Friday, July 14, 2006


Veteran editor censored (and censured) for anti-Singapore views ...
Ahmad Rejal Arbee, former Bernama editor-in-chief, former Business Times editor, former Malaysian Business editor, former Sun group editor, and former Berita Harian group editor, "commented harshly on Singapore re: the bridge and relations with the island republic" in two articles for his weekly column in Berita Harian.

Both articles did not see print.

Because both Singapore-offending articles were spiked, which means they were not used, that they were thrown into the trash bins of the Group Editor or Group Editor-in-Chief's computers.

(And both of them - Manja and Hishamuddin - were probably running around in pampers when Rejal started his long and colourful journalism career in the days when the country's media were supposed to be less free than now).

Bakar Mahmud, a visitor to this blog, has the full story.

"I know for a fact NST do not brook any adverse comments on Singapore," he wrote.


  1. Anonymous8:49 am


    first -- dont think manja and hisham were wearing pampers then when Rejal was already hot shot journalist in the so-called dark days of journalism. Probably kain batik. offence, but pampers were not in the market then.

    secondly--- WHAT DO YOU EXPECT, bro???? OF COURSE, they would spike an "ANTI-SINGAPORE" story.

    In the old days, they chop people's heads off for betraying the country. Today, it is a good thing to betray your country.

    Why don't you ask any NST editors.. (though this will be difficult... the ones around may not want to say anything out of fear), how does the NST treat "negative" stories on Singapore? Simple. Don't use them.

    Yes, I agree with someone -- It is the New Singapore Times.

  2. Bro,

    Mungkin AKJ boleh dapatkan salinan rencana tersebut dari Datuk Rejal.