,

    Why are you thinking that the Ministry was trying to control editors, who lies?

    The Ministry will only be interested in controlling the blogs like yours from informing the public like me about the truth. The Minsitry cannot be bothered with the lies in NST. After Kalimullah was lying to help his boss but his boss exposed him to save himself.

    So you better ask Kong to start to take actions against Kalimullah, who has lied through his teeeth for hte June 11 article, before others.

    The present leadership is scared of blogs like yours for you are exposing them and made them look like fools.

    Don't worry we know their game plans so we will exercise our rights during the Generla Elections and kick out sleepy and slimy people.

  8. Anonymous4:37 pm

    And in his last para he badmouthed Emirates airlines. "Fly Emirates? Not likely !"

    - emirates is definitely way better than least it is not bleeding money

  9. Anonymous5:29 pm

    Really sweet for Kong to say that, wasn't that his own younger brother was arrested by police under the EO as widely reported in the Chinese media over the weekend?

  10. Anonymous8:24 pm

    Came across your blog recently and have been following it since. Keep up the good work Mr Rocky. These guys don't know what they are talking about. We need more people like you.