Monday, December 11, 2006

Moses' Last Day

Clocking out. Rajen Moses, who was brought in by the then Group Editor-in-Chief Kalimullah Hassan in 2004 to lift the image of Business Times, ends his contract with the New Straits Times today. Rajen Moses livened up a media forum in KL last week when he publicly blamed the newspaper's politically-appointed GEIC for its journalists' sins.

But Rajen Moses is now somewhere in Kazakhtan, specially flown there to witness the launch of the Measat 3 satellite and this has led some people to speculate that he may be around longer than they hope. After all, if they actually make Syed Nadzri Syed Haron the Group Editor from January 1, they will be looking for a deputy.


  1. Rocky!

    I can gurantee you that Rajan Moses will not be the deputy to Syed Nadzri!

  2. Anonymous11:35 am

    Rajan as deputy GE? I think I'll go with Kamrul Yunus-lah. Both will be disasters but one is a Tsunami the size that hit Acheh and the other just a Durian thyphoon. Both will bring down the paper. NST is Doomed!

  3. Anonymous1:17 pm

    No, lah - I am betting on Mano Sabnani who was recently sacked as the editor of the TODAY newspaper in Singapore!

    As to why he was sacked - ah, that is another story!!!!!

  4. Anonymous4:46 pm

    Question to Answer Who Will Be DepGE:
    Who is a former print journalist with a weekly paper, that for about 2 years now has been siting pretty atop the news room of a certain TV operator, and has been losing staff and has always been in conflict with the people at the station, and is now not in charge of the news room anymore but of the station's newly-launched foreign station?
    Be prepared for a surprise. A big, big surprise.
    Be prepared for "a first" in Malaysian news history.

  5. Anonymous9:49 pm


    its mzul!

    he is coming back as the new deputy group editor of nst.

    i think the old paper needs livening up for the 18 to 30 crowd, and only mzul can spice things up.

    those geniuses who brought him in malay mail cannot be denied by some stupid ruling by the home ministry.

    yaayy. let's party...

    ps/ for those responsible, please take note, this is a cynical posting. i know you are reading this, and i hope you can appreciate the various nuances of writing.