Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Blame Abdullah, too! Malaysia fell five ranks to 44th on a Transparency International 2006 corruption transparency index announced in Berlin yesterday. Ramon Navaratnam, the Malaysian Society for Tansparency and Integrity president said here he was surprised and disappointed with the rot and blamed the slow implementation of new policies for the drop. [Malaysia ranked joint 39th in 2004 and 39th last year].
Just World president Dr Chandra Muzaffar, however, said the PM, who vowed to combat corruption three years ago, must share the blame for the more negative perception. He told The Star here that to quell rumours of nepotism politicians and their families should declare their assets but the PM recently said there was no need to. "That was disappointing. They should be able to demonstrate that they are above board."
In July, Matthias Chang, Dr Mahathir's former political secretary, was sued for RM50 million for, among other things, challenging the PM's son-in-law and his mentor Kalimullah Hassan to declare their assets in order to prove that they did not profit themselves from Abdullah's position.


  1. Anonymous9:59 am

    Another baseless Mahathir's allegation!


  2. to fight corruption konon....
    Pak Lah boleh...boleh blahhhhhhh

  3. Anonymous10:35 am

    It seems that one of the qualifications needed to be a politician is the ability to PUTAR BELIT.

    The more intensive the PUTAR and the more complicated and confusing the BELIT the better:

    The PM when taking over the job asked all his ministers to declare their assets. Recently when confronted with regards to his and his family's assets he said that they are their private matter and it's their right to accumulate and own assets, so no need to declare -see the PUTAR?

    Remember during the "bersemuka" interview he said his children also need to cari makan to support 'anak & isteri' - kalau tak nak makan apa? - the BELIT part!

    How not to descend the corruption rating...

    We are also a nation that is known to sweep matters under the proverbial carpet, that is, after a short period of "hoo haa" - whatever happened to:

    1. 'close one eye' case
    2. 'ecm-libra-avenue' case
    3. 'pantai' case
    4. 'giving of state land to selangor civil servant/politician' case (where khir toyo would rather punish the person who leaked the info instead of investigating the matter)
    5. 'wetland - spent millions then neglect' case
    6. 'the rape of bukit ceraka' case

    just to recall a few

    (Gucci Zac's case not included as it is still in the "hoo haa" period)

  4. Anonymous11:21 am

    the prime minister can fool some of the people some of the time, but not everyone, all the time.
    i believe the people who should be punished are the ones who have helped to destroy his reputation and put him in contempt.
    he was depending on these people -- the Ks -- hell, he paid them well, to help build his image and reputation. but what did they do to this "mr nice guy" and "mr clean"? they have made him look like a fool,even to a fool. they have made him not only look like a liar, but a liar.

  5. Anonymous12:52 pm

    Another one Of PakLah's achievement and goes well with his report card.

    Who? Tun M? , he always make those wold allegations they said. Until lately, one by one turns into reality.

  6. Anonymous5:45 pm

    ECM Libra-Asset Capital, Scomi contracts, Patrick Bedoin , Kubang Pasu nomination scandal , Zakaria@Zainal Md Beroks , AP Dah and what havr you made it possible for the slip down in ranking.

    This infamous ranking (terbilang) could not be possible without their esteem contribution.

    Cemerlang Gemilang Terbilang.

  7. Anonymous5:58 pm

    Actually there is a simple way to overcome the PUTAR BELIT syndrome as raised by adam:

    Politicians, when taking office, should start with the following oath: "My whole and only purpose of entering politics is to gain power. With power I can make a lot of money"

    There you have it - clear and simple. Nobody can fault you if you gain power and become rich. Declare your intention right at the very beginning.

    Then when you come face to face with the money, put both hands up in the air with glee and (imagine the robbers in P.Ramlee's film upon discovering harta karun in the gua) say out aloud:

  8. Anonymous7:09 pm


    I am starting to think AAB is actually the source of corruption. I didn't need any ranking to tell that we are a corrupted nation. I bet that all the reader here knew that long before the ranking came out. I for now believe that NEP figure of 18% is correct. Only 18% of the bumiputera community is self sustaining.

  9. Anonymous11:49 pm

    Bro Rocky

    What do you expect? KaliUlar was just a half past six business, at most, prior to Mr Clean was appointed PM. Rocky, you knew KaliUlar used to call you to help to get certain articles/news to be published and you obliged stupidly.

    Within 3 year of MR Clean took office, KAliUlar now can own ECM LIbra, whihc can buy over Avenue Assets wtih the help of Nor Yaakob, a KaliUlar boy.

    Khairy from now where, can afford to lose a few hundred thousnad Ringgit and the same time unemployed.

    Kamaludin, Mr Clean's son, within 3 years of Mr Clean got into power, can afford to own 180 ships.

    Patrick Lim, a person with no previosu record, got projects all over the place just becaue he is a friend of KaliUlar and Khairy.

    No wonder, our standing in the Transparency Index had taken a drop of 5 notches as announced in Berlin yesterday.

    Luckily we got Mr Clean as our PM, otherwise we haev dropped by 50 notches! Ha!HA!Ha!

    It is sad that the UMNO boys are all asleep like Mr Clean. Well, Mr Clena needed to be doozing all the times so that the UMNO boys will also be sleep and will not questioned KaliUalr and Khairy non-sense. SUdahlah!! eNOUGHB IS ENOUGH! Let support TUn to get rid of Mr Clean adn thereafter KaliUlar, Khairy, Kamaludin Nor Yaakob and the light will disappear over night from Malaysia soil.

  10. Anonymous1:21 am

    A random observation:
    I have yet so see the PM hold a live press conference with foreign journalists.
    Maybe I'm wrong, but this would be his greatest fear. How to handle penetrating questions without being able to brush it off with light-hearted comments.
    The time will come when he has to handle the questions himself without the help of running home to consult the backroom boys.
    That will be the time when the world can see his mettle.

  11. Anonymous11:57 am

    With who's attacking Dr. M now,, these words ring clesr in my mind ,

    "ET TU BRUTUS !'