Wednesday, June 09, 2021

Malaysian journalists get their vaccines, at long last, BUT ...

KL, June 9: BUT get this: only 23 media personnel, including the Bernama editor-in-chief, got their Covid-19 jabs today. And know what? This after some 1.18 million Malaysians and foreign workers have been vaccinated under a government program that has been criticised as being super-slow. Better late than never? Sure, sure. Bukan nak ungkit, but I first made the call to the Muhyiddin Administration to vaccinate journalists quick exactly today 3 months ago (Why hasn't a single journalist been vaccinated - March 9). It has taken this long. I haven't gotten my date for the jab yet but editors, arm-chair columnists, and journalists like me can wait. My poor colleagues who are out in the field and exposed to the virus and other elements should have gotten theirs a long time ago, though. So much for being "frontliners". 

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