Friday, July 28, 2006


Ella's Kini Standing In The Eyes of the World is downloadable on Gen M's new site.

On you can check out the former PM's timetable in Kelantan today: - a breakfast rally at the Pengkala Chepa airport, a tea dialogue at a hotel, and dinner at another hotel. By Dr M's standard, the programme's laid back. Makes you wonder what's for lunch and who he'll meet between tea and dinner.

..But Syed Hamid had Rice
This morning, as advised by our leaders, I read the mainstream papers:- The PM has politely asked Condoleezza Rice to convey to the US government that a ceasefire in Lebanon is desirable, in a meeting Syed Hamid described to journalists as "positive". Indonesia, which has the largest Muslim population in the world, was not quoted anywhere so we do not know if it is as angry as Malaysia with the US position with regards to the Middle East crises. A report said during a packed press conference with Rice, journalists who wanted to press the US State Secretary about the latest on Lebanon were greatly dissapointed because "Syed Hamid chose to end the session after only three questions". What was the rush? Aah, Rice later played the piano as Syed Hamid and his Asean counterparts sat, lulled and charmed. Malaysia led Asean at the 39th Asean Ministerial Meeting, which is Syed Hamid's show, in signing a pact that would boost ties with the US.

Meanwhile, according to a foreign on-line news, Beirut's destruction is almost complete. At least 600 civilians are dead.

Sometime yesterday, Iran's FM Manouchehr Mottaki arrived for an "unscheduled' meeting with Syed Hamid. We are not told if they have met or if they will meet. What we know is Iran had called for an emergengy meeting of the OIC for a ceasefire in Lebanon. Malaysia is OIC chairman. The reports don't say if the Iranian FM attended Rice's piano recital.


  1. Anonymous9:54 am


    You are definitely not wrong. I agree with you of the right choice of word to describe Tun M. Yes, the great stateman is indeed a narcissist.

    Otherwise how would you love others and the country if you fail to love and admire yourself. And because of this that he pointed out the wrong doings of our PM.

    FYI (just in case you dont know), according to Oxford, narcissist is a person who are abnormal and have excessive love or admiration for oneself.

    So next time, before you choose any word to describe something, think deeply.

    And because of his madness too that you now able to blog in this cyber world...

  2. Anonymous1:12 pm

    Kodomo Lion defending Condomleeza Rice?
    Kodomo Lion is advised to use Condomleeze Rice for protection.This is because Cheney is a big dick and Bush is found just above dick.
    Condomleeza played piano to drown the sound of cries of Palestian and Lebanese children bombed by Israel using American supplied ordinance.
    And Kodomo Lion was entertained.
    What a beautiful life for a Kodomo Lion -- no pride, no care, no worry only joy and fanfare.

  3. Anonymous5:20 pm

    whoa.....and i gather the guests were wearing luaus and dancing the kahena to her lullaby and Mr Lee and Mr Syed shouting the plane...the plane.."a la Fantasy Island"...on the side....My GOD...this is outrageous, there is a war going on, and there are people (BIG DECISION MAKER TO END THE AGRESSION) having the time of their live in a dinner reception? what an insult to all who died of the agression and will die in the next few days. It is deplorable that at this time and day, human can go and attack another country just to get another piece of land, this is the "colonisation" revisited version the GREAT POWERS. and throw in the kidnapping of 2 (read that--two) israelian army personnel whom i would gather were just walking around near some hizbollahs and teasing them to kidnap them....hmmm just another malicious attempt to have a motive to attack...