Friday, September 01, 2006


theSun's new agenda? Is Vincent Tan the tycoon using the free tabloid to bash Selangor Menteri Besar Khir Toyo into submission (failing which, into a pulp)?

That's what CUIT SIKIT blogger AMLG heard. Vincent Tan, a major shareholder of Nexnews, which publishes theSun and the Edge, has failed to persuade Khir Toyo to approve a proposal to build a racehorce club in Bukit Tagar, Hulu Selangor.

To help "convince" the Menteri Besar, Vincent Tan's theSun "will continue to exploit issues against Khir Toyo until the general elections". Vincent Tan has given this special mission to Citizen Nades, or so it seems [a sample of R. Nadeswaran's vicious hooks HERE].

theSun recently tried to bash into pulp and submission blogger Jeff Ooi for a shooting incident that didn't happen.


  1. Anonymous12:41 pm

    Are you sayin' Citizen Nades is a tool of Vincent Tan/Tong Kooi Ong/Hoo Kay Tat conspiracy? You must be jokin'. Nades has his own agenda man! But Sun crusadin' against Toyo makes sense. Toyo deserves it. He is not a straight-and-narrow guy either. Very slippery. If Vincent has a problem with him, then Vincent has failed to "buy" him. You know Vincent.

  2. Anonymous3:19 pm

    Gd this has come out in d open. I always suspected Sun's agenda of late.

    Ultimately, Rky, d npaper is promoting Khairy's interests, of that I hv no doubts whatsoever.

    Our MB is a stumbling block for KJ. Khir is young and already a veteran. Dont 4get he topped d poll at Umno delegates assembly.

    Khir is also pro-M as much as he is pro-AAB. He is religious and that is a problem to many. He is a Malay nationalist without having to unsheath d keris or stoke racial fire like Hisham or KJ. He was 4B head honcho but paved way for somebody else to take over when most people would hang on to it, a quality that is not easy to come by. He has massive grassroot support. Real big, I say. Best of all, he did not go to Oxford and in d present circumstances that is his biggest advantage as Malaysians know now that Oxford is not d future.

    If its true d Sun is going for him, it's to make Khir look bad so that KJ look good in contrast.

    If Vincent wants a racehorse track, go to Tganu maybe and join hands with Patrick. Or Pahang. Or Kedah. Or Penang. Our MB will never agree to casino on a mountain or on a field. even if d Sun has 1000 Nades' to throw at him.

  3. jowo selangor, khir toyo was president of the malaysian youth council (myc) or majlis belia malaysia. he gave it up earlier this year to let a person below 40 to lead the council.

  4. Anonymous4:09 pm

    Whatever the cause or vandetta, looking at what citizen nades had unearth, I would say good job to citizen nades. It shows that KT's administration is not clean, is not OK and is not in the interest of the rakyat. Do not shift the focus to Vincent Tan as his relation with KT deserve another story for another day. If Vincent try to buy KT, what is stopping KT to go to ACA? The Billboard episode is coming to a crunch, let Citizen Nades unearth the shit which has stunk the most developed state in Malaysia . Meanwhile I am going to grab another 6 pack and drink myself silly.

  5. Anonymous6:38 pm

    bro, you giving too much credit to theSun and Nades. It seems all coincidental to me , the billoboard issue coming at a time when VT's bid for the Hulu Selangor project got rejected.

    Nades has been harping on the billoboard issue for a long time now. The sad part here is that he is taking the credit for the whole story when others were in the forefront.

    Nades brags that Khir Toyo is shit scared of him and asked to see him several times, but he refused unless there was something specific KT wanted to talk to him about.

    That doesnt make sense to me.

    Ho Kay Tat/Tong/Vincent Tan conspiracy? For one, Ho just subs Nades's stories, so what are we talking about here.

    The strongest hand in this whole game, is the unseen hand of Lee Booon Siew, who is probably the most powerful person in theSun now.

    He and his able assistant Freddie Ng have done wonders for the Sun editorial and let me tell you they dont have an agenda.

  6. Rocky!

    There is this rumour that Citizen Nades is sympathetic to the Tamil Tiger cause, he was there but claimed he was mistreated my the Tigers. The thing is we know there are a lot of Malaysians of Tamil origins donating to the Tamil Tigers and Malaysian government must look into this. As for Nades being a journalistic "contract killer" for Vincent Tan, it is quite plausible if we we were to read his column insinuating this and that about MB of Selangor. Just to let you know Khir Toyo did received a lot of threats from the underworld, but then being a top politician this sort of things are normal, but then he must not give in to the likes of Vincent Tan!

    Hidup Melayu!

  7. Between a businessman and a politician, I will trust a businessman more on the basis that a businessman is a lesser evil between the two.

    To report that Vincent Tan is trying to show Toyo who is the boss is really too far fetch, don't you think so?

    Could it be the other way around?

  8. Anonymous3:25 am

    bru, i for one don't believe the son-in-law's behind dr khir's problems with the sun.

    i think it is a simple case of the sun having found a punching bag in a high place. boom! boom! nades would have been happy just whipping the councillors but if the mb does not know how to punch back, that's a big bonus: whip him too! it helps that the mb in this case is not really in pak lah's camp.

    problem is chinese-owned sun (vincent, tong, kay tat right down to boon siew and freddy ng) is whipping a malay MB. whether or not nades is being used is secondary but if he is being used, then chinese-owned sun is using an indian to whip a malay mb. khir toyo is not an ex mb, he's still mb. (it's ok to whip mahathir because he is ex pm, right? try doing that to current. no, GUNA, try doing it to current dpm!)

    which won't do because it's not nice . (compare pleawse: did the chinese like it when khairy whack the mca? have they forgiven datuk seri najib or datuk hishamudin for pointing the keris at them?).

    they should get the likes of zainon ahmad to do the whipping. NADES can whack samy, who needs whacking (guna can help him .. between the two of them, they can do loads for the indian community). ho kay tat, freddie or boon siew can whip ong ka ting, loim keng yaik, penang cm.

    zainon ahmad and .. (er, any more malay editors at the sun, ah?) can take on khairy, hisham, nazri, adnan, syed hamid .. etc etc.

  9. Anonymous10:00 am

    PASQUALE the fact you has sign off with HIDUP MELAYU shows your passion towards your race.On the other hand according to you Tamailians supporting Tamil Tiger is wrong.Where is your balance.Look at yourself first before commenting about other race.

  10. Anonymous11:38 am

    is it always about chinese towkays/politicians beating the crap out of a malay tycoon/poltician. or indians etc pummelling melayu or china whtever.
    is it still about one race against another.
    if vincent tan is sore with Khir for the approval he never got, then it is a typical case of a sore businessman and he happens to be chinese.
    if vincent tan is using the Sun to get at the MB..maybe. that seems to be a logical thing. Why not? You have a newspaper. Use it. Dont tell me, that is new to you all. that that is news? surely, we were not born yesterday?
    Now...whether or not citizen Nades is part of this ball game, is another question. you and i wouldnt know. Ho kay tat and the Sun head honchos and Nades would. Still, Nades may not even know that. So the question is whether Nades is a willing partner in crime. The Sun head honchos could be using Nades to do all the damning stories and Citizen Nades, is doing what he does best -- beat the crap out of local councillors....and the MB.
    I would hate to believe that citizen Nades is doing it because he has been told to do it.
    Not that I think Nades is God's gift to journalism. But the guy has been consistent.

  11. Anonymous12:26 pm

    the Sun is an anti-blogger paper. worse, it's a pro-Kalimullah paper. Citizen Nades is about the only real thing the Sun has still got left.

    but even Nades has to do his bosses bidding. didn't O-Kay Tart send Nades instead of P. Gunasegaram to face Jeff Ooi at the recent hearing on the "shoot" comment?

    as for his column, yes, i agree with Sumbilu who said the guy is consistent. but for his own sake, Nades should aim his guns and shoot other, larger and more obvious targets right there under his nose!!

    thank you!

    p.s. kroni2u, Pak Lah didn't give us the freeflow info on the net. Dr Mahathir Mohamad did. So if you don't mind, I'll say "thanks, Doc" for both of us.

  12. Anonymous1:25 pm

    KT is the only sensible CM left! He's a true blue
    Dr M's material. Whatever the problems are not his doings but of those corrupt politicians and businessmen around him. Another good thing about him - he's not in the SIL's camp. And that's a man wth pride!

    Hantu Gigi Jarang

  13. Anonymous1:28 pm

    Saudara Rocky, Vincent lwn Toyo, jika benar adalah perlawanan yang sangat menarik.

    Vincent Tan adalah manifestasi usahawan Cina era DEB yang berjaya kerana cekap mengambil kesempatan daripada politik naungan -- politics of patronage -- di mana usahawan Bukan Bumiputera berjaya mengekal dan memperluaskan perniagaan mereka walaupun DEB dikatakan memihak kepada Bumiputera.

    Tan adalah daripada kelompok usahawan Bukan Bumiputera yang membilang di antara keahliannya watak-watak seperti Tan Chin Nam (hartanah), Lim Goh Tong (judi), Williang Cheng (pengilangan), Quek Leng Chan (perbankan), Yeoh Tiong Lay (hartanah), Ananda Krishnan (judi dan multimedia), Lee Kim Yew (hartanah), Jefrey Cheah (hartanah) dan Lim Kok Wing (pendidikan) yang berjaya menggunakan hubungan rapat dengan Umno dan kerajaan untuk mendapat pelbagai bentuk francais, penswastaan dan kontrak raksasa.

    Cara Tan "mengeksploitasi" hubungan dengan penaung politik negara adalah klasik. Beilau tidak segan silu mempamerkan keakrabannya dengan Mahathir, Daim dan Anwar Ibrahim. Dewasa ini dia melakukan hal yang sama dengan Abdullah Badawi dan orang dalamannya. Lihat bagaimana Tan memberi business kepada ECM Libra kerana Khairy, menantu PM ada di situ dan Kalimullah Hassan berkuasa di dalam NST.

    Toyo pula berupa manifestasi klasik politik Umno Selangor yang menggabungkan kuasa politik, pentadbiran dan perniagaan. Maka tidak hairanlah jika daripada seorang doktor gigi di pekan kecil yang tidak dikenali Khir Toyo tiba-tiba menjadi super star politik nasional.

    Seperti Tan yang "berjudi" dalam arena perniagaan, Toyo, sebagai MB Selangor, "berjudi" di arena politik. Kedua-duanya bermain high stake poker game. Justeru itu, jika benar mereka dewasa ini berlawan satu sama lain, maka sudah pasti "stake" atau pertaruhannya tinggi.

    Namun tidak menghairankan jika kedua-duanya maraih kemenangan/keuntungan besar. Yang perlu diperhatikan hanya masa dan waktu. Tan hanya perlu menunggu sehingga suasana politik reda bagi membolehkan Toyo membuat keputusan mengenai tapak Kalab Lumba Kuda Selangor yang baru tanpa implikasi politik yang negatif.

    Dalam konteks ini, peranan media milik Tan (The Sun) hanya sekadar mainan politik saja. Tan mungkin tidakpun terlibat dengan serangan-serangan The Sun ke atas Toyo. Lagipun, yang lebih berkuasa ke atas The Sun dan The Edge adalah Tong Kooi Ong yang berupa ciptaan Anwar Ibrahim.

  14. Anonymous5:20 pm

    Citizen Nades always had his agenda. Few know of this guy's exploits in Brunei, just before he joined The Sun. While he wasn't insulting his Brunei readers and publishers, he was grooming a new generation of kiss-ass stenographers like Terence Fernandez

  15. Anonymous6:50 pm thing at a time. Let Nades finish the job of cleaning up the MBPJ. Petaling Jaya City is one big joke and semuanya OK KT demeans himself by associating with the rats at MBPJ. Who is spinning what now....the Sun to my knowledge (or did I miss my copy?)has not even subtly KJisque. Until KT can purge the emperor mice at MDPJ, (whats the word? Complicity? Not?)he will always be suspect. Let the shit hit the fan, Nades.

  16. Anonymous7:18 pm

    sure Zorro, let's clean up the MBPJ. let's clean up all councils and make them work better for us. i am sure Dr Khir has no objection to that. but let's do it without displaying your disrespect for the Menteri Besar of the state.

    journalism is not a passport for being "kurang ajar". we have politicians for that. we see columnists and journalists like Gunasegaram, Kalimullah, Brendan, Leslie Lopes, etc. and some bloggers too who think "freedom" is to drop our "budi pekerti" and be as kurang ajar as you like to your ex leaders.

    i'll take back my words if Nades and all these people have the b.lls to be kurang ajar in their writings about the PM, the DPM, the Finance Minister 2, Khairy J ..

    Thank you.

  17. Anonymous9:00 pm

    1. Membaca di laman web, saya kurang pasti para pembela Citizen Nades dapat mempertahankan hujah mereka bahawa R Nadeswaran seorang yang konsisten.




  18. Anonymous3:39 pm

    Dear all,
    Its good to know that this issue has now come up in the open. And one can only agree with the tenor of some of the more critical opinions held against the Sun especially when it has tried to position itself as the most open and liberal broadsheet around.
    As some fellow contributors have pointed out, the Sun's trenchant criticism of KT can only serve the broad interests of his political compettitors (which of course includes KJ amongst others).
    But aside from the fact that KT is neither a competent administrator nor politician, perhaps it would also be worthwhile to consider the fact that the Sun has been promoting a skewed diatribe against anyone considered pro-Malay or Islam (unless of course its the "liberal" variety).
    One can appreciate the ideological position of any publication - but claiming openness and to then conviniently set aside views contrary to their own, is treacherous.
    Of course, it would be too much to expect otherwise from Vincent Tan and co.

  19. Anonymous11:39 pm

    I look forward to read Nades's column in the Sun. Whatever you say his comments are true and so far no council / politician targeted has responded to the allegations. Leave out the racial politics , it is only for the intelectually bankrupt to harp on.
    Go Nades !