Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Reassuring Singapore. Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has reassured his Singaporean counterpart during a 1-on-1 meeting in Helsinki that the this-is-my-idea Johor Super Corridor project will benefit the island Republic.

The NST, the English-language daily run by former Singapore Straits Times operatives, decided to bury the story deep in another piece ("PM: Include non-Europeans as peacekeepers").

Sister paper Berita Harian, however, was told to play up the issue on the front page yesterday ("Batal Jambatan tak jejas hubungan: PM").

And the Singapore Straits Times carried a similar story quoting the Malaysian prime minister ["Ties with Spore very good, friendly"]. But this piece, though similar in the "reassuring" theme, was actually taken from the interview Abdullah had with The Edge, published in its latest issue that hit the stands over last weekend.

Ah, what a lovely coincidence!


  1. May I quote Shakespeare in order to better express myself :

    Some minds are like concrete, thoroughly mixed and permanently set.

  2. Dear RB,
    Coming fr someone with years of exp in nitty gritty ,tricks,art of misinformation,reblending of informations and informations to fool within the headlines ,you have opened my eyes to how people can manipulates news to their advantage,personal or otherwise bigger agenda.From the look of it the npaper ,NST group,were trying very hard to endear S'pore to Malaysian.
    Dont they realise that,the spirit of competitiveness ,or KIASU,which S'pore making it like their own birthright, is always putting Malaysia at the losing end? Are they trying to lull us into acceptance of defeat? S'pore from the past exp never been into any deal to lose,their whipping boy is Malaysia.In the bigger world stage they were reminded about their place in the sun by India ,China and Thailand but alas ,Malaysia such a good neighbour that if Singapore farted we would be worried that they might have tummyache ,actually it was done deliberately to make you uncomfortable..thats is S'pore in my perspective.TQ

  3. Bro,

    Sungguh mengelirukan, mengapa Singapura yang menghalang pembinaan jambatan bengkok tetapi Malaysia yang beria-ria mengatakan hubungan tetap baik dan mesra.

    Bukankah dengan tindak tanduk singapura (menghalang jambatan) maka kerajaan kita harus berhati-hati? Malangnya kita masih sanggup mencium tangan Singapura.

  4. Singapura dari awal lagi memang tidak setuju dengan pembinaan jambatan kerana ini akan menjejaskan ekonominya.
    Dengan pembatalan itu tentulah hubungan tak terjejas. Malah mereka tentu lebih dari gembira dengan keputusan itu.

  5. Yup bro, majulah Singapore. Sweet!!

  6. Anonymous7:28 pm

    Malaysian politicians just don't have the balls to put Singapore where it should be put. Imagine a tiny fart dictating terms to a big country like Malaysia. Can they dictate unholy terms to Indonesia for instance, in negotiations?

    I say to hell with building bridges. Even better if some one were to bomb existing bridges out of existance. Can't Malaysia survive without Singapore?

    Sorry, for the rant. Couldn't help it.

  7. Anonymous8:16 pm

    PM, in the Edge said that big MNC like Intel has been in here since the 70s and are still expanding. What I know is that Intel is retrenching thousands!Guys on the 4th floor should put their ears to the ground instead of the heads in the clouds.Sheeesh.


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