Sunday, July 30, 2006

JEWS BEHIND PANTAI (and other Malaysian companies)

Malaysian companies that support the Zionist regime, watch out! The Prime Minister's son-in-law will expose you!

Khairy Jamaluddin claimed last Friday the Umno Youth got an e-mail about an international coffee shop chain allegedly supporting Israel and sending funds to the Zionist regime.

He wants the rakyat to know. "I will suggest that we distribute a list of the companies which are clear Israeli supporters according to their profits so that we are aware of who are helping Israel," the Umno Youth deputy chief was quoted by Bernama.

With that information, the members of the public can decide whether to boycott these companies or remain as their clients. Umno Youth itself won't bother with a boycott campaign , its deput chief said; such campaigns have proved ineffective in the past.

Khairy's list may start with Pantai Hospital (see my posting on Majulah Singapura Part 3)

Pantai Hospital was bought by Singapore giant Parkway Holdings, which sold a major part of its shareholdings to American Richard Blum, a known Zionist financier. Blum's wife is a US Senator widely known to be a fierce Jewish lobby. That's a clear link between Pantai and the people who are bombing Lebanon and ravaging Palestine!

We don't know if Umno Youth thinks Singapore is a clear Israeli supporter.


  1. Anonymous1:08 am

    Biar betul! Singaporelah replika Israel belah sini. Takkan tang ni nak tutup mata sebelah kut?

    It follows that whatever moves Singapore buet, mesti tapis seketat-ketatnya. Barulah make sense lecture kpd Rice dlm surat terbuka tu.

    Closer to home, ape citer NSTP sekang ni. Closer to Singapore nampak. Shall we boycott or not?

  2. Will KJ also push for the 'downfall' of the al-sauds of Saudi Arabia for their tacit approval in allowing Israel free reign in the Mid-East?

    C'mon, if he's going to shoot himself in the foot, let's go for the whole mccoy.

  3. Anonymous6:15 am

    I am old enough to understand the youthful antics of Umno youth leaders. But it's fine with me if KJ wants to expose Jewish business links here in Malaysia and elsewhere in the world.
    It may do some good. Next time before the Finance Ministry, the Securities Commission, the FIC and the Bursa Malaysia decide to ok the sales of Malaysian assets like Pantai Holdings, they must first investigate.
    They should know that Singapore is the Jewish/Israeli outpost in Asia. This is because Singapore is surrounded by Muslim nations and people.
    Bru, had it not been for noises made in the Internet news sites and blogs, some "brilliant" Umno fincanciers would have bought back Fomema and Pantai Medivest from Pantai Holdings.
    I heard the price tag is RM400 million when the sale price of the controlling interest in Pantai was just above RM300 million.
    I smell rats in these kind of deals. They are too convenient and too swift. Ask Azim Zabidi! He knows what I mean.
    You're a business journalist yourself. You know what can happen when money flows out of the country.
    Forget about KJ's war against the Jews for a momemt. Instead watch out for the RM490 million so-called sport centre in the UK. See which RM2-company has been given the contract.
    We should demand that Azalina shows us proofs that tender and other transparency practices that the government is promising us are duly implemented. She's a lawyer, she should know the legal implications of not telling the truth.
    You're her friend. Tell her that not every Malaysian is S-T-U-P-I-D.

  4. Anonymous9:57 am

    check out:
    it's Starbucks lah woi, wahy lah si kj of mayaTeam tak kata aje, ramai orang tahu ler. (do check out aisehman's posting, kebabs!)

    so don't mind if we join you at austin , OK?

    kalau accident depan pantai hospital, i'll tell ambulanceman to take me to GH. you guys who can afford it, go to universiti hospital. thanks bru!

  5. thanks, anon! (and aisehman, too)!

    mcD, nestle and nokia, too! according to this site, that is. and Mickey Mouse and the real thing.

    Well, over to Khairy.

    If he can expose the Israel/Singapore supporters, he'll be on the right track!

  6. No more Nestle Treasure Hunt?


  7. Anonymous12:54 pm

    what about ECM LIbra? since they have links with Singaporean company which in return have links to Israel.

  8. Anonymous3:11 pm

    Hi Bro, under Majulah Singapura Part 3, someone posted that way before the Yahudi Fund bought the controlling block in Kiasuland Parkway, our Khazanah boys also put it a bid for the same controlling block. Apparently, the Khazanah bid was higher than what was offered by Richard Blum and boys. However, where can? So Kiasuland whisperred softly (read, breathed down heavily) to the vendor that the controlling block can never end up in Bolehland hands. Well, Yahudi is ok as afterall they have been sleeping together and cooperating in everything including military training and espionage.

    When Kiasuland bought the controlling block in Pantai, where were our regulators? Tapi ini Bolehland what jadi semua boleh.

    Or do we smell strong interference here that prevent the authorities from blocking the sale as Bolehland must be foreign investor friendly what..even though they do it at the expense of national policy or putting national security at stake. Well, we hear about the powerful powerful SIL, KH and their love for everything linked to Kiasuland. Conspiracy here? Lets ask TDM!

    Maybe the jigsaw puzzle in falling in place or SIL and KH didnt know their a***** have been scr*** by their own friends in Kiasuland. So much for Oxbridge education or so called claim to know-all.

    Sadly, we the real Malaysian end up being scr**** from both ends.

    Worse, we hear now our great Khazanah boys are not giving up. Since cannot buy in Kiasuland maybe can buy in Bolehland. The grapewine says now our great Az Mokhtar wants to buy out Pantai from the Yahudi and at a huge premium.

    Bro, looks like we will be scr*** again. Tax payers money going to bail out the Yahudi...

  9. Anonymous3:28 pm

    ...Now I know why Starbucks is opening its latest outlet in Pantai Hospital,Bangsar!

  10. Anonymous4:07 pm

    Pantai/Fomema/Medivest controlled by Jewish ? !!!

    Pak Lah, apa suda jadi! (Please Lah, don't say "I don't know" or "I am not aware").

    Is that the reason for the media blackout and why bro Rocky and his team ask to lay of?

    Isn't hyprocritical of the son-in-law?

  11. Anonymous5:16 pm

    Pak aku yang dah 83 tahun tu kata: Pasai apa la ni baru nak nafi Khairy bukan penasihat dia? Orang dah lama kata Khairy penasihat dia. Dah terpahat di otak orang!

  12. Anonymous6:21 pm

    Hey, Rocky I perlu check I punya underwear and condom too.

    Siapa tahu itu pun companies supporting israel.

    Teruk lah betul anak ini.

  13. Anonymous6:55 pm


    You said: "If Mahathir's "Buy British Last" did not work..."

    I suggest you check your line. Do some homework before you said anything because I say, it works!

    But of course only Tun Mahathir can do that and lead his country to policies that mark Malaysia in the world map!

  14. Anonymous8:04 pm

    Pak Lah, u, yr son in law & Kali are srewing up the country.

  15. Anonymous11:29 pm

    The man claims he does not sit in the government, he is said to be a banker and the deputy of Umno Youth. It was on Friday he showed his true colours with his aggresive ways, the very same day NST carried a picture of his father-in-law shaking hands and smiling with the US representative. Some say it's a cheap attempt by him to be seen as a hero among his community. Some call it politics. I called it pure stupidity. Sigh!

  16. Anonymous12:12 am

    It does not serve anybody any grand purpose to take Khairy's word and boycott foreign companies operating in Malaysia for their alleged Jewish link.
    On the contrary it does a lot of harm to our interest. We'll jeorpardise the inflow of FDI, which is already meagre. We'll jeorpadise the jobs of our rakyat who are employed by these companies. Look at the faces of those Malay, Chinese, Indian, Kadazan and Iban boys and girls, many of the students, employed by Starbuck.
    Can Khairy give them jobs if Starbuck and other companies suspected of having Jewish links close down? Khairy's father-in-law is not exactly great at creating jobs. That's why unemployment is rising and kemungkaran is worsening.
    A weak Malaysia and poor Malaysians are of no use to the Arabs, the Palestinians and the Lebanese. They are not even useful to Malaysia.
    In any case, how long will Khairy be screaming and yelling about Jewish atrocities? Condomleezza Rice is gone.
    I think we are better off and the Palestinians will be better protected if Khairy can advise his father-in-law to provide greater leadership to the OIC.
    He and his father-in-law do not have to play wayang kulit with us. We need leadership and not entertainment.
    If he is serious about Jewish threat and hegemony, he has to be more circumspect about Singapore. But Khairy counts Singaporeans -- the rich ones of course -- as among his closest friends.

  17. Rocky!

    My favourite subject really, the JEWS! They are fascinating group or tribe that have the whole world enthralled. The first Chief Minister of Singapore was a Shephardic Jew, a great man, he was related to the late mother of Yam Tuan of Negri Sembilan Tuanku Jaafar ibni Almarhum Tuanku Abdul Rahman. They say Tuanku Jaafar's mother was a Nasrani, well it has to be that since you really cannot claimed to be of Jewish origin in this country. So Nasrani was it as a race. She was a good woman and mother may she rest in peace. The two brothers who created the E&O Hotel in Penang, they were Jews. Some say they were Armenian, indeed they were! Armenian Jews!! Jews at the end of the last century trickled down from Russia down to the Asia Minor into Armenia, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, the now Bangladesh, into the hill tracts, Burma, Thailand, Malaysia and S'pore. They had to take the long route of migration to escpae persecution. Those who are too old to travel assimilated with the population of the host countries!
    In Malaysia, they either opted to take up a shell-ethnic grouping such as being Malayali, Arabs or Nasrani etc!
    In Penang as we speak the Jewish cemetary is always fresh with Jewish graves. Yes there are Malaysians of Jewish origin in Malaysia. What am I talking about here, ah yes! Whats in the name of an ethnic identity well, I will not go as far as descecrating Jewish cemetary, or boycott McD, Starbucks, Bank Bumi (its financial adviser is Rotschilds by the way) chase out Behn-Meyer (and old and established Malaysian company) burn E&O Hotel, or even chase out Tuanku Jaafar from the Istana for may be having Jewish blood!, or to stop smoking since Philip Morris and RJ Reynold probably donated to the Zionist, or not drink wine for some of these vineyards donated some percentages of their profits to Israel, not buy diamond for the cartel is Jewish-controlled. What the hell Khairy your modus operandi to go up is passe and Malays are not easily taken and to stop drumming the Jewish factor into Malasyian politics! We are just concern about your involvement with people who are linked to Singapore out to do bad things to our country just disassociate your self from Kali and make a public announcement about it and perhaps youth will probably give you real and genuine support. Until then don't bluff!

  18. Perhaps Khairy shd start with ECM which is owned by KJew and Kalimowitz ... hahaha

    Then disclose who is the shareholders of Tune Air Sdn Bhd, controlling shareholders of Air Asia.

    Whatever it is, it would interesting to see this young punk put an act in front of his masters.

  19. Pasquale and a voice,

    Your points are well worth noting and if one traces the roots back far enough, there may be more surprises.

  20. Anonymous1:21 pm

    hey, khairy, please draw a list of companies supporting israel. i will patronise more from these companies. he he he.

  21. i have the starbucks story in my blog..haha~ i fely loserish for the first time went to starbucks and really did the boycotte thing. but after a while, i feel very much satisfied to put my word to actions! destiny fulfilled!

    waa~ sgt bangga, akhirnya daku berjuang jugak akhirnya! alhamdullilah!

    nice blog u! cheers!

  22. Anonymous10:39 pm

    Coffee Bean ada dalam list-kah? ;-)

  23. Anonymous11:55 pm

    Too bad this has not been done before.

  24. Anonymous9:40 am

    Jeff Ooi said in his blog:

    "...Yesterday, the Father-in-Law said such action can backfire on Malaysia. He said those who called for a boycott should think very deeply about it.

    Quote Bernama:
    "We should not talk big and then have to backtrack when our action becomes a burden to us."

    Good role play, the in-laws."

  25. Anonymous4:33 pm

    KJ who ammased RM500mil in 2 years will spend retirement in prison.
    Bapa Mertua will retire next year due to ill health.. which will end KJ political dream of spending us taxpayers money.
    The Scenic Bridge will be built under next PM Najib.
    All mega projects halted by Bapa Mertua will be carried out by PM Najib.
    Mukriz will head UMNO youth.
    Khir Toyo will still be MB of selangor.
    Hisamuddin Onn will be DPM.
    ANWAR IBRAHIM will NOT contest in the next general elections.
    its less then 11months away...

  26. Anonymous2:05 pm

    To Malaysian Jews, don't support the Zionist state of Israel. Don't be a Zionist, is a big shame for all of humanity. Support your country and support what's right.
    Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini opposed Zionism and he stated that Zionism is a political regime that steals the
    Jewish symbol and he said Judaism is the religion of Moses (Nabi Musa AS).