Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Pro-M ex-diplomat says Malott not to be trusted

Puchong, 9 Aug 2016
Some Malaysians trust this Mat Salleh

The world of spies has always intrigued me. I mean the one as served in cinemas through 007, Spook and MI, among others. It is a nasty world of dashing daredevils programmed to serve, ultimately, the evil agenda of their political masters. Former diplomat Mustapha Ong may or may not be a spy but it's easy to be intrigued by this man who openly reveres Mahathir but at the same time counts himself as a friend  of the Prime Minister's, two great men out to destroy each other. He called me twice in the last couple of days to remind me that "if you don't write something on your blog people will accuse you of eating the dedak (bribes). So you better write something". But a lot of people say I must write something that's NOT in favour of the Prime Minister if I wish to prove that I'm not on the take. Oh dear. So since I've not been writing bad things about Tun Mahathir, I have been bribed by the Old Man, too? I reminded Pak Mustapha that I was very close to Dr Mahathir's camp when Pak Lah was the Prime Minister, so I must have been on Mahathir's payroll back then. "Were you? You were!" In the world of spies, double agents are the worst!

A brief exchange with Pak Mustapha on his posting on Malott

Check out Mustapha Ong's Facebook h e r e. I think this is the first time someone has exposed Malott as such. What's intriguing is that, like Mustapha, Malott is also openly "supporting" Mahathir although, unlike Mustapha, the American has no love for the Old Man ...

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Mustapha (r) and
the NurJazlan


  1. Mallott and the Tun.
    Who's the feeder and eater dedak? Or they exchange dedak for mutual benefit?
    P/s why 'the' Nur Jazlan in the photo caption?

  2. xnakdedak12:16 pm

    Latuk 007,

    "Unfortunately, on July 30, a month before Merdeka, an attempt to bring in foreign intervention was exposed," said MyKMU. net.

    This intervention, it claimed, was done through a "false report" alleging that 1MDB was involved in money laundering in the United States.

    "Someone called Malaysian Official 1 (MO1) purportedly stole 1MDB money and passed it to four individuals named in the civil suits filed by the (US) Department of Justice (DOJ) for money laundering activities.

    "When investigations in this country involving both the government and opposition did not show that a single sen of 1MDB money was stolen, certain quarters led by those who are worshippers of (Dr) Mahathir (Mohamad) obtained information from god knows what source that billions of 1MDB funds were stolen and put into MO1's personal accounts.

    "There is a donation from Saudi Arabia, but there is no money stolen from 1MDB. Is there proof, documents or pen drives (to substantiate the allegation)?" it added."

    As a tokoh wartawan negara (or is it sedunia?) can you please share the proof, documents or pen drives that prove MO1 got his donation from Saudi Arabia?

    "It wasn't bullshit", as you once claimed.

    (PS: All you have are four forged "donation letters" that are cut and paste from Riza and Jho's shady cover letters for their dealings. You figure it out, lah.)

  3. xnakdedak12:21 pm


    Please let Mustaphong know that Malott is not a verified source of forensic financial evidence, any more than any Ali, Muthu or Chong.

    And people know that.

    So the point is...what?

    Of course he's welcome (?) to tumpang next to Rocky on the FLOM's private jet en route to Washington with tonnes of counter-evidence to prove that the DOJ are wrong.

    Good luck, guys : )

  4. Rabbit,
    Mus Ong used this picture on his FB so I guess he must be very fond of the picture and of NurJazlan.
    I also happen to be sitting on this irritating issue about the massive delays in getting new Malaysian passports and NurJazlan happens to be Deputy Minister of KDN, which is responsible for Immigration matters ...