Friday, May 14, 2021

So, you want to fight for Palestine?

Puchong, 14 May: Early 90s, while I was with the New Straits Times as its correspondent based in London, I befriended a convert and former commando who was preparing to enter Sarajevo (illegally) to defend the Bosnian Muslims against the Serbs. He made it there in the winter of 92 and that was the last I'd heard of him. Last year, I came to know a 30-something Malaysian who once fought for the Palestinians against Israeli regime in Gaza. His was a soul begging to die a martyr but it was a wish the Almighty did not grant him. The young man came and did the next best thing: he got active in local politics, fighting to make Malaysia a better place. 

Most people, yours truly included, won't even think of taking a flight to Palestine, let alone taking up arms to defend the rights of the oppressed and downtrodden in Palestine and elsewhere. That, however, doesn't mean we can't do anything. That doesn't mean we should not do anything. Why, even YB Saifuddin Abdullah, our Communications and Multimedia Minister, who couldn't lift a finger to help us journalists realise the formation of the Malaysian Media Council, is kicking ass when it comes to the Palestinian cause. According to a Palestinian-led movement for freedom, justice and equality, at least: 

“BDS Malaysia today heartily applauds the prompt action taken by the minister in the matter of the RTM Mandarin TV news segment on May 11 referring to the Islamic Resistance Movement of Palestine (Hamas) as militants or terrorists. We note that an apology has been issued by RTM and standard operating procedures will be reviewed to ensure that no wrongful labelling will take place in future.” - Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions Malaysia, M'sian Media must beware of Zionist propaganda, says Palestinian movement

Well, I don't have the wisdom that Saifuddin has to tell RTM what's propaganda and what isn't but I believe I can do a little bit more for the Palestinian cause - apart from highlighting related issues in my blogs and news portals - by boycotting PUMA, which used to be my favourite sports apparel brand since the 70s. 

Boycott PUMA, but why?

Now, how about the government of Malaysia following through Saifuddin Abdullah's praiseworthy work for the Palestinian cause by ordering the closure of all Puma outlets in the country? It's Darurat, PM Muhyiddin can do anything he deems necessary to help fight the Covid-19 pandemic. Time to walk the talk.

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