Thursday, July 29, 2021

Does a government that disrespects the Agong deserve the Rakyat's respect?

 The Yang DiPertuan Agong, who turns 62 tomorrow, is saddened...

Takiyuddin disrespected me: Agong -The Vibes. King disappointed Emergency Ordinances revoked without his consent - The Star. Agong dukacita, Dewan Rakyat kecoh desak PM letak jawatan - Getaran YDP Agong disappointed Emergency Ordinances revoked without consent - NST Agong turns 62 tomorrow. His gift to Malaysians - giving govt a royal bashing over so-called Emergency Ordinances revocation - Twentytwo13

The King is not just saddened, I think he's feeling betrayed. He was the one who picked Muhyiddin Yasin as Prime Minister after Dr Mahathir Mohamad had unexpectedly resigned early last year in the hope of being re-appointed again to lead a unity government. Everyone is  now saying what a mistake that was but to me the alternative - keeping Dr M as PM - would have been too much for Malaysia. After Muhyiddin became Prime Minister, he YDPA had bailed him out on at least THREE occasions.  Every time he did that, the Agong risked the wrath of the people and his brother Rulers but he bailed out the Prime Minister, anyway. 

The King deserves more from Muhyiddin. And I sure hope he doesn't decide to give the PM even more time to prove his worthiness to the Agong. Because that would be really too much for us down here.

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  1. Anonymous9:05 am

    It should be the other way around. The level-headed Rakyat respect those who acted according to the Constitution and the government is doing that. The constitutional Monarchy must likewise follow Constitution, period. After 1994, Mahathir and Anwar has basically turned the Agung as a mere rubber stamp. What blatant hypocrisy these two showed admonishing Mahyuddin and his Cabinet supposedly disrespecting the Agung !!