Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I knew Syed Nadzri or Zainul Ariffin, in their widely-read columns in the NST, would not touch on the Dr Mahathir-Pak Lah saga. Syed wrote about the PAS muktamar in his column yesterday and Zainul gave us his shot on the issue of guns re the bullet-ridden National Service.

My guesses are: the two senior editors were told to lay off the subject OR they disqualified themselves from writing. Both are known to have extremely high regards for Dr Mahathir and the greatest of hopes for Pak Lah (and if their columns were to reflect this, they'd certainly upset the tone set in The Sunday Column's crying-daughter editorial, to borrow the phrase used by Free Thinker, a visitor to this blog).

Either way, I am glad they did not have to do anything they did not want to do which might tarnish their integrity and professionalism as journalists.

I'm sure many journalists at NST are glad, too,that they still have editors who do not doctor the facts and who do not butcher their reports to propagate certain issues and who do not tamper with their straight-news reporting to promote their own agenda.

Some of these journalists can't stomach the spin-doctoring any more. They want Hishamuddin Aun, the Group Editor-in-Chief, to put a stop to the practice.

"They are not just butchering our stories, they are butchering our names," one NST journalist told me.

p.s. Brendan Pereira's column was also missing last Monday. What's the story?


  1. Anonymous7:47 pm

    I join yiu bru in paying tribute to Syed Nazri, Zainul Ariffin and those jeournalists with integrity in the NSTP and elsewhere. It's hard when you have spin doctors and greenhorns as your boss. Hang on these chaps. The saner and jolly time will come back to Jalan Riong sooner or later.

  2. Anonymous11:04 pm

    Balai Berita is no longer the benchmark for Msian journalism, unlike the days of old. Young reporters of the group do. not have good teachers. Zainul and Syed Nazri are fine journalists but are regarded as irritants by their bosses. The grapevine is full of stories about their bosses excesses, arrogance and lack of professionalism. Three VSS later, million ringgit branding.exercise, change of editors - all these have not worked. It is ironical that sales of the newspapers in the group show good figures when Tun Mahathir has something to say! Perhaps Tun Mahathir should be invited by a tv station and say his piece uncensored.After all, we are told that we are living in a freer environment!

  3. Anonymous1:02 am

    Syed Nazri, Zainul Ariffin and a few other dolice Melayus got their insurance and immunity when they applied for VSS and was rejected. Kali needs some Melayus for window-dressing. Kali is not stupid you see. He needs credible Melayus as insurance. But you guys out there know who runs the show. Of course not Hisham. He is the Malay face that Kali sends to pacify the Umno hantus. Hisham is something like a third rate pawang buaya. Poor fellow.

    Kali is not stupid. He made use of Ghafar and Sanusi before. Then he made use of noor mohd yacop to get near to Pak Lah. What happened after that is his story.

    For the future, he is using other hat, the businessman's hat to kipas Najib's corporate brothers.

    NST is nothing for him. A stepping stone that he does not mind being stomped to pieces as long as the gets across to even greener pasture.

    So Syed and Zainul may have insulated themselves but the NSt is sinking under their feeble feet.

  4. Anonymous1:32 am

    News room butchers & Dr M’s further deconstruction
    THE Kalimullah Hassan-Brendan Pereira-Hishamuddin Aun axis in their assault against Dr Mahathir Mohamad is part of a not-so-secret complicity to a larger, destructive force subverting Umno, the Government and Malaysia. Dr M merely pointed out this complicity like a World Cup referee flashes a yellow card for a callous foul.
    And cloaked behind the axis is the real puppet master stringing the game plan to destroy Dr M. Many denizens malingering in Rocky’s Bru already have an idea of the identity of this puppet master and the perilous havoc he has incited.
    The historic revisionism and erasing of Dr M is to be engineered systematically mainly by this axis whose assault have proven to be as subtle as a bulldozer. Subtlety means patience, vision and articulation, characteristics which neither Kali nor Brendan nor Hishamudin possess, or have the luxury to possess, given their very short-term existence, so they will be absolutely brutish in their aggression.
    Rocky pictured Hishamuddin as “cigar-chomping” but the one attribute that he endeared to everyone is his fanatical devotion to golf. Professionally, he was Dollah Keok Lanas’ glorified speech writer and reporter who was always in the “groupie” that DKL dragged along in his many far-flung and extravagant (NST paid for it all) foreign tours.
    Bless him for his cavernously big mouth, DKL (another appalling Dr M appointee in a tired line of appalling appointees), blabbered to many people in the NST that the reason why he catapulted Hishamuddin as Berita Harian Group Editor was because he could “converse in English”, apart from writing and typing DKL’s Bahasa Melayu speeches and reports.
    However, as GEIC, Hishamuddin’s command of written English is suspect though he does converse well enough. But has anyone seen his byline in the NST on any issue?
    This is why Hishamuddin projects this “inferiority” as a GEIC, not as a complex individual but as someone who was extremely fortunate to be gifted the Berita Harian hot seat which later ascended to the assistant GEIC’s position before being confirmed to his current post.
    In the brief tradition since A. Kadir Jasin conceived the GEIC’s post in the late 1998, being the GEIC means you are the ultimate supremo but in Hishamudin’s case, he cannot help but be submissive to Kali in the management of Berita Harian, much less the control of the NST, to which the extent of his authority is to chair the daily 4.30pm NST editorial meeting.
    Rocky’s Bru denizens’ sleazy potshots at the CEO Syed Faisal Albar, Berita Harian group editor Manja Ismail and E-Media general manager Zainul Ariffin for whatever bedevils the NSTP is just that: sleazy. Leave them alone: they are professionals doing a job, whether they like it or not because in the end, it is the Kali song-and-dance show.
    As far as the NST is concern, Kali is the supreme commander, the Field Marshall, the King of Balai Berita.
    To be continued

  5. 'Who killed Cock Robin'?? Thats what has happened to journalism in Malaysia.Just look at any mainstream paper, always buttering-up some favoured 'subject'who has a tight grip on their masters balls!(Phew!!! thank God for blogsites!!)
    These so-called 'butchers'should be working with some high security police/military detention camp!
    Journalists have a duty to divulge honest, fair and without fear 'news' rightly, to the voting and tax-paying masses who have put these people where they are now.
    Is there hope with the likes of Syed Nadzri and a few other scribes ?? OR will they also be victims of subtle persecution for fraternising with bloggers by the powers that be ??

  6. Rocky!

    It is like this. If we are so used to living in a house where the walls are splattered with human excrement long enough we forget its there, so is the smell. My race is, I am a moron, I am afraid to admit this, but this this true. Morons have it and gave it away, this has always been the history of this race caled Moron.

    Once upon a time Morons from Singapore were enjoying their lives singing, and berkugiran (it means making music and making merry) they woke up with the PAP in power. There was a minor, or major ethnic cleansing, and the Morons have since been dienfranchised until now.
    Today the Morons in this contry, including those in the NST holding positions as senior editors and senior writers, cannot have my sympathy since they deserve what they will soon get as they, Morons themselves, are never careful and oblivious to how precarious their lives and existence in this country now oficialy re-named Moronia, or Moronesia,is (lets have a vote on these new names).
    I am saddened by the fact that Morons still love Akademi Fantasia, akin to living in fantasyland when their Moronic leaders are allowing non-Morons screwing up their country big time.

    Note: since blogspot I am a lot calmer than I was. My blood pressure is registering low. Why! I am able to express my self more now, initialy I went up to the roof of my apartment and scream my heart out realy really loud realising why was I born a Moron, not a Togoan (at least they got into the World Cup series)or a Namibian (where at least Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt find it good to have their child born there). Sigh!

  7. Anonymous2:11 pm

    If someone is not stupid, it doesnt necessarily mean he is smart.

    Kali-mullah is neither stupid nor smart.

    He is just is low-cunning.

  8. Anonymous5:09 pm

    Bandit, I take note of your point. I wasn't running down syed Nazri, Zainul and those other melayus, cinas, indias and lain-lains who hang on to the NSTP because their vss applications were rejected or because they have nowhere else to go, or because they are not interlopers and opportunists in the league of rehman rashid.
    But can they justify serving people who are not a fraction of what they are ways of experience, skills and standing. That reduces them to mere makan gaji people.
    And what better thing other than brutish aggression, as bandit put it, from the axis of bebal comprising kali, brendan and hisham?

  9. Anonymous6:41 pm

    Syed Nadzri? You lot got to be kidding. This guy doesn't have what it takes to command the low-life in the NST newsroom. Neither, the courage to disapprove directions from the top.

    Some of you seem to be jockeying for Syed, without having an inkling of his capabilities. Just because one writes a weekly column, he can become GE. He can take charge of a weary fleet of battered reporters.

    trying to win popular votes, may just be to the detriment of a popular guy like Syed. Let's leave it at that.

    Word has it that Brendan will be calling it quits in August. He recently had a run-in ( to what severity, i dont know) with Kali and that has strained relations between them.

    No loss to anyone. The sooner these people start leaving one by one, the better the press environment.

    on another note, saudara, did you know that the circulation of the new malay mail has dropped during this world cup - for the first time ever?

    It's the crap they are putting out. Seen the Sun free pullout? Good, man. The Star's and NST's - no effort there man.

  10. Anonymous6:45 pm

    I think the best way for the NST to walk the talk is to give a weekly column to Tun Dr Mahathir. This will really prove Pak Lah's openess as interpreted and commented by NST.

    The Star did that with late Tunku in the early 1980's when Mahathir was the PM. The column was decicated to lambasting Dr Mahathir. It survived for some years. Of course The Star was suspended for several months following operasi lalang in 1987.
    Dr Mahathir did not talk about openess.

    The Star did not talked about openess either and the phrase walk the talk was unheard of. Maybe Dr Mahathir column can attract some additional readers the NST badly needs.

  11. Anonymous6:45 pm

    i totally agree with rockherfellas, my dear friend syed doesn't need the angst. and bro rocky, tell me when there weren't butchers in the NST -- at least post 1975 period. only difference is, over the years the surgical knives have been gradually replaced by cleavers. cheers bro.

  12. Anonymous8:56 pm

    The truth is that is will be very difficult for any journalist / editors to discharge their duties professionally at the NST. Perhaps it was easier before, well before the newspaper came under wings of the politicians and perhaps also well before it became a public company.
    Today, the newsroom no longer decides solely based on news values and the truth discipline every professional journalist in the world uphold. Instead its general editorial policy of being in support of the government of the day takes importance over everything else.
    It is no longer an avenue for the underdogs to further their cause but more a mouthpiece of the administration-in-power. For how else could the public's outcry over the increase in the cost of living become so muted in the NST.
    Indeed at the NST, the truth discipline no longer prevail. The top editors wantonly publish items heavily editorialised and many times projections of their own worldviews, disguised as news and then shoved down the readership's throats at RM1.20 a copy.
    The newspaper's quality has declined to rock bottom over the years. There is hardly any more intelligent public discourses in its pages and is columnists are people whose words carry very little weight while as explained before, its standard of reporting itself has degraded into nothing but trash.
    In its glory days circa 1970s to mid-1980s, you won't find stories of the likes of Siti Nurhaliza or Mawi in the NST. These kind of stories simply did not meet the quality and standards of its readership then.
    Perhaps readership itself has changed, perhaps younger people now read the NST. But why does that not show in its circulation figures?
    Perhaps too its biggest mistake was to go compact. For many, that was the day that the NST lost its last ounce of authority as a national daily.
    The strength of any newspaper lies in its editorial board. Sadly, in the NST's case, it has never been able to adequately staff its editorial team with qualified people.
    Simply because along its journey to what it is today, the people responsible for managing it have increasingly brought the newspaper ever further from the society that it must serve. All these at the cost of it losing many writers who could have commanded respect from their respective audiences.
    What is left at the NST are those who are just buying time for their retirements, get their gratuities, their long-service awards and then fade away.
    Today, it is no longer one's pride to be seen holding a copy of the NST, like it is a must for someone who works in Wall Street be seen with a copy of the Wall Street Journal or those who work in London's financial district be seen holding a copy of the Financial Times.
    Why is that so? I doubt the editors of the NST have for one minute given this serious thought.
    Last evening some of them were at some party organised by the Malay Mail for watching the World Cup. Indeed we have seen many of these photographs lately, many of them with artistes, although I wonder how they would help the NST or in this case the Malay Mail, win the battle at the newsstands, let alone shape the future of the society they serve.

  13. Anonymous1:10 am

    Its great to know that there are still journalists like the aforementioned gentleman Syed Nazri running around. His comments have always been balanced and for the most part fair. Unfortunately the spread of such individuals in our presses is few and far between.
    Alas his is a dying breed. And its not just happening here in Malaysia, but unfortunately these sad developments are paralleled elsewhere. A recent article in the New York Review of Books laments the slow but sure intrusion of "corporate sensibilities" into even some of the most respected presses in the US leading to the enphasis on profits, often at the expense of the public interest. Lets hope things improve. In these dark days of 'corporate culture' lets hope there are still those out there who will continue to struggle for the truth. As it stands in Malaysia, a 'free press' (acting at the behest of their corporate masters, and beholden to none other) has a distinctly hollow ring to it!

  14. Anonymous2:36 am

    enough of running down the nst. you buggers have nothing to do than to rubbish the nst. you know what, it shows the nst is the paper.

  15. Anonymous12:34 pm

    Bru, I am broke. NST RM1.77. Remember NSTP AGM, June 27, 10am at 5th Floor Balai Berita. I'll be there. I hope Kali and the gang will be there too. But it doesn't surprise me if the whole troop hightail like the baboons running away from the chimps. You be there bru?

    What's your take on PM according state welcome to this woman lawyer from England who made a business visit to Malaysia?

    Must be the work of the Oxbridge (the brudge over which the exen walked on) triad in the PM's office.
    Abuse of protocal and taxpayers money. Long live hadhari.


  16. Anonymous12:53 pm

    I have been reading reports by Syed Nazri. Here in Belaga we receive Semenanjung paper very late. Sometimes not at all. But now we are better off. We have limited access to Internet. We are still left behind. Sarawak is rich in natural resources, but we are neglected. I was before this working at Bakun project. Our new PM cancelled the project. Many of us are jobless and we have to other work. Now we pay more for electricity. We have always pay more than Semenanjung although we have oil and gas. I was hoping we will get cheaper electric power with Bakun. But it is cancelled now. So Syer Nazri please write something about kesusahan orang pedalaman Sarawak. Kita bukan samua kaya macam anak-anak Cm atau affendi. Orang pedalaman sarawak susah.

  17. Anonymous8:42 pm

    The Arriviste Enforcer with the Crying Daughter
    As the Prime Minister’s No. 1 media sycophant, Kalimullah Hassan has crudely but elaborately started to deconstruct all facets of Mahathirism, his mega-projects and his legacy, all with the subtlety of a bulldozer while abusing/misusing the New Straits Times as the accursed control box.
    This I asserted earlier and this I re-affirm now, especially after reading the NST’s Page 1 piece (NST June 8, 2006) authored by Brendan Pereira but one that that Kali boorishly orchestrated. The whirligigging of the facts attests to this louche series of hatchet jobs. (In just a week, there were four hasty attempts).
    With national debate veering towards the perceived Mahathir–Abdullah “horn-locking schism”, Kali rolled another loaded dice in his political craps game, this time in his New Sunday Times column (June 11, 2006) with a piece designed to “soften” his enforcer reputation, the “Hallmark treatment” so to speak, to protect the Prime Minister and further demonise Dr M.
    The column was so long-winded that it read mellifluous and appeared ridiculous.
    In Kali’s column, you can pick out the words and sentences that are part of the Dr M revisionisms and arrive at these contentions:
    ► Kali uses his friendly rivals in The Star (Wong Chun Wai), his family and, regrettably, his “crying” daughter to adulate that Pak Lah and he are magnanimously restraint in reacting to Dr M. Given Kali’s barefaced propensity to fudge facts (See Sufi Yusoff’s rebuttals) and invent vendettas (A. Kadir Jasin and Jeff Ooi outlined this extensively), can anyone check with his daughter to confirm whether she actually cried?
    ► Kali clumsily sidesteps the controversial issues raised by Dr M in the foozle column that befits the cliché “writing a hell of a lot without writing anything”,
    ► Instead of defending or, better still, crytallising the issues, Kali focuses on Dr M’s “character” - as former Prime Minister, on his so-called his “aloofness”, the “brushing aside” of unwarranted criticisms, Dr M’s “way” of doing things. For good measure, Kali throws in the “upset Mukhriz” to further stray away from the real issues,
    ► Kali, unwittingly, reinforces the deconstruction of Dr M by painting him as a “has-been, a leftover, a political baggage Malaysians should bury, discard and ignore”, and,
    ► Kali airbrushes Pak Lah as a leader of “magnanimous restraint” in the face of the political hurricane, a fury that simply refuses to defuse, only diffuse.
    The piece, as you are aware by now, is contrived subterfuge as old as Machiavelli. The weeping daughter bit is also the tawdriest of cheap shots.
    To be continued

  18. Anonymous1:27 am

    nstman's is angry. Not all of us a buggers. In fact very few are. Buggery can land your in court. Big trouble. There's a famous case on now.

    nstman, you are free to discuss anything under the sun, including buggery and the nst in this blog. And why shouldn't we run down the nst? nst has been running down all and sundry including our great former PM.

    We love to love the nst. but we hate those buggers (metaphorically speaking) running it and due to their sheer incompetence are running the paper down.

    It's plain and simple, fair and square. you begger me (metaphorically), I bugger you. That the only language they understand.

    Bro andeande lumut you're heavy. Those guys running the nst may not comprehend.. comprende? Even if they want to make money, they can't. They don't know how.

    But others can benefit from your thoughtful thesis.

  19. Anonymous10:48 am

    Hoi....nstman, i think all the buggers here are not running down nstp for nothing,,,they are telling the truth...TRUTH man.


  20. Anonymous1:05 pm

    rockybru, fellow debators and visitors, good day to all of you. I've just stumbled upon this unique blog. Unique because it is almost exclusively devoted to debating and debasing the new straits times; the paper, the company and their very interesting company of wayfairers, adventurers and drift woods.

    being not a journalist but a writer of sort, i'm thoroughly intrigue by the heaps and barrels of scorn that journalists so willingly and joyfully pour on each other. and when it's time to face the flying debris, the excreta and all, the likes of rockybru, kadir jasin and rokk seem very upright. so i wonder why so many others continue to hide behind the skirt of anonymity? these cannot be honourable people, least of all gentlemen and gentleladies.

    if an old fighting goat like Dr Mahathir at the ripe retirement age of 80 plus dares to stand upright and stand for every word he so loudly uttered, why is the Prime Minister, a Mahathir appointee and a younger man, should want to remain elegantly silent only to break into occasional spasmodic verbiage to repeatedly tell the growing disenchanted constituents that he, off all Malaysian PMs, was vested the highest mandate the by shaky Malaysian democracy.

    Lo and behold, down came the fairly lady from the grand old country looking for easy pickings because the PM is said to be afflicted by a kind of yet to be diagnosed and scientifically identified sleeping sickness. So this businesswoman going by the stage name of cherie booth and tugging on to the coat tail of yet another shaky PM was given state treatment at the expense (loss) of the rakyat.

    and rockybru, rokk and kadir you people think the nst sucks? the whole things about my beloved tanah melayu, oh malaya, tanah tumpah darah suck. we are, my dear rockybru, without the slightest of exception, are suckers, because we were indoctrinated into believing the sanctity of bangsa, budaya, agama, taat setia and on and on and on.We are, without comparison, the world's supreme suckers. We are when day and night guys like you who are suppose to lead us by sheer power of intellect and armed with truth and without fear or favor bitch about the no-counts like khairy, kalli, branden and the rest of the herd. long live Rukun Negara.

  21. Anonymous4:47 am

    Saudara Rockybru, saya dapat mengesan iaitu kebencian yang meluap-luap terhadap nst yang dicurahkan di dalam ruang in berpunca daripada pelantikan orang-orang yang tidak cukup profesional dari luar untuk mengetuai surat khabar itu.

    Oleh kerana orang-orang ini pula terdiri daripada kroni-kroni Perdana Menteri, maka kebencian itu merebak kepada Perdana Menteri.

    Sebagai orang luar dan guru yang dulu menyokong kuat projek nie nst di bawah arwah Sheikh Osman Majid dan Cikgu Din saya kecewa dengan apa yang terjadi dengan mutu nst. Sekarang sudah hendak jadikan nst sebagai contoh bahasa Inggeris yang baik. Tapi nie Star lagi teruk.

    Rasa rasa untuk selamatkan nst dan mengurangkan kemarahan kepada Perdana Menteri serta memberi pelajar-pelajar bahasa Inggeris sebuah akhbar yang bermutu seperti dahulu, saya rasa orang-orang yang menjadi punca kejatuhan mutu nst ini ditukarkan.

    Kita perlu selamatkan nst daripada terus merosot dari segi mutu bahasa, ketepatan laporan dan kandungan yang sesuai untuk pembentukan minda generasi akan datang. Saya bimbang kalau mutu nst terus jatuh, jualannya akan terus merosot dan sati masa nanti ia terpaksa ditutup.

    Terima kasih.

  22. Anonymous5:16 am

    this is an open message to nst haters. by all means criticise the paper, but do it in a sensible way. from what i have read, visitors to this blog, and other blogs, seem to be consumed with hate. they are filled with venom, hatred, not to mention racism, in letting fly. tell me, why is there so much hatred for a paper. look, i am not supporting the paper. nst has many faults and of course deserves to be criticised. but when criticising the paper, we must substantiate facts and not rely on half-truth, fiction,myths and lies.

  23. Anonymous8:40 am

    Dr M was told by some to leave the govt. alone and retired gracefully ..similiarly Rocky Bru should "retired" gracefully too and leave BB alone. Move on ....theri is more to life in news making than the NST ..BB ...

  24. Anonymous12:36 pm

    To those Muslims blogging in this blog, assalamualaikun. Brothers and sisters, please remember and fear Allah. Don't speak untruth. Remember, in Islam there is no retirement. No sisa-sisa hidup.
    Muslims are required to remind each other to do good and shirk evil. If our PM is a good Muslim, he will listen to nasihat. In Islam nasihat can take many different forms. It's a sin to stop another Muslim from giving advice and to speak the truth. Wassalam.

  25. Anonymous12:42 pm

    Rokk, wahat are you talking about. Them using cleavers? You must be joking or you are drinking too much german beer man. The way those guys are butchering stories, even kapak and beliung can do a better job. They don't differentiate between stories and comments, facts and fiction. It's a case of what Kali wants Kali writes.

  26. Anonymous1:13 pm

    goodness. my dear bro. no wonder KMH ordered yr blog to be firewalled. (and here, i am sure it is kmh who ordered it. Not hishamudin. hishamudin probably sent a few comments himself and enjoys reading yr postings and the comments. As for kmh .just read below)
    just look at the comments. Kmh sure has a lot of people who hate him. Jeez....
    The way i see it... most of the comments are from people who are angry at the way kmh has been running the NST. As for his minions (those he brought into the NST), I think they are just doing his bidding. Poor souls..
    I think most of the people who spend time going into your blog and posting comments are generally so sad at what has become of the NST, at least at how the NST has been projected by KMH and at how he his using the paper to promote his business and that of his friends and those he is so beholden to.
    i know someone said that you should be really worried if you are promoted (by Kmh or under his regime). Because if Kmh thinks you are good, well....you shouldnt believe it. you know he is NOT a journalist by any standard. he stopped being a journalist a very long time ago and decided to take the job as GEIC because it is a very powerful position. KMH, without AAB, KJ, and his position in the NST is really, a nobody. Even the millions (of ringgit) that he has now, cannot make him anymore than just a businessman, without that NST position.
    Besides, someone like kmh, clearly not a brave person, cannot qualify to be an editor. Editors go through a lot. they get battered, bruised.. they have fought battles. they get whacked here there and everywhere....
    well, kmh.... i dont think so. he hides behind people. he let others take the fall.
    so NSTman.... dont fret... dont get so angry. let the buggers get angry. let them write whatever. anyway, rocky bro, so nice.. lets u have your say too.
    and anonymous.. who you,aah? so rocky bro... have you moved on? mr anonymous, read lah careflly rocky bro's posting. he just "cucuk" sikit. the thing is.. i sure heard a lot of things about you, rocky bro. one thing people say... you so berani. that is why kmh so damn scared of you. if he fixes you, he will blame someone else. yezzzaaaa?
    and brendan leaving NST? what utter rubbush, that nice boy is so so loyal to kmh.. if he is leaving nst, it wld be the editorial dept but not NST. kmh to be chairman and brendan to be deputy chairman. howzzat?
    and as bandit says.....to be continued

    nsidering i have many friends in the nst and also ex-nst.

  27. Anonymous1:37 pm

    Bru, now I know why NST gave PM's speech at the launch of Proton's new model "Neo" a miss. Did you notice NST did not carry that report?

    Saw on TV. PM was pathetic. He kept asking Proton workers to clap when he spoke. "Tepuk la!" he said several times.

    I don't think Proton workers who were so used to Tun Mahathir and his encouragement are in the mood to clap after seeing what had happened to their company lately.
    Even their jobs are not secure.

    By the way "Neo" looks ok. But there was a failed American minicar called "Neon" some years ago. Could this be a copy of that? Proton please enlighten.

  28. Anonymous1:46 pm

    yo bro..
    what a hot blog this is. i can feel the heat already.
    i do agree with nstman that we all should not be too personal. we should not heap unsavoury remarks and mercilessly run down NST.
    Hey... that is a good paper. True,many good journalists have left (voluntarily or"voluntarily"), and many (good ones) are still in service. and true too, that it is a crying shame for the nst to have one or two (or three) unqualified people holding key positions in the editorial dept.
    and true too, that datuk kalimulah is nst's main liability. heck...he has no love for the nst or for the current senior editorial staff (other than those he brought in).
    what did he say when he first came in? he was so contemptuous of the cronyism and the little empires in the editorial dept. he gave an assurance that he would get rid of all the baggage left by his predecessors.
    and what did he do..... he brought in his very own cronies.
    kalimulah does not believe in meritocracy... no sir..and dont u believe that he does.. mr nstman. not for one moment dont be blind-lah.
    just go through the list of kalimullah's appointees... ask yourself.
    and we all know that it was on his instruction that nst does not cover tun dr mahathir's assignments. that was why there was no nst reporter at that event when tun said what he said.
    still... it is the prerogative of the newspaper to cover whoever they want to. but, for a fact, tun is low priority for the nst.
    that is the way the cookie crumbles in the nst now...
    a pity that the prime minister has someone like kalimullah to do the spinning.
    i have been told many times over... that he is not at all respected by his peers,..
    i am sure kalimullah has done some good things for the nst....
    damn.... just cant think of one.

  29. Anonymous1:50 pm

    of all the crap ive read on this blog, i tend to agree with the embelisher's first paragraph ...which states that this blog is only targeted towards hitting out at the new straits times.

    so much talk about the good old days etc .. what good old days? it was always the same .. it was always a paper belonging to one party or individual .. so whats the difference now? if you want to talk about the good old days, you have to go back at least 20-30 years, when none of the people posting comments here were involved in the newspaper.

    most of those in the organisation now, esp those involved in this bashing .. are not worthy of being called journalists anyway. they are part of a system developed in this country over the years which reward mediocrity, backed by connections and race, to develop a newspaper which cater to themselves.

    who really cares about the nst? people who were forced to leave it i suppose .. people who cannot accept change and be grateful for the time they were given there despite not really deserving their past and present titles and posts at the paper.

    times change, and so do people. just move on with your lives, or do something to make a change. if you dont fit into a new scheme of things, learn a new trade or how to fit in. otherwise, as great journalists from an equally great era, as you guys put it, im sure you can find something to do.

    if all is lost, go suck up to the paper's predecessors, im sure they can give you something to do...

    or better still, open up your minds to what else is happening around you .. if you havent noticed, our daily lives are being screwed constantly by inefficiencies taking place around us ...

    there is more to life than the cocoon you guys live in. those who have had to actually earn a living will understand. the rest can now disagree with me .. it will give you something to do.

  30. Anonymous2:33 pm


    unless i had a different version of the NST, Saturday 17/6...even the PM's speech at Proton got butchered (other papers had it)...in fact it got turned into minced meat...never appeared at all...no news value ke bro?

  31. Anonymous7:45 pm

    I'm sure Bru knows that it was a toss-up between Hishamuddin and x Metro editor Zian Johari for the BH Group Editor Post. When Pak Lah took over, in came Kali as the GEIC. Hisham was there at the right time and he enjoyed the trust of Kali. Zian meanwhile was left to rot somewhere in BH. He was widely credited as the architect behind Metro's rapid rise as the No 1 Malay paper. While Hisham has never written a single story in English, Zian was a former journo at both NST and Malay Mail. Trouble was he did not utter a single English word at DKL. Thus Balai Berita is where it is today due to DKL's executive decision rubber-stamped by Putrajaya and the NSTP board followed suit la, what else do you expect.

  32. Anonymous1:21 pm

    I am one of the ex NST journalists who left voluntarily. I think Rocky's comment "I'm sure many journalists at NST are glad, too,that they still have editors who do not doctor the facts and who do not butcher their reports to propagate certain issues and who do not tamper with their straight-news reporting to promote their own agenda." is real hogwash. There was a lot of doctoring, tampering and butchering going on before Kali's time. My own article got axed once because the GE at that time didn't want to upset his friends. His Friends!
    Yes, Kali has damaged NST in terms of ruining MM, doing away with YQ and dumbing down of Life & Times, but we certainly had other damaging in house politics, practices and problems before he even showed up at our doorstep.
    And for what it is worth I don't think it is fair to bash some of the people Kali brought in - it's not their fault. They are just doing their jobs.

  33. Anonymous2:07 pm

    Mahathir stop sodomising malaysia enough is enough the last 22yrs as the mafia bose.now u asked the godto stop dsai from becoming next prime minister.why all ure comspiracy back stabbing no more
    there still very few think u are
    a lagend to me u a pain my ass
    after all this yrs what u did to him then u pretend and u cannot remember in court but with tv3 ure memory is is fresh.it was during ure mafia rule that this country honour was gadai atLINGAN &CO AND U SAY U DONT REMEMBER WHY U LET HAPPEN.so that u can lock dsai forever. then u got angry with PAH LAH COS HE UNDO A BIT OF URE TIGHT LID. . NOW U WANT HIM OUT.do u remember how u played out ku li and musa hitam. when when u knew u are facing revolt from people like saharil rahzi rai yatim u con vince dsai to join to neutralise ure enemies if dsai and his supporter their votes to ku li u will be selling goreng pisang in pasar rabu.now u tell who stab who at back . u rip off ktm landback which to people but u did a dayligth robbery inorder feed nst for it survive to spread ure twisted lies .dont ever u touch on dsai u have no moral left in u to talk.ater u ask ure gangter rahim to beat him up u intructed ure mr hacks and other not to allow bail .
    u ask all medias to tarnish him and his family u went so low inorder to stick to power .from ashes this man has rise to be the prime minister in waiting with blessing of ulamas like tuan nik azis and others u and ure and hidden gang cannoteven pull one hair from him if u dont shutup i will wash ure dirty linean all the way .syed5911

  34. Anonymous2:51 pm

    nst is not a newspaper but a toilet tissuepaper . this paper was not build on profit and lost account .on funds ripp off from from ktm prime landbank to feed for thier servival so they contiue
    with twisted facts lies their nazi style propaganda.and example after dsai won the permatang puah by election zuriida wrote 'WITH HIS SODOMY TRIAL HANGING OVER HIS HEAD ON THE 10 SEPT. AND HE FOUND GUILTY HE CANNOT BE THE PRIME MISTER'.she wrote as if kallimullah already knew the goverment has fixed the trial by via another cloan mr HACKS.WHY U TRIED TO FEED THIS MISINFORMATUION WHAT IS URE AGENDA PLS PLS PLS NOT GO ON WITH THIS ..................