Monday, June 17, 2019

There's a new group CEO at TM, did you know?

PMO prevails, June 17: All that excitement over that intimate video that has become the latest scandal to discolour Malaysian politics, dubbed #haziqgate by one daily (why didn't the paper called it #azmingate instead?), and the appointment of a new group CEO for Telelom Malaysia came and went without most of us noticing. And without the fanfare it deserved. Especially after all that jazz about the appointment being a proxy war between the Prime Minister's Office and the Minstry of Finance Inc., Daim Zainuddin vs Lim Guan Eng, homegrown boy Imri Mokhtar vs the Outsiders led by Rosli Man the chairman. 
But it's done, finally. NK or Noor Kamarul Anuar Nuruddin, 60, is now the Group CEO of TM.   
NK and RM guaranteeing 'quick wins" for TM. Pic by NST
In fact, while you were watching the video, listening to Haziq's confession, replaying Azmin's denial and getting acquainted with deep fake, the NST even had time to run an exclusive interview with the new TM boss. Read TM revamp plan to bring back its hey day

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