Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Starbucks in Gitmo?

The anti-Guantanamo campaign is alive everywhere else, it seems. According to this British blogger here, the one in Birmingham was protesting a Starbucks outlet at the camp where hundreds of Muslim men, including two Malaysians, are being held for suspected terrorist activities.

List? What list? I love the latte at Starbucks (though I prefer the one at Austin Chase); Starbucks always reminds me of the Schindler's list that the Son-in-Law promised to issue, when Lebanon was news and bravado new. Gitmo also reminds me about priorities, how the Father-in-Law had no time to raise the issue of the two Malaysians during a meeting with Bush "given their intense discussions on efforts to achieve peace and understanding in the world".


  1. Anonymous2:42 pm

    Hangat-hangat tahi ayam (hot hot chicken shit)...

    Khairy is well-known to issue claims, like coming out with the list. You'd think that if he was so gung-ho about the lis of Jewish groups operating in Malaysia he'd step on it.

    I can cliam many things too, if in the end I do not have to be held responsible ofr actually proving my claim, with UMNOPutras screaming blue murder louder than the call of the muezzin to prayer...

  2. Anonymous3:20 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    Sorry, this is OT and not meant to be posted as a comment for this blog. But I just want to draw your attention to Susan Loone's interesting blog abt Altantuya's murder in her blog entry yesterday.

    Here's the link:

    In case it doesn't work, here is the entry c&p:

    I am not buying newspaper reports on Altantuya’s mysterious murder case November 20, 2006


    My ante is up. Too many confusing news reports. Contradictory facts. Sentences left hanging in mid-air. Conspiracies. Quotable quotes.

    The Mongolian woman’s murder is a full-blown mystery!

    Even Mongolian activists whom I talked to recently had this to say: this is not a simple story of a love gone sour, a woman scorned. This is what THEY want us to believe.

    After talking to many, the conclusion is she must be involved in some shady deal, a deal gone VERY bad. Because you dont blow up a woman with explosives because she wants money from you.

    They even said it could be an act to frame somebody, done by people who got a lot to lose by seeing Altantuya Shariibuu alive.

    People are blown up into pieces with the hope that no one knows that you are gone, when you have something, that could threaten the whole structure, the status quo.

    Though the papers tried to paint her as a frivolous “model, beauty, etc”, this woman speaks Russian, French, English and Chinese. A translator. She owns a travel agency? And is educated.

    There were rumours which said she tried to extort money from Abdul Razak Baginda, the well-connected political analyst who was charged with abetting her murder with two other cops.

    Was it extortion or money owed to her? If she knew Baginda so well and had an affair with him, why did she need private eyes to track him down? Baginda is quite a well-known figure in Malaysia.

    He is not a simple, ordinary Romeo, who was silly enough not to cover his tracks after beguiling a young, impressionale beauty.

    According to news reports, he was involved in deals with a top politician or was it politicians? Did the relationship between the two, or he and them, go awry?

    Did she come with information worth a lot of money, reputation and political positions? Only then the accusation of extortion would hold water.

    Otherwise, we really do not know.

    Also it seems naive to think that she comes to ask for money for her son, from a man who isnt connected to her child. And it was said she was pregnant, but actually she wasnt. Also the affair is said to have ended two years ago. Something’s wrong with the timing.

    The police officers’ background are really where to start looking for clues, and the C4 explosives used to blow up this most unfortunate woman, this foreigner. You can’t buy C4 explosives off the rack in Seven-Eleven, can you? I don’t think you can even buy them online.

    Police also managed to find Altantuya’s remains very quickly. How? It was supposed to be done in a place and in a manner so that people shouldn’t find out easily. But quite the contrary.

    In reality, it was done in a way that it could be found out - the abduction infront of the accused’s house, eye-witnesses, Atlantuya’s sms message to her sister, C4 explosives, special task force police officers as the kidnappers, remains strewn all over the jungle…

    It doesn’t gel. It’s too easy and sloppy, this gruesome murder. And why would a top political analyst do such a sloppy job only to get caught? But was it also purposely done so it could be found out in a jiffy?

    Yet until today, none of the news paper reports can satisfy my curiosity. Not even after The Star had invested in a reporter doing “investigate reporting” from the exotic land Mongolia.

    But I would give Eddie Chua the benefit of doubt. He could have more compelling stories to tell, but perhaps with the self-censorship policies by all newspapers (something even admitted by PM Abdullah Badawi), he would have to restrain from writing those stories, and only manage to file sob-stories about her failed marriages and what not.

    And how about the woman police officer who was involved in Atlantuya’s abduction infront of the accused’s house? She was not charged together with the other two. Did she escape because she provided the information?

    Also the Mongolian envoy had a lot of information regarding the couple - about their love nests, money-jewelleries changing hands or rather bank accounts - to holiday itinerary. Some information are provided by the family of the woman but other info about the love-birds must have been progressively collected. But for what reason?

    Seem some quarters were prepared for this?

    I also heard that the accused did not have much access to his lawyers? How come? This is not fair. And yet, the lawyers maintain he is innocent. Strange.

    A friend is really worried for his safety in prison. Remember Anwar Ibrahim was reportedly almost poisoned to death. Can Baginda be as strong as Anwar if the charges were really trumped up against him?

    Of course, as Baginda is being taken away, the outburst by his wife “He is not out to become the prime minister. Why are they doing this to him?” (NST, 17 November 2006) is the key message to what this entire drama is about, some people think.

    Does this mean if he is out to become the prime minister, this charge would fit him?

    What a price to pay to become prime minister!

    Pak Lah, perhaps it is high time you say something about this?

  3. Anonymous4:17 pm

    Saudara Rocky,

    Was it true that our mission in India was "instructed" to discourage the Indian Authority from awarding the Saint (Mother) Theressa Award to Tun Dr Mahathir?

    KJ will not issue the list. He cannot. He and his brother-in-law Khamal are compromised. I think the CIA has something to cow them.

  4. Anonymous4:19 pm

    Bukan tak ada masa bro, tapi dia lupa. Melayu mudah lupa...

  5. Anonymous5:26 pm

    won't you post something about the BM issue put forward by Rais? I think its total crap. I see they are already fining or summonsing those whose signboards use bad BM.
    At the recent UMNO perhimpunan, the language used by the delegates was pasar BM. why no action?
    Simply put, you have a party who is supposed to fight for the ke daulatan Melayu but keep using the English acronym UMNO (United Malays National Organisation) instead of the registered Pekembar...why lah? and every government office as this big Q sign for quality BM quality is spelled Kualiti with a K (like Khairy, Konek, Klentik etc etc). So I think Rais, one politician that I used to respect is running out of platforms to ride.
    As someone who survive by writing in both English and BM, I stand by the belief that language is dynamic and ever evolving. The language is not yet complete and keeps reinventing itself. BM is an amalgamation of so many other ancient languages - Sanskrit, Jawa, Thai, Portugese, English and what have you - so to sudden say everyone MUST use proper BM, it's ridiculous because there's no proper BM. DBP's BM is sastera BM and is not bahasa pengantar which is what everyone is used to.


  6. Anonymous5:52 pm

    Where is the Schindler's List?

    Tengah masak kat Tingkat 4 kut.

    Typical Cakap Tak Serupa Bikin.

  7. Anonymous6:49 pm

    UndurLah should resign as OIC chairman. Half the world are condemning the USA on torture of Muslim prisoners in Guantanamo Bay. All Islam countries, from Indonesia to Emirates, condemn Bush. Britian and Australia are biggest protestors. Malaysia, OIC boss, has said and done NIHIL to put on the pressure! Thank you Lah.

  8. Anonymous6:54 pm

    UndurLah should resign as OIC chairman. Half the world are condemning the USA on torture of Muslim prisoners in Guantanamo Bay. All Islam countries, from Indonesia to Emirates, condemn Bush. Britian and Australia are biggest protestors. Malaysia, OIC boss, has said and done NIHIL to put on the pressure! Thank you Lah.

  9. Anonymous10:38 pm

    Bro Rocky

    The Son-In-Law is nothing without the Father-In-Law. Prior to October 2003, one never heard about this small boy, who still wet in the ears!! Father-In-Law came into popwer, suddenly he was catapulted into the limelight. So it does pay to marry powerful people's daughter.

    How do you expect the Son-In-Law to produce the Schindler List conatining list of companies connected to the Jews, when he was so involved PArkway, a US based compnay, buying over Pantai Hospital. Parklway is a jewish control company.

    That's why until now, the 43th floor boys and SOn-In-Law are not able to produce the Schindler List as promised. The SOn-In-Law thought that we, Malaysians, are stupid and easily forgotten. Just wait for the General ELections and his Father-In-Law will be jobless and the Son-In-Law will have to abscond from Malaysia.

  10. Anonymous10:45 pm

    Bro Rocky

    Razak Baginda's wife had said that he was not fighting to become the Prime Minister. Why she chose the term Prime Minister and not others??????

    This speaks volumes. Under the present political system, who can be Prime Minister??? Of course NAJIB RAZAK, next in line.

    Anyway, I am as confused as other Malaysians. so is the PM, who is confused all the times. That's why the country is in such a sorry statte!!

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  12. Anonymous5:47 pm

    "This speaks volumes. Under the present political system, who can be Prime Minister??? Of course NAJIB RAZAK, next in line."

    Isn't there a certain someone who wants to become Prime Minister before he reaches 40?

    The same someone who loses his own top-notch consultant in an oh-so-freaky accident?

  13. Anonymous10:57 am

    Anonymous (5:47 PM) said...

    Isn't there a certain someone who wants to become Prime Minister before he reaches 40?


    You mean the uncrowned prince & SIL?

    Nothing is for certain, if the SIL cares to learn from the history of Umno.

    Former Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim was the undisputed successor of TDM.

    He was Tun's blue-eyed boy, a charismatic leader, charming, and good can say he has what it takes to be the No.1 man in the party.

    He seemed unchallenged. But as you know that is all history.

    So, the SIL better dont be cock sure he is gonna be the PM by the age of 40.

    Kita boleh merancang, tetapi Allah SWT yang menentukan.