Saturday, December 12, 2015

BENGAP? I didn't say it was Zahid: Mukhriz (and LSS vs JMD)

Stupid ... If you haven't read TMI's report on Mukhriz Mahathir calling Zahid Hamidi "bengap" over the Deputy Prime Minister's answers on the RM2.6 b issue, do it while you can. Becauase Mukhriz has denied this morning that it was Zahid he meant to call "bengap". Mukhriz said the word was meant for 1MDB Arul Kanda's failure to provide direct answers to questions asked*

[Pls read Mukhriz vs Zahid for No 2? I have put the TMI's report and Mukhriz's response side-by-sde for easier reference].

To many, though, it just doesn't make sense for Mukhriz to not mention Arul Kanda by name if the 1MDB boss was really who he was referring to in his speech. Arul is just the CEO who took up the job only earlier this year. He's not a hot-shot politician who might deserve another politician's carefully couched and bashful indirect references ...

So, to many, the picture of Mukhriz taking on Zahid Hamid for the No 2 position in Umno at the next party elections would have taken shape in their minds following last night's "bengap" speech. Umno No 2 and axed DPM Muhyiddin Yassin, who was present when Mukhriz made the speech, will go for the No 1, of course.

Just like '87 again!?

In the meantime ... 

Is LSS calling JMD a moron?

... and Morons. I see fire on Lim Sian See's facebook posting. The pro-Najib LSS said Tun Mahathir's camp, in particular their current No 1 blogger JMD, is showing symptoms of a great desperation. Only morons would say that Malaysia is a failed state or pengemis country, LSS wrote.  

"... Lim Kit Siang has said the very same thing for 40 years already - but yet, we have not become failed, bankrupt or beggars."

This is not the first ime LSS has poked JMD and it promises to be a very interesting shoot-out between two well-known Anons. 

I hope they keep it fair and clean. Remember, cyberspace is not a vacuum where we can write whatever we like. Bloggers have been charged for defamation, sedition, plagiarism, stupidity, etc ... Dan mesti berhemah bila kritik pemimpin, as Dr M used to tell us. Frankly, though, the politicians  don't need bloggers to call them names, they are doing fine calling one another all sorts! 

* Worth comparing Mukhriz's opinion of Arul Kanda with with Public Accounts Committee's We are satisfied, but want more details from Arul, Dec 1.


  1. Anonymous2:00 pm

    Traffic must be so low at LSS he ordered people to hype it up?

    That long ass article is fit in dumpsters. He talked about comparing our ringgit depreciation with other countries to show it's not the worse performing when the original article had said that the 20% depreciation of the ringgit makes our cost of living risen up!

    So out of context! But that is the same with all of you. Tulis panjang panjang but did not hit the bulls eye.

  2. Anonymous2:11 pm

    PAC is made up of "saya pun nak cari makan" members

    jangan makan dedak sudah lah

  3. Anonymous2:15 pm

    Care to explain why 99% of your visitors wrote negative comments about Umno in the previous article? Lesson never learned for Najib's supporters. Crime doens't pay. It pays good initially but not in the long run.

    1. Anonymous9:21 am

      Yep , the DAPig n ProTun gang just cannot stomach the PAU .

      On the other hand the Kampong Folks are 99% with DSN .

      So dont sulk laa n smile always.

  4. Anonymous2:20 pm

    Orang Melayu di Malaysia sepatutnya bersyukur dengan segala rahmat yang Allah berikan kepada mereka di negara yang bertuah ini. Tetapi apa yang berlaku sejak kebelakangan ini amat menyedihkan. Pemimpin pemimpin orang Islam baik dari parti2 politik, pakar2 agama, alim ulam, pemimpin2 masyarakat sehingga ke masyarakat umum telah membawa umat Islam negara ini ke arah perpecahan. Ya, kita semua telah berjaya memecah belahkan umat Islam di negara ini. Jangan salahkan bangsa lain sekiranya orang Melayu berperang sesama sendiri. Jangan salahakan agama lain sekiranya ramai orang memeluk agama selain Islam. Jangan salahkan negara lain sekiranya kita kembali dijajah. Sebabnya, kita yang membenarkan perkara itu berlaku.

    Kita sering kali melaungkan slogan "untuk agama, bangsa dan negara". Apakah laungan ini sekadar rhetorik? Adakah kita faham apa yang kita sebutkan? Salah satu asas kemajuan tamadun Islam sejak zaman Nabi Muhammad s.a.w. sehingga kejatuhan tamadun Islam adalah "keSATUan umah". Inilah punca kejatuhan Islam - apabila umatnya berpecah belah. Inilah sejarah dan inilah fakta. Dan hari ini umat Islam bukan sahaja di negara ini bahkan seluruh dunia masih melakukan kesilapan yang sama.

    Agama/Bangsa lain melakukan apa yang dituntut oleh Islam tetapi umat Islam gagal melaksanakan tuntutan agama sendiri. Sungguh memalukan! and yet you call yourself a muslim leader! Orang Cina bersatu, org India bersatu, tetapi orng Melayu hancur. Semakin berpecah dan semakin mamilukan.

    Buat masa ini tidak ada ruang untuk orang melayu kembali bersatu. Orang melayu kini menuju ke arah kehancuran. Negara ini bakal dikuasai oleh bangsa lain dan kita hanya mampu melihat - baik dari segi politik, ekonomi ataupun sosial. Selagi tiada enyelesaian politik, selagi itulah orang Islam akan terus berbalah.

    Saya hanya mampu menadah tangan bermohon kepada Allah agar pemimpin Islam di negara ini dapat berhenti bertelagah sesama sendiri dan menjadikan umat Islam dinegara ini kembali bersatu dan kukuh.

    Kepada pemimpin politik dan agama, hentikanlah pertelingkahan sesama sendiri. Letakkanlah kepentingan agama mengatasai segala2nya. Kuasa dan kekayaan yang ada tidak bererti sekiranya umat Islam di negara ini terus berada dalam kerugian.

    Ingatlah sebagai pemimpin, kita semua akan dipertanggungjawabkan terhadap amanah yang dipegang. Tidak ada yang mulia sisi Allah, melainkan perjuangan tersebut meletakkan Allah sebagai asas dan teras perjuangan. Rujuklah kepada Al-Quran dan Sunnah Nabi sebagai sumber inspirasi dan dalam melaksanakan tugas sebagai pemimpin.

    Mungkinkah kita perlu menunggu sehingga turunnya Imam Mahdi? (salah satu sebab turunnya Imam Mahdi adalah untuk menyatukan umat Islam berlandaskan Al-Quran dan Sunnah). Atupun kita memepercepatkan hari turunnya Imam Mahdi?

    Allah Maha Besar. Hanya Allah yang Maha Mengetahui.

    1. Anonymous9:52 pm

      Org melayu mudah mkn cucok. Percaya sj malas mencari kebenaran refuse to use their upper heads.
      melayu kena jadi racist baru boleh bersatu ;-) ;-) ;-)

  5. Anonymous2:36 pm

    Oh God,,, Rocky did you even read LSS' article??? It's full of nonsense! Employment rate changes? Did not even address the fact that 22% increase of unemployment! Najib did not address the kos sara hidup problem during his address and that was the gist of the article! Ringgit is now at 4.32 whole world is waiting for your prediction it will hit 3.90 in december.

  6. Anonymous3:12 pm

    Trying to equate LSS up to JMD's level is hilarious. Different class lah.
    Is LSS trying to deny cost of living has increased?
    Look what the Umno delegate today tried to find solution for the falling ringgit. Read this article properly.

    Mukhriz meanwhile should just say out loud that Zahid is stupid. Even you don't disagree to this.

  7. Anonymous3:42 pm

    Speaking of audited accounts, and such.

    Since Umno is a society in the form of a political party, it must be a registered under the Societies Act 1966.

    If the RM2.6 billion received was a political donation then it would have been included as income in Umno’s audited accounts for the accounting year in question (2013) and would also have been included in the signed-off annual return for that same year that was submitted to the registrar.

    This the wording of Akta 335 (Societies Act 1966.)


    "Right to supply of copies of annual return:

    29. Every registered society shall supply free of charge to every member or subscriber or person having an interest in its funds on his application either —

    (a) a copy of the last annual return of the society; or

    (b) a balance sheet or other document duly audited containing the same particulars as to the receipt and expenditure, funds and effects of the society as are contained in the annual return.

    Inspection of books by members

    30. A member or subscriber or person having an interest in the funds of a registered society may inspect the books of the society at all reasonable hours at the registered office of the society or at any place where the books are kept."

    So, if you are an UMNO member, Just go to UMNO HQ and ask for:

    a) copy of the annual return of the society for 2013

    b) Ask them to open the audited accounts for 2013 for inspection.

    Of course, they will refuse.

    After 10,000 Umno members do this, even Teuku Nan will wheeze downstairs and try to chase you away.

    But you have A LEGAL RIGHT TO ASK.



    If 10,000 Umno members do this, or even 100,000, then the ROS will have to act.

    Where is the RM2.6 billion?

    Where is the balance?

    Was there a fraud in the audited accounts?

    Where can they hide, from 3 million members?

    1. Anonymous9:37 pm

      Aiyooo here is the true Bangap..
      That RM 2.6b is in the personal account bro ... not in UMNO book.

      Of course you wont find it ... idiot .

      As for the personal account , why not you start first revealing your own account ...
      That will be a gentlemen ...


  8. Anonymous3:45 pm

    Sape bengap, actually?

    I think BNM never know about the "donation" at all.

    AmBank is of course the one-time home of the "Donation". So did they ever inform BNM of the massive influx of over 2.6 billion into the banking system?

    Maybe not:

    But there are two other questions that Zeti must answer:

    a) Why did you fine AmBank RM54 million this year? Is it for offences regarding that notorious Najib account?

    b) As Watergate prosecutors would say, "when did you know what you know?" Najib is suggesting you knew about this secretive account the minute it received the "donation".

    True or false?

    Zeti, time to come out of hiding and clear the air.

    PS: Why is 1MDB immune from action now after lying about that 1.83 billion?

    There is no doubt that BNM has every right to revoke its approvals, and that it can now take action under the FSA.

    Section 239 of the Financial Services Act 2013 stipulates that Bank Negara may institute civil proceedings in court seeking any order specified under Section 240(1) of the same law, regardless of whether the person accused had been charged with an offence in respect to the said contravention or breach.

    Knowing this, what is Zeti waiting for? Arul Kanda's reply, "we have already spent it", is just silly.

    Or bengap, if you prefer.

  9. Anonymous4:28 pm

    What's the use mentioning Lim Spin Spin? The Mole obliterated his views the last time I checked.

    LimSpinSpin should learn economics before begin writing anything about it.

  10. Anonymous7:41 pm

    I like LSS. He backed it up with facts unlike others who bullshit non stop like most yg komen kt sni..

    Org muo

  11. Anonymous9:41 pm

    Rock .. Lu nak support najib itu hak lu nak tulis najib dewa kayangan itu pun hak lu.. it is just your writing has reach the point of utter nonsense.. credibility lu pun da ke laut lah rock.. bukan gua sorang jer yang cakap..anyway gua paham lu cari makan..

  12. Anonymous10:07 pm

    JMD vs LSS is a bit like Albert Einstein vs Mad Maslan 3.85.

    Yeah, the gap is that wide.

    LSS should just move to Low Yat (1, of course, not 2) and sell phone accessories, or beg for IT kontrak2 from the govt - that sort of thing.

  13. Anonymous10:50 pm


    "It is actually a very clever move and anyone other than Raja Petra Kamarudin (which would mean 99% of you out there) would have swallowed this hook, line and sinker. But RPK knows better."


  14. Anonymous11:37 pm

    If any of you cannot see the difference between JMD article and LSS article, then you are just one pentaksub who never use your brain when you read and only support for the sake of the person.

    Take a very simple example.
    JMD: "Contohnya gaji pekerja di Selangor hanya naik RM 20 sebulan pada tahun lepas."

    How can someone who is sane, who has education can write something like this. This is not only insulting our intelligence, it is also at the level of insulting stupidity. There are millions of workers in Selangor. Are you saying that everyone has RM 20 kenaikan.

    If there are people who still cheer for JMD article, then sorry to say, there is no more hope for Malaysia. Because all we have after 50 over years of merdeka is a bunch of pentaksub.

    1. drMpower10:22 am

      with the flip of the same coin LSS said household income is at 5-6k. average. how can a sane man write something like this and try to picture everyone gets 5-6k income?

      and this is obviously misleading because there tens of thousands of people working with basic salary only. and decent salary for teachers is not 5-6k permonth. not only in selangor but the whole of malaysia

      of there are still people cheering for LSS article then sorry to say there is no hope for malaysia. because all we have after 50 years over of merdeka is a bunch of pentaksub.

    2. Anonymous11:23 am

      At the forum, Muhammed said average growth of individual wages last year only registered between 2% and 3%. In Selangor, overall individual income growth was negative as the rise in cost of living, outstripped the growth in wages. A typical worker in Selangor saw his income grow by an average RM20 a month. But when petrol prices went up by 10 sen, this translated into roughly a RM32 increase in spending on petrol per month, he said. - See more at:

      JMD is actually quoting Khazanah Research Institute findings.

  15. damansaraman1:24 am

    Rocky tak kisahlah kalau you dan LSS nak julang Najib sebagai DEWA ke apa bro.

    Tapi nak memperbodohkan orang satu cerita, but at least jalan cerita tu biarlah konsisten bro.

    Semua bermula dengan pendedahan berita luarnegeri.
    Segera dinafikan, siap buat ugutan nak saman.
    Bila kantoi, dah mengaku pulak.
    Lepas tu start dongeng kata dari satu penderma.
    Kemudian banyak penderma pulak.
    Sekarang, satu penderma banyak wakil.

    Lepas tu mula meraban sampai orang bertanya pun dikatakan nak jatuhkan kerajaan segala.

    Rocky, you are seriously much smarter than this! Why bring yourself to 'Raja Petra - The One Mug Will Do Guy’ standard?

    Apa istimewanya pemimpin BERJIWA BESAR, NO RETREAT NO SURRENDER tu sebenarnya sampai benda yang terang lagi bersuluh pun you tak nampak?

  16. Damansaraman, Anon 941pm and pengomen2 yang sebunyi dengan nya,

    I've been wondering about the 2.6 billion donation and the newspaper that broke the story. WSJ has been very quiet about the it. It hasn't once even attempted to refute that the money did come from some Arab-Muslim donor.

    1. Anonymous10:38 am

      alah hai rock, why you nak minta WSJ refuted soal donor pulak. anyway siapa donor tu? itu yg Malaysian nak tahu. ada jawapan?

  17. Anonymous9:23 am

    nowdays senang bro.. if u screw up.. blame the old man.. price hike.. no problem.. blame old man...
    najib'a team doesn't really answer questions.. just petik dr pokok an say this is the answer.. now telan idup2.. x caya sudah.. - camshial-

  18. Jimeney10:31 am

    To the loser that posted at 7:48 am, they invited najib to sue and they are willing to go to to court in defense of their article.
    On the other hand, i will sue i will sue and now we hear crickets.

    By the way you said arab-muslim donor. Might want to say arab-muslim donor(s).

    You need to cover all your bases just in case bro

  19. Anonymous10:36 am


    As you may know Annie personally, you might like to update her that "LSS" is not female, but is rather a male Cinapek who runs an IT company and gives head to the gomen.

    Seriously, this fact is wide knowledge so it's not like it's a secret.

    Perhaps "LSS" can heal Annie's broken heart?

    C'mon, be a good old uncle and put these two young folks together....

  20. Anonymous10:41 am

    @grandmakcik 11.37pm

    Bro, either learn the national language or run this sentence through Google Translate:

    "Berikut adalah tulisan dari seorang pembaca mengenai ucapan Presiden Umno yang beliau dengari pagi semalam..."

    I'd give Lim Lan See the same advice.

    Posting defensive amendments later because you failed to notice first time round really undermines what tiny credibility you have, Miss (rather, Mister, wink wink) LSS.

  21. Anonymous11:35 am

    Yes, but Islamic teachings also say you should not lie:


    One of many, too.

  22. Anonymous Anonymous said...
    nowdays senang bro.. if u screw up.. blame the old man.. price hike.. no problem.. blame old man...
    najib'a team doesn't really answer questions.. just petik dr pokok an say this is the answer.. now telan idup2.. x caya sudah.. - camshial-

    9:23 am


    Dear Anon Camshial,

    Saya pun tak gemar tengok diorang bantai dan tibai the Old Man but it's a no-holds-barred fight that the Old Man started, so we'll just have to sit back and watch. If you are part of the ProTun team, you will have to argue and fight. Won't do any good whining about how Team Najib main kotor kebab saya rasa bab main kotor ni bukan Team Najib saja ...Team Najib is basically responding to a series of attacks by ProTun team.

    So go fight the good fight, man.

  23. Anonymous said...


    As you may know Annie personally, you might like to update her that "LSS" is not female, but is rather a male Cinapek who runs an IT company and gives head to the gomen.

    Seriously, this fact is wide knowledge so it's not like it's a secret.

    Perhaps "LSS" can heal Annie's broken heart?

    C'mon, be a good old uncle and put these two young folks together....

    10:36 am



    Yes I might know Annie. I may also know LSS. Actually, Jebat pun saya kenal. But they blog and write anonymously. That's their choice and I have to respect that. You should, too, since you are an Anon, too.

    p.s. And hey, I might know you too, Mo.

  24. Anonymous12:21 pm

    "Saya pun tak gemar tengok diorang bantai dan tibai the Old Man but it's a no-holds-barred fight that the Old Man started, so we'll just have to sit back and watch. If you are part of the ProTun team, you will have to argue and fight. Won't do any good whining about how Team Najib main kotor sebab saya rasa bab main kotor ni bukan Team Najib saja ...Team Najib is basically responding to a series of attacks by ProTun team."

    Ha ha, no Latuk, you don't know me at all. I'm a nobody. But if I see you at BSC I may need to explain why the statement above isn't quite accurate - is it?

    "Main kotor"?


    a) The legal cases slapped against critical media and political opponents;

    b) The sacking of the former attorney-general Abdul Gani Patail to prevent someone being charged;

    c) The illegal transfer of MACC officials to the PM’s Department and then the re-transfer;

    d) The elevation of the PAC members to the cabinet, delaying PAC investigations;

    e) The purge of dissenting Umno members from the party ranks,

    f) The jailing of whistle-blowers by abusing security laws;

    g) The removal of his then Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin;

    h) The banning of local publications (causing loss of livelihood to innocent journalists), yet not a shred of evidence that the facts published are false;

    i) The sabotage, arrests and intimidation of BNM, SB, MACC and AGC personnel to disrupt investigations;

    j) The six or seven lies that have been floated to the public about the "donation", without a clear answer after 5 months

    I could go on, but you get the picture.

    The victim of all this "main kotor" is not Dr M. That is the critical point you are missing completely.

    The victims are the rakyat.

    You can either choose to be an accomplice, or not, Ron.

    There's a right way and a wrong way.

    You've chosen the latter, bro.


  25. Mat Bon8:56 am

    Bru, i feel kinda deja vu. The level of hatred of the general population towards UMNO is like 98-99. Everybody feel they have an axe to score. Scary bro. Last time we had the Chinese to thank. Now who is going to help us bro. Pray that the PAS deal works.

  26. Anonymous8:23 am

    "Saya pun tak gemar tengok diorang bantai dan tibai the Old Man but it's a no-holds-barred fight that the Old Man started,...."

    The old man started the fight? I remember he only asked questions.

  27. Anonymous4:42 pm

    despite all the hatred.. insults.. accusations thrown at the PM.. he is still very much our leader. doesnt that tell u people anything? It is witb Allah's blessings that Najib still the PM. So let him do his work... stop insulting him and the people that is rooting for him. why not u people mind ur own business.. since u complain so much not having enuf money but still feasting like mad each day... then blame najib again.. shame on u people.

  28. Anonymous1:23 pm

    Anon 4:42pm is a macai who also thinks Marcos and Mugabe was chosen by allah to be the pm