Thursday, September 07, 2006


36 hours. After tomorrow, we'll know if Dr M will be elected to the G7 that will represent Umno Kubang Pasu to the party's general assembly in November.

All the President's men are working at a feverish pace to try and make sure the former president will not make the cut. A press conference was called by Johari Baharom earlier today to get the division's leaders to openly reject Dr M even before Saturday's election.

About two dozens turned up for the PC, which left Jo red-faced, according to KMUdotnet.


  1. Anonymous9:01 am

    yo bro!
    saya ni baru berjinak dalam blog dan politik. boleh tak kalau esok-esok bro jelaskan la Jo tu saper, menteri ke, adviser ke...

    keep it up man. u really rock bro. syok baca blog u.

  2. Saudara Rocky!

    Jikalau Bangsa Melayu ini bukan satu bangsa yang bangsat nasib Melayu mungkin agak terbela. Sebab sebab nya Bangsa Melayu ini bangsat ada lah di sebabkan oleh banyak fakta. Fakta yang paling besar ialah Melayu tidak mengerti apa kah itu makna nya perkataan setia, atau loyalty. Setia kepada pemimpin, kepada orang yang memberi kan kita peluang hidup, setia sapenuh nya kepada mereka yang mahu memperkukuhkan bangsa, dan dalam erti kata umum, setia kepada kawan.
    Bangsa Melayu ada lah suatu bangsa yang unik ia itu mereka ini tidak bisa tahan lapar, tahan sakit, dan selalunya memberontak dengan tidak berasas, dengan erti kata lain mereka ini sering mengamuk, mengamuk memukul isteri, mengamuk mengutuk kawan seperjuangan, mengamuk dengan menghitam kan kening yang sudah putih supaya kelihatan muda. Bangsa Melayu ada lah bangsa yang tidak mahu memikirkan kematian mereka sangka dengan menghitam kan kening mereka tidak akan kembali keRahmatullah, Bangsa Melayu juga tidak mengerti apa dia itu makna perkataan warisan, memandangkan lagak pemimpin sekarang ini Bangsa Melayu tidak akan mewarisi apa apa pun di masa hadapan. Sedih! Bagaimana pemimpin pemimpin kecil takut dengan kebenaran. Yang paling lojik nya bagi saya ada lah supaya kita biarkan sahaja Tun Mahathir menjadi perwakilan untuk mendengar hujah hujah beliau apa yang beliau paling rungsingkan yang akan di hadapi oleh orang Melayu. Mungkin di saat saat akhir ini Tun boleh memberi pengajaran apa itu maana nya perkataan Setia kepada pemimpin lain, dan dengan sekali gus mengikis perkataan Bangsat yang sering menjadi nama kedua Bangsa Melayu yang suatu ketika dahulu bangsa yang bermaruah dan megah. Mungkin juga kita di perhimpunan Umno akan datang memberi kan suatu definisi baru kepada Hang Jebat!

    Terima Kasih!

  3. Anonymous9:34 am

    UMNO supreme council should be gallant enough to invite it's past president to the Assembly And also give him sufficient time to have his say! Unless the current leadership of UMNO has something to hide, they should catch the bull by it's horns and put an end to this misery confronting Kubang Pasu.I do not think it is fair on the part of the supreme council to let Ketua Bahagian Kubang Pasu to hold the hot potato! What is the Supreme council so afraid of TDM? The council should have more faith in their delegates to make intelligent decisions! After all each of them in the council had been elected by the delegates.

  4. Anonymous12:03 pm

    Tuan Rocky, how could you be so sure Tun will be elected?
    I think Johari Baharom, like Zam, will do all that he can to frustrate Tun.
    Dalam politik mana ada kenang budi Tuan? Jadi janganlah Tuan Rocky menipu diri, I am ini politics. Politics is about power and money. Tun has neither power nor money now.
    To survive, Johari has to make sure Tun does not. It's a battle to the death. Now Johari is beholden to Pak Lah although he started with Tun.
    As for Zam, if Tun is anywhere close to Lee Kuan Yew in managing Malaysia, Zam would not be where he is today. LKY chosed only the best. But Tun gave chance to everybody, including lesser soul like Zam.
    Zam ni pun pelik juga. Macam dah hilang akal! Takkan dia tak tahu Singapura tu pulau kecik saja. Penduduk tak ramai dan dari satu kaum saja. Nak kutuk Tun ok, tapi dok puji LKY tu buat apa?
    If Tun wins tomorrow it's a blessing for average Umno members. If he loses, Umno is sold to the devil for good.

  5. Anonymous12:24 pm

    Bru, they really clobber you and Kadir in Machai man. I do know about other people, but I am sure you can out brew Kali anytime at the Press Club. Pint for pint, I bet you'll out-grog Datuk Haji Kali anytime. Want to know his favorite salt lick? Another time man.

  6. The DPM, Datuk Seri Najib Razak, on Thursday denied that there was an attempt by the party to block TDM from becoming a delegate to the Umno general assembly in November.

    "There is no attempt by Umno to block him," he told reporters when asked to comment on Dr Mahathir's recent allegation on the matter.

    Najib said TDM's candidacy as a delegate will be decided at the Kubang Pasu Umno annual meeting tomorrow.

    And the the Star reported on Thursday, Sep 7, Sheikh Radzi as saying his visit to Alor Star “was just an innocent visit”.

    But all the evidence sadly points directly to the contrary & that it is evidently clear the present UMNO leadership is trying EXTREMELY hard to prevent TDM from being elected as a delegate.

    Here are some reports I‘ve picked.


    *Rayuan terakhir UMNO Kubang Pasu kepada Dr. Mahathir
    JITRA 7 Sept. – UMNO Bahagian Kubang Pasu hari ini membuat rayuan terakhir kepada Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad supaya menarik diri daripada bertanding merebut satu daripada kerusi perwakilan bahagian itu, Sabtu ini.

    * Usah rendahkan kedudukan Dr. Mahathir
    KUALA KRAI 7 Sept. – Perwakilan UMNO Bahagian Kubang Pasu yang akan bersidang Sabtu ini dinasihatkan supaya membuat keputusan tepat agar tidak merendahkan kedudukan Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad selaku negarawan yang banyak berjasa.

    And according to Radzi Sheikh Ahmad “berada di Holiday Villa Alor Setar petang semalam (Khamis petang) untuk menyampaikan sesuatu kepada Pengerusi Tetap UMNO Kubang Pasu, Razali Putih.

    “Sungguhpun tidak jelas apakah yang dibincangkan...namun ia dipercayai ada kena mengena dengan usaha menyekat kemenangan Tun Dr. Mahathir pada sabtu ini.”


    I can no longer trust the present Umno leaders when I know they lie unashamely through their bloody teeth.

  7. Anonymous1:56 pm

    Dear Rocky,
    Everything has changed for the worse these last few years. Now, it is no longer the issues that TDM raised that matters (eventhough those are real issues and proven true)but at how these people treated TDM. It looks as if they can bluff their way through anything and they think the rakyat are stupid fools . Pklah until now has not commented on SCOMI. Does it take that long to submit a report to the PM or they are still thinking on how to twist the facts and spin something. I am sure he will say that Scomi got all those billion contracts through normal tender procedure and blah blah blah. They are really despicable and may GOD save us from these ingrates that call themselves human. Even dogs know how to be grateful.

  8. UMNO's supreme council statements denying any efforts to stop TDM from attending the GA as a division delegate is obfuscating at best.

    Had they, from the outset, assigned a special status and extended an invitation to TDM, UMNO would have gained tremendous political mileage amongst all Malaysians.

    UMNO is losing relevance to the malays (non-members) and AAB, as it's president, will accelerate this trend to it's detriment in the next GE.

    Malays may choose an independent MP and discard UMNO.

  9. Anonymous6:52 pm

    TDM said he wanted only 5 minutes to speak. That speech can be written on 4 pages or 2 sheets of A4 size paper. It is easy enough to have them distributed to delegates attending the GA in november. Najib can be there to ensure that there would be no disruption to its distribution, since he has everything to gain.

    Of course TDM wanted to make it an issue, that he is fighting for a chance to speak. To attract attention, he took the unprecedented step to stand for G7 in Kubang Pasu. If he wins, he could claim that he would have been chosen again as the President, had there been an election. If he loses, then it was AAB who 'bought' up the Kubang Pasu Divisional representatives.

    As to the questions raised by TDM, it should not be any different from the questions raised by anybody else. Has he the local standi to demand answers to his question? If he was an MP, then he can ask his questions in Parliament. He is not an MP. I thought AAB government had gone out of its way to please him by declassifying documents just to show respect that TDM's questions received attention. Face has been given, but he chose to humiliate himself by saying that he was a pariah. Maybe he was unconsciously telling the truth.

    Let us go through the four questions he asked. Why stop building the crooked bridge? The proper question should be why should a crooked bridge be built. It was for his own satisfaction. The second link between Johore and Singapore is not fully utilized. So, there is no compeling reason why the Causeway should be replaced by a crooked bridge. The government decided that it might be useful to build a straight bridge, and not a crooked bridge. Now, the AAB could not build the straight bridge, and so he did not build it. The crooked bridge was not to be built. That was a decision made by AAB government before talking to Singapore. So the question of sand is not of concern to the crooked bridge. TDM asked a wrong question.

    The CEO of Proton was removed, and TDM wanted an explanation. The removal of Mahalel was decided by the board as a majority decision. It is within the authority of the board to decide what they had decided. If TDM has the local standi to influence the position of CEO, then he would have been consulted. He had not, so he had no right to ask the question.

    The issuance of APs according to MITI's formula has seen more non-Proton cars. The citizens are happy to have the opportunity to choose cars other than Protons. Yes TDM can feel unhappy, but other Malaysians are happier with the choice. Again it would be audacious that a man should be allowed to build his happiness against the unhappiness of the larger population.

    On the sale of MV Agusta, Proton was happy that they could find somebody to take over the liabilities of MV Agusta. Why should Proton be concerned about who would benefit from buying over MV Agusta from Proton? The questions that should have been asked was why purchase MV Agusta when it was a money losing concern with liability that could bleed Proton to bankruptcy. Of course when one questions the sale, he has successfully diverted attention from the legitimate questions.

    TDM said that AAB had not done enough for Malays. Only a racist would be as avaricious as to leave no space for other races in the country, judging front the perverted way NEP was implemented. Any fair and civic minded person would have been ashamed to be in TDM Cabinet with regard to NEP implementation. His criticism of AAB has now been fully utilized by racist Khairy Jamaluddin. TDM will have to bear the curse should there be any unhappy incidents for his encouragement of racism.

  10. Anonymous10:42 pm

    yeah anonymous.... spin it like the nst...

  11. Anonymous5:38 pm

    Maybe Pak Lah is unintelligent because he is pure Malay. Maybe Che Det is intelligent because he is impure Indian