Sunday, August 13, 2006


Minus the keris ... Enter Pendekar Nazri Aziz, who says he will be at the forefront as one of the PM's many, many warriors willing to die in this epic battle against the bigger and stronger enemy forces who want to topple Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and destroy Umno.

“If he continues his actions to destroy Umno, to bring down the president, I will be at the forefront as a warrior to defend the party,” he said when opening the Umno Padang Rengas Youth, Wanita and Puteri delegates meetings. (NST today, "Mahathir Wants to Topple PM - says Minister").

Vintage Nazri! And I don't mean Vintage 1974.


  1. Anonymous1:44 pm

    kalau saya jadi pak lah tak ambik orang macam nazri sebab diri sendiri pun tak boleh nak pertahan.

    nazri dah tak ada apa nak cakap lagi jadi dia merapu.

    kesian umno. kesian pak lah. dulu masa bawah tun dr m nazri tak macam ni sebab tun cerdik jadi nampak lah orang lain pun cerdik. tun bukan setakat majukan negara tapi dia jugak bantu nampakkan menteri-menteri dia bijak. orang kata tun diktator tapi tengoklah di bawah pak lah yang tak diktator, lain menteri, lain cakapnya. keadaan jadi haru-biru.

    lebih eloklah di bawah pemimpin diktator kalau pemimpin diktator itu membawa kebaikan.

    La ni di bawah pak lah, macam-macam hal dan tabiat manusia yang buruk, keluar.

    kesian umno. kesian pak lah. malu orang melayu!

  2. Anonymous3:49 pm

    NST reported Nazri as saying that Dr M is trying to topple AAB, but nowhere in the story is Nazri directly quoted, it's all paraphrased: '(Nazri) believes that (Dr M) wants to topple (AAB). He said he reached this conclusion based on information he received on conversations which the former PM had with some of his friends.'

    'Based on information he received'? What the heck is that? Not only does it preclude Nazri from being associated with these friends- it's sufficiently vague to mean 'rumours'. Nazri doesn't appear to have ever been part of the conversations, which means that he doesn't have first-hand knowledge of Dr M's 'plans'.

    The issue is not whether the former PM wants to do it. It's that a 160-year old newspaper spins out damaging page one stories based on rumours.

  3. Anonymous7:02 pm

    Let's just put it this way; Nasi guy will lick the ass of anybody who is the PM of the day !!!

  4. Anonymous9:08 pm

    sad to see our minister's state of mentality. paranoid maybe? or in bahasa Melayu 'takutkan bayang-bayang sendiri'?
    kalau dalam buku cerita kanak-kanak yang saya baca dulu ada cerita pasal anjing dengan bayang-bayang. tak nak la bandingkan this honorable minister dengan anjing macam tu. tak manis langsung hmmm....

  5. Anonymous9:36 pm

    This fellow Nazri is pathetic. He's not old you know. Just turned 52. Heard he had a grand birthday party. Vintage English-educated lawyer, I must say. But he's nyanyuk.
    First he said let's see who got tired first -- he or Mahathir. Mahathir is not getting tired.
    But Nazri and his "yes Sir, Mr Prime Minister" konco-konco are. They are tired trying to stop Umno branches and divisions from inviting Mahathir.
    Tired of stopping schools and colleges from renting their halls to those who want to hear Mahathir's explanation.
    So in desperation, Nazri appointed himself pendekar Umno. No wonder Anwar, Pas and DAP are so confident of winning. Nazri the pendekar? More like kelakar.
    A 52-year-old man doing the silat with an 81-year old maharugu? Where are the Umno panglima and pahlawan.
    No wonder Mahathir is winning without much of a fight. With a pendekar like Nazri, who needs panglima and pahlawan. I put my money on Pendekar Bujang Lapuk anytime.

  6. Anonymous9:43 pm

    Nazri hendak jadi seorang pendekar
    Dengan Mahathir mahu lawan bertengkar
    Takut-takut terkencing dalam seluar
    Mahathir bawa keluar file Nazri ketar.

    Ih, lawak sungguh para menteri kita dewasa ini. Nak mengaku ahli Umno dan orang Melayu pun rasa malu.

  7. Anonymous9:52 pm

    Nak tahu apa sebab kita kacau-bilau? Pasal banyak sangat ketua. Dulu seorang saja -- seorang doktor. Sekarang ada imam, ada bomoh ( Shahidan Kassim), ada kaki pukul (Adnan Yaakub) dan terbaru ada pendekar (Nazri). Tak taulah saya, apa jenis pendekar. Kalau dalam filem kungfu ada pendekar mabuk, pendekar lawak dan pendekar gatal. Agak-agak apa jenis pendekar si Nazri ni?

  8. Anonymous2:37 am

    what an ingrate.
    manusia tak kenang budi.
    kalau nak bodek pun please lah, have some dignity left.
    the nst story is truly vindictive. how irresponsible this administration has become.
    very sad for malaysians.

    it's such a simple solution to this entire mess - the present administration should just have the balls, humility and consideration to meet tun m and resolve the issue. jumpa pun tak mahu macam mana nak selesaikan masalah. for so called leadersm the current administration is rather naive or arrogant when it comes to this. instead of coming off victorious, the media has helped to make them look even more spineless, cowardly, hipocrites and arrogant. is this what we want for a government? u can count my vote out.
    i have no problems with pak lah - its the people who surround him. if they can only give sound advice rather than continously bodek-ing him - for what?

  9. Anonymous11:10 am

    According to Ku Seman (Utusan Malaysia, 14/08/2006)…” dalam budaya Melayu, tidak ada pendekar yang mengakui dirinya pendekar. Bimbang kalau-kalau ada arang yang cuba dibersihkan. Gelaran itu diberikan oleh orang lain apabila dia memiliki kesucian yang layak digelar pendekar. Itulah pendekar sebenarnya.”

    Dalam zaman Islam hadhari di bawah pemerintahan Pak Lah, kita mempunyai seorang Menteri yang tak tahu erti malu dan tidak sedar diri & tanpa mencerminkan dirinya, mengangkat diri sendiri sebagai Pendekar

    Dia tak lain tak bukan ialah NAzri Aziz, the ingrate & anak jantan liar & seorang kaki bod*k.

    rakyat biasa

  10. Anonymous11:15 am

    if the authorities are after people, it certainly should not be people who have voiced their concer about the precent administration. they should be after those people who are making a mess of the country i.e. the PM's stupid (and dangerously stupid) advisers.
    Just look at what is happening.
    Look at people like A kadir jasin, like ahirudin attan (rocky)... they are exposing the people who are screwing up the country. I do no at all detect any hint of personal attack against the Prime Minister.
    I think they are more loyal (to the country) than any of those Malaysians who are robbing the country, abusing their positions by using their influence and closeness with our be,loved Prime Minister.
    And I am so disappointed in the country's politial leaders for not having the courage to do what is right.

  11. Anonymous11:21 am

    Ku Seman memang hebat. Saya pembaca Utusan Malaysia, akhbar yang bertelxq, seperti Roti Telxq Mahathir yang terkenal tu. Pengarang Utusan ni (Ku Seman?) memang tak dengaq cakap, tak tau takut. Kalau ada pendekar Melayu, Ku Seman adalah pendekar sejati.

    Nazri? yang tu P_NDEKAR.

    You orang letakkanlah abjad yang sesuai di petak kosong tu. Saya bagi hint .. Jawapannya: BUKAN "E".

  12. Anonymous9:35 pm

    Cik Yah kata,

    Pendekar konon... tak payah nak jaga Pak Lah... tolong jaga negara kitam sudahlah ... itu pun cik yah yakin dia tak mampu buat...INGAT, jangan sampai dirampas Singapura ..tapi memandangkan si pendekar ni minat sangat dengan Temasik ... (sanggup berhabis duit di negara yang matawangnya dua kali ganda drp RM), cik yah tak yakin dengan dia ... dia ni sah cakap tak serupa bikin... cakapnya saje yang berdegah-degah...

  13. Anonymous11:10 pm

    I have gut feeling the PENDEKAR from Pdg Rengas is the minister TDM threathen to expose.Looking at the scenario ,The PENDEK saw all the writing on the wall about his political end when TDM gave his thick file to AAB.....but sad to say AAB gave him mouth to mouth resuscitation...being grateful he gave his life ..."kalau tidak takkan Tempua bersarang rendah" saya bagi pihak Karam Singh Walia melaporkan dlm edisi khas Pencemaran sisa toksik dlm UMNO

  14. Anonymous11:52 am

    hey rocky,

    the news is datelined kuala kangsar. so i checked with one of my friends at the nst's news desk and lo, behold that the original story was written by brenda lim, the pissed off journalist whose story was editorialised by brendan parayah.

    but, this friend said that was not the story she wrote. rather the one she wrote was something about nazri saying that umno cannot take action because TDM has immunity?

    wow, but if u read BH, the story seemed to have been written by someone from KL-lah.

    what is happening?

  15. Anonymous3:38 pm

    bureau spy,

    what is new, tell me?
    i dont have to be told what stories have been rewritten by brendan. i can easily, so easily spot his stamp --- the intro, brother, the intro...
    intros that we learnt NEVER to write. cliches, hackneyed phrases, tired sentences ---
    brendan, as i have been told zillions of times, is group editor because kalimullah *(whom most of us despise and have no bloody respect for) wants him there.
    he has no credentials except that -- check this out : he was KL correspondent for Singapore Straits Times. Wow..aint that pretty neat.
    all the credible journalists in NST just carry on with their work.. they take their instructions, do their work, take instructions. Hell! what do you expect them to do? They STILL love the NST. Kali and brendan, they hope are just passing through. we will overcome.
    one thing i have clearly seen -- brendan has no no no imagination. just read his column -- i cant get past by the first para. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz yawn y a w n

    * it is a fact that kalimullah is very despised by a large section of journalists in NST. a minority would be the lame ones he appointed or promoted. even among those he promoted DONT think much of him... but are, of course, happy with their promotion.

    NOTE: my remarks on brendan are purely professional.

  16. Anonymous10:07 pm

    tolong lah jangan gunakan perkataan PENDEKAR bersama dengan nama si nazri tu.
    dosa besar tu.
    nazri is an embarrassment notonly to the malays but to malaysians.
    he is a coward. bukan dia berani. pengecut. dan biadab. manusia yang tidak tahu beradab. kurang ajar.
    dan Pak Lah, let me tell you that he would do the same thing to you as he had to dr mahathir. i am sure you know that.
    but, you know what...nazri has already exposed himself to the rest of the world. he is without ethics, scruples and principles. and he is a hypocrite.

  17. Anonymous9:13 pm

    saya ni anak muda berumur 25 tahun dan saya hidup dalam zaman tun m jadi pm...let say saya ni anak zaman mahathir la...dan saya bangga...mana lagi nak cari pemimpin paling bijak macam dia...nak harapkan yang sekarang ni hampeh...dan dalam kes si menteri yang mengaku diri dia ni seorang pendekar (betul ke pendekar atau p_ndekar?) saya amat sedih tengok dia buat macam tu kat tun...sedih teramat sangat sedang kan ada golongan muda yang masih tau nak hormat dan sanjung bekas pm kita inikan pula seorang menteri yang dah kenal lama dengan tun...sedih betul orang melayu kita hari ini....