Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Mirzan Mahathir. It must be good upbringing that teaches Mirzan, the ASLI president, to apologise for an obvious error without being asked to [for the controversial findings of an ASLI survey that riled many, including his own dad, Dr Mahathir].

Which is more than what you can say about Kalimullah Hassan and Khairy Jamaluddin, who refused to apologise for their mistakes even when those who were grievously hurt by those mistakes demanded for an apology.

In Kalimullah's case, his June 11 article was not even an error but a deliberate spin that soured ties between the PM and his predecessor. Yet, he has not apologised for the passages of untruth he wrote in that article. Instead, he misled readers again and again; including the time he wrote that he was going to stop writing for the Sunday Column in the New Sunday Times!

In KJ's case, the racial remarks he made could have led to ugly consequences. He was lucky that cool heads and common sense prevailed. If he had apologised, Lee Kuan Yew wouldn't have been able to use it against his father-in-law, the Prime Minister, which he did to great effect.

If Abdullah could forgive LKY, it'll be a sin if we won't forgive Mirzan for what the economists at ASLI did (or didn't do).

After all, didn't someone write in that Sunday column that Ramadhan is the season of forgiveness; seek and ye shall find? Now, let's see if he practises what he preaches!


  1. Anonymous1:14 am

    no wonder this country is in such a mess. someone like you could be an editor of a national daily....

  2. Anonymous1:49 am

    " ... to apologise for an obvious error without being asked to [for the controversial findings of an ASLI survey that riled many ..."

    Oh, Rocky, how easily you have concluded that the report is erroneous. Is there something here that you know of that we don't? There must be a reason why you are so convinced that the methodology used by CPPS is flawed. It is hard to believe that you, still remembered for your analytical skills displayed in the Business Times years ago, should agree that bumiputra participation in the corporate sector should be based on par value of companies.

  3. Anonymous3:32 am

    i think mirzan is being pressured into making a public apology. it's so obvious that the EPU findings of 18.9% equity is the one that has flaws. n i dun agree with your opinion rocky that it's so "obvious" that there has been a flaw in the report which states 45% of bumi ownership. one thing for sure, to prove if it is really a mistake in the method used by ASLI to calculate the figures, then EPU should make it public the method they use to come up with 18.9%. by comparing both the methods used, i'm sure the experts behind all these could differentiate between the right and the wrong one. there is no use for the joe public to make noises claiming it's wrong without even taking time to understand all the facts and figures. the reluctance of the government to make public the EPU methodology is a sign that the government is trying to hide something from the rakyat. in addition to that, the director of ASLI, Dr. Lim Teck Ghee has announced his resignation as he does not agree with the stand of the president himself to succumb under pressure form the Malays. these are the 2 main reasons why i believe the ASLI report is right. it's a step backwards for the whole nation. it's a sad situation.

  4. Anonymous5:24 am

    if i were son of ex prime minister why should i apologise to all of you people, ah?

    if i were son-in-law of prime minister, ah, what for apologise to you mca and gerakan?

    if i were son of a bitch, you give me the reason why should apologise to that ex prime minister, to you sorry people, and for lying through my crooked teeth about stopping my column?

  5. Anonymous6:34 am

    An honest man does not make himself a dog for the sake of a bone.

    At least Mirzan apologize & Dr Lim resign.

  6. Di mana Khairy Jamaluddin semasa Brendan mengutuk DEB pada 25 Ogos 2005 dahulu?

  7. Anonymous8:27 am

    Rocky, this is posted elsewhere, but let me paraphrase it here:

    This is sophistry at its best and a con job of the highest order. If Najib thinks the report is rubbish; if the government is serious in defending the use of par value instead of market value or market cap, then I have a simple proposal to call their bluff:

    Sell me all the listed shares in Khazanah’s portfolio at par value. Better still, sell me all the listed shares in all GLC’s portfolios at par value. I will even be more generous – I will pay more than 3 times the par value.

    Tenaga’s par value is RM1.00 per share. Its Net Asset is RM5.24 per share. Its current traded price is RM9.80 per share.

    As I said before, I am willing to pay RM3.00 for Tenaga’s shares with a par value of RM1.00 – I am giving them 3 times their value.

    Hello, anyone in government who is still valuing the Bumi’s share at par value – I am willing to give you 3 times your value. Quick, while stock lasts.

  8. Anonymous8:55 am


    I can't believe what is going on. First a minister simply dismiss the report as rubbish but never gave a valid reason. No wonder our politician is so backward and stupid. If he could dismiss it so easily why can't any average joe just clam that it is the ultimate truth? Mirzan is merely apologizing to relieve pressure but he has never stated which part of the report is wrong. Why dont the goverment just make the NEP calculation transparent, do they have something to hide? I have never believe NEP reports because it just does not make sense that the Malays are so incapable to improve their life economic wise especially with all the advantage they have. The only reason I can think of is that this advantage has been channel to wrong people that are more than capable to to earn a good life especially since they went to Oxford.

    To Thenameis,

    I think Dr. Lim resignation was pressured by UMNO not by the malay. I believe that a lot of Malay would agree with the report and wonder where the hell all the money went. The sooner everyone realise that the real enemies are UMNO instead of the Malay the sooner the country will prosper. Unfortunately the capable malay leaders are not UMNO leaders unless they can some how hitched one of the minister daughter for the country greater good.

  9. Anonymous9:08 am

    Mirzan no choice have to bend to protect his father, Tun M. Tun M has said the ASLI report is illogical the previous day.

    This ASLI report is damaging to Tun M in his pursuit to criticized Pak Lah.

    Tun M still need the racial tones to back him up in whacking Pak Lah.

    If ASLI don't back down, it is Mirzan who will score own goal for Tun M.

    That is real politic. Racial politic is the main ingredient to survive.

    In the mean time, the winner is this debacle is KJ lah.

    One up for KJ and put Tun M in defensive. In the repect KJ seize the opportunities.

    Whether ASLI or EPU is accurate, damn simple, publish the basis and compare, what is that so difficult. The quesion is the WILL and COURAGE to do it.

  10. Anonymous9:47 am

    Would you agree KJ looks like a Mat Rempit himself day by day?
    Saw him at the Indonesian Embassay earlier this week and there he goes trying to be 'Hero Lelaki Melayu Terakhir'. Doesnt Hishamuddin feel left out or it could be he does not condone all this drama but have to shut an eye no thanks to KJ?
    All said and done...and after two murders (one involving a fellow Mat Rempit and the other a child crossing a road), Putera Umno's Mat Rempit campaign is a joke! Take away their motorbikes and cut their licences. Also, ask KJ to get a hair cut la (bukannye boleh sepanjang rambut Rocky).

    The Man Who Sold The World

  11. Anonymous10:07 am

    let me guess -- the good : mirzan
    the bad : khairy
    the ugly : kali

    now let me say that, mirzan need not apologise. was i really an error?
    but apologise he did.

  12. Anonymous10:08 am

    let me guess -- the good : mirzan
    the bad : khairy
    the ugly : kali

    now let me say that, mirzan need not apologise. was it really an error?
    but apologise he did.

  13. Anonymous10:10 am

    now now rocky bro.

    we get your point about some people not wanting to apologise for his lie and lies and more lies.

    but "obvious" error on part of ASLI. Perhaps, wrong choice of word,eh?
    Or, inaccurate analogy?

    Mirzan and Kalimullah? I think you have just insulted the son of our former Prime Minister-lah, bro.

  14. Anonymous10:20 am

    If you want my opinion from the reading of ASLI report....
    1. Wealth amongst Chinese is fairly evenly distributed. So if you see one Chinaman, he or she is probably richer.
    2. Wealth distribution amongst Malays is at two extremes. Majority of the Malays are poor but a selected fews are multi-millionaries. A typical scenario would be the istana build recently amongst low cost housing in Klang. And spending millions on second weddings without hestitation.

    Anyway, you are right. Mirzan is man enough to apologize for the mistakes made when ASLI sends wrong signals that the majority poor Malays do not need help. If the report is anything, it proved beyond doubt that the poorer Malays need all the help they can get. Period.

  15. Anonymous10:59 am

    Rocky Brew,

    I am amazed at your fascination with the Ks in Abdullah's kitchen cabinet. You must be suffering from some sort of psychological malady; a love-hate relations of sorts.

    You guys can't live with each other bacause you hate each other's gut but you thrive on your common hatred.

    To me, KaliMullah and Khairy are goners. They won't servive beyond Abdullah. Parasites die when their hosts die. Political and corporate parasites like these die even faster because they have no root. They are transients.

    How can they apologize for anything? They are not bred to understand right and wrong. To them power and money are the both the means and the ends.

    To me, to use an old English expression, they are pricks. Tiny ones at that. So why bother.

  16. Rocky!
    Just as well that Mirzan apologised for the flawed findng for using flawed methodology in determining the wealth of Bumiputras, as for me and the rest of the Bumis, we dont feel like are 45% well off, neither do the kampung people nor the fishermen. Why this Chinese-Malaysian scholar from CPPS had to resign and for the premier newspaper like NST had to splashed the story front page, baffled me! NST has brought the concept of institutional discrimination to a greater height. THis is what is going to happen, the whole world will believe this Chinese-Malaysian scholar and his finding because the whole world believe Malays repressed the Chinese -Malaysians, never mind that his finding with is flawed methodology is so ethnocentrically inclined (okay lah racist!) I am sure he himself did not believe the bumi equity has reached over 40%!My contention, his basis on his research is based on the wealth and richness of Malay politicians, and that smug handful of the Malay corporate people like Halim Saad, Tajuddin Ramli, etc etc!
    The question that needed to be asked is if the 45% equation is real, who are the Malays! Are they the Malays lke KJ type, the Malay Cabinet type, the royalty Malay type> Come on you non-Malay Moron researchers doing research of this kind, have an open mind and dont make people like me angry and we will stand accusing you for making a mockery out of our misery, I and millions others like me are not part of that 45% EQUATION!

    P.S. Rocky you should have added "the Ugliest, after the Ugly. Ugliest to me is still that Squinty, ugly Chinaman from across the Selat"!

  17. Anonymous12:30 pm

    Allo bruder-bruder!

    Can settle at 45% + 18% /2 = 31% ka? Okayla? Okay? Good! Now what? NEP? Again? Ohh..No-sense Economic Policy! Meaning? Ohh for all!

    Ada gerenti ka?
    Aaah? Boleh Blah!

    Hantu Gigi Jarang

  18. Anonymous12:30 pm

    Sdr Rocky,

    I don't know if it's 45% or not - I, like all of us here, don't have the necessary apparatus to verify the findings by Asli - but if some your posters are so eager and insistent that it's got to be true, that we Malays/Bumis are having more than our share, then permit me to remind them (and everybody else) that we Malays/Bumis make up 65 of the population and 45 per cent, therefore, is still not the ideal percentage (30 per cent was ridiculously low and I put that down to Malay modesty and Bumi humility not to demand for more than the 30%; do remember, those who were negotiating the 30% on our behalf were mostly elite Malays already enriched by the British masters; therefore, asking for too much was regarded a tad impolite, even greedy!) and that, for all intents and purposes, the ideal and fair equity share for the Malay/Bumis ought to reflect the population ratio, not 30 per cent or even 45 per cent.

    It should be, Sdr Rocky, without apologies, NOT LESS than 65 per cent!

  19. i cant count very well but i hope things can be sorted out objectively and impartially, without being hijacked by politics. sigh

  20. Anonymous2:21 pm

    Sdr/Sdri Reflection,

    We can be "racial" (as against racist) and still be rational in discussing this subject. In fact, we have to be racial about it.

    For at its core, the NEP is racial (and racist) in nature. It was created to correct the severe imbalances in equity holdings between the races (Malay/Bumi and non-Malay/Bumi), apart from eradication of poverty (regardless of race).

    So there is no way you can discuss this topic from a totally-detached-point-of-view.

    Which is also why I said we can't rubbish EPU's report and accuse it of adopting stone-age methodologies. just because ASLI has come up with another report. If everything new is necessarily better, we won't have so much complaints with this new administration in the first place!

    We know wealth distribution with the Malay community is far from fair. Whether it's 45% or 65% is not material to me (and to many poorer Malay/Bumi). You can feel that the majority of the Malay/Bumi are very unhappy NOW because they feel they have been marginalised and they have been hoodwinked, by the elite few comprising Malay/Bumi, CHinese and Indian corporate people and their political masters.

    That is why the Malay/Bumi, like me, are unhappy with Kamaluddin Abdullah, Patrick Badawi Lim, Kalimullah Hassan, Khairy Jamaluddin, Vincent Lim, Rafidah Aziz, Tony Fernandes, Halim Saad, Daim Zainuddin, Mahathir Mohamad's sons, Najib and brother, and ESPECIALLY Abdullah A Badawi for ENRICHING THEMSELVES at the expanse of the majority of us!

    So let's be racial because we can handle it! We are a multi-racial Malaysia, for heaven's sake!

  21. Anonymous2:29 pm

    What's the diff in methodologies used by both EPU's and CPPS is the size of the sample. 1,000 odd public listed co's vs 600,000 co' ( listed + unlisted (Bhd, Shd Bhd & private enterprises included). How do we 'market value' this unlisted co's, based on NTA value or some other value)so there's a need to use a common denominator in this case would be 'par value'.

    That is the reason in my opinion why EPU uses par value rather that market value.

    Another point, can we considered all GLC's as bumiputera ownership? In the case of Penang Govt being controlled by non-malay party, are GLC's setup by Penang Govt can be consider as bumi co?

    Feel free to give your comments.

  22. Just read this.

  23. Anonymous2:43 pm

    Whether it's 18.9%, 45% or even 65% as what 'the accountant' posted, any number is fine. To achieve any percentage, one has to work hard and not depend on patronage. The NEP has been abused badly against all races, not only the non bumis, but the bumis themselves were been screwed hard by their fellow elite bumi saudara. To defend such practice will result further regressive to the wealth of the general rakyat, the general mass bumis included. The beneficiaries will be the elite UMNOputras and also the tycoons (Malay, Chinese, Indian dan lain lain) behind them. The rich will simply get richer and powerful, and the poor gets poorer and weakened. The rich can park their moneys and assets in other countries and will be the first one out of the country if there is any riot happenning.

    The rakyat regardless of race, religions and color of the skin will have to join hand to demand a fairer and more transparent wealth distribution. There is no good in arguing which race gets the bigger share. The thing is we are all being screwed badly and now is the time to demand a stop to such practice and to demand for fairness. Do I wish to see the pakcik in front of my office gets more wealth? Yes I do and do I wish the rich bumis get discount for able to purchase a RM500K house? I would say they have achieved their share of wealth, let them stand by themselves. Offering crutches to these successful bumis is an insult to them and to other bumis.

  24. Anonymous2:59 pm


    Dear Pasquale,

    How saddening it is to hear to you could call Dr Lim a moron. Again you have not failed to act childishly and refuse to understand the whole research by drawing to conclusion that you and millions other are being made a mockery.
    If you had analyze properly, the research was based on GLC equity. So that means shareholders for GLC are the one holding 45% of the equity. Are you a share holder? If you are then you are receiving your share but based on your post you are not a share holder then he isn't talking bout you (jangan perasan). In addition to that when did he explicitly said you and millions other are part of the equation. He is actually doing you and million others a favour by highlighting that the milions bumiputra are not reaping the reward all the hardworking bumiputeras deserve. Did you really think you are the only great genius who knew if the percentage number were right it does not translate to the entire bumiputra race. Come on! Even I knew that and I am not from Oxford. Read jeff Ooi blog regarding how Dr Lim earn his Phd and you might actually admire the 'non-Malay Moron researcher'. So please reply in a mature way though I doubt this is the last time you will call someone a moron. You can keep calling everyone a moron but what can such a moronic action bring?

  25. Anonymous3:00 pm


    We all know that large segments of the Malay community is marginalised. From all outward appearances, you can see that the non-Malays, especially the Chinese, are better off economically than the Malays. So this is something that needs to be fixed.

    However, don't dismiss the ASLI report out of hand. Find out for yourself before you form an opinion.

    A doctor needs to have a correct diagnosis before he can cure the patient. If the current administration, applies the wrong medicine, this nation will not get anywhere. Not only that, if within the next 2-3 years all the money for the 9MP is spent and we don't improve our economy, things will really start to deteriorate. By then it will be too late.

  26. Anonymous3:03 pm

    Clark Gable Of Pulau Duyung signing in:

    If by owning 45% wealth of a country whereby bumiputra constitutes 65% population is considered as a success , what would we called it if 54% wealth is owned by 18% population?

    In other countries than would closely resemble absolute capitalism, but here in Malaysia thats called marginalization.

    Now we have 18% of population arguing about the 45% thats not in their kitty ,pressing for more ,as it seems 54% wealth is shrinking from what was 60% before.

    Dear 18% populations,

    The gaping disparity between the have and have nots in 65% populations is real and in existence.They are not just a statistic numbers but hungry mouths and souls that need to be feed,schooled and housed.

    Your fight i believe is not with these poor folks,but to the 0.3% of 65% population who are UMNOputras and some with cables to hold.So appropriately direct your fight to them.
    I believe 0.3%(of 65%)managed to obtain billions ringgit worth of projects which subsequently 'Alibaba'ed to 18% populations to whom 18% gleefully accept without sounding a faint no or called for 'Down with ALIBABA,Down with ALIBABA'.

    By not doing so, 18% loss the bragging right for their fights for the rights of the poor regardless of race!! Was it not your fight too when fellow countryman were hungry and starving? Turning the other cheek doesnot mean for you to deafened your ears to their sufferings too !!

    Dear 18% again,
    65% populations are obliging lots.18% population asked for a calf,they obliged and gave freely,this has been proven in history of our country.It was subsequently the knee,thigh and groin ...all given with all sincerity without undue concern.As 18% can see they are on sure road becoming like aborigines in Australia whereby the whole continent was sold.
    Now that 18% claimed that the 'puki'(excuse the spanish,its the most private ,treasured,honor,family heirloom for the uninitiated )must be exposed as its their (18%)birthright to see and consumed.

    Unfortunately by this time 100% of 65% people would politely say 'fuckoff'(excuse the Trengganu dialect,Terengganu people can be unrefined at time)to all ungratefuls....certainly not the majority of 18%.

    Ours is a rich country,enough for everybody ,just that welfare of the poor regardless of race must be look after.In our fight for these wealth its easy to trampled on the rights of these humble groups of people.All these fights would bury their rights to the realm of multidimensional intrepetation of statistic.The bunch of numbers that wont go hungry,doesnt need shelter and certainly wont cause a whimper.

    Remember Katrina in New Orleans? Thats statistically speaking happening in the richest country in the world...some statistic!!

  27. Anonymous3:31 pm

    I refer to "The Accountant"

    "It should be, Sdr Rocky, without apologies, NOT LESS than 65 per cent!"

    I say why only 65 per cent. You should aim 99 per cent and do it with your own hardwork. Then I will salute you as a real "man". Otherwise even if you achieve 100 per cent not through level playing field. You are still handicapped and no body will respect you.

  28. Anonymous4:12 pm

    just want to say a little bit:

    the 45% part was equity wealth held by a small segment of the malay population; the report did not say 45% was held by 45% of the malay population, so pasquales' logic has implied wrongly.

    the 65% part as target because the malay/bumi population was 65% is also erroneous because the latest census shows 50.5% muslim bumis (=malays) and 11% non-muslim bumis; and to add, 50.5% muslim bumis does not have to mean 50.5% equity because 45% equity by the report has already included the GLCs, and could be bigger because some of the malays have used the non-malays as proxies.

    lastly insisting on par-value means they want to get the share at opening price so that they can make a killing selling it for practically no value add from their side?

    they just want a select group of malays, 3,000 and their associates, to get any pink form they want, sometimes using banks to loan them, and then liquidate for easy money.

    you think such a race will survive for long?

  29. Anonymous4:54 pm

    Why you hate Chinaman so much lah? Go check2 lah and compare Chinaman companies and Bumi companies. See who pay their Bumi staff better. Many bumi companies exploit their bumi staff one. I admit some Chinamen very bad one and smelly. But manys are good and generous also.Sure will help you one if you in trouble and ask for help.I think you will also help poor apek Chinaman. Only UMNO and MCA don't help2 spontaneously. Sikit2 tolong, photos in paper must be very handsome one and cheques big2 one. Don no can bank in or not?

  30. Anonymous5:13 pm

    It ceases to amaze me that so many of our leaders can't hold a minimally decent intellectual discourse without resorting to threats and insults. What will the world think of us now?

  31. Anonymous6:47 pm

    Accountant: "We Malays/Bumis make up 65 of the population ...It should be, Sdr Rocky, without apologies, NOT LESS than 65 per cent!"

    Don't you dare lump Orang Aslis and Borneo natives with the Malays! They resent/despise the Malays as much as the Chinese and Indians. And if you want 54% share (the estimated Malay pop percentage), you have to work for it.

  32. Anonymous6:49 pm

    Clark Gable: "Your fight i believe is not with these poor folks,but to the 0.3% of 65% population who are UMNOputras and some with cables to hold.So appropriately direct your fight to them."

    Agreed. But you too must fight UMNO and the UMNOputras also. Don't let them make public claims that they represent all the Malays. Otherwise, people will think what UMNO does is sanctioned by the Malays.

  33. Anonymous11:23 pm

    This 30% or 45% or 65% bumiputra equity ownership is not a measure of the success of the NEP. All the malays or bumis who supported this equity equation has been blinded by the UMNO propaganda and spins. They should ask who are the representatives of the Bumis who are enjoying this windfall.
    You could actually put names to these gigolos.
    1. Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar
    2. Tan Sri Rozali
    3. Tan Sri Razali
    4. Tun Daim
    5. Mirzan
    6. Mokhzani
    7. Mukriz
    8. Kalimullah
    9. Kamaluddin
    11.Tan Sri NAZA
    The list continues to about 550 names. You all can add the names of others who are privy to the PINK FORMS
    So the 30% or 65% are all going to be owned by them..

  34. Anonymous11:27 pm

    keadilan man khalid talks sense. for once, somebody is rational about the whole thing. let's not get racial over the asli affair. let's sit together and try to find a solution instead of shouting and yelling.

  35. Anonymous11:30 pm

    Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY":

    I just like to say that the Non Malays in this country is ducked up.

    This country will be ducked up too.

    Time will tell.

    To the Accountant,

    It really doesn't matter if the Malays controls 65% or even 90% of the economy. If the Malays are able to generate that kind of economic activity through genuine economic activity, they should deserve it.

    The issue is the government is lying the Malaysian on this statistic to continue having the justification to carry on NEP.

    If you are a true Malaysian, you know NEP is not helping the country but preventing the country from growing at its true potential.

    The world is not that simple as what you reasoned. You cannot say that just because your kind constitute 65% of the country's population, your kind should control 65% of the economy.

    If things are that simple, the biggest economy in this world should not be the US followed by Japan. It should be China followed by India and so on. Indonesia with its population as big as the US should have an economy as big as the US.

    Unfortunately you the Malay accountant is unable to reason this. For the simple reason that you don't deserve to be an accountant at all. You are just one the product of the NEP that has no quality.

    It just come out of the mentality that just because the Malays are 65% of the population, then 65% of the Accountants in this country must be Malays.

    This is the mentality of our government. They are using this ratio on almost everything, including education.

    That's why this country will be ducked up.

    Non Malays, if you could see through this, you all know what to do.

  36. Anonymous12:14 am

    Man, am I disillusioned... To be in a country that wastes its natural resources through policies like this. Now they are fighting for a larger slice of the pie. Havent you heard, if you just eat and do nothing, you won't have anything to fight for in 10 years!

    Save Malaysia from these dummies please!! I love my country, and I'm not pendatang asing. I'm just an average Malaysian, wishing for better governance and transparency. I want to be able to earn a decent living provided that I work hard for it.
    What is the meaning of life if you cannot earn a decent living even after working hard? Corruption in government is so bad now, it is an open secret that if you want to get paperwork through the government, you must give duit kopi. The police come by your factory doing daylight robbery, asking for 'protection money'. What is all this rubbish???

    Harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi.

    It's time we, the ordinary citizens, should be waking up and take charge of our country, the way it should be all along. Keep this in mind, exercise your vote!

    ps/Even though I dare say that they'll postpone the elections as long as possible, given the furore created over this issue.

    People, use your power! The government represents its people. When it no longer does, then it's time for a change!

  37. Anonymous2:55 am


    I dont know who to believe and trust anymore!

    'perut anak adam lebih elok diisi dengan tanah'

    Nothing cynical but one after the other since 1990's hingga sekarang
    lepas satu-satu hal Malaysia ni!!

    I give up dengan politic dunawi.


  38. Anonymous6:19 am

    Picked this up from forum.


    BigGuyDotCom said…

    En Mirzan Mahathir, Presiden ASLI, sebenarnya berada diluar negara mengerjakan umrah semasa kenyataan ini dikeluarkan oleh Dr Lim, penyelidik berkenaan. En Mirzan dikatakan tidak tahu menahu tentang pengumuman kajian ini dibenarkan diterbitkan untuk pegunaan awam dan HANYA mengetahui mengenainya baru baru ini sahaja, sekembali dari luar negara.

    Ini menampakan satu agenda yang menunjukan bahawa perkara ini disengajakan oleh pihak pihak tertentu, terutama apabila Mirzan keluar untuk ketanah haram dan penumpuan perjalanan itu semata mata untuk ibadat. Biasanya ditanah haram, orang tidak melayari internet dan/atau berhubung dengan pejabat sekerap perjalanan lain.

    Soal Mirzan dan ASLI tunduk kepada desakan UMNO tidak timbul sama sekali kalau penyelidik yang menerbitkan kajian itu sebenarnya ada agenda lain dan mengunakan kesempatan itu sepenuhnya apabila Presiden ASLI keluar negara dan berada ditempat yang mereka sendiri sedar dia kurang akan dihubungi.

  39. Anonymous1:40 pm

    Dear Pasquale,

    For your imformation, I am a Malaysian Chinese. I hope you won't be offended by my feedback here.

    As for your ?

    "Why this Chinese-Malaysian scholar from CPPS had to resign and for the premier newspaper like NST had to splashed the story front page, baffled me!"

    This is what we called INTEGRITY. He stand for what he said and believed in. Sadly, it is most lacking in our politicians.

  40. Anonymous1:45 pm

    Some of you here never cease to amuse me. With a BUMI population of over 60 percent together with the NEP and all your so called 'Sons Of The Soil' rights, you can't even compete with the Non Bumi's economically. And you have the nerve to tell us it should be 65% instead of 30%?? You reap what you or your brothers sow sad to say. Without the NEP, today you people would be able to stand on your own feet, compete on a level playing field and not be so inferior everytime you're in the company of the Non Bumi's.

  41. pasquale..... what a shame, your command of the english language suggests your privilaged education, but... all in vain. fuck.

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  43. Anonymous4:29 pm

    pasquale..... what a shame, your command of the english language suggests your privilaged education, but... all in vain. duck.

  44. Anonymous4:30 pm

    rocky, shame on you,too.

  45. Anonymous10:17 pm

    Dear Rocky
    Can you enlighten us on this bumiputra corporate equity ownership. How do you define it. Who are the real beneficiaries. Do the bumiputra masses receive any benefit. Thank you.

  46. If there is a percentage number that everybody can agree on, I reckon it must be 30% of disposable income for everyone.

    Understanding statistical research ain't my cup of tea.

    Politicising statistical results makes my head spin.

    But in the next GE, I am voting out the greedy scums who has 70% disposable incomes.

  47. Anonymous7:12 am

    Yes, Rocky, how do you define Bumi equity? 30% 40% 60% 99%??

    I think bumis who can stand on their own feet without crutches will be much respected. Most of those I know can but prefer crutches. Sad. Very sad.

  48. Anonymous2:13 pm


    Let's not continue to be ignorant. To my non-Bumi countrymen and countrywomen, let's not stay in a state of denial longer than is good for you.

    Firstly, lets not forget. The NEP is NOT for the Malay/Bumi; it is for all Malaysians. Why did the NEP come about? Let's not delve so much into history lest it re-opens old wounds but suffice to say that the NEP was created because a certain race was overwhelmed by the feeling that it was powerful enough to take over the throne of power in Malaysia. This led to the 1969 bloodbath. The resultant NEP was meant to safeguard all races and it has so far succeeded in doing that.

    The NEP is a Malaysian miracle, my friends. It works.

    What has probably stopped working are the micro bits of the NEP. The distribution of wealth within the race, for example, as ASLI points out (which is NOT new, i'm sorry to say and which is prevalent also within the chinese and especially the indian community, where the rich are getting richer and the poor stay poor). but we are believers in capitalism so we should have known what's coming (or are you all SOCIALISTS and COMMUNISTS still?).

    now the 45% is a joke. why do i say it's a joke? because it is derived by using a different set of maths. it's not whether it's correct or not, the methodology used differed from the one used by the epu, which has been the basis of calculating the progress of the Bumi equity (which is a microcosm of the NEP and not the whole of the NEP, mind you).

    now, let me use the football anology (since you all did not have any difficulty understanding the PM's warm-up-for-a-football-game anology):

    IF asli wants to change the ground rules to the game, it must inform others of its intention and get a consensus. you don't play football with two referees and that's what asli was trying to do with its survey - it changed the way things are calculated. it simply walked onto the pitch with another whistle and appointed itself the second referee. The outcome? The second referee got booted out unceremoniously.

    thank you for your time.
    by using the methodology it adopted, asli was able to conclude that

  49. Anonymous6:21 pm

    The accountant has articulated with brilliance why the original NEP works and why the Asli pretender doesn't.

    i am absolutely convinced. So convinced that i am starting this tag-heuer stop watch to see how long the EPU will take to release its methodology that will demolish all other methodologies.

    i also agree that before any idiot comes up with a new theory for anything, not just something so trite as the NEP, it's important to get the consensus of the very people who are sure to deny you their agreement - because the new theory may expose their old theory for what it is - landlordism.

    Lastly, i agree that the NEP is for everyone. So let me tell that poor iban girl selling herself somewhere in KL that there's an NEP working for her and she better wakes up quick before all the goodies run out. And if she complains that she is disadvantaged, I shall tell her to accept it's fated that in this game of life, which referee comes first stays forever even if he uses rugby rules for soccer matches.